Best 13 Gallon Outdoor Trash Can for Garage, Patios, Decks, Gardens and Bussiness

Outdoor trash cans are essential in maintaining cleanliness in the outdoor environment. Finding the ideal trash can for your outdoor space makes it more convenient to dispose of your waste without emptying it too often.

13-gallon outdoor trash cans are a popular choice as they provide you with plenty of room to get rid of plenty of garbage. They offer a permanent solution to your waste problem and enables a clean, safe and hazard-free space

Below is a guide on how to choose the best 13 gallon outdoor trash can and a review of the top 3 best you can consider.


Top 3 Best 13 Gallon Outdoor Trash Can on the Market of 2021


How to Choose A 13-Gallon Trash Can for Outdoors?

There are various types of 13-gallon outdoor trash cans in the market, making it a daunting task when choosing the ideal one. These cans are different in styles and materials.

best 13 gallon outdoor trash can reviews

There are several things you should look out before buying a 13-gallon outdoor trash can including:

  • Material

One of the essential factors you should consider before purchasing a 13-gallon outdoor trash can is the material of the trash can. Outdoor settings need sturdy materials that are weather resistant. Choose a durable trash can that cannot react to air and water or be damaged by rain or wind.

The best materials you should consider for outdoor settings are stainless steel and resin. These materials are heavy and sturdy, making the trash can stay put and withstand when knocked over.

  • Odor control

Trash cans tend to have a foul smell, especially during extreme weather conditions. Therefore, when choosing 13-gallon outdoor trash can consider one that can control foul odors. This feature will help in maintaining your environment clean and also keeping away animals from your trash can.

  • User-friendly

Consider a 13-gallon trash can with a lid that can be easily opened or closed by anyone. Also, an excellent 13-gallon outdoor trashcan should have simple to carry style features. Some have wheels that aid in transportation and others have friendly handles.

  • Look and style

Consider a trash can that can easily blend with your outdoor décor. Some of the 13 gallons of outdoor trash cans are usable indoors. Therefore it is advisable to select a trash can allowing versatility for indoor and outdoor use but still looking great in both settings.

  • Animal proof

Outdoor trash can attract several animals, such as dogs, cats, among others. While Choosing a 13-gallon outdoor trash can, ensure that such animals cannot easily open it. A good trash can should remain intact with no spills even when knocked down.

  • Price

Different 13-gallon outdoor trash cans have ranges of price tags: the price features and the material’s quality influences the price of trash cans’. Select the one that is within your budget but with features that will best suit your need.

  • Lid types

A lid is an essential part of a trash can. Some cans use a design that doesn’t cap, and others have. There are five types of lid mechanics in 13-gallon outdoor trash cans including, open-top, manual lid, swing lid, step on, and touchless.

  • In an empty top trash can, there is no lid.
  • A manual cap is simple as it requires to be opened using hands and is partly secure.
  • Swing lid is easy to use and covers the trash well but does not have security.
  • 13-gallon trash can with step-on lid are easy to use, safe and hygienic.
  • A touchless is a higher sophisticated solution that is risk-free and highly secure.

You should choose a trash can with a lid type that will best suit your needs. However, it should be easy to use and safe.


Top 3 Best 13 Gallon Outdoor Trash Can Reviews

1. Best Overall – Rubbermaid Swing Top Lid Trash Can for Outdoors

Are you looking for the best overall Gallon Outdoor Trash Can? Rubbermaid with a swing top lid is the best outdoor trash Can you should consider buying. It has a smooth sliding lid that easily opens, allowing you to dispose of garbage with ease.



  • Suitable for both outdoor and indoor tasks.
  • Use of a durable plastic resin gives the container an ability to resist cracks.
  • Large garbage holding capacity.


  •  Some customers may not like the swing lid.

Design – This trash can use strong and durable plastic resin. As a result, this material gives it a long life of service and also very easy to clean. The design also goes well with the interior décor of your kitchen, office, nursery, or even bedroom.

