Different Types of Garbage Disposal

Food is the primary source of wastes in our home. For every meal that we take, there will be waste to be thrown away. Having a garbage disposal unit in your home is essential. This is one kitchen appliance that will deal with the food remains on our plate. It breaks down the food remains that drop on your sink so that you won’t have to worry about your sink clogging.

Installing the garbage disposal unit will always save you with efficient ways to deal with food remains. Some municipalities, although, will refuse because of less water and inadequate sewer systems. This unit can also be costly; you should plan a lot to be able to get it.


Different Types of Garbage Disposal Feed

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Continuous garbage disposal feed and Batch garbage disposal feed are the types of feeds available.

  • Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal

As the name suggests, this feed will keep grinding waste as long as you want. It is efficient and less expensive compared to the batch feeder. When you have a large number of guests in your home and wish to dispose of a large amount of waste, this feed type will be efficient.

Running water is necessary when running, which means you will need a lot of water. The waste can continuously be fed to the machine when running, but you will need to be careful. Your hand and fingers should never go near it since you might be crushed. It has its advantages and disadvantages, which are:


  • Efficient with a large amount of waste
  • Great for both home and commercial use
  • Keeps your kitchen counter clean as you can dump your waste while cooking
  • You have a variety of models to choose from


  • The continuous running will cause a lot of power wastage
  • Not as safe as batch feed garbage disposals


Batch Feed Garbage Disposal

With batch feed garbage disposals, you will load it with the waste before grinding. You will only be able to switch it on after covering your sink to avoid spills. You should always be careful not to overload the feeder.

When the sink is sealed, you won’t be able to load more waste. This makes this grinding safer if your kids are cleaning compared to the continuous garbage disposal feeder. Because we are stalking up the trash in the grinding chamber, it needs a powerful engine to operate effectively.

Because of the powerful engine, this is a bit more expensive than the continuous feed, and it will take a lot of time grinding. It also has its pros and cons.


  • Safer for households with kids
  • You can minimize wastage on water and power since you can control everything
  • The covering will offer protection against injuries and from foreign objects falling in


  • Generally a bit more costly compared with continuous feed garbage disposals


Different Types of Motor

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Garbage disposals need motors to run the grinder, which will be able to breakdown the waste. The organic waste is not hard to break, but when pilled together, it will need a powerful motor.

These garbage disposal feeds are fitted with either an induction motor or a permanent magnet motor. These motors will convert electric energy to mechanical energy, which Is going to be used in grinding the food waste.

  • Induction motor

It is an electric motor that usually runs at high speed rotating the grinders. In rotating the grinders, the food waste is broken down into small waste that cannot clog your sink. It will create continuous and constant flux after connection with the rotor. The induction motors tend to be very heavy than the permanent magnet motor.

The induction motor doesn’t pick up the max speed faster. It starts slow, and after a certain period, it is going to achieve the maximum revolutions per minute. With the slow start, the time it takes to reach the maximum revolution per minute makes it slower than the permanent magnet motor.

Most induction motors will have more than one grinding stages that will ensure the food waste is broken down well. The broken waste can now be dumped easily, and you will avoid the cost of opening clogged up sinks.

  • Permanent Magnet Motor

As the name suggests for this type, it is an electric motor that is equipped with permanent magnets. These motors are powerful and more effective than the induction motors. If you have a garbage disposal unit with this motor, then it will be more powerful than the one with an induction motor.

The magnets fitted to enable the motor to produce faster and constant flux. This constant flux will be responsible for running the grinders that will be breaking down the food waste. The motor achieves its maximum revolutions per minute faster. With the top speed, you will get more power that would be useful in the grinding process.

If a lot of food waste that is fibrous is loaded in the grinding chamber, this motor would be efficient in dealing with it. It is recommended that the batch garbage disposal feed is fitted with a permanent magnet motor. You will be grinding the food waste in batches, and you need a strong motor to over instant power that this motor offers.

Additionally, these motors are usually small in size. This will result in the general garbage disposal feed being small that can fit the tight spaces. Also, the sinks installed with feeds that have this motor do not usually clog up easily.


Different Sizes of Garbage Disposal

Size, in general knowledge, would refer to the dimensions of an item. With the garbage disposal feeds, the size of a garbage disposal will refer to its grinding power. We never consider the size since the spaces under the sink can support most garbage disposal feeds. In their size, you will have.

1/3 HP Garbage Disposal

The garbage disposal with 1/3 HP has less power but great for use in a home with one or two people. They usually cost less, and saves space under your kitchen sink.

1/2 HP Garbage Disposal

Most of the sold feeds fall in a 1/2 HP garbage disposal. They are more powerful than the 1/3 hp ones. They can be good for a home with one or three-member that cooks frequently.

3/4 HP Garbage Disposable 

They are also sold in large numbers in the market. These are more powerful for any home with up to five people. The garbage disposals with 3/4 HP can be simple ones and high-end design. They usually have a lot of features such as the multi-stage grinding and the noise cancellation feature.

1HP Garbage Disposal

These are the most powerful garbage disposals in the market currently. The 1hp garbage disposal can grind any food waste thrown it way effortlessly. It can even be used in commercial places like hotels and restraints.

It is fitted with a lot of cool features. But with all these features, you will always be forced to pay a lot more to have it.



Garbage disposal is a problem that affects everyone on this planet. We all have to eat, and without a way to dispose of the waste, we can always throw the dirt around. This machine is an effective way to deal with any waste in the kitchen. You should consider this to always reduce the waste that may be exposed to the environment.