The Most Powerful Garbage Disposal In Market

If you use your kitchen often for cooking, you understand the need for powerful garbage disposal. You can throw anything down powerful disposal without thinking twice, to make the kitchen work easy for you.

The grinding is done efficiently by strong motor power and RPM that rotates the grinding blades at a speed higher than usual disposers. They are also available in compact sizes and dimensions that make the installation easy.


What Is the Most Powerful Garbage Disposal?

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There is a market set standard to deem disposal to be powerful. This requires the right motor power and the right grinding speed.

For the most powerful garbage disposal, the highest and standard Horsepower you get is 1 HP. With such power, the fruit and vegetable peels, other food leftovers, and small bones are ground quickly.

The higher the HP, the stronger will be the crushing power of the device and the better the rotation speed of the grinding blades. With a higher rating of these, all types of scraps are quickly ground, and hence it avoids jamming and leakage of the device.


What Main Features to Look for In A Garbage Disposal?

Before purchasing garbage disposal you need to know what is the best product for you and how to make a wise choice.

  • Material of Grinding Components

1 hp stainless steel garbage disposals

The market standard for built of grinding components is galvanized stainless steel or stainless steel.

Stainless steel is better resistant to corrosion and rust.

Hence, for grinding components to be durable, the built and make of the grinding components should be of stainless steel.

The stainless-steel grinding components do not break down or fail even after long exposure to water.

  • Continuous Feed or Batch Feed Disposal

With continuous feed, you can add more stuff down the drain while the previously added scraps are still being ground.

Whereas batch disposal process food in batches. The food waste is added to the disposal, it is covered then allowed to run to grind everything.

Both are efficient in grinding food scraps but with continuous disposal, you grind more in less time whereas if safety is a concern, then batch feed disposals are safer to operate.

Click here to see more differences between continuous feed and batch feed.

  • The Rotation Speed

The revolution per min (RPM) is the speed at which the grinding blades of a disposal move. The usual range that you see on the market is 1725-3000 RPM.

While higher RPM means more efficiency, it also depends on the type of motor powering the rotation speed.

For example, disposal using an induction motor with 1725 RPM lasts long but is not as efficient as disposal using a permanent magnet motor with an RPM of 2800.

  • Size and Weight

Since you are looking for the most powerful disposal, you must be aware that you cannot get one with the most compact size and dimensions.

The higher the motor power, the sturdier and stronger will be the design to sustain that power.

Nevertheless, you can get disposal with compact dimensions about the height of 16-20 inches and a weight ranging from 18-25 lbs.


Most Powerful Garbage Disposals Review

Here are five product reviews of picked most powerful garbage disposal:

1. Grinds Quickly and Efficiently Garbage Disposal

Waste King L-8000 (recommended for high performance)

The 1 HP motor in this disposal welcomes you to throw down everything into it, from food peels to chicken bones without a worry.

It does so while operating relatively quietly and also does not come with large expenses.

best garbage disposal

  • What You Benefit from It?
  • Grinds Up Everything Without Producing Disturbing Noises

If you are used to throwing a large amount of leftover food into the sink without hesitating, then this disposal with its 1 HP motor would work well for you.

It will gobble up apple cores, grapes, lemon peels, and even chicken bones within seconds, preventing the jamming of the device.

  • Cost-Effective with A Lifetime Warranty

With this disposal, you need not worry about the budget. Once you spend on this disposer, you will never have to do that again.

No maintenance cost for stainless steel grinding components, no cost for replacement of parts.

In case of any inconvenience, you are offered a lifetime warranty with in-home services to resolve any problems.

  • EZ Mount System and Easy to Maintain

The EZ mount system makes the installation easy with a twist and a lock. It also has a pre-installed power cord and is lightweight, making it easy to position under a sink.

Additionally, the removable splash guard adds to the ease of cleaning the interior of the disposal thoroughly which keeps your kitchen from smelling foul.

  • What Others Say About This Product

“It really is the king of garbage disposals! It is ridiculously strong and tears through whatever I throw into it.”

“I have had this disposer for 2 years and I don’t have enough words to tell how good it is! It is quiet given the performance and also easy to clean and maintain.”

“Eleven years of using this disposal, 11!! Never had any problems, no jamming, no leakage.”

  • You May Care For
  • Continuous feed technology.
  • Lifetime warranty and great customer service.
  • Sound insulation to make the device operate quietly.
  • You May Prefer
  • Lightweight to add ease in installation.
  • Stainless steel grinding components that last long.
  • Exceptional performance for the price paid.
  • What You May Dislike
  • Hard to fit into tight under-sink spaces.