Best for recycling trash – This trash can is an excellent recycle that is great in protecting the environment and keeping waste out of your sight.

Capacity – This trash container is designed with a 12.5-gallon capacity and comes with a dimension of (16×12.18×32.6) inches. Also, it has a standard weight of 1.25 pounds.

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2. Best Durable – Umbra 13 Gallon Waterproof Outdoor Trash Can

Umbra 0842200-125 is the best durable outdoor trash can, and this garbage collection product is known for its contemporary design that can also suit your bathrooms, offices, kitchen, and bedroom.



  • The use of polypropylene makes it robust and durable.
  • It’s functional and user friendly.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Stainless steek foot pedal.


  •  Weighs 6.45 pounds.

User friendly – This trash can comes with a stainless steel pedal that makes it easy for you to close and quietly open the container’s lid.

Simple and clean – With the use of an inner bag ring, it becomes easy to conceal the trash bag.

Multipurpose – This trash can is usable in your home or office.

Capacity – Umbra 0842200-125 comes with an ability to hold up to 50litres of garbage and has a dimension of (17 by 25.5 by 13) inches. The product has a standard weight of 6.45 pounds.

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3. Best with Touch Lid – SuperTrading 13.3 Gallon Trash Can for Outdoor Garden

The hefty touch-lid trash can is known for keeping your office, home, garage, and laundry free from all undesired waste. It comes with a functional and sleek design that gives it a stylish look.



  • Comes with a touch lid.
  • The trash can is sturdy enough.
  • Helps lock the smell and keep the flies out.
  • The 13-gallon trash bags easily fit and are cheaper.


  •  None.

Capacity – This product comes with a standard weight of 3.11 and a dimension of (15.7 by 13.1 by 23) inches. It can also hold up to 13.3 gallons of waste.

Touch lid – With this feature, the trash container can keep your house or office odor-free.

Adequate opening – The top opens wide enough to allow you to dispose of your waste with ease.

Durable – The trash can use a robust material that guarantees the user a long life of service.

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Where Can I Use 13 Gallon Outdoor Trash Can?

This outdoor trash can is spacious, accommodating plenty of wastes without the need for frequent emptying. The best 13 gallon garbage can has not only an outdoor setting but also this trash can is from a durable material that is weather resistant.

Most outdoor gallon outdoor trash can be suitable for indoor and outdoor use, hence highly versatile. The following are some of the spaces that this trash can is usable.

why you need to buy a 13 gallon outdoor garbage bin

1. Garage – from a garage, you get lots of waste, such as unfinished crafts, old tools, and other garbage types. A 13-gallon outdoor trash can have a significant capacity to make this trash ideal for use in these spaces. These trash cans are sturdy and made out of robust material that is not easily broken by hard waste items from the garage.

2. Patios – placing a trash can in your deck helps you keep your home environment clean. A 13-gallon outdoor trash can is the most ideal for use in these spaces as they are stylish and made from weather-resistant materials. Whether you are snacking, dining, or drinking, you only take seconds to open the lid and dump the trash waste.

3. Public places – 13-gallon outdoor trash can be suitable for public areas such as walkways and parks. Due to the significant number of people in such sites, the litter amount is enormous, making 13 gallons trash an ideal size. Placing a waste can encourage people to dispose of their garbage correctly instead of throwing off to liter.

4. Business – Every business generates waste hence the need for a trash can. You can use 13-gallon trash outside your business, and this will encourage your customers to dispose of their waste in the proper manner instead of littering. This cans will enable your place to stay clean and neat.



Outdoor trash cans are an easy way to maintain cleanliness in your outdoor environment. 13-gallon outdoor trash cans are the most popular, and they offer a permanent solution to your waste issues. These trash cans are stylish and seamlessly blend with your home décor.

The above is a review of the top 3 best 13-gallon outdoor trash can in the market. Choose the best from the list, depending on your budget, need, and taste.