5 Best 1/2HP Garbage Disposal Reviews for 2022

Garbage disposals are important devices that assist you in keeping your kitchen clean. These disposal units are usually installed under your kitchen sink and used to shred food wastes into small particles that can be released into the septic tank.

The 1/2HP Garbage Disposal is a great size for residential areas and offers powerful technology for grinding the waste effectively. So, what is the best 1/2hp garbage disposal?

best 1 2 hp garbage disposal


The Comparison Table of Best 1/2HP Garbage Disposal


Top 5 Best 1/2HP Garbage Disposal Reviews

1. Best Overall -InSinkErator Badger 5 1/2HP Garbage Disposal


  • A manual reset overload for motor protection
  • Quick-lock technology
  • Created using Dura-Drive Motor
  • Long-lasting galvanized steel components
  • 2-year in-home warranty


  • It can only accept small portions of wastes at a time

InSinkErator Badger 5 Garbage Disposal is our top pick. It has been made with galvanized steel construction for durability. It is a continuous feed garbage disposal that comes with a 1/2HP Dura-Drive induction motor. Its quick lock sink mount makes it easy to install a new InSinkErator or remove it, which eliminates the need for involving a professional plumber.

The garbage disposal has a capacity of 26 oz and utilizes 120 volts. Additionally, it uses InSinkErator grind technology that is a one-stage grind technology, which uses a GrindShear ring, which easily grinds tough foods into small particles. This feature also allows it to rapidly grind food wastes. Because the food waste from this unit is virtually liquefied, the grinder makes it easy for microorganisms in septic tanks to further decompose the waste.

Plus, its upper and lower bearings have been permanently lubricated to ease their functionality. It comes with a dishwasher drain connection and utilizes approximately 1 gallon per person per day of water.


2. Best Compact -Waste King L-1001 Garbage Disposal


  • 1/2 HP 2600 RPM permanent magnet motor
  • Comes with a power cord already attached to it
  • Compact design for small sink space
  • Easy to install
  • Great for use with a septic system
  • 2-year warranty


  • Small opening for putting too much waste at the same time

Waste King L-1001 is the best compact 1/2HP garbage disposal. It has a motor speed of 2600 RPM and utilizes 115 voltage. It comes with a manual overload protector that you can reset. Additionally, the disposal has a magnet motor and has been made using stainless steel.

The garbage disposal also comes with a galvanized steel grind ring that helps in grinding the food wastes. It has a removable splashguard that ensures that food wastes placed inside the disposal do not splash all over the place.

The grinding chamber has been made by corrosion proof glass filled polyester to promote its durability. It is a small and compact disposer that can easily fit under most sinks.

The Waste King L-1001 comes with an EZ mounting system, which makes it easy to snap it in place. It also comes with a two-year warranty, which ensures that any breakage that occurs due to normal use will be fixed by the manufacturers.


3. Best Budget -Waste Maid 1/2HP Garbage Disposal


  • Torque Master grinding system for grinding most type of food scraps
  • Removable Splash Guards
  • Easy to install
  • Bio shield for eliminating odor
  • Take up less space under your sink
  • A power cord included
  • Relatively quiet while operating


  • Poor instructions

Waste Maid garbage disposal comes with a permanent magnet motor, which features a 1/2HP and 2600 RPM grinding speed. It has been build using anti-jam stainless steel impellers. It operates on 120 V and offers you continuous garbage disposal features.

The torque master grinding system features a corrosion-proof turntable with well-balanced impellers to reduce the motor vibrations while it is grinding the wastes and promote the longevity of the unit. It uses a standard 3-bolt mounting system that makes it easy to install or replace.

The garbage disposal is equipped with utilizes bio shied technology, which enables you to eliminate the bacteria that cause odors in the grinder. This technology also ensures that you will not find any unwanted microorganisms growing under your sink. It is one of the physically smallest garbage disposals and can easily fit under most sinks.

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4. Moen GX50C GX Series 1/2P Garbage Disposal


  • Continuous RPM Vortex motor
  • Powerful grinding capabilities
  • Sound shield technology
  • Its motor starts immediately at full speed instead of progressively
  • A four-year warranty and in-home service guarantee


  • Not that quiet

Moen GX50C is an affordable garbage disposal that offers you 1/2HP. It is specifically designed to reduce cases of jamming in the sink. It uses a continuous RPM Vortex motor that comes with permanent magnet motor technology and offers you powerful grinding capabilities. Its motor starts immediately at full speed when turned on, which makes it easy to grind food without jamming the unit.

A universal Xpress-mount system fits most of the garbage disposals in the market. Additionally, a pre-installed power cord is included to ensure that you will not need to invest in another power cord.

The garbage disposal uses sound shield technology to reduce its noise levels. It is lightweight and its small design makes it easy to install in kitchens that have limited space. Although it was made for heavy-duty usage, it offers you limited capacity as you can only feed small portions of the wastes in the garbage disposal at a time.


