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sink disposal

Are you looking forward to buying garbage disposal? From grinding and washing away your kitchen refuse at the touch of a button, garbage disposals are the items you will always need. Their role in keeping the environment clean will often stand out, whether you are using them at home orContinue Reading

cleaning a garbage disposal

Garbage disposals help drain the kitchen wastewater by crushing the wastes into finer particles before mixing them with the water. Like any other kitchen plumbing equipment, they also suffer various damages and issues that impede their free workings. How to repair a garbage disposal? It is important to know aboutContinue Reading

best ways to get the smell out of garbage disposal

Garbage disposals play a significant role in crushing the kitchen debris into finer particles before mixing them with water to flow through to the municipal, drainage. Owing to the fact that they handle wastes, they naturally develop some foul smell. You hence have to know how to rid them ofContinue Reading

Replacing a garbage disposal switch is a tricky task. Just as much you wish to avoid doing the electrical work, at one point or another you will have to replace the switch to save yourself the electrician costs. How to replace a garbage disposal switch at home? With thorough learningContinue Reading

never put corn husks in drain

Garbage disposal is a delicate machine. While it is expensive, it is also hectic work to replace it every now and then. And the need to replace will occur often if you don’t use it properly and abuse it with unusual food items. Garbage disposals are meant to operate inContinue Reading

do eggshells go in the garbage disposal

Garbage disposal and drainpipes are a vulnerable part of your house that requires some extra care. While garbage disposals make your work in the kitchen easier, they can also cause additional hectic work if not used properly. When you are spending money on buying disposal, you ought to spend someContinue Reading