General Electric GFC520N Garbage Disposal Review

Getting new garbage disposal might sound like hectic work that makes you worry about your budget. Such is not always the case. As for current times, there are many garbage disposals that are energy-efficient, have compact dimensions, and are budget-friendly too.

If you wish to get a garbage disposal for heavy use in the kitchen or for a larger residential use, then you may get a one with a higher power rating. However, for other common daily residential use, smaller garbage disposal proves to be adequate.


General Electric GFC520N Garbage Disposal

This is one of those garbage disposals that proves to be a good companion of yours in the long run. It does not cause any extra hectic work in your life and does not make you worry about the budget either.

This garbage disposal has a ½ HP motor, meaning it takes up soft fruit and vegetable peels and cannot be abused with tough food scraps. Such motor power is adequate for residential use for 3-4 people or where mostly light meals are cooked.

It has good built, strong, sturdy and light. The compact dimensions make the installation for tight cabinet spaces easy and the galvanized steel components are durable enough to prove this product to be value for money. In short, you will not be feeding money to this disposer just to make it function.

ge gfc520n

  • What You Benefit from It

  • Cheap Price Yet Anything but Cheap Performance

There are garbage disposals available with the same features that offer the same performance, but you will find them being rated at a price much higher than this one. For the given price tag, this one is fast and quickly grinds up your food leftovers. It is not one of those disposals that produces loud rumbles while operating either.

In short, you pay a low price for this disposer and get all the good and important features needed to make the kitchen work easy for you.

  • Not A Problem Fitting into Small Cabinet Space

The garbage disposal not fitting in is a real problem. Especially with modern kitchen layouts where deep and farmhouse sinks are installed, the under-sink space can be a problem. This garbage disposal has compact dimensions, with a height of 12 inches it can easily fit into confined cabinet spaces.

This allows you to have free space under the cabinet and does not make a mess with all things stored under a sink.

  • Over 2600 RPM to Grind Quickly with Continuous Feed Technology

With continuous feed technology, whatever you feed into the disposal is ground and reduced to bits immediately as it is a continuous process. What happens when you pair up the continuous feed disposal with high-speed rotating blades? You get an efficient performance that is fairly quick to grind up everything.

The ½ HP motor quickly powers up the grinding blades to rotate at its full potential, which is over 2600 RPM. When the impellers or the grinding blades rotate at such a fast speed, everything including cooked meat, beans and fruit peels are crushed quickly, causing no jams in the device.

  • Technology to Prevent Jamming

garbage disposal that prevent from jamming

The drain boost technology prevents the jamming in the device by using an angled fin that pumps the water vigorously, helping in draining the food waste effectively. By running down water forcefully, all food scraps that are stuck in the drainpipes are washed away with the water.

Hence, with the use of this technology, the jamming of the garbage disposal is avoided, which saves time and does not require you to do additional work to unjam the device.

  • 3 Mount Installation System  

With 3 mount installation system, the whole installation process is made easier. For most garbage disposals being replaced, the 3-mount system makes the installation quick and smooth.

The main reason for that is the components of the disposal are made compatible to the universal standard, meaning, it easily fits the components of disposals from other manufacturers.

Furthermore, the lightweight of the model and compact height makes it easy to hold up the device under the sink while installing.

  • What Others Say About This Product

“This is an exceptional garbage disposal. It is quiet and economical. I highly recommend this product to others.”

“The instructions are easy to follow which makes the installation easy. This GE model also takes up less space under the sink.  Love the extra space that is cleared.”

“This thing is great! It eats up the small chicken bones and other chicken carcass that I have thrown into it and it did not even stutter.”

“This disposal grinds up everything quickly. It is quiet and powerful. Good product for the price paid.”

“This garbage disposal is cheap, but in a good way. It has compact dimensions; it is also very quiet.”

“This disposer is efficient and runs smoothly, making no loud noises. My toddler does not run away anymore after hearing the disposal voice! Love it!”

  • You May Care For

  • Permanent Magnetic Motor

The device is powered by a ½ HP permanent magnetic motor. With a permanent magnetic motor, the device performs efficiently.

  • Stainless Steel Grinding Impellers

The grinding impellers are made of rust-resistant stainless steel. This makes the grinding components durable in the long run since the components do not wear out even after long exposure to water.

  • Relatively Quiet

With an ½ HP motor, it is known that the noise produced will not be the prime concern. But still for some garbage disposals of the same motor power the noise produced is too loud. Although not for this disposer, the sound insulation makes this device quiet, and the smooth operation of the motor adds to the ease of operating quietly.

  • Compact Dimensions

garbage disposal that can fit in under sink

The device weighs around 8lbs and has a height of 12 inches. With such compact dimensions, you can easily install this garbage disposal into sinks with tight under-sink spaces.

  • You May Prefer

  • Energy Efficient Use

This GE garbage disposal draws around 4.3 amps per hour. For a ½ HP motor, such energy consumption is appropriate. This makes the device energy-efficient disposal without causing a hike in your electricity bills.

