Best 13 Gallon Trash Can for Indoor and Outdoor – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

A 13-gallon trash can is a trash bin that can accommodate 13 gallons of litter which is estimated to be about 49 to 50 liters.

These sizes of trash cans are suitable for both home and commercial areas like the office since they can hold multiple trash before emptying the can.

They come in different styles and materials to fit various users and the areas to use them as well. Some of the 13-gallon trash cans have the touchless control mode for opening and closing the lid. Other models are made with a pedal that opens and closes the cover of the trash can a great and reliable design for public trash cans.

This article features the best 13 gallon trash can and what to look for when buying it.


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Best 13 Gallon Trash Can – Top 10 on the Market of 2021


How to Choose the Best 13-Gallon Trash Can?

13 gallon kitchen trash can

It is essential to have a trash can that is efficient and reliable. Therefore, when choosing a trash can, you should be careful to get something that is best suited to your needs.

You need to consider several factors to choose the best 13 gallon trash can. They include:

  • Environment

When choosing the best 13-gallon trash can, consider the environment where you will place the trash can. The 13-gallon trash can you choose should serve the environment allocated efficiently.

Whether it is in your house or workplace, the trash can should blend nicely and be situated where it is visible to everyone.

  • Size

The 13-gallon trash can you choose should be able to fit in all waste and not overflow. It should be able to hold any amount of waste until you empty it. The trash can should be large enough such that enormous waste can also fit through it.

It should also not occupy a lot of space but should be large to accommodate a lot of waste and trash. A good-sized trash also increases its visibility to the people and many people can see it.

  • Durability

The right trash can should last long and remain in excellent condition. The trash can should be able to withstand severe conditions and wastes. It should not start corroding and rusting when waste is put into.

The can should be of outstanding quality and should be able to last you for a while without it getting rust and leaks waste.

  • Clean

The trash can that you choose should be easy to clean. It should allow you to clean it easily and faster. Therefore, the material of the can should not allow waste to stick inside the walls.

Some can materials are poor and when waste sticks to the side it becomes a problem to get the waste from the walls.

  • Use

When choosing a 13-gallon trash can, also contemplate the usage of the trash can and the type of wastes that are put in it. Different trash cans are designed for different types of waste.

Therefore, be careful not to get a trash can that will get damaged by the waste that will be put in it. This makes the trash can last long and stay in good condition throughout.


Reviews of the 10 Best 13 Gallon Garbage Cans

1. Best Touchless – Simplehuman 13.2 Gallon Rectangular Kitchen Step Trash Can


  • This trash can comes with ten years warranty
  • The can is smooth to operate with the pedal
  • It has wheels for smooth moving around
  • The lid stays open for a while for easy emptying the trash in the can


  • It tends to leave finger marks on top

You can comfortably position this trash can in any corner of your kitchen since it has a beautiful finish that adds a great look to your kitchen area.

Built-in wheels. You can send your kids to take out the trash in this bin since it has inbuilt wheels for smooth pushing and to pull it to different areas.

Features patented lid Shox tech. This infused technology makes it super easy to close the lid of the bin without causing loud banging noises

Strong operational pedal. You don’t necessarily need to open the lid of this can with your hand thanks to the side pedal. Just step on the pedal with your foot to open the lid and dump the trash.

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2. Best Affordable – BestOffice Stainless Steel Automatic Touchless 13 Gallon Trash Can


  • This trash can has a beautiful finishing
  • It is odorless to ensure hygiene in your home
  • It has smart control technology for easy use
  • This trash can is multi-functional to fit in multiple areas


  • You need to buy batteries separately

The design and size of this trash can make it an excellent choice for use in bathrooms, kitchen or even at the bedroom.

Automatic control. This trash can has control buttons for opening and closing when dumping the trash. This also reduces the noise of the lid when opening and closing since it moves swiftly.

Quality material construction. This trash can is made of strong and durable stainless steel material which makes it easy to clean

Large storage space. This trash can is suitable for busy areas like restaurants since the 13 gallons size can accommodate a large heap of trash

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3. Best for Under Counter – Rubbermaid Blue Trash Can With Venting Channels


  • This is an easy to maintain trash can
  • You can get this trash can in multiple colors
  • It has a large size to fit large trash heaps
  • It holds the liner firmly for easy removal


  • You need to take time to find the right liners for this trash can

This massive trash can is suitable for public areas since it provides ample dumping space and the large opening makes it easy to throw trash in the can.

Integrated venting channel design. This style on the bin makes it smooth to remove the trash lining from the can without tearing.

