Best Pop up Trash Cans: Our Picks for a Tidy Life in 2022

Whether you’re working, cooking, camping, or driving, you need a pop up trash can to keep your sites clean. A pop up trash can is an unremarkable thing but plays a significant role in avoiding the mess of your personal space, the knotty scattered garbage after camping, and litter that is hard to clean in your car.

After our carefully selected, below is a comprehensive overview of 7 best pop up trash cans which apply to camping, vehicles, kitchens, and gardens, you can browse the list to find one that works for you.

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Top 7 best pop up trash cans in 2021


Why do you need a pop up trash can?

Compared with the normal garbage cans, pop up trash cans give you not only more spaces to throw your waste, but more chances to dispose of your trash. Moreover, they are collapsible and portable, so you can carry them with you.

benefits of pop up trash can

1.Help to keep your sites tidy

Everybody enjoys a clean and tidy place, however, it’s hard to keep because of the steady stream of waste. A pop up trash can generally has a respectable capacity to store your litter, hence it is an effective bin to avoid your site being a garbage dump.

2.Keep things organized

Not only can these collapsible bags be used to store garbage, but they can also be used to hold other things, such as children’s toys or even clothes. By placing them, things can be readily organized.

3.Convenience on long trips

Long road trips are often accompanied by a lot of garbage—food scraps, snack bags, and empty bottles, without a car bin, your cars tend to be frowzy. Therefore, a flexible trash can with handles or hook straps is significant during driving.


Not only the solids but liquids like coffee and juice are common in your trash cans. Therefore, you need a waterproof pop up trash can for liquid waste. In addition, if it rains while camping, a waterproof trash can will make your disposal easier.


Reviews of 7 best pop up trash cans for different purposes

—————————————————- For Camping ———————————————-

Pop up trash bins for camping are usually light and durable. Most of them are airtight to prevent unpleasant smells. Moreover, their capacities are large enough to hold your camping waste.

1. Best with multi-function – Coghlan’s pop up trash can with zippered-lid



  • Zippered top lid
  • Clear lid pouch for extra trash bags and labeling off season storage
  • Multiple capacities for different applications
  • Spring loaded for compact storage and quick and easy set up
  • Carry handles on each model


  • No cons

With the comprehensive functions, Coghlan’s pop up trash can got many rave reviews. Its top lid is zippered which can be fully enclosed in order to keep contents in and pests out. It also makes unsightly trash out of the way.

Spring-loaded and carry handles on each model mean it’s portable to carry. Stake loops at the bottom allow for securing the trash can in the ground to prevent it from being blown away. The polyethylene material is lightweight as well as durable.

In addition, there’s the capacity for many applications from 14-gallon (53 liters) to 29.5-gallon (111 liters), in general, the standard is recommended for 1-3 days camping, if longer, then choose the larger ones.

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2. Best with large capacity – Camp Chef 35-gallon collapsible garbage can with carry handles



  • Convenient spring loaded setup
  • Large size with 35 -Gallon capacity
  • Durable polyethylene construction and metal coil support
  • Built in zippered lid


  • No clips

When it comes to camping collapsible garbage cans, the most important thing that most of you are looking for is a large capacity. Camp Chef collapsible garbage can has a 35-Gallon capacity to hold large garbage bags, and you don’t have to dump it too many times due to the big container and the zippered lid.

Don’t worry about how to transfer this big bin, the two plastic toggles keep it collapsed for transportation and storage. As a trash can for camping, it’s designed to be fixed to the ground. There is a little loop closure at the bottom which can be used to help stake it down. Besides, the durable polyethylene construction and metal coil support make it superior to others in terms of solidity.

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—————————————————- For Cars ———————————————-

If you want to keep your car clean all the time, you need a collapsible car trash can. Instead of leaving the garbage on the seat, you can throw it in your pop up garbage bag. They are compact and take little space.

3. Best with leakproof materials – High Road pop up trash can for cars with lid



  • 100% leakproof
  • Three extra pockets
  • Long cinch-lock back cord fits over back seats


  • Not apply to large consoles (longer than 16″ and wider than 8″)

High Road pop up trash can with lid is specially designed for cars. You can attach it to console or hang it from the headrest to keep auto trash fully covered and contained.

It is worth to mention that High Road developed an original durable rubber lid to keep the 1.5-gallon car garbage can covered, even when filling. That means it is 100% leakproof.

Moreover, it is not only a pop up trash can but can be regarded as a small car storage bag. There are two small mesh pockets on each side of the bin and a spacious compartment in front of it. You can put a little clutter in these extra spaces such as tissues and gums.

