It seems that people who like garbage disposals really like them, and those that don’t really don’t seem to care. While it is true that it is better not to use a garbage disposal if you are on a septic system, the plumbing problems that people have with municipal systemsContinue Reading

If you have decided you would like to invest in a garbage disposal, you should consider what the main type of waste you should deal with is. For many homes, most of the waste comes in kitchen food, such as celery, apple cores, potato peels, small bones, fruit pits, andContinue Reading

Garbage disposal has developed quite a reputation over the years for being very noisy. People complain about the noise so much that sitcoms even make fun of the problem in order to get a laugh from the audience. However, it is no laughing matter when you have a loud systemContinue Reading

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Have you ever wondered how many houses in the U.S rely on septic-systems for household sanitation requirements? Well, a recent survey indicated that 27 million homes rely on this system, and if you take an average of around 3 people for every household that accounts for around 81 million people.Continue Reading

Kitchen garbage disposals are awesome, as they help families get rid of their food debris in an effective and eco-friendly way. However, these helpful devices hide a terrifying secret. Their sharp, whirring blades can cause severe injuries to anyone who dares to casually stick their hands into the disposal. EvenContinue Reading

kitchenaid garbage disposal reviews

The article highlights the top 5 best garbage disposals from the Kitchenaid brand, which is headquartered in North America, shares four good reasons to choose the brand, as well as provides professional advice on how to select the right garbage disposal for your needs. Are you ready for that? Let’sContinue Reading