Long angled opening top. The opening section of this trash can is two times longer than others for easy throwing of the trash, and easy emptying as well

Ergonomic handle. Moving this can to different sections is super easy since it has a large ergonomic handle for comfortable holding to carry.

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4. Best With Locking Lid – iTouchless Stainless Steel Sensor Trash Can


  • This trash can control lousy odour in the room
  • It is easy to control the lid on this trash can
  • The stainless steel material design gives it a shiny and beautiful look
  • The shape of the trash can saves the storage space


  • This trash can does not come with the batteries or adaptor; hence, you have to buy them separately.

You no longer need to worry about a bad odor coming from your kitchen with this fantastic trash can since it has a filter that absorbs all the odors to keep the area fresh for long.

Space saver design. This trash can is designed in a rectangular form that fits perfectly in a variety of spaces to save storage space.

Long-lasting powering battery. The battery on this trash lasts for many months before recharge since it only utilizes the power when need be. This is when you open and close the trash can.

Multiple powering options. You can opt to power this trash can using batteries which you have to buy separately or use an AC adaptor by connecting directly to a power source.

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5. Best Slim – Rubbermaid Commercial 13 Gallon Red Plastic Trash Can


  • It is a hand free trash can
  • The size provides ample space for keeping the trash
  • The can have liner holding bands
  • It has a handle for smooth carrying it


  • 13 pounds

This is a classy plastic made trash can that is easy to control the opening and closing using the available pedal.

Quiet lid control. The lid on this trash can opens and closes smoothly without causing loud banging noises

Internal hinge design. This trash can has internal hinges for locking the liner for easy removal of trash and protect the wall from coming to contact with waste.

Liner holding band. This trash can has a retaining band on the interior for firmly holding the liner papers

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6. Best Plastic – Umbra White Trash Can With Foot Pedal


  • Cheap
  • It has a beautiful finishing
  • The trash can is suitable for public and commercial places
  • It has a concealer to secure the trash bag from being seen on the external


  • This trash can has smooth material construction which makes it challenging to move around when it is full

The beautiful color on this trash can blend well with other finishing on the house or area you set up to use.

Easy to maintain can. This can is made of polyurethane materials that are super easy to clean with water and soap.

Versatile. This trash can has a large size and great design that makes it suit commercial and residential use.

Pedal control mode. This trash can has an inbuilt pedal for a smooth opening and closing of the lid hand free.

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7. Best Dual Compartment – Home Zone 13 Gallon Kitchen Trash Can


  • This is multi-functional can for recycling and storing trash
  • The can is quite easy to maintain
  • It has a firm pedal for controlling the lid
  • The trash can has quite a classy finish


  • No bag liner

This is a multipurpose trash bin useful for recycling and keeping trash in the house or office before disposing of it.

Silent lid closing mode. The lid of this trash can is made to close in a much slower motion to prevent damage when closing the can.

Fingerprint proof. Although the bin is made of stainless steel material, it is quite easy to maintain in terms of cleaning since it does not leave any marks on the can when opening and closing.

Strong cantilever pedal. The trash is easy to operate when opening and closing the lid with the available quality metal pedal.

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8. Best Recycling Bin – Rubbermaid 13 Gallon Indoor Trash Can


  • This is multi-functional trash can you can also use as a recycling bin
  • Opening and closing the can is comfortable with the swing lid
  • The bin is excellent for various places in the house
  • It has robust material construction


  • Some customers may not like its plastic construction

This is another versatile and durable trash can for home use. The size and style of this trash bin fit in areas like kitchen, bathroom and even in the bedroom areas.

Swing opening styled lid. Throwing trash in this can is easy since all you need is to push the lid on one side, then it swings back to close the can.

Multi-functional. This trash can is also recommendable for people who need a trash can to keep the recycling product since it seals in everything from public areas.

Durable and robust plastic construction. This trash can is quite durable due to the sturdy plastic materials it is made of. It has impact proof to prevent quick damage.

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9. Best for Office – iTouchless Stainless Steel Trash Can With Odor Control System


  • This can do not leave any finger marks when you open it
  • Has durable material constructions that guarantee long term services
  • It helps to control the trash odour
  • It adds a great look to the room you set it up


  • Lacks smart function like voice control or motion activated

Get this sleek and beautiful trash can for your home use. It has a stainless steel material construction and a shiny look that looks perfect in the room you set it up.

Features obrosrbX trash filter. This trash can has a filter that helps to filter and prevent the trash odor from spreading in the room.

Heavy-duty and robust material construction. This trash can is made with quality and heavy-duty materials that guarantee its durability for more than 20 years

Pedal control. A non-slip pedal controls the opening and closing of the trash can.

