InSinkErator Badger 5XP 3/4 HP Garbage Disposal Reviews in 2022

The InSinkErator Badger 5XP Garbage Disposal will provide you with a powerful motor in a space spacing design.  The “XP” stands for extra power hence a powerful motor that will grind through all your kitchen wastes.

This is a reliable garbage disposal product and a functional option if affordability is your prime concern. The InSinkErator Badger 5XP is the best for its durability as well as customer service. So, this article will give you a detailed description of the Badger 5XP.


InSinkErator Badger 5XP Garbage Disposal Overview

If you are searching for a 3/4 HP garbage disposal, then the InSinkErator Badger 5XP is your solution. Its basic structure for disposal enables you to install it at home. Its reliability is undisputed especially if you have much waste that requires to be shredded. The functionality of its disposal will make your kitchen life much easier.

Generally, this product provides any size of your garbage disposal that you can use so as to get the job done. The Badger 5XP is a continuous model and hence the only thing you have to do is turn it on, put your leftovers and the unit will do the work for you.

In case you are looking for high-quality disposal that is affordable, consider this model. When you are buying this product, you are investing in a disposer that is eco-friendly.


InSinkErator Badger 5XP Garbage Disposal Specs

  • A 1/2 HP Garbage Disposal With Affordable Price and Reliable Performance
  • Feed Type: Continuous Feed
  • Horsepower: 3/4 HP 1725 RPM
  • Motor System: Dura-Drive Induction Motor
  • Material: Galvanized Steel
  • Mount System: EZ Mount
  • Splash Guard: Removable
  • Installation: Pre-installed Power Cord
  • Weight: 15.2 pounds
  • Dimension: 6.31 x 12.63 x 6.31 inches
  • Warranty: 4 Years With In-Home Full Service


  • RELIABLE & EASY INSTALL: Badger Series disposers are a reliable & functional choice when affordability is the prime concern, and features a compact, space-saving design that fits existing InSinkErator hardware for a quick and easy install.
  • DURABLE COMPONENTS: This garbage disposal features our exclusive 3/4 hp Dura-Drive Induction Motor and long lasting galvanized steel components to ensure a dependable grind for everyday food scraps.
  • AMERICA'S #1 DISPOSER BRAND: There are more American-built InSinkErator garbage disposals in US homes than all other brands combined. A full line of models means there's one right for every need and budget.
  • FASTER, CLEANER, SMARTER: From meal prep to cleanup, InSinkErator helps make it fast & easy to keep your kitchen clean with our iconic appliances: garbage disposals & instant hot water dispensers.
  • A HISTORY OF INNOVATION FOR THE SINK: We invented garbage disposals in 1927, & we're the world’s largest manufacturer of garbage disposals & instant hot water dispensers for home & commercial use.


Main features of InSinkErator Badger 5XP

kitchen disposal

  • Large Chamber

The InSinkErator has a large chamber that will handle the largest amount of waste. It holds a maximum of 26 oz of waste and this is enough to clean your sink.

Most disposals will not handle such a large amount of waste, but this machine comes to your rescue. If you love cooking, then you will love the amount of waste that you will put down in your drain. You will also not have to worry about debris clogging up hence the best disposals you will find.


  • Induction Motor

The 3/4 HP drive induction motor will break the waste quickly and with much ease. There are certain disposals that leave chunks behind, but this should not worry you since it ensures complete breakdown.

If you decide to cook food with a lot of fiber, the powerful motor will tear through the fiber without any issues. This machine ensures your expectations have been fulfilled with the ease in breaking down the debris. The InSinkErator is for you who doesn’t like placing your hand to clear out the wastes.


  • Reliable and Easy to Install

The Badger disposer is a reliable and functional choice with affordability as its prime concern. It boasts a compact and space-saving design that will fit in your existing InSinkErator hardware hence easy and quick installation. The product has a patented quick-lock mount where you simply twist off your existing disposer and then twist on the new one.


  • Durable Components

This disposer features an exclusive 0.75 HP induction motor as well as long-lasting galvanized steel materials that will guarantee dependable grind for your daily food scraps.


  • The U.S.A. Product

This machine disposer is a brand in the U.S. You are guaranteed a quality product when it is manufactured here. This is a complete product and you will not have to worry about acquiring extra tools.

With all the factors considered, you can rely upon their customer service in case you have any difficulties. As a proud American, then you are satisfied with this machine. This represents what an American product ought to stand for then you should make it your preference and have it in your home.


  • Faster, Cleaner, and Smarter

Starting from meal preparations to cleanup, the product will help make it easy and fast as well as keeping your kitchen clean with the iconic appliance.


  • The Warranty

The disposer comes with a 3-year warranty and the good thing is that the technicians or professionals from the company will come to your home. This is advantageous compared to taking the product to a mechanic or returning it. They have clearly indicated what is covered under the warranty guidelines.


  • History of Innovation

The brand invented garbage disposals in 1927 and it is the world’s largest producer of garbage disposals as well as an instant hot water dispenser for your home and commercial use.



InSinkErator Badger 5 Garbage Disposal Review

InSinkErator Badger 5 Overall Score: 8.0

insinkerator badger 5xp garbage disposal

Check the Price

Brilliant features

  • More powerful compared to other units at this price range
  • Grinds waste effectively
  • Easy to install
  • A great housing metal that ensures long-lasting durability
  • It will respond to the flip of your switch
  • Outstanding customer service

Watch out for

  • A bit noisy
  • Need to buy a cord separately



InSinkErator Badger 5XP Vs. Badger 5

The Badger 5XP and Badger 5 waste disposals are mostly similar but there is a significant difference between the two. This section will look at both the similarities and also the differences.


The Badger 5XP and Badger 5 both have the same design and the same chamber capacity of 26 oz. The disposers are a continuous feed unit meaning you can add the food wastes continuously to your grinding chamber.

Both Badger disposals run using Dura-drive induction motors at a speed of 1725 RPM. These systems can easily be replaced with each other. They come with the same type of accessories and are budget-friendly. Both now have the same warranty of 3 years.



There are notable differences between the two InSinkErator. The major difference between Badger 5XP and Badger 5 is the motor power.

The Badger 5XP runs with the most powerful motor, which is a 3/4 HP induction motor. The Badger 5 garbage disposal runs with a 1/2 HP motor.

The other difference is the overall height and also weight. The Badger 5XP exceeds its cousin with a small margin. It has a speed of 12-5/8 inches and on the other side, the Badger 5 is 11.5 inches in height.


Final Words

In conclusion, the InSinkErator 5XP is a great addition to your home for disposing of your kitchen waste. For a budget-conscious consumer, and you want to invest in a U.S. made product, then this is a great choice.

This article has given you detailed information about the Badger 5XP and Badger 5 and leaves you in a good position to make the right decision of the disposer that you will purchase.


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