Best Garbage Disposal Switch Reviews & Tips 2022

You can purchase garbage disposal switches from a number of online stores and should be able to find these parts in specialized stores in your area. Make sure you know that the model of your garbage disposal is before shopping for a replacement switch. Here are a few things you need to know about switches, shopping for these parts and replacing them.


5 Best Garbage Disposal Switch on the Market


5 Best Garbage Disposal Switch Reviews

Shopping for a garbage disposal switch but can’t stand the overwhelming range of options from which to choose? No problem, read the 5 garbage disposal switch reviews to find a product that best suits your needs:

1. Best Overall -InSinkErator STS-00 Dual Outlet SinkTop, Chrome & White Sink Top Switch


  • Mounts easily to sink or countertop
  • Chrome and white finish buttons to complement your decor
  • Easy installation process entailing just 5 quick steps
  • The SinkTop Switch mounts to your sink, counter-top or even the front of your sink cabinet for a whole new way to operate your garbage disposal
  • 1-year over-the-counter replacement warranty


  • A bit expensive
  • Only fits for InSinkErator garbage disposal

Arguably the best garbage disposal switch, overall, the InSinkErator STS-00 switch perfectly mounts to your sink and actually does its job. In addition, this dual outlet sink top switch can mount on your counter-top or even at the front of your sink, giving you a couple of other ways to mount your garbage disposal.

After installation, just press the switch to release a blast of air to the module below the sink. This will turn on your disposal. And when you press the switch again, this will stop the disposal.

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2. Best Wireless -Sink Top Self-Powered Garbage Disposal Switch Kit

best wireless garbage disposal switch


  • Easy to install compared to other garbage disposal switches in its category
  • Safe and energy-saving
  • Highly versatile and controls fans, desk lamps, water fountains, Chrismas lights and many other fixtures & appliances besides a garbage disposal unit
  • Remote control and wireless design ensures maximum convenience
  • Product is self-powered and as such, you don’t have to worry about batteries
  • Strong 433 Rf signal Works through walls and walls and operates up to 100 feet away indoor without interfering with other electronics


  • The button of the unit is somewhat large and looks as well as feels a bit cheap for a product

The Cleesink switch is debatably the best wireless option on the market. This self-powered, sink top switch boasts a special radio frequency identification(RFID) system, which entails a strong 433 Rf signal.

This system enables the switch to be operated up to 100 feet away(indoors) wirelessly without being blocked by doors or walls and without being hindered by other wireless devices in the house.

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3. Single Outlet Sink Garbage Disposal Air Switch


  • Mounts to standard countertops and sinks easily
  • Looks very nice on sinks and countertops.
  • The product works as promised
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Relatively cheap and affordable


  • The product has a cheap finish comprising of copper as opposed to bronze

These 5 garbage disposal switch reviews wouldn’t be conclusive without the inclusion of the Geyser garbage disposal switch. This single outlet, air-activated sink garbage disposal switch boasts an incredible oil rubbed bronze finish that can complement your decor.

Plus, it mounts to standard countertops and sinks with much ease.

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4. CLEESINK Sink Top Air Switch Kit with Aluminum Alloy Power Module

sink top garbage disposal switch


  • Comes with a variety of cute finishes from which to choose
  • Boasts a relatively sturdy and durable construction made up of stainless steel and aluminum combination
  • Fairly easy to install.
  • Safe and will not put someone’s safety at risk
  • Self-powered and doesn’t require a battery or a source of energy to operate


  • It could be better off as a momentary switch rather than an On/Off switch

The Cleesink sink top garbage disposal switch isn’t a bad solution if you are looking for a countertop unit with an emphasis on look variety.

This unit doesn’t disappoint when it comes to the number of finishes from which you can select with over ten options to consider.

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5. Etoolcity Garbage Disposal Air Switch

waste disposal switch


  • Fits securely without any complications
  • Cheaper than other switches in its category
  • The switch works great
  • The unit looks nice when installed


  • The installation process involves too many steps

This is the upgrade version of the traditional Etoolcity garbage disposal switch, featuring a redefined design characterized by stainless steel construction(which never fades away over time), additional elasticity and more flexibility.

This air switch option lets you deal with your garbage in an easier, safer, healthier and more convenient manner.

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When Do You Need To Buy A New Garbage Disposal Switch?

