Best Garbage Disposal Stopper – Reviews and Guide in 2022

Many people are fond of taking a garbage disposal stopper for granted, but it is vital, especially if you have a batch feed garbage disposal because it requires the stopper to start. It also helps in containing odor within the removal.

Garbage disposal stoppers are available in a wide range of varieties, making it difficult while choosing for the best.

In this article, we will discuss why you will need a stopper for your garbage disposal, how to choose the best, and a review of the best garbage disposal stopper you should consider.


Best Garbage Disposal Stopper – Top 7 on the Market


Why Do You Need a Stopper for Your Garbage Disposal?

A garbage disposal stopper is a small item that is often underrated. However, it is an essential part of the disposal that aids in its effectiveness. Therefore, if you have a disposal, a stopper is mandatory.

Below are some of the reasons why you need it.

  • Running of a batch feed disposer

If you use a batch feed disposal, then a stopper will be a must-have item. For you to start this type of disposal, you will first need to lock it. Therefore without a plug, you will not be able to run your batch feed disposer.

  • Protects your garbage disposal from foreign objects falling in

One of the importance of a garbage disposal stopper is preventing any foreign object from getting into the system. Nothing goes to the disposal unless you let it in.

Leaving the removal open will allow foreign items such as small utensils into the disposal. Such objects cause jamming of the disposal and sometimes even damage it. 

  • Covers the bad sight

A garbage disposal stopper is also crucial in covering the bad appearance. The inner parts of the disposal are not very pleasant to view.

Sometimes some of the food leftovers are left sticking on the sides, and nobody can want to see such. With a stopper to cover it, all one can see in the sink is the stopper’s lovely appearance.

  • Helps in containing the smell

Although it is rare for a garbage disposal to smell, sometimes it does. Especially with a blockage or when it is not adequately cleaned. The smell emanating from sink disposal can affect the kitchen’s operation and make your whole house stink.

However, when you have a stopper, it can help contain the odor as you arrange to clean it to eliminate the smell.


Reviews of the 7 Best Garbage Disposal Stoppers

1. Best for Universal Fit – K&J Oil Rubbed Bronze Kitchen Sink Stopper

oil rubbed bronze disposal flange


The universal kitchen sink stopper is one of the best garbage disposal stoppers. This stopper has a universal fit making it suitable for use on all standard kitchen drains and garbage disposal.

The product is perfect for protecting unwanted objects from draining. It is stylish with an oiled bronze finish.

  • Multi-use – The universal Kitchen sink stopper can be used in any standard kitchen sink drain if you do not have a garbage disposal. It acts as a plug and a stopper.
  • 100% pure rubber –This stopper is made of pure rubber. This material makes this stopper a long-lasting product and outlast many other cheaper blends.
  • Lifetime Warranty – This product comes with a valid lifetime warranty from K&J. when you buy this garbage stopper, and it fails, you have a guarantee of replacement.
  • Tight protection – Universal kitchen sink stopper gives you a perfectly tight seal when cleaning your utensils or garbage disposal. It also protects foreign objects from falling in the past the drain into the disposal, causing damages to the unit.



2. Best with Stainless Steel Construction – InSinkErator STP-SS Durable Garbage Disposal Strainer Stopper

insinkerator batch feed stopper


InSinkErator STP-SS sink stopper for garbage disposal is another fantastic option you can consider. This stopper fits perfectly in standard 3-1/2 inch diameter drain openings.

It is very efficient and has quality built. It is suitable for use on all InSinkErator manufactured disposers.

  • Easy to use – InSinkErator STP-SS stopper is easy to fit and remove from the sink drain. To insert, you use your hand and twist it in and likewise when removing.
  • Variety of colors – InSinkErator is available in nine different designers’ colors. You get a wide range of options when selecting the best color to complement your kitchen decor.
  • Versatile – This disposal stopper is very versatile. It allows water and food particles in the garbage disposal but prevents any silverware and other unnecessary objects from dropping in. Also, this unit closes tightly hence suitable for use as a conventional sink stopper.
  • Stylish – InSinkErator STP-SS has a stainless steel finish. This shiny appearance is perfect in adding style in your sink at the same time, complementing your kitchen decor.



