Kohler K-20940-ST Trash Can (Detailed Information 2022)

Offices and other prime locations do not require just any other ordinary trash can. Being elegant and exposed to many executive visitors, the cans used in such settings have to be stylish and elegant at the same time. We are pleased to let you know of this Kohler K-20940-ST.

The Kohler brand that makes it is highly cherished and overall reputable. You may hence also place your bet on it if you similarly want to make your offices appear great and breathtaking. Our review of the item in the proceeding conversations endeavor to aid with the appreciation of the item thereof.

An overview of Kohler K-20940-ST garbage bin for indoor

Kohler K-20940-ST stainless steel garbage bin for office

13 gallon stainless steel garbage can is a kind of most useful garbage bin for indoor use. In summary, the Kohler K-20940-ST is a rectangular step can that has a capacity of 13 gallons. It is also quite deep and hence able to accommodate numerous degrees and volumes of trash. Then again, it also accommodates similarly spacious trash bags that seal all the trash from exterior exposures.

To open it, you engage a sturdy pedal rather than use your hands to lift off the lid. Its hands-free operations reduce the likelihood of the cross-contaminations of and by the germs. That way, it spares you from hygiene-related illnesses like typhoid and dysentery.

Running along its entire exterior are some clean lines and a set of flush features. They serve to make the item appear more aesthetic and quite appealing to the eyes. It is because of them that the gadget may also serve some aesthetic values and purposes by enhancing the interior décor of your home.

Thanks to the slim and compact manner, the gadget will fit tightly and snugly on the walls and other tight spots of your interiors. That reduces the possibility that the same may harm or imperil anyone who comes in harm’s way. Any incidences of dangers and other injuries are severely curtailed with this arrangement.

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Main features of the Kohler K-20940-ST stainless steel trash bin

Let us now take a look at the main features of the Kohler K-20940-st:

1. Seamless fit

Kohler K-20940-ST garbage bin with removable liner

This can is by and large designed to fit any bag that similarly measures 13 gallons. It does not place any restrictions insofar as the brand or the make of this bag in question is concerned. Because of this, you are sure to derive some added level of confidence and utmost peace of mind.

2. Fingerprint-proof finish

Its exterior comes about in a fingerprint-proof finish. Two benefits accrue from this. For one, the exterior is quite breathtaking and visually appealing. Then, the same is easier to clean by virtue of staying cleaner for an extended duration of time. Hardly does it catch any dirt along the way.

3. Hands-free operations

Unlike your standard trash can, you do not have to use your hands to operate the item. Instead, you engage a durable metal foot pedal that rests at its feet. Through this arrangement, you enjoy the limited incidences of infections that may generally arise in the course of holding the dirty trash.

4. Raised liner and locking rim

Kohler K-20940-ST garbage can with step lid

Existing to facilitate the changing of the bags, the can comes about with some raised liner and a licking rim. These two are easier to engage and will not really tire you as you do so. On the contrary, they ensure that you have your way in manners that are convenient and hassle-free.

5. Quiet close lid

A quite close lid also exists as a vital part and aspect of this apparatus. The lid is quieter than that of your normal can. It hence spares those who might be around you from the risks of noise and unwanted disturbances that may often arise while engaging the strong points of this item.

6. Space-saving profile

In all, the structure and the parts of the can are such that they save greatly on space needs and consumption. As a matter of fact, this can fits snugly against the walls and the cabinets. It also inflicts limited disturbances and inconveniences that one may endure when walking around the rooms.

7. Hinge design

Saving greatly on space in and of itself is not enough. The item, via its hinge design, also serves to shield your walls from the scuffs. It neither scratches nor peels off the paints and other vital components of the walls as is the norm with the other gadgets of its kind.

8. Removable plastic liner

Its interior is lined with a plastic liner that is removable. This liner serves to protect the interior components from the agents of dirt that may soil the plastic interior. Being removable, it makes for easier cleaning and eventual proper handling overall. Your overall hygiene is cared for fully.

9. Thoughtful details

All throughout the exterior of the gadget are some thoughtful details. These serve to enhance the beauty and the overall aesthetics of the can. It is this one that makes the item to serve those aesthetic purposes we have already peeked into above. They are truly amazing to behold with the naked eyes.

10. Efficient footprint

Kohler K-20940-ST stainless steel garbage bin for office

Most of these items demand that you slip in some accessories to prop them in the proper shapes and positions prior to eventual usage. Not so with this one. Instead, it makes use of the efficient footprint that props it firmly in place to minimize any slants or fidgeting.

11. Stronger makeup

Two main materials dominate this item. These are the black stainless steel and the ordinary stainless steel materials respectively. They give you the options to determine the one that may most easily fit your unique circumstances of use and engagements. Both of them are strong and durable though.

12. Multiple purposes

Using this can, you may serve the home, office, and commercial applications. The item is by and large heavily capable of tackling many of the tasks that relate to the collection of trash and the disposal thereof. Your choice of this gadget is hence a great way of saving yourself some skin.

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Pros and cons of Kohler K-20940-ST garbage can with removable liner


  • Serves many trash-collection purposes
  • Improves your interior décor as well
  • Blends well with many trash bags


  • Comes at an above-average cost



Having known all that you may have to with regards to this Kohler K-20940-st, all we can say is go for it now! The can is truly a great and honorable asset within the typical office set up. You badly want to tap into the benefits that it potentially brings about as nearly as can be, don’t you?