Whirlaway 191 Garbage Disposal In-depth Review

Having a garbage disposal is one way of helping the environment. Disposing of food waste in an unorganized way increases pollution and also makes the processing of waste more complex.

Hence getting garbage disposal helps you in disposing of the leftover food waste of the kitchen safely. However, it is important to remember that not everything goes down the disposal and you need to be extra careful when using disposal of lower power.

Whirlaway 191 Garbage Disposal

This garbage disposal with a 1/3 HP motor is suitable for small residential use. The adequate motor power takes up your usual soft food scraps such as the fruit and vegetable peels and sometimes even small seeds.

The motor operates smoothly causing no loud noises around the kitchen, allowing you to work peacefully. It is a suitable fit for small spaces and for when you are on a tight budget.

whirlaway 191 removal

What You Benefit from It

  • Decent Fit for Your Normal Residential Use

Few reasons you would choose a 1/3 HP motor include the need of disposal for light residential use that takes up your limited amount of soft food scraps.

With disposal of 1/3 HP motor, you save yourself from spending too much on disposal that just produces loud disturbing noises.

This disposal is affordable, easy to maintain, and can easily fit into tight spaces.

  • Permanent Magnetic Motor for Efficient Use

The permanent magnetic motors are known for their fast and efficient performance. In less time, consuming less power, they efficiently grind up the food scraps quickly.

The 1/3 HP permanent magnetic motor powers the grinding blades to move at 1900 RPM. Such rotation speed of the blades quickly grinds whatever you have to throw into the disposal.

When everything is ground as soon as it enters the disposal, the device does not stand a chance of jamming.

  • Compact Dimensions of The Device That Makes It Suitable for Small Spaces

compact design of waste garbage

For your small under-sink space you might think a garbage disposal would not fit in. But this one does.

This disposal that is lightweight and has easy installation makes installation easy for confined places as well.

Furthermore, with a height of 13 inches it is suitable to fit into small spaces such as under a deep or farmhouse sink.

  • Splash Guard That Can Be Removed for Thorough Cleaning of The Disposal

Having a garbage disposal also comes with the responsibility of maintaining it. For instance, if any food item gets stuck it starts smelling and gives your kitchen a bad odor.

To ease this concern, this disposal comes with a splash guard that can be removed to properly clean the interior of the disposal.

This way no food item remains stuck and cannot produce foul smells.

What Others Say About This Product

“This is an excellent disposal for a very cheap price. Previous model lasted 20 years, so I am buying this again.”

“It operates quietly and takes up less space under the sink. I highly recommend it to everyone.”

“Still happy with this product and the job it does. Takes up less space and very easy to install.”

“Works exceptionally well for daily use. Produces low noise and it is really affordable too.”

“Thank you whirlpool for this reliable product. It works great, and easily takes up all soft leftovers that I throw into.”

“The built of the device is good. It is relatively quiet as well.”

You May Care For

  • Septic Tanks

It safe to be used with properly sized septic tanks in your household.

  • Easy Mount System

The easy mount system makes the installation a breeze.

  • Reliable Customer Service

For any problems that you might have with the product, the customer service is helpful and easy to contact to.

  • 2-Year Warranty

The company provides a 2-year warranty for this product of theirs.

You May Prefer

  • Continuous Feed Disposal

The disposal has the continuous feed technology to quickly take up everything while welcoming whatever next leftover you have to throw into it.

  • Lightweight

The device weighs only 9 lbs. Such lightweight make and built adds to ease while installing the device.

  • Smooth Quiet Functioning

The 1/3 HP motor operates quietly which allows the garbage disposal to operate relatively quietly without producing any vibrations or loud rumbles.

You May Dislike

  • Splash Guard Opening

The opening of the drain or the splash guard might be too narrow in the beginning.

  • Power Cord Is Not Installed

While the installation is easy, the power cord is not pre-installed, and one needs to do it themselves.


Whirlaway 191 Vs Whirlaway 291

By comparing these two disposals, you can figure out the similarities and differences between the two disposals. The choice you make depends on how much you are willing to spend and what performance you require from the disposal.

Some similarities and differences between these two disposals are:


  • Budget-Friendly

These two garbage disposals have a pretty affordable price tag. Given the performances, they are available in the market for a cheap price. Even in the long run, if not abused with tough food scraps, these disposals require no additional maintenance costs of the grinding components.

  • Compact Dimensions Made to Save Space

These whirlpool garbage disposals are known to be a perfect fit for where space is a concern. The compact built and make of the device allow it to fit easily into small spaces.

  • Easy Mount Installation

Easy mount installation makes the installation easy with a twist and a turn. The real benefit of having this installation system is that the disposals parts are compatible with other disposals. That makes the replacement process even easier.


  • Motor Power

The whirlpool 291 has a powerful motor comparatively. It operates with ½ HP, allowing the disposal to grind up more than just fruit and vegetable peels.

  • RPM Of the Disposals

While whirlpool has a better motor, the rotation of grinding blades of whirlpool 191 is better. It rotates at 1900 RPM whereas the 291 moves at 1500 RPM. While 191 grinds quickly, whirlpool 291 grinds more thoroughly.

  • Grinding Components

The grinding components in whirlpool 291 are made to resist corrosion better than 191. The corrosion-resistant quality allows the grinding components to be durable in the long run.

  • Power Cord

The power cord for whirlpool 191 requires to be installed manually, which can be done after proper research of the electrical work it requires and needs to be handled properly. Whereas for 291 the power cord comes installed and saves time and effort.


Why Would You Prefer Whirlpool 191 Over Whirlpool 291?

There can be many reasons depending upon your requirements that you would go for 191 over whirlpool 291.

  • You are tight on budget and do not wish to spend any extra $$.
  • You need a disposal to grind soft leftovers only.
  • You need a relatively quiet disposal that runs smoothly.

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Why Would You Prefer Whirlpool 291 Over Whirlpool 191?

Of course, the 291 has some improved and better features than its predecessor.

  • You need to grind up tougher food scraps and hence need a disposal with better power.
  • You need to be sure of the disposal’s durability.
  • Need a disposal that is easier to install.

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There are meant to be some upgrades made to the new model that comes into the market. But it is important to note, if the old one is still bringing in the sales, then there is a reason for that. Whatever disposal fits your requirements is definitely the one that will work better for you. Hence doing a proper research about your requirements such as the space available and the food scraps that need to be ground is recommended before making a purchase.



The whirlpool 191 is a good garbage disposal. We call it a good disposal because it has been on the market for years and customers still have only nice words to say about this product. It is efficient in grinding required soft food scraps, does the work smoothly and does not have any large expenses to maintain.

Even when you compare it to whirlpool 291, there are some features that you would still prefer better in the 191. In the end it all comes down to what you need and what you choose to do with it.