Best Garbage Disposal for Deep Sink

A deep kitchen sink is a good way to enhance the interior of your kitchen. Furthermore, a spacious sink gives you more space to work within the kitchen.

Having a deep kitchen sink also comes with the concern about which garbage disposal would fit in the limited under-sink space. The garbage disposal you wish to get for your kitchen sink should have the right power, efficiency, size, and RPM to cut down the required food scraps.


Features to Look for In a Garbage Disposal for Deep Sink

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The type of garbage disposal you need for your deep sink depends upon the type of leftover food scraps in your sink and the space under the sink. The ideal garbage disposal will have higher power, compact size, and good RPM.

Furthermore, some other features that you need to look for are:

  • Compact and small size to fit the tight space under the deep sink.
  • Higher horsepower if your sink often has tough food scrapes.
  • Continuous feed technology because it is more convenient to use.
  • Good quality grinding components to avoid corrosion.


Main Factors to Look for In a Garbage Disposal for Deep Sink

You should look for the following features in a garbage disposal as per your requirements.

kitchen sink garbage disposal

  • Size and Dimensions

The size and dimensions you require of the garbage disposal depend upon your usage. But since you need it for a deep sink, small-sized disposals are recommended.

You should have at least 15-16” of free under-sink space. While most disposal with a height of 11-12” can fit easily, it is important to remember that the plumbing pipes and drainage system require space too.

  • Horsepower

The power you need depends upon the food that will go down the disposal. Garbage disposals have a range of 1/3-1 HP.

If tough foods are to be grinded, choose disposal with higher HP. Nevertheless, for compact sizes, higher HP might not be available.

In such a case, you can get disposal with a strong motor and good RPM (rotation per min) to grind through the required type of food scraps.

  • Noise Level

Noise level is one of the important factors when buying a garbage disposal. A garbage disposal that creates havoc each time it operates can be disturbing.

Clumsy installation can result in disposers making loud noises as well. Make sure the unit is installed properly and that the sink is in place and not moving. Sometimes the powerful motor can produce abrupt noise too.

There are garbage disposals that operate silently. Such garbage disposals use soundproof technology. Exclusive sound silencer and sound shield are the types of soundproofing technologies use.

Getting disposal with such a technology can help solve your noise level concerns.

  •  Switch

The types of a switch for garbage disposer besides the basic wall mount electrical switch are:

  • Air switch.
  • Wireless switch.
  • Toe kick switch.
garbage disposal switch

The air switch, as indicated by the name uses the burst of air to activate the disposal machine. The switch is mounted on the countertop and once you press it, a burst of air is shot down the air hose which activates the power of garbage disposal.

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Secondly, the wireless switch uses no wires. The power switch can easily be plugged into the socket and operated with a button from afar.

kitchen sink grinder with toe kick switch

Toe kick switch is a switch that turns on the disposal when you push the button with your toe. It is installed at the bottom of the cabinet, making it easy for you to push the button and activate the disposal.


Best Compact Garbage Disposal Reviews

The followings are the 5 best compact garbage disposal for kitchen sinks.

1. Space Efficient and Powerful

InSinkErator garbage disposer (recommended for small spaces)

This garbage disposal is super quiet, and its compact size and dimensions are to be made to fit it into small spaces.

The lightweight of the device also adds to the ease of installation. Additionally, all types of food scraps are efficiently ground with multi-grinding blades.

And all of this is done so quietly that you would even forget that the disposer was running.

insinkerator evolution essential garbage disposal

  • What You Benefit from It

The top 3 features that can be to your benefit are:

  • Perfect for small spaces

This garbage disposal can be fitted into small spaces effectively.

For deep sinks, where the space for garbage disposal is much less as compared to normal sinks, this disposer with its compact size and height can be installed easily under the deep sink.

  • Powerful Grinding

For a deep sink, you need a disposer that along with a compact size, has powerful grinding blades.

The ¾ horsepower powers the multi-grinding blades which cut down all tough fruit peels and pits including cherry and other fruit pits.

When all food pieces are ground efficiently, the disposer does not jam and there is no clogging.

  • Quiet

With your deep sink, what you do not need is a device that produces abrupt sounds and disturbs the peace whenever you are in the kitchen.

The soundseal soundproof technology in this garbage disposal makes this one of the quietest garbage disposals ever.

  • What Others Say About This Product

“My last garbage disposal took up way more space than this one. Extremely happy with this purchase”

“It is unrealistically quiet and swallows everything I throw in it! Highly recommended to everyone”

“Causes no rumble or vibration. Operates perfectly without any problems.”

  • You May Care For
  • Powerful with ¾ horsepower.
  • 2 stages of grinding to cut down all types of food scraps.
  • 3-4 KWh energy use per year makes this device energy efficient.
  • Easy to install with a quick lock.
  • You May Prefer
  • No leakage, clogging, or jamming.
  • Stainless steel parts make this disposer efficient in the long run.
  • Good performance for the price paid.
  • What You May Dislike
  • The make and design could be improved and made more modernized.

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2. Long-Lasting Garbage Disposal

Waste King L-3200 garbage disposal (recommended to cut down tough food scraps)

The waste king L-3200 is known to be a disposer that will stick with you through every thick and thin.

