Best 13 Gallon Step Trash Can – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Every house needs a durable and quality trash can to be able to dump their garbage correctly. A garbage bin is one of the things that most people ignore, and that is why they end up buying ones that are not effective. Most trash can be placed in the kitchen because most dirt is, but other places like the bathroom need them.

From peels to cans, there are so many things that need a trash can in the kitchen, and a 13-gallon step trash can is big enough to hold all the dirt.

Size and shape do not matter, but most people prefer a rectangular shape because it fits most spaces. There are many varieties of 13-gallon step trash cans, and this page is meant to help you make the right choice on buying the best 13 gallon step trash can.


Best 13 Gallon Step Trash Can – Top 5 on the Market of 2021


How to Choose the Best 13 Gallon Trash Can with Hands-free Step Pedal?

After researching several trash cans, reading reviews, and tears of testing, we discussed several things that one should consider before choosing a trash can.

The best 13 gallon step trash can should make it easy for you to manage your waste and even do recycling. Below are some of the factors to consider when choosing the best 13-gallon step trash can:

best 13 gallon step trash can reviews

#1. Tight sealing

Most 13-gallon step trash cans come with lids that seal tightly, leaving very minimal gaps. That will ensure no odor or flies are flying in and out. You can also choose a bin with a cutout handle for easy movement.

All in all, ensure that when choosing a trash can, you pick the one with fewer gaps.

No one wants a smelly kitchen; buying a trash can with no openings will help avoid that. Tight sealing ensures that there is no gap left; hence there will be the growth of life inside the trash can that will make the remains to rot.

#2. Durability

Most experts recommend stainless steel bins with tight lids to be durable and keep pests and insects out. Well, some rodents can chew through many kinds of plastic, but they can do that with stainless steel.

Avoiding bins with sharp corners is also something to consider because even if it is stainless steel if it has edges, it can be bent.

If you don’t have a rodent problem and have a small budget, you can choose a 13-gallon plastic can with robust materials to ensure it lasts you long.

#3. Ability to fit standard bags

Full-size trash cans like the 13 gallons often have a problem finding a trash bag that perfectly fits. When buying a 13-gallon step trash can, ensure that the available trash bags are a perfect fit.

Some manufactures sell custom fit trash bags together with the can, so be sure to ask to avoid any inconveniences.

Even though manufacturers may sell trash bags that fit well, ensure that your local store can also sell them to you to have various options.

#4. Ease of cleaning

Even though the bags are secured, they can break, leak, and even tear. That means waste will spill all over the can, which is why you should consider how difficult it will be to clean the can.

Trash cans that cone with several channels and dents are the most difficult to clean. If you want something comfortable to clean, then you can rule those out first.

Trash cans that come with removable parts are the easiest and most convenient. In case your trash bag leaks, they will be straightforward to clean compared to others.

Trash cans made of dark exteriors or stainless steel are also easier to clean and are excellent at hiding stains.

However, stainless steel will always show fingerprints; you can read the maintenance and care a part of the manual to avoid them.

#5. Easy to move and sturdy

It is hard to find a 13-gallon step trash can that is sturdy and still very easy to move. Some manufacturers may design the trash cans with hidden wheels and a handle so that they are easy to move.

If you come into contact with such, then it will be a great choice.

#6. Trash cans shape

13-gallon step trash cans come in different shapes and designs.

We decided that the rectangular is the best because it fits in other spaces and is also perfect for tight places. They are also straightforward to scrap food remains into them because they have a largemouth.

Round shaped trash cans don’t use space efficiently, and their mouths are smaller in size. They are more challenging to scrap remains into them from a chopping board.

#7. Compliments your interior décor

You don’t want to buy a trash can that will look out of place in your bathroom or kitchen.

Materials like stainless steel are known for their ability to complement all types of décor; buying one with a dark exterior can also work with most interiors and places like the office.

Large cans can also be significantly out of place inside your house. They are for the outside.


Reviews of the 5 Best 13-Gallon Step Trash Cans

Below are the top 5 best 13-gallon step trash can for easier decision making.

#1. Best Sale – Simplehuman Semi-Round 13 Gallon Kitchen Step Trash Can with Secure Slide Lock



  • Five-year warranty
  • Code P custom fit liners
  • Flatback for easy put against the wall
  • Lid lock for safety against kids and pets


  • Single bin

Simplehuman is one of the respected brands when it comes to the waste management industry. The 13-gallon semi-round plastic trash can comes with a flat back so that you can easily place it against the wall.

It has a large enough capacity and works best in busy areas with many trash like the kitchen. The foot pedal is firm and can last a long time without any problems. It also comes with a patented lid that gives you a smooth and silent closure after losing your dirt.

There is also a slide lock that is kids and pets safe. In case your child gets curious or even the pet, they will not be able to open it.

The trash can also feature a code P liner that is there for a perfect fit. With this feature, there will no struggle or slipping, giving you a clean waste management experience.

