insinkerator garbage disposal

Some municipalities have been discouraging people from draining their food waste products into the drain or sewerage systems because of inadequate water supplies or sewer systems. Other cities and towns don’t allow people to release their kitchen waste into the sewer lines if it is not ground into small particlesContinue Reading

waste King l 1001 review

A young couple or small family can go with 1/2 HP garbage disposal. If you are not planning to spend a lot on the disposal, then this is the perfect unit for you. In fact, Waste King L-1001 is an ideal unit for a home with four or fewer people.Continue Reading

waste king l 2600 garbage disposal

As you know, there are various ways of disposing of food waste in your kitchen. Unfortunately, not all these methods are environmentally safe. Moreover, not all these methods are convenient for you. However, Waste King L-2600 Garbage Disposal is a useful tool for getting rid of food waste and leavesContinue Reading

waste king l 111 review

Great disposal can add value to your kitchen and makes the cleaning process a breeze. It does not matter whether you are a chef extraordinaire or like making occasional meals at home; you are bound to benefit by using a garbage disposal. That is because it will make the processContinue Reading

waste king l 8000 reviews

The truth is that there are many manufacturers of garbage disposals, Waste King is one of the best. Ideally, the company competes with Insinkerator. Among the Waste King garbage disposal models, Waste King L-8000 is a powerful 1 HP garbage disposal that is great for use in large households. EquippedContinue Reading