Best 13 Gallon Stainless Steel Garbage Can in 2022 – Top 5 Solid and Elegant Designs for You

Have some garbage that you want to collect and dispose of in a carefree manner? You have many options for the garbage cans to choose from. Of these, the 13 gallon stainless steel trash bin stands out. As its name implies, it has a capacity of 13 gallons and is also made of stainless steel.

We are cognizant that you are facing a difficult choice of this kind of trash cans. That is why we have drafted and are going to dedicate the entire length and breadth of the article that follows to examine what is the best 13 gallon stainless steel garbage can.

Best 13 gallon stainless steel garbage can – Top 5 on the Market


Why do you need to buy a stainless steel trash can with a 13-gallon capacity?

13 gallon metal brushed garbage can for residential use

You need to buy the 13-gallon stainless steel garbage can for the following reasons:

1. Pick rubbish

The first and foremost need for this garbage can is to pick the rubbish. Its spacious interior confers to you the avenue and space where you stash the rubbish. After that, the can acts to hold the rubbish in escrow until such a time that you will want to dispose of the same.

2. Sort the rubbish

Some municipalities also demand that you sort the rubbish prior to the same being picked by the municipal garbage collection facilities. These cans yet again come to your rescue. Being spacious, they give you the leeway to make this sorting. You may have to acquire many of them to realize this end.

3. Facilitate the recycling

In some instances, you may also have to recycle the garbage rather than merely dumping the same straight to the landfill. Most municipalities vouch for these cans as they are larger, more spacious, and capable of facilitating the recycling exercise. You hence badly want to incorporate them in your garbage care.

4. Minimize damages to the environment

By virtue of being large and spacious, these cans also go a long way insofar as minimizing the potential damages to your environment. They contain and hold all the debris firmly in such a way as to negate the likelihood of the same spilling off in your yards or adjacent pavements.

5. Save money

Given that the cans are large enough to accommodate plenty of trash per unit time, it negates the need for you to empty the contents every quite often. That also goes a long way in reducing the amount of money you may have to expend to care for your trash collection needs.

6. Improve the hygiene and sanitation of your home

The total of the above benefits all boils down to the improved sanitation and hygiene of your home. With these cans at your fingertips or in your possessions, you will not have to worry about the proliferation of hygiene-related sicknesses like cholera, typhoid, and dysentery.


Reviews of the best 13-gallon stainless steel garbage cans

We now review the leading 13-gallon stainless steel garbage can at the moment:

1. Best convenient – NINESTARS 13 gallon stainless steel open top trash can for indoor



  • Fits many rooms and facilities for your maximum convenience
  • Guarantees year-round usage and applications
  • Stays hidden from the view of the general public


  • Lacks a lid and is hence potentially harmful

Short on cash? Fret not because you can still enjoy the maximum benefits that NINESTARS stainless steel trash can have to provide. As a feasible way forward, you may want to lay your hand on this basic open-top can that has no lid at all.

First of all, only materials that are higher in quality have been used to make the structure up. NINESTARS garbage trash bin with 13-gallon capacity is made from stainless steel, which resists warping and other common forms of potential damages. You are also easier to keep clean and dedicate all the while.

Moreover, a hassle-free two-year guarantee backs this garbage can up. The guarantee comes in the form of a dedicated customer service regime that works round the clock to make your experiences healthier and awesome.

When all factors are put into consideration, the item manages to confer to you maximum ease and convenience in the course of handling and engagement thereof. That is mainly given its ability to accommodate many kinds of bags.

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2. Best with motion sensor – iTouchless 13 gallon stainless steel trash can with odor control system



  • Backed by a very reliable customer warranty
  • Wholly touchless and truly hygienic
  • Opens and closes automatically (independently of your input)


  • Suffers the risks of signal interferences

iTouchless 13 gallon stainless steel sensor trash bin comprises a sensor that negates the need for you to touch its lid when opening or closing. As such, it goes a step further by ensuring that you get to enjoy the safest and most reliable trash collection undertakings.

Its core comprises the AbsorbX Natural Activated Carbon Odor Filter. As you may have already guessed, this is the component that absorbs and then neutralizes the odors. It leaves behind a fresh and clean fragrance.

The battery life of this garbage can is longer when compared to those of the competing items. Its length comes to a whopping three times longer. You only need four D size batteries to have your way with this item as well.

Furthermore, another two power options are available for your attempt and final leverage. You may power it via the alternating current adapter or the four size D batteries as per your wish. Definitely, that boils down to convenience.

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3. Best with strong foot pedal – Simplehuman 13.2 gallon stainless steel rectangular garbage can



  • Stronger and long-lasting
  • Its pedals bear excessive impacts
  • The lid closes silently (devoid of any noise)


  • Requires some leg muscle power to operationalize

If you lack the money to purchase an automated garbage can, you may have this step variant to set your eyes on. As you may have already conjectured, this one requires you to step on a pedal to open and close it as need be.

The stepping mechanism that is responsible for the opening and closing of the can is manufactured by the use of strong steel materials. So strong it is that it can last a whopping 150,000 steps and provide use for 20 years!

In addition, there is an internal hinge comes in next. This hinge makes it possible for you to place the can right up against a horizontal structure like that of a wall. While at it, the lid does not bump or sustain any unnecessary damages in the course of use.