The switch allows you to turn your garbage disposal on and off. Switches are used for safety reasons since you need to get your hand out of the garbage disposal in order to operate the switch. Even though automated appliances are becoming the norm, the garbage disposal will always have switches for safety reasons.

There are a few situations in which you might have to buy a new switch for your garbage disposal:

  1. Nothing happens when you press the switch and you have already ruled out other problems with your garbage disposal.
  2. You need to press the switch multiple times for your garbage disposal to come on.
  3. You would like to upgrade the garbage disposal switch for aesthetic reasons or because the old one looks old or damaged.
  4. You would like to replace a wall switch with an air switch for garbage disposal or vice versa.
  5. You think it would be more convenient to change the location of the switch and want to replace the existing switch with a garbage disposal switch under the sink.

If there is a technical problem with your garbage disposal, inspect it thoroughly to rule out other issues before replacing the switch. A worn-out or broken switch could be the reason why you cannot get your garbage disposal to come on, but you should make sure that your garbage disposal isn’t clogged first. If you are not sure where the problem is coming from, have a plumber inspect your garbage disposal to diagnose the problem.

If you would like to replace the garbage disposal switch for aesthetic or for convenience reasons, ask yourself a few questions first. Figure out the best location for the new switch and ask yourself what kind of color, finish, and style would work best with your kitchen.


What Are The Benefits Of Changing The Garbage Disposal Switch?

Garbage disposal switches go through a lot of wear and tear. You probably activate this switch on a daily basis. Old switches can stop working because they become worn-out or can become difficult to activate. Replacing your garbage disposal switch now will save you some time and trouble in the future since the current switch will eventually stop working.

  • Keep Your Kitchen Safer

Replacing a garbage disposal switch can also make your kitchen safer. You might want to install the new switch in a location that cannot be reached by young children. You can opt for a newer and safer model if you have an old garbage disposal.

  • Affordable Way

Replacing the switch is more affordable than replacing the entire garbage disposal. A switch that does not work properly can cause more wear and tear on the other parts of your garbage disposal, especially if you have to activate the switch multiple times to get the garbage disposal to work.

Finally, upgrading your garbage disposal switch is an affordable way to make your kitchen look better. You might, for instance, replace an old switch with a newer model that goes better with the style of your kitchen or place the new switch in a more discreet location for a minimalistic look.


A Few Tips To Help You Choose The Right Switch

Shop around to find the right garbage disposal switch. You need to know what the model of your garbage disposal is so you can look for a compatible switch and should have an idea of how you want to mount the switch.

There are a few things you should consider when choosing a new switch:

  1. Do you want an air switch or another type of garbage disposal switch? Air switches are a popular option since they are easy to activate and install.
  2. Do you want a wall switch or a button mounted on your sink? Which location would be more convenient in your kitchen?
  3. What kind of color and finish would look good in your kitchen?
  4. Do you need any additional safety features to prevent accidents? This is especially important if you have young children.
  5. Do you need to only replace the switch itself or do you need a kit that also includes a power cord? If you need a new power cord, how long does it need to be?

If you want a wider selection for colors and finishes, you should consider the Single Outlet Sink Garbage Disposal Air Activated Switch. This switch can be installed on your skin or countertop and has a modern look.

Single Outlet Sink Garbage Disposal Air Activated Switch


If you would like to upgrade your kitchen, the InSinkErator STS-00 Dual Outlet SinkTop Switch is an excellent choice. This air switch features a dual outlet so you can install an additional power outlet as well as a new switch.

InSinkErator STS-00 Dual Outlet SinkTop Switch


There are many other makes and models worth considering and you need to shop around to find the right switch for your needs. Having an idea of the features you would like to find in your new garbage disposal will make it easier to find the perfect product. You should also ask yourself where the switch will be mounted and what kind of color and finish would look good in your kitchen.

It is possible to install the new garbage disposal switch by yourself. All you have to do is mount the switch on the wall, countertop, or sink and connect a few wires to the garbage disposal. However, you should hire a plumber or contractor to install the switch if you are not comfortable or if you do not have the right tools.


Final Thoughts

If you hate having to go through an overwhelming number of web pages in order to find a garbage disposal switch that best suits your needs, considers the tips and products reviewed above. Keep in mind, however, that no product is 100% perfect and that each product has its own advantages and disadvantages.