Best 13 Gallon Kitchen Trash Can – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide in 2022

The trash can you pick for your kitchen can make your experience in the kitchen better or worse. A good-quality trash can must contain the smell of the food waste to eliminate the chances of having to deal with bad odor. Better still, such cans should hold a considerable amount of junk to reduce the urge of emptying the trash, when you could divert such energy to other tasks.

To help you find the best 13 gallon kitchen trash can, which is a standard-size trash can for most kitchens, below is a review of the 7 best kitchen trash cans available today.


Best 13 Gallon Kitchen Trash Can – Top 7 on the Market


Is 13-gallons a Great Size for a Kitchen Trash Can?

Yes. A 13-gallon trash can is a standard size option for most kitchens.

It can accommodate large items, including gallon-sized milk containers, thus a perfect option for handling most of the trash. Better still, these sizes are perfectly sized so that they are not large to occupy much floor area. This means that they can contain most of the mess in but still occupy less space.

However, always pay attention to the number of people who live in your house, plus the amount of trash that is created daily.


Reviews of the 7 Best 13-gallon Kitchen Trash Cans

1. Best with Odor Control System – iTouchless Soft Step Trash Can



  • Stylish and sophisticated look.
  • The trash can is easy to clean
  • Silent and gentle opening lid.
  • The removable bucket slides in and out smoothly.


  • It is quite expensive but worth it.

The Soft Step Trash Can is an ideal choice for use at home and in offices. It features a non-slip foot pedal. The pedal integrates a raised ridge to provide a secure foothold.

What’s more, there is a high-grade stainless steel lid. This lid is perfectly weighted, enabling it to provide precise resistance for a smooth opening experience. You can use the trash can in areas that require a quiet-operating trash can, thanks to the replaceable air dampers that protect the lid from slamming.

Also, the trash can is an excellent choice for a built-to-last 13-gallon trash can. The reason is the sturdy foot pedal that withstands over 200,000 steps. Built using stainless steel, this container can resist rust and corrosion for durable performance. Better still, this material is resistant to smudge and fingerprints for easy cleaning.

The trash can includes a removable inner bucket so that you can empty the trash fast and without messes. Plus, there is an AbsorbX odor filter that neutralizes the trash odor.

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2. Best Affordable – BestOffice Stainless Steel 13 Gallon Trash Can for Kitchen



  • Lightweight and easy to move around.
  • Good-looking and high-quality material.
  • Fairly cheap.
  • Compatible with all 13-gallon garbage bags.


  • Some customers may not like the oval shape.

If you are on a budget and looking for an affordable trash can, the BestOffice trash can is an ideal choice. You can get it for use in a bathroom, bedroom, study, kitchen, or office because of the modern design.

Ideally, the can is made of high-quality stainless. This material plus its oval body and sloping lid make it visually appealing in any space, thus an excellent choice for contemporary decors.

What’s more, the trash can adopt an infrared technology. Its lid can open quietly and smoothly at the touch of a button or wave of the hand for mess-free damping of the trash.

Featuring a sealed exterior, the waste bin can contain the odor to ensure that you are in a clean and fresh room. And because of the touchless technology, you can rest assured to dispose of the dirt soundlessly and hygienically.

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3. Best Plastic – Umbra White Kitchen Trash Can With Foot Pedal



  • Easy to clean using a damp cloth.
  • The foot pedal works smoothly.
  • Attractive and stylish design.


  • Those who don’t like the plastic construction should avoid it.

A functional and easy way to dispose of garbage lies in using the Brim kitchen trash can. It features a durable polypropylene construction. These materials plus the satin finish, enhance style, strength, and durability while it also makes it easy to clean.

What’s more, the bin includes a unique inner bag ring that conceals the top of the garbage bag to preserve the sleek and attractive appearance of the container.

The lid can stay open for some time, to provide for the effortless removal of the trash bag. Besides, there is a stainless steel foot pedal that triggers the smooth and quiet opening and closing of the lid.

The trash can measures 17” x 25.5” x 13”. It is compatible with all 13-gallon garbage bags, which means that you must not empty it frequently. Moreover, the bin includes an inner retention ring that holds the garbage bag in place to maintain a clean and neat appearance.

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4. Best Tall – Simplehuman 13 Gallon Kitchen Black Step Trash Can



  • The bin is compatible with custom-fit liners.
  • The lid closes quietly and smoothly.
  • Strong foot pedal withstands frequent use.


  • 5-year warranty.

This is a large-capacity garbage bin. It is suitable for use in high-traffic areas, thanks to the high-quality construction. The trash can features a semi-round shape.

Its flat back allows for easy placement against the wall and out of the way, while the wall bumper prevents the lid from bumping against or scratching the wall. Adopting a Lid Shox technology, the stainless steel lid stays quiet so that there is no banging or loud noise after closing.

The bin integrates a strong foot pedal. The pedal features a stainless steel construction to enhance strength and support usage of up to 150,000 steps.