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10. Best Semi-Round – Simplehuman 13 Gallon Kitchen Step Trash Can


  • The bin comes with five years warranty
  • It features a silent close lid to safeguard it
  • It has the free hand control mode using the pedal
  • The trash bin has a durable finish to prevent it from bumps


  • The pedal requires gentle pressing

With this Simplehuman trash can, you will not need to think of buying another trash can for the longest time since it has quality materials for durability.

Silent close lid. The lid on this trash can closes smoothly without causing an impact noise which also ensures to prolong it.

Strong and durable pedal. The pedal on this trash can is designed to last for long after thousands of times of stepping on it

Large storage space. This trash can is suitable for busy areas like the kitchen as it provides ample storage space for the trash.

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Benefits of Using a 13 Gallon Automatic Touchless Trash Can

  • They are quite hygienic

Can you imagine having to touch previously disposed trash to be able to dump yours in the trash can? Well, one of the reasons that most people prefer the automatic touchless trash can is because you don’t have to come into contact with the trash can or touch it for that matter.

These types of trash cans are designed with sensory mechanisms whereby they immediately detect your motion and open so you can add in the trash.

All you need to do is make sure you get closer to the can so it can detect you to open. This saves you from coming into contact with germs and dirt every time you dispose of trash in the bin a great deal if it is installed in public areas like the office or hotel.

  • Saves time

Another benefit of owning one of these trash cans is the time management when disposing of the trash. I mean you don’t have to remove the lid every time you want to put the debris in the trash can.

As long you stand around 10 cm far from the trash can, it will immediately detect your motion and open. The same case goes for closing, and the trash can quickly close when you move far from it.

Best Touchless – iTouchless 13 Gallon Sensor Trash Can with Wheels


What Are the Materials of 13 Gallon Trash Can You Choose?

  • Plastic

The manufacturers of these trash cans use different grades of plastic and the containers there have different degrees of flexibility.

The two common types of plastic used to make trash cans are polypropylene and polyethylene. These plastics are heavy duty and are usually flexible and ideal for use indoors.

Plastic cans are also the most commonly used bins mainly in public areas like the offices, parks, and even in restaurants. The plastic containers are multi-functional since other than keeping the trash, you can use them as recycling bins as well.

The plastic material is easy to maintain since you can clean it with water and even mild soaps without worrying about damaging the materials.

The plastic bins are meant for outdoor areas, and you can leave the bins on outdoor throughout the year one of the reasons they are recommendable for public use. The plastic trash cans are durable and cheaper than other materials of trash cans.

  • Stainless Steel

If you want to add some classy look in your bedroom, kitchen, or even bathroom with a dust bin, stainless steel material always win. The stainless steels have a glossy finish that reflects well to ensure the room does not look odd with a trash can around.

Some models of the stainless steel material cans are equipped with the i-technology essential for controlling the lid of the can when opening and closing it. The stainless steel materials are easy to clean, and most are fingerprint proof for easy maintenance.

  • Metals

This is another quality material that is quite durable and strong as well. Metal is fit for making trash cans since it is a heavy-duty material that can withstand high impacts. The metal trash can also add great features in the area you set it up since it has a beautiful shiny look.

The metal trash cans are made with a touchless sensor for convenient control of the lid when opening and closing. The metal trash cans also have pedal models for smooth operation.

They are a bit expensive depending on the design and the type of control mode but are quite classy for every household.

  • Aluminum

Trash cans made up of aluminum are durable. They are easy to clean and waste does not get stuck to the sides of the trash can. Most trash cans made up of aluminum are the sensor type and the touchless trash can.

This material blends easily with its surroundings and thus increases the aesthetic value. They are also light and easy to transport waste for dumping.

  • Wood

Wood is hard and strong. This makes trash cans made out of wood last very long. Therefore it is good for outdoor usage. It is also easy to clean and with the perfect finish waste cannot get stuck in that interior of the trash can.

Rodents cannot scavenge in trash cans of this material as they mostly contain lids. They are heavy and thus not easily toppled over pouring the waste.

Wood can be painted into different patterns thus making the trash can blend with the environment where it is placed.

Best Rated – BuffaloWood 13 Gallon Wooden Trash Can for Kitchen and Garage


What Are the Types of the 13-gallon Trash Can?

There are different types of 13-gallon trash can. Therefore, the trash can you choose should be able to cater to your waste disposal needs adequately.

