Best 13 Gallon Trash Can With Lid – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide in 2022

Every household needs an efficient trash can that is of good quality to manage their garbage. A trash can is something that most people don’t think about but need.

If you are buying a 13 gallon trash can with a lid for the first time, it can be not very clear due to the numerous available options. That is why we have written this review to help you make an easier decision.

Below is a list of the best 13 gallon trash can with lid; read their features, pros, and cons to decide which one will fit you best.


Best 13 Gallon Trash Can with Lid – Top 5 on the Market


Why Do You Need to Buy a 13 Gallon Trash Can with Lid?

best 13 gallon trash can with lid reviews

– Odor Protection

A cover helps a lot because seeing your food remains and other kinds of dirt is disgusting and can be smelly depending on how long they have been in there. If your 13-gallon trash can is outside, you may want it to have a lid because of different factors.

– Regulations

Some people need a 13 gallon trash can with a lid on their outside because that is the city ordinance rules, and they have to follow them.

The rules may be there because they help avoid inviting wild animals to your homes. Unless otherwise, your outdoor trash can needs to have a lid to prevent unforeseen problems. Locking the cover is also essential so that animals cannot tamper with it.

In the kitchen, a lid is necessary because food remains tend to smell, and closing the can will help the smell remain inside.

If you are among those who empty their trash can every day, you don’t need a lid as the contents will not have time to rot and start smelling.

If your trash can is in the bathroom, then it really should have a lid because one wants to see the contents of a bathroom trash can. Ensure that it also has a pedal to maintain hygiene.


Reviews of the 5 Best 13 Gallon Trash Cans with Lid

1. Best with Automatic Lid – ITouchless Stainless Steel Trash Can


  • Extra Wide 12″ bulky trash
  • Carbon odor filter to absorb the smell
  • Two power options
  • Stainless steel designs
  • Easy bulky trash disposal


  •  Batteries and adapter not included

The ITouchless 13 Gallon automatic can that is an exceptional can that comes with a lid status alert that shows green when the lid is in open mode when it blinks red, then you know it is closing.

They can also feature a replaceable odor filter that absorbs all the smell; you get the first filter for free as it is already activated, and from there, you can replace it when the other one is fully used.

This automatic trash can has a Reflex technology that ensures that the lid does not close on your hand; if the cap was closing and you return your hand there, it will automatically sense and stop closing.

The ITouchless 13 gallon trash can is a very energy efficient can as it uses only the required amount of power needed. Its batteries last three times longer when you compare them to other types of sensor garbage cans. You can choose to use the batteries or use power directly utilizing an adapter.

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2. Best with Step-on Lid – Glad 13 Gallon Trash Can with Foot Pedal


  • Bag rings for a neatly tacked bag
  • CloroxTM odor protection
  • Rear bag compartment
  • Fingerprint resistant
  • Soft-lid closure
  • 5-year warranty


  • Does not come with a liner

The Glad 13 gallon step trash can with lid is a premium product that comes with very many great features.

If offers you an anti-microbial protection lid frame and cover that prevents any smell from getting out of the can. The bag ring ensures that the trash bag is out of sight, and there is no excess hanging out.

There is also a bag compartment where you can store your extra bags for easy access; they can be dispensed from the side as the can remains in its place. Out bulky trash is not a problem because the lid and hinges stay open while giving you an easy time.

This stainless steel trash can is a quite mood enhancer because it opens and closes very silently; the step operation is quiet and convenient as it has a controlled, gentle closure. The stainless steel body is fingerprint-resistant, giving you a trash can that is always clean and shiny. That way, you can focus on other things like family time instead of always cleaning the can.

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3. Best with Swing-Top Lid – Rubbermaid 13 Gallon Recycling Bin for Home


  • 2 in 1 recycler
  • Divided container design
  • Seamless and durable design
  • Perfect for sorting
  • Great for both single and multi-stream recycling
  • Hoop snap for easy transportation


  • Small for large and busy places

This Rubbermaid garbage can is one of the best recycling bins in the industry today. It is a versatile solution for recycling and is best for your outdoors or the garage.

It features a flip door that makes your unloading work more comfortable; the door has a recycling sticker where you attach a label to indicate the kind of stuff you want there. The included hoop snaps securely to the base to enable you to transport to the nearby facility without any problem.