3. Best Magnetic – InSinkErator 75257 Garbage Disposal Stopper and Drain Plug

insinkerator magnetic stopper stuck


Are you looking for a unique disposal stopper? The InSinkErator 752567 magnetic stop is the ideal. This stopper features a magnetic aspect that enables it to stick tightly on your sink.

It is the best stopper to consider when you have a batch feed garbage disposal because it does not move when you fit it and when in operation.

  • The sturdy construction – The stopper is an American brand and features a sturdy construction. It meets all the requisites of a batch feed disposal.
  • Multi use – This disposal stopper can also be used as a sink stopper. It holds tight in the sink drain covering it making it capable of holding water in your sink.
  • Uses magnet to turn the disposal – One of the best features of this stopper that distinguishes it from the others is that it has a cover control that you use it to run the disposal



4. Best Drain Stopper – GE WC11X10003 Garbage Disposal Stopper Replacement

ge garbage disposal stopper


 This garbage stopper is a manufacturer substitution of the previous units.  It fits well with several types of disposals. WC11X10003 prevents unwanted items from getting in the garbage disposal. Also, it can be used in a sink drain to prevent water from draining.

  • Genuine product – This disposal stopper parts are from actual Original Equipment Manufacturer. This feature guarantees the durability of the product.
  • Multi-use – WC11X10003 can serve as a garbage disposal stopper or sink stopper. As a garbage stopper, it prevents unwanted items that are not food waste from dropping in the disposal. While as a sink stopper it is fitted in the sink to prevent water from draining into the garbage disposal
  • Compatibility – This garbage disposal stopper is compatible with all Ge disposals. It is also compatible with several other models.
  • Easy to install and remove – This garbage disposal stopper is easy to install and to remove. You will need to twist it a bit with your hand, and it will be fitted. It takes less than a minute to fix it.



5. Best Food Scraper – Danco 10453A Green Versatile Genie Stopper and Splash Guard

danco disposal genie with stopper and scraper


 Danco 10453 A is a uniquely designed disposal stopper. It protects non-food items from entering the garbage disposal and is easy to install and remove. You only twist it when locking or opening it.

  • It is a universal fit – This stopper features a versatile design that can fit on most standard drain openings. The legal disposal openings are up to 3.125 inches.
  • The multi-use – This unit can be used for other several roles, including food scrapping. It can safely clean plates of your food leftovers and push the debris into a garbage disposal. With this feature, you don’t have to touch the dirty utensils with your hands.
  • Dishwasher safe – Danco 10453A made with rigid, heavy-duty plastic that is dishwasher safe; you don’t have to clean it manually.
  • Durable material – This disposal stopper is constructed with durable, heavy-duty plastic. So when you buy this unit, you get a guarantee of serving you for longer.
  • It is available different colours – This stopper is available in 6 different colours giving you a wide range of options on selecting your best



6. Best Brushed Stainless – Kohler K-11352-BS Disposal Sink Plug

disposal genie 2 garbage disposal strainer & stopper


KOHLER K-11352-Bs is one of the Kohler products that represent quality. This product comes as a set, including a disposal flange and a stopper. It is designed for a variety of clean-up and preparatory tasks. This disposal flange and stopper fits a wide range of garbage disposal and helps prevent objects from clogging your drain.

  • A metallic finish – This stopper features a metallic finish that enhances the outlook of your kitchen. Also, the products come in 6 vibrant PVD colors finishes giving you a choice of selecting your best color.
  • Compatibility – Even though Kohler K-11352-BS is meant for Kohler garbage disposal, it fits perfectly in other disposal units.
  • Durable – This disposal flange and stopper is made from a stain and corrosion-resistant stainless steel that is durable. With this unit, reliable performance for years is guaranteed.
  • Debris protection – This stopper features a design that prevents water from getting into the sink drain to avoid clogging. This set fits perfectly in the sink minimizing chances of unwanted objects from getting in the gutter to the disposal.