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2. Durable Garbage Disposal

InSinkErator 79024-ISE (recommended long lasting disposal)

This garbage disposal with compact and sturdy dimensions offers exceptional performance.

The 1 HP motor makes sure to grind everything that you put into it including fruit peels, fruit pits, vegetable leftovers and even small bones.

It is also budget-friendly for performance as compared to its competitors.

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  • What You Benefit from It?
  • Strong and Sturdy Design for Efficient Performance

For a strong motor to operate it is necessary the make and design of the disposal is sturdy and strong.

If not, the device breaks down easily and leakage is reported. For this disposal, the compact dimensions and sturdy steel built allows the strong motor to run efficiently without any leakage.

  • No Jamming with Powerful 1 HP Motor

The 1 HP motor swallows everything, from fruit peels and pits to soft bones. If you wish to get a disposer for your daily kitchen use, then this one will not disappoint you.

Grinding blades that rotate at 1725 per min grind the food scraps effectively and do not let any food scrap stand a chance to jam or clog the disposal.

  • Stainless Steel Components to Ensure Durability

The stainless-steel components are made to resist rust, to ensure the device lasts long. The company’s 7 years warranty takes care of any complaints you might have and also saves your budget in the long term.

  • What Others Say About This Product

“Wow, this bad boy makes sure to make minced meat of whatever I throw into it! It is also super-fast and quiet.”

“This product is exactly what I have been looking for! The rest of the disposals just were not strong enough and used to jam. While this one really gets the job done, no jamming or anything.”

“I love how fast it grinds everything. What a great product.”

  • You May Care For
  • Affordable for the given performance.
  • Compact in size.
  • Continuous feed disposal.
  • You May Prefer
  • Easy installation instructions.
  • Jam preventing torque to reduce chances of jamming of disposal.
  • Quick-lock installation.
  • What You May Dislike
  • The device is not exactly lightweight.

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3. Efficient Yet Quiet Food Garbage Disposal

Waste King A1SPC (recommended where high efficiency is required)

The old disposal worn out because it could not handle the abuse of tough food scraps? Well, no need to worry with this one, because it will not give up on you no matter what. With strong built and stainless-steel grinding components you can be sure of this device lasting long.

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  • What You Benefit from It?
  • Heavy Duty Disposal

The powerful 1 HP motor takes up everything such as citrus food peels, popcorn kernels, meat bones and crush it as if it did not exist.

It also does all of this quietly to not cause any disturbance in your kitchen work. The strong built of the device and grinding components do not break down or leak. Hence, for daily heavy use, this disposer is good enough.

  • Consumes Less Time and Grinds More, And Better

Unlike some garbage disposals, this one does not use multistage grinding technology. Instead, the food is processed through one stage of grinding in which it is crushed with a high rotation speed of 2700 RPM.

This way, all your tough food scraps such as carrot peels, fruit pits, small bones are ground quickly and effectively. Giving better performance and consuming less time.

  • Sound Insulation to Not Cause A Havoc When Operating

This garbage disposal is one of the quietest ones you will get in such a powerful range. The sound insulation technology used in this one is that of the industrial-grade.

The one used to soundproof music studios. By such quiet operation, you can work peacefully in the kitchen as the device causes no disturbance.

  • What Others Say About This Product

“Sturdy and compact build as compared to other disposals of the same power. It is also very very quiet.”

“I can put anything into it, and it will tear right through it. Highly recommend this 1 HP device if you don’t want to worry about what goes down the drain.”

“This is quiet and as powerful you will find a disposal to be. Grinds everything smoothly!”

  • You May Care For
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Easy installation.
  • Continuous feed disposer.
  • You May Prefer
  • Sturdy and modern design.
  • Stainless steel components that are resistant to rust and last long.
  • 2700 RPM to cut through all types of tough food leftovers.
  • What You May Dislike
  • Splash guard design is not as flexible.

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4. Strong and Powerful Waste Disposal

InSinkErator Evolution Pro 1100XL (recommended where there can be no compromise on quality)

This top-quality garbage disposal is as good as it gets for anyone. The additional horsepower to give it a power of 1.1 HP already makes it more powerful than standard disposals. In short, it can take up much more tough food while operating much more quietly.

best kitchen garbage disposal

  • Multigrind Technology to Cut Down Food Scraps Effectively

If you wish to get disposal with which you do not have to think twice about what you throw down the drain, then you have come across the right one.

The 3 stages of the grinding process tough food scrapes such as vegetable leftovers, carrot, or potato peels, and even chicken bones.

When everything is ground effectively, no jamming, no clogging hence no leakage occurs.

