Rubbermaid 2026695 Garbage Can (A Full Review in 2022)

It is sometimes never enough to simply pick any trash can that comes your way. You need one that is packed and loaded with extreme features for the betterment of the trash collection escapades. To tap into these benefits we draw this Rubbermaid 2026695 trash can for your leverage.

As you are about to note, this item has every trapping you may need to tap into for the elevated sense of the experience you may need to have. In our review and buying guide hereunder, we endeavor to peek into all the parts, features, and components that make the item stand out.

An overview of the Rubbermaid 2026695 under-counter garbage bin

Rubbermaid 2026695 trash can with 13 gallon capacity

In a nutshell, this Rubbermaid 2026695 comprises some large and angled openings. The mix of these two vital traits allows for the smoother opening and engagement of the trash can altogether. Moreover, they manage to give off twice as much access to the counters as the slimmer containers.

A chain of integrated venting channels also exists as a vital aspect of the trash can altogether. These channels allow for the easier removal of the interior liners by a whopping 80% easier. In the course of the use of these trash cans, you are guaranteed some improved productivity in use.

Also, it goes beyond that to reduce the likelihood that any injuries may arise in the course of its own engagements. Overall, the item features the commercial-grade construction that comes equipped with a set of high-quality resin material makeups. They see to it that the item lasts longer than average.

Wrapping up the list of its highlights are the bag cinches. These line around the rim of the containers in ways that are secure and safer. They also go beyond that to enable faster and knot-free alternations of the liners if the need to do so arises.

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Main features of the Rubbermaid 2026695 trash can for kitchen

We now get to the main features of the Rubbermaid 2026695 here below:

1. Easy access

By its sheer awesome design, the trash can enables easier access to the interior contents thereof. This is largely brought about by the large angled opening. The opening goes beyond that to even guarantee seamless access to the areas under the counters. It works far better than the traditionally slim containers.

2. Effortless bag removal

Rubbermaid 2026695 plastic trash can for indoor

Placing your bet on this trash can opens your world to the effortless removal of the bag. To do this, the bag makes use of a set of integrated venting channels. They are simpler to utilize and also go a long way in boosting your productivity and minimizing the likelihood that you will sustain some injuries.

3. Rapid bag changing

Apart from the effortless removal of the bag, the can also enable a faster process of attaining this end. A set of secure liners adorn the rims of the bag. They are the ones that you trigger to release the bag as fast as can probably be. Moreover, the bag itself does not contain any knots that may impede easy movements.

4. Commercial-grade construction

Though strictly meant for home use, this trash can features some commercial-grade construction that gives it more strength and utmost durability. On the strength of this construction, the item is less inclined to the risks of damages that are generally likely to arise with use.

5. High-quality resin material

Also complementing the commercial-grade construction we have talked of above is the extensive use of the high-quality resin material. Unlike the standard material we have in use, this one is persistent to the risks of tears and frays. It also does not collapse under the extreme weight of the heavy trash.

6. Ergonomic shape

Rubbermaid 2026695 garbage can for kitchen

All throughout, the shape of the container is ergonomic. Contained on the container is a set of the rim and the base handles as well. They work to boost the controls and the grip you may have to tap into when lifting the container from one area to another one.

7. Exceptional engineering

The steps and the technology that has been used to make the structure up are also exceptional. They include the added reinforcements that work to uphold the structural integrity of the container overall. Its end results make the item to resist all forms of crushing and the damages that come by.

8. Highly adaptable

Rubbermaid 2026695 under desk garbage can

Outside its core purpose of merely holding your trash in escrow, this piece of the container also adapts to many other uses and space needs. It has the distinctive characteristic of fitting many spaces and other areas perfectly well. You may even slip it under the sink if you so wish.

9. Varied color availability

In total, the container is available in six main color options. For this reason, it gives you the choice and the freedom to complement the interior décor you may have in mind. All you have to do to tap into this is to ascertain the colors you prefer as well as the interior décor of your home.

10. Large-angled opening

Its opening is unlike any other. It is large and slightly bent. The mix of these two traits provides a whopping twice as much access to the area under the counter as your traditionally slimmer containers. With this comes the added benefit of the relative ease of use.

11. Integrated venting channels

Rubbermaid 2026695 waste bin with bag liner

A network of integrated venting channels also adorns the entire aspect and the makeup of the container. The channels combine to facilitate the elimination of the interior liners with greater ease. On the same note, they reduce the injuries that may often arise with use.

12. Durable construction

When all is said and done, the construction of the trash can is strong and durable indeed. This is largely made possible by the high-quality resin materials blended with the commercial-grade approach. They slow down the pace of wear and tear while lengthening the lifespan of the container itself.

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Pros and cons of Rubbermaid 2026695 garbage bin with venting channels


  • Fits snugly under the counters
  • Manages to dispose of the wastes efficiently
  • Adaptable to many environments and settings


  • Lacks a lid and hence lets out the foul smell



We bring an end to our peek into the Rubbermaid 2026695 there. With the kind of in-depth knowledge we have furnished, we now expect you to appreciate the gadget better. Beyond that, we also ask you to move hastily and acquire the trash can as soon as can possibly be!



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