7. Best Sale – Cheap Waste King 1025 EZ Mount Garbage Disposal Stopper and Splash Guard

waste king 1025 splash guard


This garbage stopper from the waste king is one of the best garbage disposal stoppers you can consider. From efficiency to the price tag, this product is fantastic. It comes as a set of a stopper and a removable splash guard. This stopper and splash guard fits well with all garbage disposal that uses the EZ method.

  • High-quality material – waste king 1025 EZ features neoprene material. Neoprene is a durable material that influences the durability of the stopper. This stopper is a perfect choice if you do not plan to replace it frequently.
  • Easy to fit and remove –This garbage disposal stopper and splash guard is easy to fix and remove. If you want to access the disposal or to clean you remove the splash guard and sink plug by just a twist.
  • Splash guard – This unit comes as a set of stopper and splash guard. The splash guard is removable and reduces splashing from the inside of the garbage disposal during its operations.



How to Pick the Best Garbage Disposal Stopper?

insinkerator with magnetic stopper

Garbage disposal stoppers are available from different brands with different qualities of materials. Therefore finding the bet stopper that will suit your disposal is not a breeze. Below are some of the considerations to make while choosing the best.

  • The model of your disposal

Garbage disposals are of different models. And because not all the disposals use the standardized stopper, it is crucial to confirm your garbage disposal model before shopping for a plug.

Some disposal units that have their specialized garbage disposal stopper. Choose the one that will sufficiently seal your garbage disposal.

  • The material

The material used in making the stopper also matters as it determines the durability of the gadget. The disposal stoppers are often made using metal, plastic or rubber.

Therefore, choose the disposal stopper that is promising in terms of durability. Even though it is a small gadget, you should not have it more frequently.

  • The cost

Garbage disposal stoppers are available in different price tags.  The cost is mostly influenced by the brand, material, and quality, among others.

First, you will need to determine your budget on the unit and the material and brand you prefer. You then choose a stopper that is within your budget, but that can guarantee the longevity you need.

  • The quality

Quality matters a lot in every item you purchase. Some disposal stoppers have an elegant shiny look but are from unsuitable material with low quality.

When selecting a garbage disposal stopper, ensure that you get the one that has a combination of quality and good looks, also, remember the choice you make determines its lifetime.

  • The brand

It is also crucial to check the brand of the disposal stopper before settling for one. There are many manufactures of garbage disposal stoppers such as InSinkErator, Kohler, waste king among others.

Choose a garbage disposal stopper from a brand with good reviews on their products.

  • Versatility

When choosing the best garbage disposal stopper, it is advisable to go for a versatile unit. Select garbage disposal stopper that is capable of preventing unnecessary objects into the disposal but allowing in water and food wastes.

Also, it can serve as a conventional sink stopper and will be the best in adding functionality to your kitchen sink.

  • Colour

To some people, color is none matter. But if you are choosy in terms of color, it should be a factor to look out for before deciding on which stopper you buy. Choose a plug with an elegant color to complement your kitchen decor.

  • Size of your disposal opening

You should know the size of your sink/garbage disposal drain opening. It will help you choose the stopper that will tightly fit in your sink. Although most of the garbage disposal stoppers have standards fits, some can only fit into specific models of garbage disposal.

  • Ease of use

In every kitchen item, you purchase it is advisable to check how easily you can use it. That applies too to the disposal stopper. A good garbage disposal stopper should be easy to insert and to remove.



A garbage disposal stopper is a small but essential item in every kitchen. It is needed in running a batch feed garbage disposal, prevents a foreign object from dropping in the removal and contains odor in the garbage disposal.

The above are the factors to put into consideration when choosing the best and the reviews of the top 7 garbage disposal soppers you should consider. Choose the one that will best suit your kitchen needs.