Best Office 13 Gallon Trash Can – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide in 2020

Trash and trash cans are some of the widely neglected topics by many individuals despite being quite vital in everyday interactive space. Trash is always everywhere, be it at the office, home, schools, hospitals, and the streets. Properly disposing of trash within a living space such as an office area is quite essential to proper hygiene and a good working environment.

Thus, an office space should at least have an average-sized 13-gallon trash can. There are, however, several 13-gallon trash can brands and models currently in the market, making the acquisition of the best office 13-gallon trash can quite challenging.

However, we have provided you with a reviewed list of some of the best office 13 gallon trash can with additional related information worth checking out before embarking on a shopping adventure.


Best Office 13 Gallon Trash Can – Top 9 Options


Why Do You Need to Buy a 13 Gallon Trash Can for Your Office?

Offices often contribute to a great chunk of overall wastes collected. These usually comprise paper, bottles, and foodstuffs if the employees often eat at work, metal clippings, staple pins, among others, depending on the type of office. This is where the trash cans come into the picture.

  • They will keep your office space clean

The 13-gallon trash can for your office will ensure that all these wastes are properly collected at a single point. This will prevent them from dispersing all over the place, making the office space untidy and even smelly.

The 13-gallon size trash can is sufficient for effective trash maintenance even in a big office since it will comfortably sustain all the wastes in a day.

  • They will guarantee employee safety at the workplace

Some of the wastes are always quite dangerous and can result in avoidable accidents. For instance, broken glass pieces, pins, and clippings can always cause cuts on office dwellers if disposed of carelessly.

Similarly, foodstuff wastes such as soup spills, banana pills, among others, could also result in accidents if not wrapped up and packaged in trash cans accordingly.

The 13-gallon trash cans will ensure that all these dangerous wastes are properly contained, thus preventing any office accidents.

  • They will improve the overall health of the employees

Trash is usually associated with a foul smell from decaying matter and possibly germs and pests. Most often, it is usually from food debris.

However, properly keeping these waste in the trash can limit the spread of the smell and possible access and interaction with germs and pests. To further top it up, some of these 13-gallon trash cans often come with air purifying features canceling out the possible air pollution.


Reviews of the 7 Best 13 Gallon Trash Cans for Offices

#1. Best Sale – iTouchless 13 Gallon Stainless Steel Automatic Trash Can with Odor Protection

touchless Stainless Steel Automatic Trash Can with Odor-Absorbing Filter and Lid Lock for office


iTouchless is gaining popularity in the trash can market with features guaranteeing 100 percent customer satisfaction.

These trash cans thus usually come installed with features such as a natural Carbon Odor Filter, the AbsorbX technology. These absorb and neutralize the foul garbage smell by controlling the odors, essentially making your home smell fresh and clean.

These trash cans also come with two different power options for the lid sensor functions. These include 4 D size batteries, which are usually long-lasting or an optional AC adapter for battery-free operation.

The lid sensors are often very sensitive, guaranteeing zero contact with the trash can during disposal of the wastes as the lid instantly opens upon sensing your hand.

The manufacturing material is also of high-quality stainless steel. These are usually sleek, germ-resistant with a fingerprint-proof surface quite straightforward to clean. The black/stainless steel color further complements most of the office decors, thus adding to the office’s style and aesthetics.

They are further space and cost-efficient in that their rectangular shapes fit into tight spaces while the 13-gallon size is usually compatible with common trash bags; hence no expensive custom trash bags are needed. The trash can is also of a large capacity requiring no inner bucket while the lid is also extra wide at 12 inches to allow for easy disposal of bulky wastes.

Further incorporated premium features include a lid lock system, retainer ring, air vents, non-skid base, and manual control buttons for efficiency during operation and customer satisfaction.

