Trash Can Size – Shopping Tips for Buyers

Trash cans play the great role of holding the garbage we accrue in the office in escrow until such a time when we can now dispose of the same out in the open. Hence, you must pick and make good use of the most appropriate one for your course. That can only happen if you do a great search and find the right trash can size.

We want to help you to achieve this. To do this, we prepare and dedicate the entire length and breadth of the article that follows to that subject matter.


Things to consider when selecting trash can size

In the proceeding major segment of our conversations, we peek into those things and factors you have to consider to make the right choice of the trash can of your choice and subsequent liking. These are the issues that have consistently ranked as being relevant to the right tasks.

1. What room is it for?garbage can size for bedroom

Different trash cans are intended for different kinds of rooms. Common examples are the kitchens, bathrooms, offices, countertops, and the curbsides, to name but a few! As part and parcel of their suitability for these different rooms, they also bear more unique characteristics.

You hence can never pick any randomly and accrue the necessary results. On the contrary, you have to take deliberate steps to see that the one you settle for has what it takes to fit and serve the needs of the specific rooms you have in mind.

For that to be realized, you may have to invest some of your time and effort to ascertain where exactly you would wish to devote yours to use. Then, go ahead and determine the unique traits and features that may be needful in the specific area or place of intended deployment.

2. How many people live in your home?

Obviously, there is a direct correlation between the number of occupants in your household and the volume of trash you may have to dispose of every quite often. The higher the number of interior occupants, the higher the volume of the trash you may have to get rid of.

What does that imply? You have to find out just how many people your trash can may have to serve. Choose a larger trash can for more people in your household and a smaller one for fewer occupants. If possible, lay your hands on one whose size may be varied with time and setting.

As you do all these, you have to be mindful of the amount of space you might have to dedicate the same. A larger trash can will often demand a larger installation space and vice versa. Find one that will not pose too much inconvenience and obstruction to the interior occupants of the room.

Additionally, you may also have to pay particular attention to the unique lifestyle of each occupant of your room. The total trash you may hold is brought about by each member of your household’s individual tastes and preferences.

3. How much trash do you create?9 inch wide trash can

How much trash do you create on average? The volume of trash you create is largely dependent on the room you use and your own lifestyle as an individual. Kitchens and home offices normally tend to generate too much trash. They subsequently demand larger trash cans.

On the opposite, the bathrooms and toilets generally generate little trash. A smaller trash can is hence recommended and indeed relevant for them. Besides these, each person also has his own record of usage and generation of the trash. That calls for an honest assessment of your own preferences and usage history.

Take the time to study and take note of just how much trash you tend to generate all the while. Then, proceed now to choose a can whose size can handle that level of trash for you. You may have to exercise a great deal of honesty here to prevent any inconsistencies.

4. How much space do you have?

We have already hinted that these items demand some storage and mounting spaces for them to deliver on their ends. You have to be mindful of this as well. To arrive at the most suitable trash can base on this consideration, you have to mark out space’s dimensions available for you.

Go ahead and translate this space to the same dimensions as the trash can of your interest. Given that these items are never purchased now and then, you have to leave room for possible growth thereafter. That is to prevent a situation in which they may become too obsolete too soon!

To be on the safe side of events, you are greatly advised to prioritize the adjustable trash can. It will also save greatly on the space needs while at the same time guaranteeing proper functionality all the while of use.

5. How often would you like to empty your trash can?

kitchen trash can dimensions

If these cans get filled up, you have to empty them to pave the way for fresh garbage. How often you might have to empty the trash cans also counts or matters insofar as the exact size’s choice is concerned. Obviously, a smaller trash can is emptying more frequently than a larger one.

Only settle for it if you intend to empty the same every quite often. If, on the other hand, you can only empty yours less frequently, you have to select larger trash can size like a 20 gallon trash can. While at it, you must also keep paying attention to the other vital metrics and parameters that define the right size.

These include the volume of trash you might be anticipated, the amount of space you have at your disposal, and the nature of the debris you may have to contend with all the while. Get your hands also on that can, which is simpler to empty if and when the need comes.

6. What size bag do you prefer?

Most of these trash cans demand that you fix a bag in them to hold the contents. You subsequently transport these bags to the municipal dumpsters or garbage collection centers for eventual disposal. Needless to say, these bags have to line up well with the complementary trash cans.

That is to mean that their dimensions must mirror each other as nearly as can be. Any mismatch in these two dimensions or parameters may often make it impossible or difficult for you to conveniently dispose of the contents of the bags when the time to do so comes along.

We ask that you pick a bag that is slightly larger than the trash can size for your own maximum convenience. That is to give you some room for expansions and the relative ease of emptying the contents. A larger bag is also less likely to spill off the contents on the floor.


What size trash bag do you need?

average kitchen trash can size

Now to the factor that determines the trash bag’s size that may be necessary for your course. The bag of this kind is supposed to be large enough to accommodate the volume of the trash you might have to deal with now and then.

Needless to say, it must also blend well with the kinds of trash that you may have to deal with now and then. Additionally, you might also want to figure out the unique purposes for which the can serve. Some tasks, like composting and recycling, require large bags.

As a general rule, choose a trash bag whose capacity is 7-10 gallons if you also engage in the recycling and composting business. If, on the other hand, you mainly deal with the food wastes, the bag you pick and dedicate to the job ought to measure a whopping 12-16 gallons.

In closing, you ought to make use of the 20-30 gallons of trash bags if you intend to use the same bag to throw food, other trash, and recyclable materials in the same bag. The sheer large volume is to give you space and the room you need to accommodate all these disparate wastes at the same time.



There you go! We have truly done the much we can to explain to you what you may need to know about the subject matter of the trash can size. Now that we have done our part well, we challenge you to implement the insight quickly. That is only realizable by you purchasing a suitable trash bag for your course.