It is constructed to be durable and seamless and can be made of quality materials so that it will be easy to clean and last an extended period.

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4. Best with Butterfly Lid – Homelabs 13 Gallon Trash Can for Kitchen and Bathroom


  • Hygienic and hands-free
  • Steel construction
  • 90° swiveling sensor
  • Butterfly lid design
  • Quick trash bag replacement
  • Smooth surface for easy cleaning


  •  9.26 pounds

The hOmeLabs 13 Gallon Automatic garbage can is a premium stainless steel trash can with a butterfly design. The brushed stainless steel design is not only beautiful but also very easy to clean.

Its modern design makes it compatible with most decors and fits perfectly in your office, kitchen, and bathroom.

This automatic trash can comes with a butterfly lid with a soft close design and the doors open from the center, meaning you can place it under the counter and even under tight spaces.

The trash can also feature a 90-degree swiveling sensor ball that works under various environments. Whether you decide to place it in a free and unobstructed place or under the counter, the infrared sensor is adjusted to work in whatever position you choose to put it.

If you need more control over closing and opening, there is also a manual touch control for this specific purpose.

Always frustrating for the trash bag to fall into the can, and to avoid that, there is a convenient retainer ring to secure the bag in place. That also means it will be easier to remove it when it is full.

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5. Best Oval-Shaped – SensorCan 13 Gallon Trash Can for Odor Protection


  • Two power choices
  • Long battery life
  • Stainless steel design
  • Touchless motion sensor
  • Large opening for easy trash removal


  • Some customers may not like the oval shape

It features a unique status alert of the top where a green light means that the cover is open, and if it starts blinking red, you know that it is closing. Even if it flashes red and your hand is still there, the lid won’t close because they can also have a unique Reflex technology.

It automatically senses that your hand is back and opens the lid until you are done. The trash can also has a filter that absorbs any smells, the first carbon odor filter comes with the trash can and is already activated, but you have to buy others when it cannot be used anymore.

This trash can is perfect for the office and kitchen and can fit any space without any problem.

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How to Choose Best 13 Gallon Trash Can with Lid?

getting the cheap 13 gallon trash can with lid

When choosing a 13-gallon trash can with a lid, below are some of the features you should consider. A trash can with all the below features will, for sure, be a significant investment. But all in all, you should choose a 13-gallon trash can that best suits you and one that will work best for you.

  • Durability and Sturdiness

As you might have noticed, most of the best 13-gallon trash cans with lid are some investment that takes away your hard-earned cash. That means you might want to buy something that lasts longer to pay for itself.

What does that mean? You got to make sure the product you’re buying is made from high-quality material, with the most recommended stainless steel. The material is high-durable and resistant to impact. You can also go for a thick, flexible plastic 13-gallon trash can with a lid.

Another thing, the trash can you’re buying needs to be sturdy and robust enough to withstand the weight of wet trashes and garbage. It also needs to be self-standing with a stable base so that any small movement should not tip them off. What’s more, they should be strong enough to be in place but still light enough to carry around your kitchen.

  • Ease of cleaning

Even though your trash can has reams that perfectly hold your trash bags, sometimes they can rip and spill, causing a mess that you need to clean. If a trash can is a maze inside, then it will be tough to clean.

When choosing a 13-gallon trash can with a lid, consider ones that have a removable inside. They are straightforward to clean and maintain.

Most stainless steel trash cans and those with a dark exterior are easy to clean and don’t easily show dirt. The stainless steel ones can come with fingerprint resistance, which means less time cleaning and more time spending doing other things.

  • Trash can shape

Trash cans come in different sizes and shapes, which is the same for 13-gallon trash cans with lids.

Some shapes are straightforward to handle than other shapes; rectangular-shaped trash cans can easily scrape food and fit perfectly in tight places. They use space more efficiently than other shaped trash cans making them more convenient.

  • Tight lid sealing

Your 13-gallon trash can needs to have a tight lid. A sealed cover will help prevent odors and rodents from getting in. a tight lid is also a safety measure so that your kids and even the pets won’t get access to it.

Some trash cans have cutouts, and they may be great because it will be easier to move them, but the fewer holes the trash can has, the better.

  • Type of lid

The type of lid that your 13-gallon trash can has matters a lot. Covers are of many kinds, from swinging doors with hinges to butterfly-shaped tops.

