Rubbermaid 2007867 Step-on Trash Can – Comprehensive Review in 2022

Your best bet on the one with the step-on lid. This one negates the use of the hands to access the interior contents. That reduces the contacts you may possibly have with the germs and the attendant disease outbreaks that may arise possibly thereafter. We reveal and explain the Rubbermaid 2007867 step-on trash can here for you…

An overview of the Rubbermaid 2007867 step-on trash can

Rubbermaid 2007867 garbage can for kitchen

In a nutshell, this Rubbermaid 2007867 trash can is a step-on lid in the sense that it requires that you step on a pad to open and close it. The use of the legs negates or cuts down the engagements of the hands by a considerable margin. In the course of doing that, it reduces the likelihood of contaminating your hands.

Then, the make of this can is Rubbermaid. This brand is truly reputable and has been known the world over to produce quality and long-lasting cans for you. Your choice of this item is hence a sure way of tapping into the benefits that the brand has in store for its users.

On the whole, you may use this item to collect and facilitate the transportation of the rubbish from many areas of the typical room. These include the bathrooms, garages, kitchens, and general homes. This being the case, the item is less obstructive and truly convenient to make use of.

Its carrying capacity is also not left out either. This stands at the impressive 13 gallons. With it, you may carry and hold an exceptionally higher amount of the trash load per unit time. It also minimizes the need for you to constantly empty it and is thus less of an effort to handle.

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Main features of Rubbermaid 2007867 kitchen garbage can

They are as such naturally prone to the risks of the infestations of germs and other hygiene-related illnesses. The choice of the trash can you make hence holds a lot of sways.

Here now are the main features of the Rubbermaid 2007867 trash can:

1. Hand-free use

As already stated repeatedly, the can does not need you to hold its lid by the hands as the others ordinarily call for. All you have to do is engage the step-on feature and there you have it. That arrangement is truly great as it minimizes the possibility of contamination by the hands.

Rubbermaid 2007867 garbage can with pedal

2. Durable stainless steel pedal

The pedal which you step on is made of stainless steel materials. This material has certain superior advantages. It is stronger, firmer, and less prone to the risks of corrosion. Also, it lasts fairly long by reason of not breaking apart a bit too soon as other inferior materials do.

3. Linerlock retainer bands

A set of retainer bands exist to secure the lids of the trash bags super tightly and firmly. The bands are easier to handle and engage in. Additionally, they leave behind very firm and secure ends that are also less prone to the risks of fidgeting excessively.

Rubbermaid 2007867 waste bin with plastic liner

4. Durable construction

All the parts and components that the item up are durable. That is given the use of only super strong and powerful materials to make them up. Because of this, expect the item to last longer and take you further than you would normally anticipate.

5. Easy to clean

Over and above merely holding your trash safer, cleaner, and more secure, the item goes beyond that to even allow for easier cleanliness. This it manages thanks to the sleek design it comes about in and the round edges that adorn its rims. Hardly will you have to struggle as you get rid of the dirt from its exterior.

6. Exceptional aesthetics

Besides merely holding your trash carefully, this can also plays the secondary role of imbuing your interiors and the yards with exceptional aesthetics. Its high-end finish that adorns the exterior parts is the one that is primarily responsible for the attainment of this end.

7. Excellent dimensions

As we all know, 13 gallon trash can plays a significant role in holding your waste. They are the impressive 14.7 inches long by 17.6 inches wide by 24.8 inches deep. These are sufficiently large to take on just about every other amount of trash you may have to worry about in your homestead or household.

8. Tough and powerful construction

Apart from merely using exceptional and durable materials to make it up, the steps and procedures that are used to make the item up are also topnotch. Expect the item hence to hold for longer and provide the necessary support you need to leverage the advantages you need for long.

9. Reputable brand

Rubbermaid, the manufacturer of this item is a truly reputable brand. It has exceeded the expectations of many people who have attempted its line of products from time immemorial. You too may count on it to deliver to your expectations fully. Working with this can is also a sure way of leveraging some pride.

10. Smooth plastic body

The stainless steel pedals are complemented with the smooth plastic body. Thanks to the smoothness of the body, you should expect to reap some safety and minimal predisposition to the risks of injuries. You may hence confront the item with the maximum safety and utmost peace of mind possible.

11. Rounded Contours

Its edges, unlike those of the ordinary cans, are rounded and contoured. The arrangement exists primarily for your own safety and utmost peace. That stems mainly from the fact that they reduce the incidences or likelihood of prickles and other injuries that come about with consistent handling and use.

Rubbermaid 2007867 garbage bin with plastic liner


Pros and cons of Rubbermaid 2007867 step-on garbage bin


  • Delivers smooth and aesthetic body looks
  • Simpler to clean and manage
  • Holds a huge volume of trash per unit time
  • Large and demanding of the extremely spacious area to set



Our peek into this wonderful Rubbermaid 2007867 step-on garbage can come to an end there. We now trust that you have what it takes to make the most of the gadgets. Go ahead now to pick and dedicate it for your own use. How soon might that be if we may ask?

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