5. Best for Small Household- Waste King L-2600 Garbage Disposal


  • Super easy to install with a pre-installed power cord
  • Uses jam-free technology
  • Quiet in use
  • Made with stainless steel to prevent corrosion
  • It is budget-friendly
  • Five-year warranty


  • Not a good choice for households with many people

This garbage disposal is continuous feed disposal that contains a 1/2HP magnet motor and utilizes a speed of 2600 RPM. The Waste King L-2600 Garbage Disposal is an easy to install garbage disposal that uses the EZ mounting system, which makes it easy to install or replace.

If you have a two-bowl sink you might need to involve a plumber to install some extra piping and fitting. It is suitable for a small family of about four people. It uses electric power while grinding food waste.

Waste King L-2600 is made of stainless steel, which promotes its durability and reduces the likelihood of corrosion. It comes with a five-year warranty that ensures you can have your garbage disposal fixed in case of a mechanical problem.


Is 1/2HP Garbage Disposal Enough?

kitchen disposal

Whether or not the 1/2HP garbage disposal will be enough for your use depends on the amount of waste you plan to grind using these types of garbage disposal.

If you live in a small apartment that houses one to two people, you will benefit from this garbage disposal. You will be required to limit the number of wastes placed in the garbage disposal to reduce the risks of jamming.

Most 1/2HP garbage disposals are not quite as fast as those that have more horsepower making them unsuitable for larger households that produce more wastes. The 1/2HP garbage disposal will work in any house where it receives limited use. As such, aside from homes that house one or two people, you can also use this garbage disposal in a vacation home that is only used during vacation seasons.

If you often entertain many people, you might want to consider opting for a garbage disposal that will offer you more horsepower and ensure that you can easily grind more food wastes.

Placing this garbage disposal under much pressure will limit its durability, affect the speed and effectiveness of the motor, and might cause the release of food wastes that have not been broken down completely into the septic tanks.


Best 1/2HP Garbage Disposal Buying Guide

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  • Number of People

When considering the best 1/2 HP garbage disposal for your home, you should think about the number of people who will live in the house. This is usually used as the main determinant for predicting the type of garbage disposal that you will need in your house.

A house that has one to two people will benefit from a 1/2HP motor and might not need to invest in a more powerful motor unless they plan to increase the number of people in the household.

  • Workload

Some of the 1/2HP garbage disposals are more effective in handling tough wastes than other models that fall in the same group. For instance, 1/2HP motor garbage disposals that have been installed with additional features, which promote the effectiveness of the motor are more likely to handle more workload than basic 1/2HP garbage disposals.

If you will be using the garbage disposal for a limited amount of garbage, the 1/2HP garbage disposal will be a good option for you.

  • Operation

When considering which 1/2HP garbage disposal to buy, you should think of whether the motor of the garbage disposal starts working immediately when turned on or whether it takes a few seconds before turning on.

Additionally, you should also consider whether the motor starts working at full speed or whether it progressively increases its speed to achieve the top speed. This will determine how fast you can start adding food wastes in the grinding chamber and the effectiveness of your motor.

Motors such as those used in the Moen GX50C GX Series, start working at full speed when turned on, which reduces your likelihood of dealing with jamming issues.

  • Power Cord

Some 1/2HP garbage disposal comes with a pre-installed power cord, which ensures that you will not need to invest more money in buying additional appliances. Alternatively, you can look for a garbage disposal that requires a power cord, which is similar to one, which you used in another garbage disposal.

While this can be quite tricky, if you are using garbage disposal from the same manufacturer you might be lucky to find that the power cords required for different garbage disposals are almost the same.

  • Ease of Installation

When selecting a 1/2HP garbage disposal, ensure you choose on that is easy to install. You should ensure that it aligns with your sink. If you have a double bowl sink you might need additional help from a professional plumber to help you install the garbage disposal.

  • Noise Level

Ensure you check whether the garbage disposal utilizes a noise cancelation technology. Such technologies reduce or block the noise produced in the grinding chamber to ensure that you can easily carry out conversations in your kitchen. It’s great to get quiet garbage disposal for your needs.

  • Material Used

Ensure you check the material used to make the garbage disposal. Most garbage disposals have been made with stainless steel. Some of the durable options have grinding chambers that have been made by corrosion-proof glass-filled polyester.

Accessories or additional features: Some 1/2HP have additional features like Bio-shield, which prevents the growth of harmful bacteria or the accumulation of odor in your grinding chamber.



Finally, all I can say is that you should be keen on ensuring that the garbage disposal that you select meets your needs and that of your household. Make sure you consider important factors such as the size of the motor, the speed of the motor, price, accessories, or additional features, and whether the garbage disposal comes with a pre-installed power cord.

You should also check whether the garbage disposal comes with a warranty. Garbage disposals that come with a long-term warranty and in-house services will ensure that you will not need to worry about mechanical problems that might affect your disposal system.

Garbage disposal is a fairly big investment. Ensure that you get value for your money. Your garbage disposal should help you keep your kitchen clean at all times. You should not have to deal with continuous mechanical issues because you bought a garbage disposal unit that is prone to jamming.

Ensure that you take your time to research about garbage disposal system, their features, horsepower, suitability for different households, and models. Hopefully, checking all these factors will ensure that you invest in a garbage disposal that will serve you for a considerable long time without any mechanical issues.