Umbra 086300-410 Waste Can with Swing Top – Slim and Compact

Short on space but would wish to enjoy the services of a spending trash can? Try your hand on this Umbra 086300-410 trash can with lid. It is mainly meant to economize on space by virtue of the slim and compact stature. Then again, it has the ability to fit the least storage and mounting spaces available.

In our proceeding conversations, we are going to lay bare the finest details of the item. Particularly, we shall peek into the major features that stand out in the item. We are confident that you shall get to know what makes the item generally tick at the tail end of our discussions.

An overview of the Umbra 086300-410 trash can

Umbra 086300-410 12 gallon waste bin

In summary, this Umbra 086300-410 trash can is small, compact, smooth, and sleek. Its exterior adorns the Nickel finish that makes it less prone to the risks of scratches, corrosions, cleavages, and other common forms of damages that may arise with consistent usage. Choose it hence for your aesthetic values as well.

Many of you are looking for a 12 gallon garbage can. So it is suitable for you with the 12-gallon capacity. With this, you may easily hold and accommodate the trash from your average kitchen and room areas without the need for constant emptying, as is the case ordinarily. Further from the bare minimum ability to haul your trash, this one also serves aesthetic values.

The stature and overall construction are sleek and modern. On the strengths of these two, the item serves to make the areas wherein it is installed to appear more beautiful to the naked eyes. Additionally, it complements the interior décor of the rooms where you choose to place it.

A clean matte finish and a series of curved lines also adorn the exterior. They mainly serve to enhance the beauty and elegance of the item. That arrangement enables you to leverage some beauty and general aesthetics as well. They are also great for matters of overall elegance.

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Main features of the Umbra 086300-410 plastic garbage can

Here now are the main features of the Umbra 086300-410:

1. Polypropylene garbage can

Umbra 086300-410 swing top trash can

The can is chiefly made of polypropylene material. This material is strong and durable enough to manage consistent and unbroken periods of use. Scarcely does it sustain any adverse damages but really guarantees the prolonged periods of reliability you might usually need to enjoy.

2. Wholesome containment

It is able to contain and work alongside the recycling and the garbage bags well. Thanks to this arrangement, the item confers some elevated sense of convenience when in use. It also minimizes the hassles you may always have to go through when changing or shuffling between them.

3. Eye-catching curves and finish

Its exterior is not left out either. It features a series of eye-catching curves and finishes. These have the tendency to make your interior areas appear more beautiful and breathtaking to the naked eyes. They are, in fact, the ones that confer the aesthetic values that the can brings along.

4. Swing top lid

Umbra 086300-410 12 swing top trash can

Existing to seal off the contents from the direct exposure to the external ambiances is the swing top lid. The lid is molded, swings, and shuts all the garbage with no room for the same to leak the smell out. Thanks to the swinging actions, the lid is easier to close and engage.

5. Sleek shape

When all factors are taken into consideration, the item does possess a sleek shape indeed. The sleekness sees to it that it consumes the least amount of space possible. In fact, the can is even able to fit those narrow alleyways and spaces without demanding too much from you.

6. Small footprint

As part and parcel of its suitability for the narrow spaces, this can possess a comparatively smaller footprint. It subsequently occupies a smaller amount of floor space and will hardly inconvenience those who compete for the same rooms at the same time. That makes it a lot convenient to engage.

7. Non-slip feet

The small footprint anchors on a set of non-slip feet for proper support and reliable operations. On the strength of not slipping, the feet manage to prevent the item from fidgeting excessively even when you have to push and shove it around your room when collecting your trash.

8. Conceals garbage bags

Umbra 086300-410 12 gallon plastic trash bin

Garage bags often appear ghastly when exposed to the occupants of the rooms. The manufacturer of this trash can understands that only too well. That is why it has fit it’s with bags that are tightly concealed from the view of the unwanted persons. Your visitors are well cared for with this can.

9. Simplified emptying

Deliberate steps have been put in place to allow for simplified emptying of the trash after the same has accumulated excessively. All you have to do is to tap into the clever and sleek design of the can. It is simpler to make use of and does not require any form of expertise.

10. Multiple trash

You have the rare privilege of being able to accommodate numerous kinds of trash with this can. It is waterproof, tightly sealed, and strong enough to withstand all potential damage forms that may be leveled against it. Use it for your kitchen, medical, and general home wastes.

11. Reputable brand

Umbra is a brand that is greatly reputable in the field of the disposal of trash. It hence goes that by choosing to work with this specific can, you also tap into the selfsame repute and the associated strong points that come along under normal circumstances.

12. Cheaper cost

Though packed with tons of top-notch features, this can is still cheaper to acquire and subsequently make do with. Even if you do not have the necessary financial means, you may still struggle a little bit and tap into it. In fact, we recommend it as a strong starting point.

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Pros and cons of Umbra 086300-410 plastic garbage can


  • Small and compact enough
  • Boasts of an elegant Nickel finish
  • Cheaper to come by


  • Has a somewhat limited capacity



Alright! You now know all that may be necessary about the Umbra 086300-410 garbage can. Is it too much for you now to acquire and make good use of it? As you may note from the above reviews, the benefits are too great to forfeit or delay in leveraging. Go for it!