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#2. Best with Bag Rings – GLAD GLD-74030 13 Gallon Plastic Step Trash Can for Office

13 gallon plastic step trash can for office


The GLAD brand has been operational for many generations popular for its high-quality trash bags in the USA. They advanced and introduced a waste management system trash can to service their customers to full satisfaction further. Therefore this trash can from GLAD usually comes installed with some unique features, which include the CloroxTM Odor Protection System. This provides protection of the lid and the lid frame by inhibiting the odor-causing bacteria for the trash can life. This essentially manages the odor emitted from these trash cans guaranteeing a clean and fresh-smelling space.

Moreover, these trash cans also come installed with bag rings, which ensures that your trash bag is securely and neatly kept in place without worrying about it falling into the trash can. The trash can also have a foot pedal, which is usually quite convenient for hands-free operation of the trash throwing process. Hence, there is always no need to lift the lid of the trash can with your fingers. These trash cans are also often appropriately sized and designed to fit perfectly in any space, such as within the office. The black color finish also looks pleasant and complementary to numerous office decors. To further ascertain the superior quality of these trash cans, GLAD usually has a 30-day money-back guarantee free returns if you are not satisfied with the product.

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#3. Best with Touch Top – Rubbermaid Cheap White 13 Gallon Garbage Can

white touch 13 gallon trash can for office


This is another quite popular trash can and among the top-rated currently in the market. The design is usually high quality with features installed to guarantee efficiency and customer satisfaction during operation. Some of the features include the touch top lid technology. This is usually straightforward since it springs open for quick trash disposal by singly tapping the lid. Another feature is the incorporated LinerLock technology, which includes bag wires to properly secure the trash bag to the rim of the trash can and prevent possible falling of the bag into the can.

The sleek, seamless design with advanced technological features makes the trash can quite convenient. They are usually high quality constructed from strong plastic resin guaranteeing durability and ease of cleaning. The white color finish further makes the trash can quite elegant looking, thus perfect for any room, be it at home or office. This is because the white color usually complements many living spaces. The trash can’s capacity of 13 gallons improves cost efficiency since it will take in much waste before emptying and in the process, reducing the trash bags needed and bought.

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#4. Best with Sensor – Vnewone 13 Gallon Touch-Free Waste Bin for Home Office

sensor 13 gallon trash can for office


This will make a great addition to your living space as its design incorporates both traditional and advanced technology to give a hybrid and highly efficient trash can. The popular feature of these trash cans is the hands-free operation. The installed infrared sensor system usually senses an individual’s knee or hand within a 15 cm vicinity enabling the automatic lid opening process without using your hands. Further incorporated are buttons for lid opening in case the sensor system is not operational. The lid usually remains open for about seven seconds before it starts to close slowly. Four batteries usually power the sensor system, and the trash can is energy efficient, guaranteeing long battery lives.

Furthermore, the trash can’s body is usually made from fingerprint-free stainless steel. This makes it quite easy to clean as dust does not stick to it. The stainless steel color is also quite appealing and complementary to most decors, including office space. Thus, it can be used in any place. These trash cans’ 13-gallon capacity is also quite sufficient for daily needs within an office, warranting limited single-day takeout of the trash instead of frequent trips to empty the can. The trash can’s base is also fitted with non-slip mesh for security. It also has a lifting ring for easy mobility from place to place. The brand further offers a 90-day warranty period allowing free returns if you encounter any problems with the product within this period.

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#5. Best with Slide Lock – Simplehuman 13 Gallon Semi-Round Trash Can for Office

simplehuman 13 gallon large trash can for office


This trash can also qualify among the best in the market for utilization in your office and other living space environments. It features unique installations such as the slide lock mechanism, locking the lid shut when not being used, thus securely keeping pets and children out of the trash. The semi-round shape of these trash cans is also space-efficient since they can conform to walls appropriately, leaving ample space in high traffic areas such as the office corridors. The trash cans further have custom fit liners which securely holds the trash bags in place and fits perfectly, enhancing your experience with this trash can. The trash cans are of the Mocha plastic color, which is sufficiently pleasant and complimentary, thus suitable for numerous environments.

