5 Safe Garbage Disposal Reviews for Kids in 2022

Kitchen garbage disposals are awesome, as they help families get rid of their food debris in an effective and eco-friendly way. However, these helpful devices hide a terrifying secret. Their sharp, whirring blades can cause severe injuries to anyone who dares to casually stick their hands into the disposal. Even when they aren’t running, these blades can still damage your fingers. You can easily imagine how dangerous this device is for households with inquisitive children.

Most kids are tempted to insert various items to see what happens to them under the action of these blades. Some of them may want to stop the device from turning with their bare hands.

Never underestimate the creativity and the desire to experiment with your children. They want to figure out how the world around them works, so they are going to have the craziest ideas and the urge to put them into practice. This is why you have to make their environment as safe as possible. Some parents choose to restrict the freedom of their kids, but this isn’t a good way of doing things, as it would only make them even more interested to experiment and taste the world.


5 Best Safe Garbage Disposal on the Market


What Makes a Safe Garbage Disposal?

As a matter of fact, you can prevent such accidents by purchasing a safe model of garbage disposal. There are some that feature what’s known as “batch-feed” design. These devices won’t run unless you finish loading your food waste and seal the drain with a special cover.

This makes it impossible for someone to end up with their fingers inside the disposal. Nonetheless, you should always consider turning the device off and unplugging it when not in use, in order to prevent any unfortunate incidents. After all, machines may malfunction from time to time, and it would be a shame if that happened while your child had his little hands inside the kitchen sink drain.

If the machine can’t start without the lid on, you can be sure nothing is going to happen to someone trying to stick their fingers between those blades. Besides, you can always keep that stopper on, thus preventing the kids from playing with those blades while you are away from home. It’s true that you shouldn’t leave your children unattended in the kitchen.

Nonetheless, this is easier said than done. Kids will surely find a way to sneak into the kitchen by night or when you’re not watching them, so you’d better make sure everything in your home is safe and secure.

This is how you can prevent most domestic accidents from happening. As garbage disposals are among the most dangerous household appliances, you should never buy one at random. Don’t guide yourself by the price, but rather by the safety features these devices have.

When doing your research, you should always ask about the safety features of all models that make it to your shortlist. It’s better to give up some advantages or special features, only to benefit from added protection. All a child needs to get injured is one minute without adult supervision.

As nobody can keep an eye on their children 24/7, it’s strongly advisable that their homes are as safe as possible. Besides, even adults have their share of doing foolish gestures. Over 1000 people arrive at the ER each year with injuries caused by their kitchen garbage disposal.

Whether they have tried to remove a stuck item or they have inserted their fingers into the machine by accident, the result is always the same. Hospital is full of people with lacerations and fractures caused by the sharp blades of various tools. Even if you know how to operate such a device, you can still get injured, as one moment of daydreaming is all it takes to get hurt.

As you can see, there are safe garbage disposal models for homes with kids, so all you have to do is to compare the various options and pick the one that suits you best. Even if you don’t have children, you could always use a little bit of added safety. If people were aware of this, many domestic accidents could be avoided each and every year.

Modern technology is great, but it comes with an increased risk of injuries. Nonetheless, wise families know how to choose their household appliances and equipment in order to be on the safe side no matter what. These people are always going to be willing to spend a little more to have the peace of mind that nothing could happen to them or to their children because of modern equipment meant to improve their comfort and quality of life.

You should also consider safety above all other things when choosing your kitchen sink disposal or any other similar piece of equipment.


5 Best Safe Garbage Disposal Reviews

1. Best Overall -Waste King L-5000TC 3/4 HP Safe Garbage Disposal


  • High-speed magnet motor for effective grinding
  • Durable by made of stainless steel components
  • Quiet in operation
  • High capacity of the grinding chamber
  • Easy to install
  • 10-year warranty


  • A bit expensive

With this Nice and quiet disposal, you do not need to add an extra switch, and this disposal is safe with children. For this Amazing disposal, have “Top Control” / “Batch Mode” disposal and you will love it. You don’t have to install a switch. It is safer and quieter (because the opening is covered). The chamber is very large. For those that may be wondering, when you activate the disposal (using the special plug) water still flows down into the disposal.

If you are looking for a garbage disposal that is generally safe and effective for all your needs, this first choice can serve you wonders. It is made of a high-speed magnet motor that guarantees a faster shredding of the garbage. It is as well sound insulated, and so the shredding does not cause any disturbing noise in the kitchen.

Installing this disposal is very easy since it is made in a compact design. You only need to mount it under the sink then plug its power cable. You don’t need electrical expertise to have it done.


2. Runner Up -InSinkErator 3/4HP Batch Feed Garbage Disposal with Cover Control Plus


  • Multi-grind option for effective disposal of wastes
  • It has a high capacity grinding chamber of 40 oz
  • Operates under the extreme quiet program
  • Cover control plus and batch-feed design for safety
  • Retains water automatically
  • 7-year warranty with in-home services


  • Needs installation expertise

Here is another alternative for those that need some ultra-quiet performance in the kitchen. Definitely, no one would be comfortable with a motor that is too noisy unless one is financially strained.