Because it’s suspended, it will take less space and your passengers on the seat are free to move without being affected by it, and it is also very difficult to knock over, as long as you have it securely in place.

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4. Best for all vehicles – Lusso Gear spill-proof hanging garbage bin



  • Waterproof materials for easy cleaning
  • Hooks for attaching optional disposable bag
  • Three extra pockets for additional storage
  • Adjustable strap to install anywhere in vehicles


  • The lid is not airtight

Some of you may complain that it’s difficult to find a car trash can that fits perfectly into your vehicles because most of the common car trash bins are suitable for vehicles like SUVs, RVs.

That’s why Lusso Gear spill-proof hanging garbage bin is especially recommended, it is designed to be the perfect size to fit every type of vehicle, including cars, trucks, minivans, SUVs, RVs, campers, boats, semis, buses, cabs, and more.

It seems to be easily put anywhere—Attach it to the headrest in the back of the seat, console, side door, front seat, glove box, or virtually anywhere else you’d like to have it at the ready.

This car garbage can includes a washable trash liner for mess-free cleaning. It also includes hooks for holding your own optional disposable bags inside the waste basket for even more convenience.

If it is clean enough, you could use it as a storage bin on your vehicle. It includes 3 storage pockets (2 mesh and 1 zippered) so you can use it as an organizer to hold your phone, charging cable, or other small gadgets you may carry with you on the road. It’s also great for storing tissue, hand sanitizer, plastic bags, and other handy items you may need.

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—————————————————- For Kitchen ———————————————-

Not everyone’s kitchen is capacious enough to hold a clunky trash can, moreover, it is more likely to be kicked down by your pets. Therefore, put a small hanging trash can in your kitchen to make cooking easier.

5. Best for kitchens – Subekyu collapsible hanging kitchen trash can



  • Extremely save space
  • Wide application
  • Waterproof
  • Hanging design


  • No lid

Subekyu collapsible hanging kitchen trash can is the best choice for your narrow kitchen.

Subekyu collapsible hanging kitchen trash can is made of sturdy plastic and silicone. Silicone makes the trash can foldable which will extremely save your space. When you don’t use it, you can fold it. Its 2.4-gallon capacity also meets your need for small wastes.

With a liner rim on it, the trash can is hung over cabinet door so that you can accurately and quickly throw garbage into the trash can when you cut vegetables, but note that the thickness of your door should be less than 0.86 inches (2.2cm). Aside from the kitchen, it is appropriate in your bedroom, bathroom, car, and anywhere it is needed.

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—————————————————- For Garden ———————————————-

Due to the advantages such as portable, waterproof and durable, the followings are best for your gardening work.

6. Best for collecting leaves – REPUBLIC SUN garden leaf waste bags



  • Multi-purpose
  • Sustained and durable
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent workmanship


  • Not airtight

If you are worried about the fallen leaves in your garden, perhaps REPUBLIC SUN garden leaf waste bags could help.

The garden bag is made of sturdy and durable Oxford cloth, which has good abrasion resistance and can be reused in all seasons. Don’t worry about it being torn apart by hard branches or being damaged when dragging it on the ground, because the bottom is also very durable.

This leaf bag is multi-purpose. Not only can it be used with a leaf rake to take care of your garden and yard, but it can also help harvest fruits and vegetables. Use it as a storage bag to organize things whether on the go or at home.

Another advantage of it is its convenient design. The tight stitches when sewing velcro make the garden bag stronger and its strap is specially reinforced, so it is not easy to tear. When the velcro is opened, it is a garden tarp, while closing the velcro, it is a garden bag. This is very useful for your garden.

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7. Best with cylindrical-shaped – Jardineer collapsible garden trash can



  • Collapsible design
  • Durable and waterproof
  • Large capacity


  • No lid

Cylindrical – shaped trash bins are recognized to have larger capacities than other shapes, besides, they comply with the aesthetic standard.

With its beautiful style, Jardineer collapsible garden trash can at the same time has a large capacity of 30 gallons. Although it’s quite big, it has a flexible yet hard spiral spring spine that allows it to automatically pop up. When you don’t use it, just hang it on the wall or store it in your garage or shed.

Jardineer collapsible garden trash can is a good helper for your garden work. Firstly, the collapsible design get work done more easily and quickly. Meanwhile, it is reinforced with two double-stitched nylon carrying handles and comes with a bottom handle for easy tipping and emptying.

There is a leaf bag within the can that is made from sturdy and water-resistant fabric and spring steel wire, which is anti-tear. The PVC coating inside the leaf bag helps its load-bearing capacity further strengthen to 110 pounds.

Likewise, it is not just a garden leaf bag but also a laundry bag indoor and toys storage for your kids.