Furthermore, these trash cans often come with high quality and strong steel pedal guaranteed to last long while facilitating hands-free waste disposal. The lids are also infused with Shox technology unique to this brand, ensuring that the lid closes slowly, smoothly, and silently by providing sufficient resistance to the lid’s downward motion. The 13-gallon capacity is convenient for busy office settings where a lot of trash is usually generated. This large capacity ensures that the trash can lasts for a while before it is full and ready for emptying. It also has a wall bumper installed to keep the lid from frequently bumping to the wall behind. To further ascertain the high quality of this trash can, there is always a 5-year warranty on the can.

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#6. Best Fingerprint-Proof – SensorCan 13 Gallon Oval Office Trash Can with Metal Body

13 gallon alluminum garbage can for office


This is another trash can from the renowned iTouchless brand. This is also high-quality manufacture with next generational technology incorporated to guarantee 100 percent customer satisfaction during use. Some of the manufacturer’s special installations include the hands-free operation through the infrared sensor system, which is quite convenient since it opens the trash can lids by a wave of your hand. The trash cans also come with a button control system in case there is no alternative electricity source. They are usually powered by either battery or plugged directly to the sockets through an AC Power Adapter.

The trash cans’ slim oval design is quite convenient for saving of space within a high traffic zone like an office. Furthermore, the sleek black and stainless steel finishing provide a stylish and highly complimentary trash can to internal decors guaranteeing versatility to areas that could be comfortably installed. The stainless steel is further fingerprint-proof and smudge-resistant, making it straightforward to clean. It further comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty to guarantee the product’s high-quality nature while also indicating that the brand cares about their customers.

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#7. Best Quiet – FDW 13 Gallon Trash Can with Detachable Plastic Bin

quiet 13 gallon trash can with detachable inner


Best Office brands are renowned globally, and this model comes among the highly recommended 13-gallon trash cans popularly installed in offices. This model quite differs from the above models in the sense that it is completely manually operated. Therefore, what it lacks in the sensors part, it fulfills with a strong stainless steel foot pedal. The foot pedals facilitate the lids’ opening at varying angles, depending on the strength applied by your toes. The high-quality stainless steel manufacturing material usually plays a crucial role in the overall appearance of the trash can and cleaning process. The stainless steel finishing is usually appealing and complements most decors making your living space stylish despite being a dust bin. The stainless steel treatment is also an anti-fingerprint that illustrates the ease of cleaning of the surface of the trash cans.

Further incorporated in the design is a slow drop design technology infused in the lid. This is to avoid the thudding noise often produced by other conventional trash can when closing. This will ensure that you lead a quiet, normal, and comfortable life despite the proximity to the trash can. These trash cans usually have a handle for much convenience during mobility. The inner buckets in these trash cans are also removable for further simplified cleaning and installation of a trash bag. Properly sealing the trash can’s lid will guarantee the foul trash smell’s entrapment in the can, leaving your living space clean and fresh. The 13-gallon capacity is usually sufficient for daily use for limited trash amounts, and the trash bags used are always the standard variety cheap and locally available.

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How to Choose the Best 13 Gallon Trash Can for Offices?

best office 13 gallon trash can reviews

Finding the best 13-gallon trash can for your office can often be a little challenging. Therefore, you should try and adhere to the following guidelines to help you choose the most appropriate trash can for your office space.


  • Manufacture materials

The manufacture materials’ quality always plays a determinant role when shopping for the best 13-gallon trash can for your office. Thus, high-quality materials will reflect on the trash can’s ability to perform efficiently. Some of the commonly utilized materials include stainless steel, resins, and plastics. These materials each present with varying benefits.

For instance, they are all robust and long-lasting. However, they differ in some aspects since plastic often is super lightweight in comparison to stainless steel. Plastic also comes in varying color options, whereas the stainless steel is attributed to easy cleaning and sturdiness. Therefore, considering the varying parameters, you should be comfortable selecting a trash can of your preferred material.