What makes this option outstanding is the fact that it is made of multi-grind technology, which gives it the capacity to grind nearly all types of food wastes except hard bones. Its grinding chamber capacity is as well encouraging. The 40oz allows you to have longevity in grinding components.

While grinding wastes, this disposal has a way of retaining water from the debris to make the whole grinding process easy. If you want to empty the water, you might have to do it manually. This saves you the supervision during the grinding since you can be sure that the whole process is self-controlled.

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3. Waste King 9900TC 3/4HP Garbage Disposal with Safer Controller Grinding


  • Jamless high-speed motor
  • Safe grinding by batch-feed design
  • 3-Bolt Mount for a quick and easy kitchen sink installation
  • Sound Insolation for quiet operation
  • Easy to operate
  • Affordable price
  • 10-year warranty


  • Takes longer to grind bones

You don’t have to have a lot of money to have a safe garbage disposal at home. You can use little money but still have your kitchen wastes well disposed of. The Waste King Garbage disposal is a good option for you.

Do not underestimate the effectiveness of this gadget based on its price. It also gives you an easy to install option with a high-speed motor. It might not guarantee extreme quiet grinding, but at least the noise is not outrageous. So, it is something that you can actually work with.

Like most disposals in the market, the Waste King also grinds wastes in batches and so you should ensure you don’t overload it. The whole body is made of stainless steel, and thus its durability is guaranteed. Additionally, you don’t need any electrical expertise in its installation. This disposal comes with a warranty of ten years and so you ought not to fear any limitation that people think comes with it.

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4. Best 1HP -Waste King Knight A1SPC Safe Garbage Disposal


  • 1 HP, 2800 RPM powerful motor
  • Highly durable
  • Works with septic tanks
  • Reasonable price with effective performance
  • A lifetime in-home warranty


  • Might not give an extremely quiet operation

We also got this unique option for those who are not ready to keep grinding bit by bit. The Waste King Knight A1SPC Garbage Disposal can give continual grinding without having to make stops as long as it is connected to power. I think this is a feature that will place a smile on every face. You know how at times, people get so busy in the kitchen in such a way that they don’t want to keep starting and stopping the disposal. However, it would be wise of you if you only put it on when there are some wastes to be ground.

The durability of this disposal is actually great, and so you can be sure that you will not be required to be replacing it every time. You got to enjoy the value of your money. Great news to you is that this garbage disposal comes with lifetime protection when used at home. If it develops any problem, you can always get assisted by the manufacturer so that you don’t pay any repair cost. You also don’t need electrical expertise to install and operate it.

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5. Moen GXB75C 3/4 HP Garbage Disposal with Safe Grinding


  • It guarantees safety hence peace of mind
  • Stopper controlled operation for safety
  • 3/4HP Vortex motor technology for grinding food scraps quickly
  • Comes with a pre-installed power cord
  • No noise during operation
  • 8-year warranty


  • Need more than an hour to install

Last in our review is the Moen GXB75C 3/4 HP Garbage Disposal, which is very durable. Unlike most provisions in the market, this option actually gives you a controlled operation so that you only grind the intended food scraps. This happens to be the best option for family use since you can always dispose of the food wastes without any fear of injury. Even if you are to involve the kids in the whole process, you can be sure that you are safe.

Moen GXB75C 3/4 HP Garbage Disposal comes with a pre-installed power cord, which means that you don’t need any expertise to install it. With the high motor speed, you are free to grind as many wastes as you want. However, you should take notice not to overload it. As much as it is built to last with an eight-year warranty, you still need to be responsible about how you want to use it.

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What to Look for When Choosing a Safe Garbage Disposal?

kitchenaid waste disposal

When choosing a safe garbage disposal, there are some things that you ought to look for. Otherwise, you might end up paying money for something that cannot meet your needs. Have a look at some of the factors:

  • Motor Power

You need something that can do you the grinding as fast as possible. This is dependable on the power of the grinding motor. It has to be high as this is what will determine the time interval for grinding and the type of wastes it will be crushing. This being the case, those with large families with high food waste.

  • Power Output

Most of these grinders use electrical power. Well, no one wants to pay a huge amount of money in the name of grinding kitchen wastes. Therefore, look for the disposal that will not give you enormous power bills.

  • Durability

This is also another critical factor that you should never ignore. You definitely don’t want to run from one brand to another. If anything, all of us would prefer just to buy one for a whole lifetime. You, therefore, need to check on the material which is used so that you can be sure of its durability.

  • Grinding chamber capacity

This depends on the amount of kitchen waste that you need to dispose of. The larger the size, the more peace of mind you will have since you will feed it once and leave it to grind as you do other duties.

If you don’t have a lot to dispose of, it would be wastage for you to go for a large capacity in which you will not exploit its usage.


What is the Best Safe Garbage Disposal On the Market?



Having the garbage disposal beneath your sink is a wise step to dispose of wastes in a friendly was if, by chance, you don’t need it for gardening. These are just a few options that you will get in the market. It is your choice to choose what can work best for you.

If you are interested in your safety more than any other thing, then you got to choose from the above suggestions. Always ensure that you check on the suggested features, too, so that you get to the best option.


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