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How to choose a pop up trash can?

Since you may not have enough time to consider how to choose a pop up trash can, we did it for you. Through our research, we have come up with 5 of the most important tips you should notice. Check them below.

things to consider while choosing a pop up trash can

1. Durability

You don’t want your pop up trash can to break down so quickly that it ends up in another trash can. When choosing a trash can, pay more attention to its material.

On the one hand, if you need your trash bin to be outside, you should focus on whether it’s waterproof and mildew-proof. Besides, you should choose a well-sealed one as you don’t want the smell of your trash to attract wild animals. Lastly, it must be hard so that it would not be blown over by the wind. Due to the above needs, polyethylene is the best material for you.

On the other hand, what your vehicle needs is bins made from soft fabric, in order to be safer. Oxford fabric and woven fabric are both ideal materials for vehicles.

In a word, the more durable it is, the more money you will save.

2. Ease to clean

Generally speaking, you could put a disposable plastic bag into your cans. However, if you don’t have such a habit, you’d better choose a washable one.

The Oxford fabric and woven fabric are both washable but only hand cleaning is available, they may be deformed by wash machines.

By contrast, the plastic and polyethylene ones are more likely to clean. All you need to do is gently rub the spots with a damp cloth, after all.

3. Suitable to use

Each pop up trash bin has its own purpose. For instance, some are specially designed for cars, they are in general small, hanging, and made from soft and waterproof fabrics. While others are for outdoors, large capacity, strong load-bearing, and portability are the focal points when choosing outdoor trash cans. It is much more effective to decide what you want before you buy.

4. Reusability

Disposable trash bins are neither environmentally friendly nor economical. Therefore, if conditions permit, try to buy reusable pop up trash cans to protect the environment.

5. Design and Looks

It’s just a personal preference. Some of you may like to choose cans that match their house or vehicle style, while others like to get the basic colors such as black, white, and gray. You will never lack options for there are dozens of different designs to choose from.


What are the brands of pop up trash cans?

Party City

Party City was founded by Steve Mandell in 1986, he recognized that the market for party goods was highly fragmented, so Mandell decided to specialize his business and succeeded. Henceforth, Party City began its evolution into a national chain.

Party City mainly deals in all kinds of party items such as balloons, tableware, decorations, and candies. In terms of the pop up trash cans, Party City has launched a host of distinctive party collapsible garbage cans.

Its pop up cans are characterized by the small size and portability. Moreover, they are often decorated with fancy patterns. The following item has enjoyed great popularity which is worth being recommended.

Best for parties – Party City gingham pop up trash bins 

Party City gingham pop up trash can

Considering that some of you hate the regular trash bins which don’t fit in with their party style, Party City has come up with this gingham pop up trash bin for party lovers.

This gingham pop up trash bin is a festive alternative to a boring trash bag due to its lovely appearance. It is printed with a red gingham pattern to match your picnic, pool party or summer barbecue.

This extra-tall, disposable, leak-proof trash bin has a drawstring closure and snaps open to hold up to 13 gallons of party debris.

The matching pop up recycling bin is white and features the green recycling symbol on the sides, plus space for you to indicate what types of recycling it’s for.

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– Rubbermaid

Rubbermaid is a well-known household products brand founded in 1958, focusing on providing large multi-purpose storage bins and tramp bins, mainly selling brooms, trash bins, crisper containers, and more.

Collapsible trash bins of Rubbermaid are designed to be large in capacity and simple in style. As a professional enterprise of household products, Rubbermaid’s pop up trash bins are solid and long-lasting.

If you are a fan of Rubbermaid, check this one.

Best with durable lid – Rubbermaid automotive pop up trash can with flip top lid

Rubbermaid hanging pop up trash can for cars

Rubbermaid automotive pop up trash can with flip-top lid is an ideal option for managing kids or that untidy person in your life. In particular, unlike its supple exterior, it is featured a hard flip-top lid that is not only very durable but easy to open and close as well. This creative design helps to trap odors and keep trash in its place.

Meanwhile, it collapses for easy storage and offers a size that can hang from the front seat headrest, sit on the floor, or can be positioned and used in any area of your vehicle.

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– Natural Life

Natural life provides a variety of delicate commodities, which are not only practical items but also gifts for your friend.

Like its overall design, its pop up garbage cans are also printed with gorgeous flower patterns which feast your eyes.


What are the different types of pop up trash cans?

The types of pop up trash cans vary, so review the following major types before you make a purchase, then choose the one best suits you.

1. Pop up trash bins with a lid

It is more likely to choose a pop up trash can with a lid because it helps to trap odors and prevent rubbish from spilling out. In general, there are 2 types of lids.