The caps can be operated using a sensor or a remote and sometimes even manually. That means you have many options to choose from; you have to ensure that they are tight so that the inside contents remain inside. The lid type should be just what you prefer as long as it works.

  • Style

The color and design of the trash can are also significant when choosing a 13-gallon trash can with a lid.

You don’t want to buy a trash can that will look totally out of place in your kitchen or bathroom. Buy a trash can that will compliment your décor well, enhancing your interiors excellent look.

  • Fits standard trash bags

Big trash can like those of 13-gallon size may have a problem fitting standard trash bags. There are very few large trash cans that fit the standard bags, so when buying a 13-gallon trash can, they can fit the available standard trash bags.

Some manufacturers provide you with custom made bags, which can be great, but that can also be inconvenient and expensive. You should still get a 13-gallon trash can with a lid that fits standard trash bags so that you can have many options.


What Are the Different Types of 13 Gallon Trash Can with Lid?

best types of 13 gallon garbages bins with lid

There are many different types of 13-gallon trash cans with a lid, and we are going to discuss some of them. This will help you get to understand them better. Below are some of them:

#1. Touch

Touch top trash cans open by pressing a button that is near the lid. They are an excellent alternative to the regular step-on trash cans that people operate using a pedal. Since you must use your hands to handle them, they are not that sanitary. If you prefer a touch top trash can, having a hand sanitizer next to it will be greater.

#2. Sensor

Trash cans that use a sensor are known as automatic trash cans. The infrared sensor or voice activation are some of the features that sensor trash can have. They may be great because you don’t touch them, but they have a very high failure rate.

#3. Step

Step on trash cans are operated using a foot pedal that you press using your foot, and the lid comes off. They have a well-sealed cover to ensure that there is no smell, being that they are hands-free means that they are sanitary and easy to use. You can use both your hands to carry the trash or a chopping board.

#4. Swing Top

Trash cans with swing-top, butterfly, or fold-in lids don’t seal as tightly as other styles, so we don’t recommend them. They won’t keep odorous garbage contained or discourage inquisitive pets or pests from getting inside.

The lids also tend to get splattered with food as you scrape dishes into the trash. Swing-top and fold-in lids frequently get caught on debris as the receptacle fills up, which prevents them from opening correctly.


What Is the Best Material Produce the Most Robust 13 Gallon Garbage Can with Lid?

#1. Metal

Those 13-gallon garbage cans with lid are one of the best heavy-duty trash cans you can use. They come with a design that ensures it keeps the trash smell and flies away. If you want something durable, a metallic trash can is a way to go.

What’s more, the metal material is hard enough to keep everything inside, even during transport. Another thing, the usage of the 13-gallon metal garbage cans is quite broad.

You can use them in your home during a tailgate party, and they are also applicable for use industrial wise. The problem with most of these garbage can is, they can be quite heavy. Another thing, they are prone to rust if the painting goes away.

#2. Plastic

Unlike the metal 13-gallon garbage cans, the plastic trash cans with lid are quite strong and resistant to corrosion, acid, and alkali. What’s more, they have a rounded corner design providing a safe delivery port. Their gloss surface gloss reduces garbage residue making it easy to clean.

These 13-gallon garbage cans with lid come in various colors, which you can match according to your preference. Additionally, it’s widely used in many environments, such as property, sanitation, and factories.

Final Verdict:

Considering the cost and applicability, the plastic 13-gallon garbage cans with lid are the best. They are widely used in most environments for their ease of use and cleaning. The plastic types are also highly durable when it comes to corrosion from alkalis and acids trashes. If you’re looking for something cheap yet functional, the plastic 13-gallon trash can with lid is the way to go.

But if you want something durable, easy to handle, and clean, the metallic might be your option. The metallic 13-gallon garbage cans, on the other hand, deliver highly durable solutions to collect your trashes. They offer a reliable way to keep the smell and flies away.



It’s quite hard or even impossible to stay in a house that never gets trash. Most factories, shops, and other public areas need a better way to handle trashes.

With the best 13-gallon trash can with a lid, handling debris trashes and other disposable items get more comfortable and safer. That’s why you need to go through the reviews above and guide below them to find the best product that matches your needs. Good Luck!