  • Shape and size

Since these trash cans’ capacity is predetermined to be 13 gallons, the different models and brands usually come in various shapes and sizes. Therefore, you should select a specific shape depending on the area you intend to install the trash can. For instance, small and tight space will require a more space conservative size and shape, whereas a large open space can accommodate any shape regardless. Some trash cans are, therefore, short while others are tall. Some are always oval, semi-rectangular, semi-round, square, slim, thick, etc.  Therefore, choose the shape of your trash can appropriately to make sure that they fit to your office space without appearing obnoxious and limiting traffic flow.


  • Control mechanisms

These entail the control features installed used when opening and closing the lid while disposing off wastes. They constitute a variety, some of which are manually operated through the use of buttons, foot pedals, one-touch push mechanism, or the traditional hand lid lifting.

Some are technologically advanced, with infrared sensors installed along the lid to facilitate automatic opening and closing of these trash can lids.

These further classify the trash cans as either hands-on or hands-free models. Therefore, you should stick to the most suitable and appropriate for your utilization.


  • Design

This entails the style used to design the trash cans to determine their essential appeal to the onlooker. Therefore, the design style should be a vital factor for consideration since a room’s appearance and elegance is always of utmost importance.

Therefore, among the various 13-gallon, trash can shapes, colors, and manufacture materials. You should commit to a single one that will be complementary to your living/office space décor.

This will make your room not only stylish but quite appealing, elegant, and relaxing.


  • Cost

Individual financial capability and budget plans should be an essential consideration when shopping for a 13-gallon trash can.

Therefore, you should always look for trash cans within your budget range to prevent future financial strains. Furthermore, you should not always focus on the high costing trash cans with the belief that high prices reflect high quality.

There are some inexpensive trash cans from trusted brands that are as high quality and efficient as those costly premium ones. Therefore, properly understand your requirements and do thorough research before purchase to prevent wastage of resources.


Top 2 BestOffice Brand 13 Gallon Trash Cans

#1. Best Space Saving – BestOffice 13 Gallon Slim Automatic StainlessSteel Waste Bin

slim 13 gallon trash can for small office


This is among the best 13-gallon trash cans worth installation in your office space. The Best Office brand never disappoints by its products, which usually contain special and unique features for exemplary service delivery. This model thus features a robust and stylish design. This is usually attributed to the high-quality stainless steel manufacture material, which guarantees the trash can’s complementary nature to the internal decors. The trash can’s oval body with the slight slanting lid further makes the design appealing and modern, looking to make your living space elegant. These trash can models are also incorporated with silent technology, which offers appropriate resistance when opening and closing the lid. The slow downward movement of the lid guarantees silent operation.

These trash cans are also ultra large in capacity with the capability of holding 13 gallons of waste materials. Therefore, it can sustain an entire office floor or even a large family for an entire day without the constant need for emptying. These trash cans also use standard garbage bags, which is quite cost-efficient. The lid of these trash can is also removable to facilitate easy removal of the trash bags. These Best Office models are often quite easy to clean with the stainless steel wire drawing treated body, which only needs to be wiped with a cloth to restore their shininess. Controlling the smell from the trash can is also quite simple since it only requires that you ensure the can’s lid is always tightly secured and sealed. This will prevent any foul smells from seeping into the living space atmosphere.

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#2. Best with Lid – BestOffice 13 Gallon Trash Can with Touch-Free Sensor

bestoffice touch free sensor stainless steel trash can 13.2 gallon


This is another trash can model from the Best Office brand. These also come installed with unique features contributing to their satisfactory performance during use. Therefore, it features infrared sensors that enable the automatic opening of the trash can lid fully in o.3 seconds after the trash can senses your hand or knee near the lid. This process is essentially a quiet and hands-free operation, thus very hygienic in the long run. The lid usually takes 5 seconds before slowly closing down, ample time to prevent the lid from banging your hand. These trash cans are also sleek in design with a modern finishing of an oval body and a sloping lid that are visually appealing. The high-quality stainless steel manufacturing material gives these trash cans the stainless steel wire drawing surface, which is also appealing and complementary to internal decors.