  • Economical Garbage Disposal

The garbage disposal does not charge you much for providing the basic and necessary features. It has no maintenance costs, you need to spend on it just once when purchasing. It does not have a big price tag and proves to be budget-friendly.

  • 2-Year Warranty  

The 2-year warranty offered by the company ensures the satisfaction of the customers. In case of any replacement or breaking of any grinding component, the warranty has it covered.

  • What You May Dislike

  • The Size of Rubber Gasket

The size of the rubber gasket can be too thin for some people who do not prefer putting on plumber’s putty in large amount.

  • Splashguard Opening

The splashguard opening or the drain opening can be too tight when starting out with this disposal.


General Electric Vs Waste Maid Garbage Disposal

Waste Maid garbage disposal is also a great choice made by many customers. Read more for similarities and differences between GFC520n and Waste Maid 10 -US-WM-058 garbage disposal. And make a wise choice finally.

Waste Maid 10-US-WM-058

powerful garbage disposal

The waste maid garbage disposal is pretty much the same as the general electric disposal. It is used for residential places and can take up only soft food scraps including small seeds, and fruit and vegetable peels.

It comes at a relatively cheap price but offers good performance for the given price tag.

Some top features of this garbage disposal are:

  • ½ HP motor to power the disposal.
  • Grinds soft food scraps including vegetable peels and cereal.
  • Bio filter to prevent the disposal from smelling bad.
  • Strong and sturdy built and compact dimensions.
  • Similarities Between GE GFC520N and Waste Maid 10-US-WM-058

Both of the garbage disposals are rated at the same power range hence most of their features are actually the same.

Some similarities found between the two disposals are:

  • ½ HP Motor With 2600 RPM

These two garbage disposals have a ½ HP permanent magnetic motor. It powers the grinding blades to rotate at a fast speed of 2600 RPM to grind efficiently. While the motor allows the disposal to take up only soft food scraps, the 2600 RPM does the work by crushing the leftovers quickly and efficiently.

  • Stainless-Steel Impellers

Both this disposal have their impellers made of stainless steel. This ensures the grinding component to last in the long run.

  • Value for Money

Given the price tag, these two disposals are cheap with the price. But their performance is great. Even after years of use they are known to provide value for the money you spent on buying them.

  • Sound Insulation

The two garbage disposals are sound insulated. Along with that the smooth running ½ HP motor, makes these disposal operate quietly without causing any loud noises or vibrations.

  • Differences Between GE GFC520N Vs WM-058

There are not much significant differences that you will find between these two disposals.

However, some common ones are:

  • Bio-Shield to Reduce Odors

The waste maid garbage disposal has a bio shield which reduces the odors in the garbage disposal. At times, a small food piece that does not cause jamming but gets stuck can cause a foul odor if left in place for too long. Or sometimes a thorough and proper clean of the disposal is not possible. Generally, over long-time disposal starts to have a foul smell if not used properly. To prevent that, bio shield is used in WM-058 to reduce such odors.

  • Difference in Dimensions

difference between waste maid ang GE 520N

The GFC520N has a weight of 8lbs and a height of 12 inches. These dimensions make it smaller as compared to the waste maid which weighs around 9lbs and has a height of 16 inches. Furthermore, the circumference of waste maid is smaller making, the GE wider in size.

  • Why Choose GFC520N Over WM-058?

Some reasons you would choose the general electric over waist maid are:

  • When the most compact dimensions are required for small under-sink spaces.
  • Drain boost technology to avoid jamming.
  • Standard sound insulation as compared to partial insulation used in waste maid.

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  • Why Choose WM-058 Over GFC520N?

Few reasons you would prefer WM-058 over the general electric are:

  • The balanced grinding wheel and impellers are made to ensure there are no vibrations produced.
  • Bio shield to reduce the odors produced.
  • Lifetime corrosion warranty.

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  • How Does It Compare in Value?

These two-garbage disposals belong to the low-price range on the market. Given their performance, they have proven to be worth way more than that. There are disposals on the market that charge you more but have no quality or performance of this sort.

While they are valued pretty much the same, the waste maid is comparatively cheaper. The difference in the price tag is minimal; you might not even consider it while spending on the general electric disposal.

  • Verdict

Choosing the right garbage disposal means choosing the one that can fit your standard and requirements. It is important to note your requirements first. How much under-sink space do you have? Are there always light food leftovers in your house? Do you need an extra quiet garbage disposal? And so on. You need to ask yourself a series of such questions to fully know what you want.

When you know what you need from the disposal, only then you will be able to get the desired product and be happy with it.

Furthermore, for the two garbage disposals, we have mentioned above, we have specified all of their important features and what they offer to you. What you choose now depends on what you think works best for you.



Garbage disposals come in different ranges, offering different purposes. If you need one for light use and do not intend on abusing it with leftovers of heavy meals, then disposal such as general electric GFC520N will work well for you.

It has all the basic features and additional anti-jamming features that will make you consider this device. Even when compared to other devices of the same range such as the waste maid WM-058, you will find some features in this device to be more useful.

Nevertheless, knowing your requirements before making a purchase is crucial. If the requirement fits, either of the disposers can prove to be the best disposal you might come across.