– Zippered-lids

The zippered-lids, with its cheap cost and ease of use, are widely used in pop up trash cans. While choosing, pay more attention to trash cans whose zipper stitches are both dense and sturdy.

– Lids with fasteners

Lids with fasteners are easier to open and close than the zippered ones. Therefore, most automotive pop up trash cans tend to choose this type. Common examples include plastic flip-top lids and hinged lids.

Best with plastic flip-top lids – YAOBAO hanging pop up trash can for cars

pop up trash can with best flip top

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Best with hinged lids – EPAuto waterproof car trash can with storage pockets

hanging pop up trash can with hinged lid

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2. Pop up disposable trash cans

Disposable trash cans are very convenient because you don’t have to pack them up after finishing your activities. Disposable trash cans also create more sanitary settings by avoiding the build-up of bacteria, mold, and viruses that can live in permanent trash bins. Besides, their price is roughly between $10 and $20 so they are very cheap.

Disposable pop up trash cans are mainly made of plastic, cardboard, or paper liner.

In the early years, the pop up trash cans made from plastic were the commonest because they are durable and able to withstand impact and retain shape under pressure.

With the development of technology and the growing environmental concern, disposable pop up trash cans tend to choose eco-friendly materials like cardboard and paper liner.

Best for one-time use – Clean Cubes 13 gallon disposable pop up trash can

disposable pop up trash cans

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What materials are used to make pop up trash cans?

As you may find that some are hard, while others are soft while purchasing pop up trash bins, which may confuse you. We didn’t forget to explain the different materials of the trash can. Please scroll down below.

1. Polyethylene

Polyethylene is widely used for outdoor trash cans due to its mildew-resistant and ease of cleaning. Besides, it is lightweight so that you can easily carry it. Normally, this kind of pop up trash cans needs metal coils to keep upright.

Best with polyethylene material – Trashco Flings pop up trash bins

PE pop up trash cans

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2. Oxford fabric

Oxford fabric can be a perfect match for the car pop up trash cans. Coated in polyurethane, it would repel water and resist tears to keep your car safe from any liquid mess. Therefore, Oxford fabric offers to comprise a durable option that is the most part of staple trash cans manufacturers’ usage.

3. Paper liner

Paper liner is mainly used to make disposable trash bins. It is so light and portable that you won’t feel heavy even if you take 10 paper garbage cans in your bag. However, the paper liner is subject to breakage so take extra trash bins during your activities.


Which size of pop up trash bin can I choose?

1. Small pop up trash can

The small pop up trash cans, vary from 2.5 gallons to 15 gallons, are mainly best to use inside of vehicles or indoors. The small size holds a little garbage but it takes little space as well. Therefore, if you have a habit of changing your trash can every day, the small size will perfectly fit your needs.

Best with small size – Farasla  mini collapsible trash can with 2 removable leakproof interior liners

mini pop up trash can for cars

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2. Large pop up garbage can

A large pop up trash can usually has about 20 gallons, the larger ones have even over 30-gallon capacities. The large size is the gardeners’ favor because it holds a great many piles of fallen leaves at a time. What’s more, a family can easily spend entire camping for a week without unloading the trash. What a good choice for lazy!

Large pop up trash cans have many advantages, but compared with the small sizes, its disadvantages are equally notable. They are so big that it is difficult to empty them.



1. What is a pop up trash can?

Pop up trash can, also called collapsible trash can, is a kind of portable garbage bins which you can easily take up on your journey due to its foldable device.

2. Is the disposable bag essential for a pop up trash can?

It is not necessary to use disposable bags in pop up bins unless you’re on a camping trip, put one in your trash can to prevent getting dirty. However, if you just collect leaves from your garden, there is no need for garbage bags. In addition, some collapsible bins have clamps inside to hold disposable trash bags, but most don’t.

3. How to clean a pop up trash can?

Firstly, be sure to remove all the wastes from your trash can before starting.

Then rinse it outside or in your sink. After thoroughly spraying the surface of the trashcan (including the lid) with your detergent, leave it on for at least five minutes.

Lastly, rinse the trash can and allow it to dry thoroughly before replacing the liner.

4. How to maintain a pop up trash can?

  • Put a plastic bag into your trash cans.
  • Don’t keep the garbage in your trash cans for too long.
  • Don’t leave it damp to prevent mold.
  • Don’t load the liner while the trash can is wet to avoid breeding bacteria.
  • Don’t overstuff your trash cans.



A pop up trash can makes a great difference in your life, not only keeps clean and tidy but saves a lot of time. After reading the above, you must have found a good pop up trash can that meets your needs.


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