  • Step

This is a type of 13-gallon trash can has a step at the bottom. The step is connected to the lid of the trash can. Therefore, when one wants to deposit waste into it, he or she steps on the step and the lid opens up.

This minimizes one’s contact with the trash. It is also easy to operate. It is fast to open it also. Since it has a lid on top, there are no spillages of waste when full.

  • With lid

This type of 13-gallon trash can contains a lid at the top. The lid is hinged on one side of it and has a handle on the other side. To open, one lifts the lid of the trash can.

This type allows one to contact the trash can when opening and closing the lid. It is a suitable type of trash can since your waste is not visible to everyone and rodents cannot get in the trash can.

  • Touchless

This type of 13-gallon trash can incorporate the use of modern technology greatly. It contains a lid which is opened by either the sound of your voice or hand due to a sensor trip at the top of the lid. There are also touchless trash cans that have a step to open with the foot.

They contain an odor-absorbing filter that keeps your home fresh and free of bad odor. This can use an AC power supply and can also be connected to the electricity to function. The trash can has an aluminum body that is easy to clean and increases its durability.

  • With touch button

This is a 13 gallon trash can that uses the digital technology. It has a button on the lid that opens it up. To open the lid, one simply pushes the button.

The trash is aluminum made. This makes the trash can become easy to clean. The can is hygienic as it comes with odor control functions. This neutralizes any bad odor that comes out of the trash.

  • Sensor

This is a 13-gallon trash can that also incorporates the use of new technology. The trash can comes with an installed motion sensor pad. The sensor pad opens up the lid when it detects the wave of the hand over it. This reduces greatly one’s contact with the trash can. The trash can is very hygienic.

The trash can also has an odor control function. This neutralizes any odor coming out of the trash can. The trash can is made of mainly aluminum, which makes it very easy to clean. The trash can also prevent rodents from scavenging in the waste.

  • Swing top

This kind of trash is designed in a way that at a top, an elevated par runs through the middle. The tops are designed to swing on the elevated bar on both sides of it. Therefore, when depositing waste, one just swings the lid to the inside while dropping the waste.

This trash can is mostly for outdoor purposes for the public to use. It reduces one’s contact with the lid while dropping waste inside. It is also good since no rodents can climb inside the trash can. It also does not expose the trash to conditions such as rainfall which would make the waste decay and stink.

  • Open top

This kind of 13 gallon trash can does not have a top. It is hollow and open on the top. Therefore, waste is dropped freely inside the trash can. It is very easy to use.

One can also add a polythene paper on the inside so that the waste does not come into contact with the trash can. This makes it easy to clean. It is also easy to empty this kind of trash can.


Who Makes the Best 13 Gallon Trash Bin?

There are many manufactures of the 13 gallon trash can. The two largest manufactures are the Simplehuman and Rubbermaid.

- Simplehuman

This company focuses on making the new technology trash cans. Its 13-gallon trash cans incorporate the new technology. They are touchless and sensor trash cans. The trash cans are made using aluminum. This makes the trash can durable and lasts longer.

The trash can is also very easy to clean. The company aims at making throwing away of waste be simple and effortless. This reduces the amount of littering thus making the environment safer and cleaner.

The trash cans have a liner fit that is custom to fit your trash can. This prevents messy bag overhangs. They also have trash cans with dual compartments. This prevents one from mixing recyclable and non-recyclable waste. The cans can blend with any environment that they are placed in.

- Rubbermaid

This company mainly deals with the manufacture of step trash cans, trash cans with lids, swing tops, and open tops 13-gallon trash cans.

The trash cans are designed for indoor and outdoor usage. The outdoor trash cans are designed to last long and withstand any severe weather. Some containers have wheels to ease transportation when full. They also have lids that prevent rodents from scavenging inside the trash cans.

They are also designed for different kinds of waste and recyclable and non-recyclable wastes. The indoor trash cans provide easy and hands-free waste disposal. They are designed to use up a small space in the house reducing congestion.

The trash cans can also be designed to blend with the rest of the house. The trash cans are affordable and long-lasting. They are mainly made up of plastic. They are thus very easy to clean.


What Is the Best 13-Gallon Trash Can Build?

stainless steel trash can 13 gallon rectangular

The 13 gallon trash is available in different designs and builds. Therefore, you should choose a trash can build that will serve you adequately throughout and can adjust to your needs.

The design you choose should be easier to handle and can adjust to changes very well. The builds and designs include:

  • Slim

Trash cans of this design are small and large. They occupy small floor space. They can fit into narrow spaces easily. They are also easy to carry and transport waste for disposal. Due to their size and shape, they can easily and effortlessly be cleaned. They are convenient for tight spots in your house when trying to save up on floor space.

