Ninestars CB-DZT-50-9/8-1 Stainless Steel Garbage Can

Is your search for the right trash can mainly dictated by the need for commercial settings? If at all it is, then, the can you pick for the job must be packed with tons of automated features? We ask you to attempt your luck on this Ninestars CB-DZT-50-9/8-1.

It embodies all the vital traits of the ideal trash can. This stems from automatic, infrared, touchless, and motion-sensing capabilities. These are not to mention its ability to pair and work alongside the many extras and accessories that may be used alongside an item of this kind. We take a look at it in detail here below.

An overview of the Ninestars CB-DZT-50-9/8-1 trash can

ninestars garbage can with lid

The Ninestars CB-DZT-50-9/8-1 is first and foremost automatic in nature. This simply means that it does not require that you expend excessively high levels of muscle power to have your way. Most of its parts and components in fact are able to operate on their own without your in-depth engagements.

Complementing this automated aspect is the touchless stature. Indeed, most of its functionalities do not even require that you physically and directly engage the same. Instead, they are able to detect the motions of the oncoming air and respond appropriately to them.

Serving to channel the air and the motions to the vital apparatus of the can are the infrared radiation. The radiation is less prone to the risks of interferences and does a pretty good job of transmitting the signals. It also has the added advantage of working well in the day and the night.

Closing its leading features and aspects is the fact that it may accept and accommodate many accessories. These many extras and accessories have the impact of lengthening its scope and areas of applicability. They also see to it that you gain higher returns on your investments. That is besides minimizing the operational hassles.

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Main features of Ninestars CB-DZT-50-9/8-1 garbage bin

Here we go now to the main features of the Ninestars CB-DZT-50-9/8-1:

1. Finger-print resistant base

ninestars trash bin for office

Its base is made of the legendary stainless steel. Not only is it sturdy but also does it resist the menace of fingerprints. This makes the same pretty easier to keep clean mainly because it does not sustain scratches and other forms of dirtying that largely comes about when in use.

2. Advanced technology

An advanced technology that mainly delays the start of the operations exists as a flagship trait of the can. It works extra hard to preserve the life of the battery. On the same note, it also wards off any possibilities of the pets, children, and other passersby accidentally opening the can.

3. Soft closing function

Unlike those of its peers, the closing function of the can in question is soft. That arrangement spares the interior occupants from the banging noise that arises with use under normal circumstances. Moreover, it also lengthens the lifespan of the gadget considerably. That prevents the likelihood of you spending too much to maintain yours.

4. Variable bag inserts

Using this item, you have the freedom of the standard trash bags or the Ninestars custom bags respectively. Simply put: you have the freedom to choose the bag that most likely appeals to your unique needs. Obviously, this one leads to a greater degree of convenience on your part.

5. Smoother operations

As long as your hand remains within a comfortable range of the infrared red sensor, the same shall remain open. Also, if your hand gets away from this range, the lid closes automatically. The sum total of these two boils down to smoother operations and overall comfort on your part.

6. Angular applications

This can stands largely apart from the rest in the sense that it can also accept prompts from areas that are far detached from the normal horizontal inclination. As a matter of fact, it can accept prompts and inputs from any location that is situated within a 130° angle from the infrared sensor.

7. Appropriately sealed

Ninestars waste bin with 13 gallon capacity

Its design appropriately seals off the interior contents from the views of the general public. This is largely brought about by a ring liner that adorns the interior and blocks all the direct views. By choosing to work with this item, you get clean and neat appearances.

8. Wonderful combination

Over and above merely containing the dirt and trash, this item may also serve other pertinent roles and ends. It is able to pair and attach to numerous accessories to enable this. These many accessories also negate the need for you to shuffle back and forth many gadgets in the course of your garbage handling.

9. Variable sizes

Its manufacturer has put in place many measures to see to it that the item serves the needs of many people. As part and parcel of that, the manufacturer avails the item in many sizes for you to choose from. Select the moderate size for the bedroom and the extra-large size for the kitchens.

10. Effective odor seals

ninestars garbage can with motion sensor

Even though it possesses a lid like any other ordinary trash can its lid is tighter and hence better placed to block out all the odor. Hardly does the lid allow the foul stench to seep out into the rooms wherein the can have been placed. It hence works well to safeguard the interior room occupants.

11. Perfectly hygienic

Far from sealing in the foul stench, the can is also hygienic in the sense that it prevents the likelihood of cross-contamination of and by the germs. That is a feat it mainly achieves by negating the use of the bare hands to operate it. Instead, you use the foot pedals to engage the item.

12. Firmly anchored

Thanks to the extra-wide base, the can is large and will hardly trip off. Even when the gadget is fidgeted extremely rough, it does not in any way trip off. This is great because it ensures that you leverage the utmost peace of mind you need when handling the garbage from one place to another.


Pros and cons of Ninestars CB-DZT-50-9/8-1 trash can


  • Attaches to numerous extras and accessories
  • Stable enough to prevent any risks of fall off
  • Easier to keep clean and maintain


  • Cannot fit certain areas and spaces



Now that you know all that pertains to this wonderful Ninestars CB-DZT-50-9/8-1 trash can, we expect you to purchase and co-opt it in your rooms. As you may see from the foregoing explanations, the benefits it potentially brings about are too many to forfeit or delay tapping into.



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