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kitchen sink with garbage disposal

Garbage disposal is a real investment that needs proper space to be installed. However, nowadays there are compact disposals, made specifically to fit under all types of sinks especially the ones with limited under-sink space. Those are called low-profile garbage disposals. They have compact dimensions and are lightweight, which makesContinue Reading

insinkerator garbage disposal

Some municipalities have been discouraging people from draining their food waste products into the drain or sewerage systems because of inadequate water supplies or sewer systems. Other cities and towns don’t allow people to release their kitchen waste into the sewer lines if it is not ground into small particlesContinue Reading

best 1 2 hp garbage disposal

Garbage disposals are important devices that assist you in keeping your kitchen clean. These disposal units are usually installed under your kitchen sink and used to shred food wastes into small particles that can be released into the septic tank. The 1/2HP Garbage Disposal is a great size for residentialContinue Reading

best 3/4 hp garbage disposal

Garbage disposals are undoubtedly an essential piece of equipment in your kitchen. They help in conveniently reducing the number of food scraps as well as leftovers that are sent to landfills. Moreover, they’re not only crucial for post-meal cleanup but also help to reduce the amount of leftover food that’sContinue Reading

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Garbage disposal is helpful and handy for every home in disposing of food and other wastes. Among different sizes and horsepowers. 1HP garbage disposal is powerful enough for grinding almost all types of waste and it’s suitable for every home to use as long as the space under the sinkContinue Reading

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If you use your kitchen often for cooking, you understand the need for powerful garbage disposal. You can throw anything down powerful disposal without thinking twice, to make the kitchen work easy for you. The grinding is done efficiently by strong motor power and RPM that rotates the grinding bladesContinue Reading