They can be used in tight spaces, behind doors and between furniture in the house or workplace.


  • Short

Trash cans of this design are huge but short. They are perfect for placement in places such as under the kitchen sink. This allows one to save up on floor space. They are easily accessible and allow easy and effortless disposal of the waste.

Since they are short, everyone in the house can access them, including children. This build can be used in places such as under the sink or under furniture such as tables.

  • Semi-round

This trash can has a unique build. One side is flat while the other sides are round. This makes it easier to support against the wall. This reduces the space that it would occupy if it were completely round. The trash can build offers easy access to it and thus effortless dumping of waste. The can also offer easy access when cleaning.

It has a large capacity and thus fits a lot of waste and of all kinds. This build can be used in workplaces such as the office or people’s living rooms.

  • Rectangular

This build is rectangular in shape. The shape makes it large. Therefore, it can hold a lot of waste at once. The shape also makes it very easy to clean. The shape has a wide top that makes dumping of waste easy and effortless. The trash can is easy to transport for emptying when full.

This shape is also easy to include wheels in it which makes it easy to roll.

This build is best suited for use in offices, receptions and in living rooms. It can also be used in the kitchen.

  • Round

This trash can is completely round. It is large and can hold a lot of trash in it. Its shape makes it easier for one to clean.

Due to it being round in shape, waste can be dumped easily inside it. This design is used in home areas and workplaces.

  • Narrow

Narrow build trash cans are thin and long. They are almost similar to the slim design trash can. They are easy to use.

Since they do not hold a lot of waste, it is easier to carry it for emptying when full. The design makes it easier for them to fit in tight spaces.

They occupy less space and thus help in saving space in your house. The cons of this design are that it fills up faster thus must be emptied regularly. The design is also easy to clean and takes little time in cleaning. Mostly used in-between furniture, tight places and behind doors.


What Are the Dimensions of a 13-gallon Trash Can?

13 gallon silver trash can

A 13-gallon trash can is huge. Its size is about 15 inches by 13 inches by 24 inches. It can hold about 50 liters of water.

This size makes it great to use in the kitchen, garage, or even the office place. This large size also prevents toddlers from getting into contact with the waste dumped inside.

The cans have a wide base that increases their stability and they do not topple over.

The 13-gallon trash can is about 20-25 inches tall. This allows it to hold long wastes such as pieces of logs perfectly. Being this tall it holds a lot of waste. When full it can easily be dragged on the ground as most of them come with wheels to ease their movement.

The huge size of the 13-gallon trash can allows it to be conspicuous and visible to everyone. This helps to reduce environmental degradation as people will use to dispose of their waste.

This size also allows easy and effortless dumping of waste. The waste will not spill when being dumped into the trash can.



1. How many liters is a 13-gallon trash can?

A 13 gallon trash can is estimated to be 49 to 50 liters depending on the shape/design of the bin.

2. How tall is a 13-gallon trash can?

Again the design of the trash can hugely determine its height. However, the height of the trash cans varies from 25 to 30 inches or even more than that. So, if you are buying a trash can to fit in your kitchen or bathroom area, check out the dimensions.

3. How many pounds can 13-gallon trash bin hold?

Traditionally 13-gallon trash can hold 25 pounds of dry litters and around 20 liters of wet litters if you use it at the kitchen. This is because wet waste significantly increases the weight of the trash, making it to be bulkier.

4. What size bag fit for 13 gallon trash can?

The 13-gallon trash can requires a bag that is around 27 inches big. A big bag allows it to have some overlap. The overlaps are used to hold the bag securely in place. The overlaps are also used to carry the bag out for emptying.

5. Is a 13-gallon trash can good enough for outdoors?

The 13-gallon trash can is good enough for outdoor usage.

  • Its large size makes it visible to many people. Therefore, it is not easy for people to run into it.
  • It is also made of materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions such as heavy rainfall.
  • It can also hold a huge amount of waste thus reducing the number of times it has to be emptied.
  • Plus, it will help keep the environment clean as people will opt to throw the trash into the cans rather than out in the wild.



The 13-gallon trash cans are the top best bins for people who need a relatively larger trash can for home or commercial use. The above-reviewed trash bins have unique styles that are convenient to operate when dumping the trash.

Some of the trash cans have odor control mechanisms as they are equipped with filter technology to neutralize the smell from the decaying waste.

These bins feature the freehand disposal mode as they are controlled with a pedal for opening and closing the lid. So, find the best model of 13-gallon bin for your home or office from these ten quality brands.