  • Auto Reverse Technology

The auto reverse technology detects if there is jamming in the device. If so, the grinding blades are made to move in the opposite direction than usual to remove that piece and hence preventing the jamming of the device. This technology avoids the jamming and does not slow down the grinding process for you.

  • Proves to Be Value for The Price Paid

Spending so much on a disposer might seem like a stretch. But if you plan on not changing houses and need a disposer that lasts you at least 12 years then this one is totally worth it. It is energy efficient, requires no maintenance or replacement of grinding parts and hence saves you a lot in the long run.

  • What Others Say About This Product

“Once you install it, this device is a total beast. It can handle everything quietly. Just no way you can beat this unit. Highly recommended.”

“I will give 5 stars for sure. This little beauty is all that I need in a disposer. Super quiet, compact design and powerful.”

“Chews up everything you throw into it without any drama. Definitely worth the money!”

  • You May Care For
  • 1 HP, much more powerful than standard disposals.
  • 12-year warranty.
  • Jam sensors to prevent jamming.
  • You May Prefer
  • Soundseal plus technology makes this device ultra-quiet.
  • Anti-vibration features to avoid the vibrating of grinding components.
  • Quick lock installation.
  • What You May Dislike
  • Power cord is not included in the package.

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5. Easy to Use Kitchen Sink Garbage Disposal

BecBas Element 7 (recommended for daily household use)

This device immediately pops up into your head when you think of an effective disposer for daily use. Learn more about its features and you will know why. It grinds your tough fruit and vegetable peels; it is quiet and super easy to maintain.

best under sink garbage disposal

  • What You Benefit from It?
  • Convenient Use with Easy Installation and Simple Maintenance

The device is pretty simple to use. It chops up all tough food scraps including leftover fruits and vegetables and small bones. It does while operating fairly quietly.

The installation is easy, and the device does not require any additional extra care. Hence it is a suitable device for your simple daily use.

  • Grind Everything with This Motor

The 1 HP power of motor means you can grind the potato peels, carrot peels, leftover vegetables or fruits and some small bones. For you daily household use, this disposal is powerful enough to allow you to not think twice before throwing anything down the drain.

  • Quick Grinding with Continuous Feed

With a combination of continuous feed technology and 1 HP motor all types of food scraps are ground quickly. Whatever you throw down the drain, the fast-moving blades at 2700 RPM will grind it and wait to crush the next stuff that you have got to throw into it.

  • What Others Say About This Product

“I can grind up an elephant with this disposal. It is that strong and powerful.”

“It is quick at grinding everything effectively. It is so efficient; we might not need to buy another disposer ever”

“It is quiet and has done a great job with whatever we have fed to it.”

  • You May Care For
  • 1 HP motor and 2700 RPM to grind through everything.
  • Stylish design and build.
  • Helpful customers service.
  • You May Prefer
  • Easy installation.
  • Stainless steel grinding components that are resistant to corrosion.
  • Quiet functioning.
  • What You May Dislike
  • The splash guard seal might be too tight in the beginning.

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What Can You Put In 1 HP Garbage Disposal?

You are wishing to get garbage disposal, but you are still confused about what you can and cannot put down a 1 HP disposal?

With a low HP of 1/3, you can put down only soft foods, cereal, and some fruit skins.

With ½ HP you can put down stuff like potato peels and seeds. When you increase the efficiency to ¾ HP, it allows you to grind banana peels, lemon rinds, small fruit pits, and cooked or softened meat.

As for 1 HP, you can throw your chicken bones, corncobs, large fruit pits, small melon rinds, and even raw meat into the disposal.

Of course, there are some limitations to every garbage disposal, such as leftovers that are too oily or greasy should be avoided from being thrown into the disposal.

Nevertheless, with 1 HP disposal, you can stop thinking twice before throwing down the usual leftovers. It takes up everything and swallows it completely and effectively.



1. How many amps does a 1 hp garbage disposal draw?

For most garbage disposals 120 V- and 15-amp circuit breaker is adequate. In case of strong disposal, you might need to use a 20-amp circuit. However, the amps drawn by a 1 HP disposal is about 6.3 amps.

2. When do I need a 1 HP garbage disposal?

If food is cooked often or food including leftovers that cannot be thrown into the garbage can are cooked often in your household then you need a strong garbage disposal. If the stuff you dispose of includes even hard bones and leftovers, then you need a strong disposal with a 1 HP motor.



Powerful disposal is a critical requirement for households where food for a good number of people is cooked. If not that, they are also fancied by people who love cooking different meals that leave behind tough residues.

The powerful garbage disposals really are powerful enough to dispose of almost everything, but it is also ridiculous to expect to run down your thanksgiving meal down the drain.

With right and good care, the powerful disposals last long enough, while providing the most efficient performance.