Umbra 084200-125 Step Trash Can (Full Review 2022)

Been seeking a trash can for your kitchen areas? Your diligent search has now come to an end. Here, we want to showcase and review for you one such piece of appliance. This is the Umbra 084200-125 trash can. Its make as is the functionality thereof is geared towards the kitchen use.

In our proceeding segments of discussions, we are going to peek into the main features that make it stand out. Also, we shall seek to explain how the item may serve you well when dedicated to the use of eliminating the kitchen trash. Read through for the necessary inspiration.

An overview of the Umbra 084200-125 garbage can with lid

umbra 084200-125 trash bin with lid

On the whole, the Umbra 084200-125 is a large and spacious kitchen trash can. It is indeed capable of holding a vast quantity of the trash in escrow until such a time when you eventually want to empty it out to the municipal landfill of the garbage collectors.

In its entirety, the item is made of stainless steel material that is tougher and less susceptible to the risks of dents, cleavages, corrosions, and other agents of premature damages. Your choice of the engagement of the item hence spares you of the hefty operational expenses that ordinarily come along.

Apart from collecting your trash, this item will also go ahead to confer some added aesthetics to your interior décor. That is a feat it manages principally due to tits equally stylish exterior that is truly breathtaking. Consider hence using it to beautify your interiors.

Wrapping it all up is the foot pedal that you step on to open and close the lid as need be. The pedal negates the need for you to use the hands to do so. That arrangement minimizes the contaminations of and by the germs. Its end result is to keep you free from hygiene-related sicknesses.

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Main features of the Umbra 084200-125 stainless steel trash bin

Having mastered its basics, we now delve into the main features of the Umbra 084200-125:

1. Locking lid

umbra 084200-125 13 gallon trash can with lid

A locking lid stands out as the premier aspect of the gadget. It serves the role of sealing off the interior contents in such a way as to prevent the foul stench from escaping out in the open easily. Through this, you are spared of the nasty and uncomfortable smells that come along.

2. Durable polypropylene construction

Next comes the durable polypropylene construction that is stronger and less inclined to the risks of premature structural damages. The construction also contributes to the overall stability of the entire structure and minimizes any possibilities of the same fidgeting due to strong winds and other agents of damages.

3. Unique inner bag ring

umbra 084200-125 waste bin with bag ring

Its interior features a unique bag ring. The role of this ring is to fasten and conceal the top of the garage bag. In doing that, it blocks out the foul stench from escaping in the open. On account of that, it maintains the interior occupants from the discomforts that come along with use.

4. Sheer large capacity

The capacity of the bag is not left out either. We know most of you are looking for a 13 gallon trash can with lid. This capacity is pretty large and able to accommodate lots of trash per unit time. As a matter of fact, the capacity stands at a whopping 13 gallons. By choosing to work with this can, you won’t have to empty the trash every now and then.

5. Excellent dimensions

Making the sheer large capacity above possible is the excellent dimensions that the item comes about in. The can measures 17 inches long by 25 ½ inches deep by 13 inches wide. Through these excellent dimensions, the structure is also more stable and less likely to trip over when shaken.

6. Wider applicability and use

For all practical purposes, this trash can is suitable for commercial and residential applications well. That is mainly given the similarly tougher and enduring strength. Also, the item fits many areas easily while at the same time holding many kinds of trash. Have we noted the ease with which it works?

7. Guaranteed back-end satisfaction

The manufacturer of this appliance understands too well that some dangers are naturally bound to arise with the use of this item. To help you to bear and manage these adverse dangers, the manufacturer has put in place some back-end support services and the warranty. Purchase it hence with confidence.

8. Secure placements

umbra 084200-125 garbage can with 13 gallon capacity

If you happen to change locations every now and then, this trash can has you well covered and appropriately taken good care of. Its interior works in such a manner as to enable the secure placements of the bag that holds and wraps the trash fairly well.

9. Easy to use

On the whole, this can is fairly easier to make use of. All its parts and associated components flow smoothly and are also quite responsive to the prompts that may be leveled against it throughout the entire duration of use and overall engagements. Have it for the taking if you lack any expertise.

10. Stainless steel foot pedal

umbra 084200-125 13 gallon trash can with lid

To enable the opening and closing of the lid, the can makes use of the stainless steel foot pedal. The pedal negates the need for you to hold the lid by the hands as is the norm always. In doing that, it prevents you from sustaining any germs and contaminations.

11. Simple, clean design

All in all, the design of the trash can is simple and clean. Hardly does it require that you expend too much effort to maintain and clean the gadget. Its exterior on the other hand also imbues some modern looks that contribute to the overall aesthetics of your room as well.

12. Soft-close design

The lid, apart from being operable by the foot pedal, also opens and closes softly. It does not discharge or leave behind the banging sounds as other hardcore variants do. Consider it hence safer and more reliable for your use in areas that are largely sensitive to noise pollution.

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Pros and cons of Umbra 084200-125 13 gallon garbage can


  • Softer and quieter than the many alternatives
  • Simpler to wipe and clean up
  • Strong enough to endure fidgeting


  • Has some complicated parts and components



We have truly done the much we can to exhaust the strong points of the Umbra 084200-125. Is it too much of us to ask you to now purchase it? How else may you reap its potential benefits? Consider passing this information to those who may also need it beside you in your area.