InSinkErator Pro880lt Garbage Disposal Reviews

Sinks play the vital role of channeling out the wastewater to the municipal drains. They, however, can only bear a given volume of debris and waste at any given time. Anymore beyond a given threshold, and the entire plumbing structure may collapse under its own weight.

Garbage disposal comes in to help stem the tide. It crushes and grinds the debris into the finest particles to make them dissolve easily in the wastewater. That relieves the pressure that the sinks may have to endure. The Insinkerator Pro880lt which forms the basis of our reviews here below is one outstanding example of such items.


An Overview of InSinkErator Pro880lt Garbage Disposal

InSinkErator Pro880lt Specs

  • Feed Type: Continuous Feed
  • Weight: 19 pounds
  • Dimension: 38″ x 10″ x 12.63″
  • Horsepower: 7/8HP
  • Speed:1725 RPM
  • Grinding Stage: 2 stages
  • Warranty: 8-year limited warranty
  • Quieter, auto-reverse technology


Review of InSinkErator Pro880lt Garbage Disposal

To crush the debris finely and thoroughly, it is imperative, that the machine you pick for the job, possess two stages of grind like this one. The first stage chops the large particles into somewhat smaller particles. In the next stage, the smaller particles are further crushed into granules or powder.

A Sound Seal technology comes in next among the leading traits and features it possesses. The technology basically serves to deliver quieter operations throughout the entire process of grinding the debris. In that way, it does not interfere with the other room occupants at the same time.

Also coming along is the sound-reducing quiet collar sink baffle. This one serves to go beyond that to even make the system super quiet. Hardly does the item interfere with the people who would naturally be in close proximity to it. In the strength of this, it serves you conveniently.

An anti-microbial material rounds up the list of the leading features of the item. It mainly plays the role of killing any residual germs and bacteria that may reside in the system. As a result of this, it leaves behind cleaner and more habitable end results that are unlikely to cause illnesses.


Main Features of Insinkerator Pro880lt with Evolution Series Technology

insinkerator pro series 880

This garbage disposal does not stand out for no reason. It lays claim to the first spot due to a number of reasons and factors. Here below now are the main features of the Insinkerator Pro880lt:

  • Two-grind Stages

As noted earlier, this machine is able to grind wastes in two stages. The first stage reduces the wastes into their smallest possible sizes whereas the second one chops them into the finest particles possible.

These two stages see to it that the outcomes are super fine and do not in any way clog or imperil the stature of your sinks or plumbing mechanisms.

  • Maximum Versatility

By its sheer multipurpose design, the item is able to fit a wide variety of kitchens and other areas of possible use. You hence have it for your consideration in case you have many kinds of homes to care for.

It also expedites the tasks of transportation to the remote locales of the use seamlessly. Its use is hence a shrewd way of guaranteeing the convenience you badly need.

  • SoundSeal Technology

Its core also features SoundSeal Technology. Thanks to this technology, the item operates at a level that is 40% quieter than your standard or ordinary disposers.

As a matter of fact, it is even capable of letting you engage in your normal conversations without the same being impeded. This also makes it great and awesome for use in places that are too sensitive to noise.

  • Dura-drive Induction Motor

Working to generate the necessary torque is the dual-drive induction motor. This one bears the impressive 7/8 Horsepower work output.

It does an extremely thorough job of crushing the components finely in ways that are truly reliable in the long run. Being strong, the motor also resists all forms of damages that may be leveled against it.

  • Anti-microbial Material

For your added protection from and against germs, the item possesses some anti-bacterial materials. These materials kill the bacteria and in doing so, eliminate any trace of germ that may exist on the surfaces.

Upon being unleashed on the surfaces, the materials also sterilize them and leave behind some truly reliable ends for a longer duration.

  • Quiet Collar Sink Baffle

A quiet collar sink baffle that reduces the stray sounds also exists as a vital component of the gadget. Its purpose is mainly to deepen the coolness and the silences of the item altogether.

It dampens any vibrations while at the same time keeps the system truly quiet. It also reduces the possible losses of energy when engaged for use.

  • Modest Average Water Usage

Though powerful and truly reliable, the item expends only a modest average amount of water to do its work. This one stands at roughly 1 gallon per person per day.

Your choice of this item is hence a sure way of diminishing the utility expenses that come along at such times and in these circumstances of engagements.

  • Sheer Large Capacity

Lastly, its capacity is also pretty large. The item’s interior is so large that it can accommodate the potato peels, celery, and the large chunks of debris that cannot fit your stands disposal.

It hence goes that by opting to work with it, you will not really have to chop off the debris into finer particles and hence save some time for you.


InSinkErator Pro880lt Review

Overall Score: 8.8/10.0


insinkerator pro 880 evolution series

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Brilliant features

  • 8-year warranty
  • Adds some great value to your home
  • Useful across many kitchens and settings
  • Quieter than many alternatives that exist at the moment

Watch out for

  • Lacks a power cord that has to be purchased separately



There you have it! We believe that the insight we have generously provided for you has opened your eyes and made you familiar with the Insinkerator Pro880lt in its finest detail.

What more could you be waiting for? Why not go ahead now and implement the provisions you have generously received from us? As always, we wish you all the best in your search and find these products.

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