Also, the bin integrates a slide lock. This lock keeps the lid shut to keep it secure from curious kids and other pets. You can get this product when looking for a trash can that is designed to last, thanks to the durable plastic construction.

Furthermore, the plastic is finger-proof for easy cleaning.

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5. Best with Automatic Lid – iTouchless 13 Gallon Pet Proof Sensor Trash Can



  • Smooth gliding caster wheels.
  • Sleek and stylish design.
  • The wheels are removable.
  • The garbage bin can derive its power from batteries or an AC adapter.


  • It doesn’t come with an AC plug adapter.

The iTouchless trash can is a large-capacity bin suitable for holding bulky items. It doesn’t require an inner bucket, enabling it to provide 25% more capacity while compared to similar bins.

The trash can offers an extra-wide 12″ lid opening, which makes it suitable for accommodating bulky items. The lid opens automatically with the motion of the hands, to facilitate a hygienic means of disposing of the dirt.

Also, there is a unique lid status alert. The solid green color means that the lid is in the stay-open mode, while the blinking red means that the lid is about to close.

You can expect the garbage bin to contain the trash odor, thanks to the replaceable AbsorbX Odor Filter that absorbs it. Plus, there is an easy-on and easy-off lock that protects pets from opening the lid.

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6. Best Slim – Rubbermaid Commercial 13 Gallon Red Kitchen Trash Can



  • Retainer band holds the trash bags securely.
  • A slim profile occupies a small foot print.
  • The foot pedal operates smoothly.
  • Rigid arch lid prevents warping.


  • Expensive.

This is a 13-gallon commercial trash can. It is crafted using stainless steel components. This material and the internal mechanisms are resistant to corrosion for a long-lasting operation.

Adding to that, the trash can includes an enhanced foot pedal. The pedal is constructed in such a way that it allows for increased foot clearance while it is durable and designed to withstand 300,000 cycles of step-on openings.

You can use the trash can in modern indoor decors, thanks to the stylish resin and stainless finishes. Better, the can features a slim design with a small footprint for reliable use in small spaces.

Fitted with a lid that closes quietly, this is one of the best choices for a garbage bin that is suitable for use in offices and other quiet places. Moreover, the bin includes an internal hinge to prevent wall damage.

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7. Best Blue – BestOffice 13 Gallon Kitchen Automatic Touch Free Trash Can



  • Long lasting battery.
  • The trash can offers good air tightness.
  • A non-skid base protects it from slipping.
  • Anti-fingerprint and waterproof design.


  • 23″ tall including the lid.

Responding to the need for the best blue trash can is the BestOffice Kitchen Trash Can. Its barrel is made of hard PP material. This material is stronger than ordinary stainless steel, which means that it is not easy to deform.

Better still, the barrel is easy to clean, given that all that is required is for you to remove the lid and rinse the bucket using water.

Something else worth noting about the garbage bin is its infrared sensor. You can trigger the sensor so that it can open the lid at a range of 15 centimeters.

Once the lid is open, it can remain open for seven seconds to provide enough room for your to empty the trash in the bin. The garbage bin includes a switch button on the back. When you are not using the can, you can switch it off to reduce the battery consumption.

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How to Choose a 13-gallon Kitchen Trash Can?

13 gallon kitchen trash can price

Once you have decided to purchase a 13-gallon trash can, which factors are you supposed to consider to ensure that you are making the right purchase? To help you out, listed below are the features to consider as you look forward to getting the best garbage bin.

1. Consider the Type of the Lid

The first tip to helping you locate the best kitchen trash can lies in considering the lid that the trash can integrates. There are diverse options of trash can lids; let’s have a look at the common types.

– No-lid Kitchen Trash Cans

Simply, a no-lid trash can is a garbage bin that doesn’t include a lid. Although these bins are highly practical when chucking vegetable peels, the trash cans do not contain the smell. Thus, they are not the best choices for food waste, unless you are planning to empty them daily or several times a day.

– Swing Lid Kitchen Trash Cans

These cans are an improved version of no-lid kitchen trash cans, but these models are equipped with a lid. The lid in these trash cans is not sealed, which makes it messy and dirt often. Also, these options do not provide room for you to push the lid down when the trash can is almost full, which means that you might be required to empty them often.

– Manual Lid Kitchen Trash Cans

Manual lid trash cans include a standard-type kind of lift lid. They are cheaper but require you to lift the lid when you want to stash waste into them. These cans are quite impractical for use in kitchens, more importantly, when you are preparing the food, given the fact that you must free your hands so that you can use it.

– Step-On Kitchen Trash Cans

These 13 gallon step garbage bins integrate a foot pedal mechanism. Stepping the pedal lifts the lid so that you can throw the waste. These trash cans are an ideal option for use in the kitchen, given that you don’t have to touch the dirty bin when you want to dispose of the waste. Better, you can trash the waste without bending or the need for freeing your hands.