Furthermore, these trash cans are usually large since the 13 gallons are more than enough to meet an individual, large family, or office needs. This is without the constant need to empty these trash bags. The trash bags compatible and used in these trash cans are usually the standard 13-gallon trash bags, which are cheap and can be found in any supermarkets. The stainless steel surface is usually fingerprint-proof, which means that these trash cans are super easy to clean by just wiping their surfaces. The sensor technology usually ensures that the lid is closed tight and securely as this will also ensure that the trash odor is contained in the trash can leaving your living space fresh. The stylish design and look promote their versatile applicability in numerous living space settings.

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Basic Intro about BestOffice Brand

what is the best brand 13 gallon trash can for office

Best Office brand is a renowned product brand from the Best Office Group firm. This is a family-owned and operated company with a hired dedicated team of experts located in sunny South Florida.

The Best Office Group firm was established in 1976 and has continually provided their customers with exemplary services at fairly competitive rates throughout the decades.

Their team of experts is always working around the clock to ensure that you receive the best service and consultation on every product for your office/business setting.

The Best Office Group firm further offers a multi-product catalog on several deals and products such as office supplies, janitorial supplies, breakroom supplies, educational program supplies, among others.

The brand will ensure that your office space is furnished with the best and most appropriate products for an ambient workspace. The firm’s mission is to provide customers with the best service possible with a family touch behind it.


How to Choose the BestOffice Brand 13 Gallon Trash Can?

best value office 13 gallon trash can

The Best Office brand usually provides an array of products for your choosing. Thus, the numerous 13-gallon trash can models usually come with varying features, making choosing the most appropriate for your utilization quite tricky. Below are some factors to help you with consideration.


  • Size and shape

Since the available space and room layout in the area the trash can is to be installed often differs with some being vast while others quite tight, it is always necessary to find a trash can that will conform to the space without compromising mobility in the area. This, therefore, warrants for the different sized 13-gallon trash cans from the best office with some short, medium, or tall to the countertop level.

The shapes also vary from slim, semi-round, semi-rectangular, and oval, among others. This will ensure that whenever you place the trash can, for instance, against a wall, in a corner, between counters, on the counter, or even inside a cabinet, it will perfectly fit, thus conserving on space.


  • Manufacturing materials

Best Office brand 13-gallon trash cans are usually manufactured from high-quality materials. These are usually thick and hard plastic and stainless steel. These materials both often present with varying benefits and demerits. For instance, first and foremost, they are usually durable against tarnishing. The plastic varieties, on the other hand, are quite lightweight, thus easy to move around.

They are also inexpensive and may come in varying color choices to match your room décor. On the other hand, Stainless steel is usually much easier to clean, sturdier, and quite heavy, thus more stable than plastic. Therefore, you should stick to one that is most appropriate for your situation and living space.


  • Operation mechanics

This generally touches on the lid presence and operation. The Best Office brand usually provides customers with varying lid types on different trash can models. For instance, some of their 13-gallon trash cans usually have a manually operated lid, which requires hands on operation and often a little unhygienic. Others include swing lids, which are easy to operate but provided little security to the trash, step on, and touchless varieties, both of which entail hands-free operation, thus quite sanitary and very secure. Therefore, you should choose one most appropriate and comfortable for your utilization.


  • Design style

Appearance is everything in modern-day society. Therefore, the Best Office brand always ensures to offer you products with varying designs and modifications to make your office/living space appealing to the inhabitants. Thus, the shapes described above could contribute to this. Furthermore, the plastic trash can’s possibility of color variations also provides for some classical appearance appeal.

Finally, the stainless steel variety also complements many internal decors. Thus, in general, they can transform your room into a stylish and elegant space instead of a dull looking area. Therefore, if you are content with a specific decorative style for your space, you may choose the most complimentary trash cans.



This article provides you with some of the best 13-gallon trash cans with versatile applications more so to office spaces. Further incorporated are guides on how to choose the best 13-gallon trash can.

Therefore, when you go shopping for the best office 13 gallon trash can, you should ensure to peruse through this article to have all the specs needed for your perfect trash can.