Lastly, crowning them all is a fingerprint-proof coating. Its existence as a core made of this item works to maintain the sparkle, elegance and overall aesthetics of the can altogether. You may hence use the item to add some décor to your rooms.

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4. Best with Clorox odor protection – Glad stainless steel step trash can with 13 gallon capacity



  • Its bags dispense easily when triggered
  • Has a sufficient amount of space for additional bags
  • Provides long-lasting protection for you


  • Requires strenuous care and maintenance

When the trash is contained in your cans for too long, they tend to develop some foul odor. This is an eventuality you do not want to befall you at all. That is why we urge you to place your bet on  that possesses the Glad 13 gallon stainless steel trash can with Clorox odor protection.

Firstly, its lid closes softly and with a limited likelihood of posing unnecessarily loud noise. Regardless of how squeezed the area you choose to deploy it, the occupants thereof will never feel any form of discomfort at all.

A fingerprint odor protection ranks next among the many offerings that this wonderful product has to offer to anyone. It basically works by guaranteeing perfect looks and easy-to-clean surfaces for you.

Rounding it all up is the Clorox odor protection that provides the antimicrobial protection that the item requires to stay safe and healthy all the while. This protection also serves to inhibit the growth of the bacterial that causes odors.

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5. Best for kitchen – BestOffice 13 gallon automatic garbage bin made from brushed stainless steel



  • Odorless and easier to keep clean
  • Its exterior is completely sealed
  • Serves numerous settings besides the kitchens


  • Quite delicate and prone to damages

For your own maximum convenience when tackling other kitchen-related tasks, you may have to employ an automated kitchen trash can of this kind. Thanks to its automation, the can operates independently of your own inputs.

Ranking tops among what this trash bin has to offer is touchless technology. The technology is automatic and hygienic in equal measure. It hence spares you from the need to put in too much of your effort to engage the parts thereof.

Throughout, the can comes about in a sensible modern design. Its exterior is particularly beautiful and hence adds some fervor to your interior spaces. Thanks to its visually appealing stature, the item serves many spaces too!

Its interior has a pretty large capacity indeed. That comes to around 13 gallons. Be sure hence to have sufficient space to care for all of your trash regardless of the volume thereof.

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How to choose the best 13-gallon stainless steel garbage can?

To choose the best 13-gallon stainless steel garbage can, you have to factor in the following points and considerations:

1. Location

Where exactly do you plan to fix the can? Different 13-gallon stainless steel garbage cans are designed to fit in different locations. It is important that you pair these two features well. A great trash can has to fit the available space. That may only be guaranteed if the shape or configuration of the can is consistent with that open space.

2. Intended frequency of garbage disposal

How often on average do you plan to empty the garbage can per unit time? You have to match this frequency with your can option. A 13-gallon stainless steel garbage can that is to be emptied infrequently has to possess a strong lid and be backed with anti-odor substances. The aim of this is to suppress the odors considerably.

Best for anti-odor – iTouchless 13-gallon stainless steel automatic trash can with carbon filter deodorizer

iTochless metal garbage bin with 13 gallon capacity

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3. Ease of washing

In the course of dispensing your trash, your garbage cans will sustain some dirt in some way or form. You hence must insist on one that is easier to wash and keep clean. Of necessity, the can you pick for the job has to be solid and easily washable using the prevailing techniques and resources.

Best for washing – Tramontina 13 gallon stainless steel step trash can includes 2 freshener cartridges

13 gallon trash can with 2 freshener cartridges

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4. Operational technology

Some of the 13-gallon stainless steel garbage cans are packed with automated features. They as such operate independently of your input and expertise. Considering the relatively sophisticated nature of them, you have to be sure that you pick the one whose operational technology you are familiar with. That will ward off unnecessary inconveniences when engaging the same for your use.

5. Compatibility

Over above merely being compatible with space you have set aside to accommodate it, the can of choice must also be compatible with the other garbage disposal items you may have to use alongside it. You must see to it that those items fit and work seamlessly with the said can you have in mind.

6. Décor and aesthetics

Even though your stainless steel trash cans with 13-gallon capacity are primarily intended to hold your trash in escrow, they may also play the secondary role of enhancing the décor and the aesthetics of your rooms. You hence should pay attention to the décor and the exterior paints prior to your purchases. If you appreciate minimalism, black may be the best color that fits the simple style of your house.

Best designed – Kohler 13 gallon stainless steel elegant black trash can with foot pedal

black stainless steel step trash can for indoor

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7. Extras

A great 13-gallon metal trash can of necessity has to possess numerous other features and extras. These include sensors, alarms, and monitoring screens. They jointly combine to make your time a breeze while at the same time diminishing the likelihood of you sustaining any contaminations. You have to be mindful of your own pocket as well as such cans cost a lot more.



After reading all we have provided about the 13 gallon stainless steel garbage can, we are now confident that you have the preparedness you now need to tackle the item with the utmost confidence. How soon should we expect you to take the first step? Kindly let us know…

Top 3 13-gallon stainless steel trash can to choose



13-gallon stainless steel garbage bins are practical due to the wide capacity and durable material which is corrosion-resistant for long-lasting use.  Besides, we have made more options and provided a chain of details about other kinds of best 13-gallon garbage cans. Click below and find some surprise!