– Motion-Sensor Kitchen Trash Cans

A motion sensor trash can is a bin that uses a sensor to help you open the lid effortlessly. These bins allow for a touchless use, given that you can simply wave your hand to have the lid open automatically. Plus, the trash cans provide a cool and hygienic means of disposing of the waste because of the touch-free design.

– Touch Trash Can

Also known as a touch-top trash can, this bin opens automatically when you touch the lid or a button nearby. That means you’ll need to have one hand free to touch the switch or lid. It is a good option for people who can’t operate a step can’s foot pedal. Touch trash cans are simple to use, but they’re less sanitary since you have to touch them to open them.

2. Construction Materials

Kitchen trash cans are made of diverse materials, including polyvinyl chloride (PVC), heavy plastic, and stainless steel.

Stainless steel trash cans are durable, great for odor retention, and easy to clean. However, these cans are expensive while compared to other materials.

PVC and heavy plastic trash cans are cheaper options, durable, but these cans can absorb odor, which makes them challenging to maintain.

3. Extra Features

Other features that are worth considering when getting the best 13-gallon kitchen trash can include:

– Finish

This factor is worth considering when you want to match your trash can to the kitchen decor. So, pay attention to the available finishes and get one that will add style to your home.

– Odor Control

To limit the amount of odor coming from the trash can, I would recommend that you get a trash can that integrates an odor control system. Although this feature comes at an added cost, it helps to limit and eliminate odors so that the trash won’t smell.

– Ease of Maintenance

The best trash can must be easy to maintain. Therefore, opt for cans that include removable liners or those that can accommodate such liners for easy trash removal and effortless cleaning.


Stainless vs. Plastic Kitchen Trash Can

stainless steel vs plastic kitchen garbage can with 13 gallon capacity

Are you wondering; which is the best material to choose for your 13 gallon kitchen trash can? If so, you could consider plastic or stainless steel trash cans.

These materials have their pros and cons, and you must pay attention to each of them for you to select the best 13 gallon kitchen trash can for you.

1. Durability

In terms of sturdiness, a stainless steel trash can is more durable while compared to a plastic trash can. The fact that these cans are not breakable enables them to provides years of reliable performance.

Also, a trash can made of high-quality steel is repellant to rust and corrosion, assuring you of its longevity and reliable performance.

2. Ease of Cleaning

While plastic trash cans and stainless steel trash cans are easy to clean, a stainless steel trash can is easier to clean.

Stainless steel doesn’t allow dirt to stick, which makes it easy to clean. Even better, these materials do not attract oils and stains, requiring little effort when cleaning.

3. Ability to Repel Odor

Stainless steel trash cans can remain fresh longer, given that this material doesn’t allow odor to penetrate. Therefore, stainless steel is a more hygienic option and a better choice when you want to get a trash can that will provide a fresher feel.

4. Pricing

Although stainless steel beats plastic in all of the above features, 13 gallon plastic trash cans for the kitchen take the medal of affordable prices. These cans are available at lower costs compared to stainless steel, thus an ideal option when getting a trash can on a budget.


What Size is a 13-gallon Kitchen Trash Can?

A 13-gallon trash can is the standard-size trash can for use in most kitchens. This bin is big enough to accommodate a wide variety of 13-gallon trash bags.

Also, the models can hold 40 to 50 liters of waste at a time. Speaking of the dimensions, the popular dimensions of 13-gallon garbage bins include:

  • 14″ x 18.9″ x 26.5″
  • 14.7″ x 24.8″ x 17.6″
  • 11.4″ x 19.7″ x 28″
  • 10.8″ x 20.2″ x 27.4″

The difference in the product dimensions is brought about by the differences in the heights and widths of the trash cans. As a result, you should measure the available floor area so that you can settle for the right size.


What Color 13 Gallon Garbage Should I Get for My Kitchen?

best 13 gallon kitchen trash can reviews

When looking for the best 13 gallon kitchen trash can, you may want to consider color. You can choose a color that truly resonates with you or one that complements your kitchen’s decor style, helping you create a cohesive look.

Here are some color options you can choose:

1. White

White is neutral. Therefore, a white 13-gallon trash can will complement a wide variety of kitchen styles. The color gives a trash can a clean, crisp look, so you can buy such a can if you intend to brighten up your kitchen space. Bright white trash cans also add a sleek, clean look to minimalist kitchens.

2. Red

You can’t help but look at anything red in your kitchen. This strong and vibrant color commands attention instantly. If you want a trash can that stands out or livens up your kitchen, then you can choose a red one. A red trashcan can also help break the monotony of your kitchen’s color scheme.

3. Blue

Blue is also a nice color to consider if you want your trashcan to stand out. A blue trashcan along with blue kitchen appliances would be a great addition if you’d like to generate feelings of tranquility and relaxation or enhance your kitchen’s beachy vibes.

4. Black

You can go for a black trash can if you love elegance and sophistication. A black trashcan also beautifully contrasts a white kitchen.



There you have it; the best 13 gallon kitchen trash can available for you to buy. Therefore, avoid making vague decisions when making your purchase, but buy one of the reviewed products and add style and hygiene to your kitchen.