The foot pedal can last a long time despite the numerous use; the trash can lid also opens silently and eases down slowly when done. With this trash can, you can be sure to get quality materials all around, and it is also designed to last an extended period.

On top of the excellent build, you also get a five-year warranty, but you are assured that it will last way longer than that.

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#2. Best Cheap – Rubbermaid Step-On Lid Trash Can with Bag Liner Lock



  • Easy to clean
  • LinerLock retainer
  • Smooth plastic and rounded contours
  • Stainless steel to easily compliment your décor


  • Plastic Build

The Rubbermaid is the best hands-free use trash can. It comes with an easy step on the pedal that helps open the lid smoothly, giving you hands-free and sanitary disposal.

The material used to make this can is durable plastic so that it can last long and complement your home’s interior décor.

To ensure that the bags are securely locked without showing any excess, there is a LinerLock that presses them tightly and is very easy to use. The rim and the foot pedal are extra tough to last long though being used every time.

The Rubbermaid new version is made with a sleek design and plastic construction and round ages, making it effortless to clean. Even though the pedal is used many times in a day, you don’t have to worry about it failing to work as it is toughly built.

No one wants to keep on touching the lid when putting in your trash, and that is why this foot pedal is essential. It ensures that you don’t come into touch with germs when disposing of your waste.

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#3. Best with Bag Compartment – Glad 13 Gallon Stainless Steel Step Trash Can for Home



  • Soft-close lid
  • Fingerprint resistant
  • Trash bag storage area
  • 5-year warranty-terms and conditions apply


  • Doesn’t feature a sensor mode

With the odor management technology and the perfect fit bag design, GLAD is one of the leading brands of innovators in the waste management industry.

The ideal fit design ensures that you use your bag optimally before you can change it. This stainless steel trash can offers you antimicrobial protection of the lid frame and the lid itself.

It ensures that growth is inhibited; hence no bacteria will grow, and no smell will come from the trash can. The trash can comes with a trash bag compartment where you can conveniently store your bags and dispense them from the side without moving the can.

The bag rings help keep the trash bad out from hanging out, which may tamper with your classy and elegant trash can design. The trash can is designed to ensure you quickly put in the trash and take it out without difficulty because of the lid and frame hinge that eases dirt removal.

The controlled, gentle close feature ensures that you silently use the trash can, which can be great for anyone near you that does not want any noise and also perfect for offices that need a silent mood.

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#4. Best for Residential and Commercial Use – GLAD GLD-74030 Black Lightweight Plastic Step Garbage Can



  • Two-year warranty
  • Clorox odor protection
  • Bag rings for a neat trash bag tuck
  • Both commercial and residential use


  • Some customers may not like the plastic construction

GLAD has been there for generations hence has all the experience required to innovate a good trash can. It is known for its quality and durable products and has always come up with perfect ways to manage waste in our homes.

The odor management technology is an innovative design that has come up and is ideal as no one wants a smelly kitchen or bathroom. The GLD-74030 comes with a protective lid frame and lid that ensures no bacteria grows; hence no smell will be emitted as the remains won’t rot.

With the bag rings, you will not even notice that there is a trash bag. It is held securely in place so that there is no excess trash bag hanging outside the can. The foot pedal is an excellent feature as it ensures hands-free operation, providing you throw away your remains without having to lift the lid or use your hands.

This trash can both be used in commercial buildings and also for residential places. Its size is big enough for large kitchens with a big family; it also has a lovely color finish excellent for offices. You also get a two-year warranty, terms, and conditions apply.

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#5. Best with Dual Compartment – Home Zone 13 Gallon Step Garbage Can for Recycling and Waste Management



  • Durable metal pedal
  • Silent lid close design
  • Rectangular shape design
  • Stainless steel construction


  • A bit pricey

The home zone living is a 13-gallon trash can with a clear-coated finish and stainless steel design. Stainless steel has been known for its ability to last long and easy match to any décor. That and its large capacity is the reason it is ideal for the kitchen, office, or anywhere that needs waste management.

One trash can be partitioned twice to place your garbage and recycle simultaneously in just one bin. The lid is silent when opened because of the reinforced hinge controls. They control the lid’s motion to give you a secure and soft closure.

The waste compartment can hold up to 8 gallons of waste, and the recycling compartment can hold 5 gallons, making them 13 in total. That makes recycling very simple and straightforward; you have no more excuse not to recycle your bottles and be friendly to the environment.

The pedal is made of durable material to ensure it lasts a long time despite the lots of use. The trash cans body is a slim body design with a rectangular style that can easily fit any tight spaces.

It also features a bag tuck that helps the trash bags from falling through the liner.

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There are more people taking waste management seriously these days. To ensure that waste disposal is not tedious, you need a trash can that is of good quality and has additional features that will compliment your décor and help dispose of waste hygienically.

A 13-gallon step trash can will help you will all this and, at the same time, minimize the frequency of emptying the garbage.