iTouchless Softstep 13.2 Gallon Stainless Steel Trash Can – Comprhensive Review in 2022

iTouchless trash cans are rapidly growing due to their convenience and hygiene design, especially in public areas. They come in different sizes such that you can still get large-sized cans of more than 10 gallons for your premise or office use. An excellent example of a quality and reliable iTouchless trash can for extensive use is the iTouchless softstep 13.2 gallon stainless steel step trash can.

Below are all the information and features that make this a useful and recommendable iTouchless trash can for most areas.

iTouchless 13.2 gallon softstep trash can – An overview

 iTouchless soft step 13.2 gallon trash container with lid

First of all, this trash can is made with unique shiny stainless steel material that makes it look elegant. Thus, you can place it even in the most visible areas around your house and the offices. I would recommend this trash can for busy spaces like restaurants or offices due to the large size.

The trash can accommodate up to 50 liters of trash. This is a convenient size since you don’t need to keep on emptying the trash all the time when used in these areas.

It is equipped with a pedal at the base that moves swiftly to open and close the lid. Hence, it is a reliable hand-free trash can to consider for hygiene. Cleaning the trash can is crucial for hygiene maintenance and prevent foul odors in the room.

Cleaning this iTouchless soft step 13.2 gallon stainless steel step trash can is easy since the stainless steel materials are smooth and quick to clean. Still, the brushed finishing, especially on the outer parts, ensures there are no finger marks left when you clean the can. Therefore, it retains that shiny and sleek look throughout.

Many people would like to choose a 13 gallon kitchen trash can, this iTouchless softstep trash can is made with odor absorbing technology to ensure there is no foul odor coming from the trash if you forget to take it out. So it is a reliable trash can to use in the kitchen as it seals in the odours from the food remains.

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iTouchless 13.2 gallon softstep trash bin – Main features

iTouchless 13.2 gallon softstep garbage bin has perfect designs and durable construction that make your home perfect.

1. Heavy-duty stainless steel material construction

 iTouchless soft step 13.2 gallon garbage bin

This iTouchless 13.2 gallon trash can is made with strong stainless steel materials such that you can often clean it without worrying about it rusting or corroding. Also, the brushed finishing on the exterior ensures the trash retains the shininess for as long as you use it.

The strong stainless steel materials are used to make the can smudge-resistant to make sure the trash can does not lose shape or get damaged in case you accidentally drop it on the ground.

2. Foot pedal

 iTouchless soft step 13.2 gallon garbage can for kitchen

It is a hand-free trash can since it is equipped with a pedal for controlling the lid. The pedal is ergonomically designed for easy opening as you don’t need to use a lot of force to raise and lower the lid to add trash.

Gently press with your foot, and the cover will automatically open up. The pedal has non-slip material construction which makes it possible to push with any shoe. Also, note that the lid automatically and gently closes back ones you release the pedal with your foot, which is a plus!

3. Sleek and slim design

Another feature that I am sure you will love about this trash can is the design. If you have limited space at your desk area or kitchen, this trash can will, for sure, fit you. It features a slim and tall design to ensure you get large dumping space without compromising the space of the area you equip it. It can hold trash of up to 50 liters, but it still saves the room thanks to the slim style.

4. AbsorbX filters technology

 iTouchless soft step 13.2 gallon with lid

Are you the type of person who forgets to take out the trash regularly? I would suggest you get this trash can. This can is made with the AbsorbX filters that are quite powerful in filtering out the volatile organic compounds forming in the trash can, mainly if you use it for decaying products. So, even if you forget to take out the trash daily, this trash can will keep the area smelling fresh. The can is equipped with the activated carbon that naturally absorbs the odor from the trash can

5. Easy to use

Emptying this touchless trash can is relatively easy. The specific can is made with an inner removable bucket for easy emptying and cleaning of the storage space. The bucket is light in weight for portability purposes. Also, note that removing and putting the bucket back to the trash can does not need any tools.

6. Replaceable air dumper

 iTouchless soft step 13.2 gallon trash bin

This iTouhcless 13.2 gallon trash can guarantees to keep your environment clean and free from the foul odor. The air dumper on the can is replaceable when the effect wears out. The steps are easy to follow when replacing it.

7. Customer care assistance

Although this iTouchless trash can is crafted to last for a long time, the manufacturers also offer customer care services. So, in case you have a query or a complaint, you can contact the manufactures for any form of assistance. They have varying communication channels that you can use to reach them.


Pros and cons of iTouchless 13.2 gallon softstep stainless steel garbage can


  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to operate
  • Fits multiple areas like home, office, and even hospitals
  • The inner can basket includes a trash bag quickly for comfortable emptying
  • The entire unit is light in weight for convenient portability
  • Offer a long term warranty of up to 25 years
  • Ensures to keep the place clean and smelling fresh
  • Adds a touch of elegance to the kitchen area


  • The inner basket is not as durable as it is made of plastic materials. Some customers have complained about it not lasting for more than six months
  • The price of the trash can is high since you can get other larger models for a lower price.
  • Some customers have complained about the lid not closing completely when you release the pedal.



The iTouchless softstep 13.2 gallon trash can is worth investing in if you need a durable and convenient trash can for indoors. It has a beautiful finish that blends well with home interiors and does not look odd regardless of where you place it. This trash can has quality stainless steel materials that are easy to maintain by cleaning. Even if you have small spaces in the office or home, this trash can have a slim style to fit in small corners while saving space.