The device will not give up on you, even after 10 years of use. The long-lasting nature, quiet operation, and powerful performance are enough to convince you to buy this device.

smallest garbage disposal

  • What You Benefit from It

The top qualities of this garbage disposal:

  • EZ Mount System

One thing you will hear a lot about this disposer is that it is easy to install. That is exactly what the name says too.

For a deep sink, where the space for installation is already limited, this disposer makes the process easier.

The package sent by the retailer already comes prepared and wired and is ready to go, all you have to do is follow the simple instructions given and put the disposer in place.

  • Easy to Maintain

This garbage disposal has a removable splashguard that can be removed, to clean the interior of the disposal thoroughly.

If by accident anything such as a spoon or a fork falls down the drain, you can easily remove the splash guard and retrieve it.

The ability to remove the splash guard and then clean also keeps foul odors from building in your kitchen and saves the hectic maintenance work of disposal.

  • Affordable

For the given price range, this product is quite good. It has enough power, is efficient enough to deal with the fruit peels and pits you throw into it.

Additionally, there is no maintenance cost for the repairing or replacement of the parts. You pay once for it, and it lasts long enough for you to be satisfied with it.

  • What Others Say About This Product

“Quite some time has passed since I am using this product. Can confidently say it works perfectly and I have had zero issues. It is even quieter than my previous disposer”

“I am amazed by how quiet this garbage disposal is. It has ground all types of food scraps that I have thrown into it. For the cost I paid, I am pleased with the product”

“Update after 7 years of using this product: still running fine, didn’t skip a beat!”

  • You May Care For
  • Powerful ¾ motor to cut down tough food scraps.
  • The switch can be wall-mounted or used as an air switch.
  • Does not need any extra parts for installation.
  • You May Prefer
  • Stainless steel components to avoid the maintenance cost of grinding components.
  • Rubber dampers to make the device operate quietly.
  • 8 years long warranty.

You May Dislike

  • Although the installation is easy, you still need to read the instructions properly, or else a little mishap in installation can result in some noises. Click here to see instructions.

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3. Compact and Easy to Install

Moen GX50C (recommended for people looking for an easy to install disposer)

This garbage disposal is an all-rounder. It has all the necessary features that make a garbage disposer run smoothly.

It is easy super easy to install and maintain. It has ½ Horsepower which is enough to grind all soft food scraps including banana and potato peels.

quietest garbage disposal

  • What You Benefit from It

Some top features are:

  • Compact and Modern Design

Along with a sleek and modern built, the device is also super easy to install. The pre-installed power cord makes installation easier to follow along, using the installation guide.

For confined spaces such as for a deep sink, this device can offer a good look and compact dimensions to makes it easy to fit in.

  • Suitable Motor Power

If you rarely cook food that has hard food peels or prefer to clean up before running anything down the disposal then the ½ horsepower motor is enough to grind the soft food scraps you might throw down the drain.

The soft food scraps can include banana peels, potato peels or other leftover vegetables. For a ½ horsepower motor this type of stuff is easy to handle without jamming.

  • Stainless Steel Components

The high-quality stainless-steel components do not corrode or rust even after years of use.

They are good quality material to make the device last long. This saves you the work and money you might have to put into replacing the grinding parts.

  • What Others Say About It

“Moen has always delivered top-quality products. And this time just very quietly. Moen has come through again.”

“Couldn’t be happier after buying this one. Performs greatly for the price paid as compared to other brands.”

“It has a very sleek design and is blissfully quiet.”

  • You May Care For
  • ½ horsepower.
  • This disposer is safe to use with a septic tank system.
  • Removable splash guard.
  • 4-year warranty.
  • You May Prefer
  • Stainless steel grinding components to ensure durability.
  • Continuous feed technology to quickly cut through all food scraps.
  • A removable splash guard allows you to clean effectively and thoroughly.
  • You May Dislike
  • Understanding the design while installing can be complicated for some people.

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3. Budget-Friendly Garbage Disposer

InSinkErator Badger 1 (recommended for people looking for a budget-friendly device)

This InSinkErator garbage disposer is as budget-friendly as you can get, considering the features it offers.

The instructions are easy to follow and allows you flexibility while installing the device. It performs well for the price paid and does not require extra money for maintenance. It is one of those user-friendly devices.

best insinkerator garbage disposal

  • What You Benefit from It

The top features that you will prefer are:

  • Easy to Use

This device is easy to use. The lightweight and compact size makes the installation easy. The ½ horsepower motor handles soft fruit and vegetable leftovers effectively and avoids jamming.

It is relatively quiet as well. Hence, if you do not have too much work in the kitchen and need disposal for small leftover scraps of food, this one will work well for you.

  • Energy Efficient

With 3-4 KWh of energy consumption per year, this device is ranked as an energy-efficient device.

In simple words, it does the task of grinding soft food scraps the same as the other disposers but while consuming much less energy.

It saves your expenses by not increasing your electricity bill much.

  • No Vibrations

If operated properly, there are no loud noises, vibrations, or rumbles produced.

For normal residential use, soft food scraps are to be thrown down the drain.

If everything is in place and installed properly the device makes no vibrations or rumbles and operates peacefully.

  • What Others Say About It

“It runs quietly and handles all types of food scraps modestly.”

“Normally I don’t do product reviews. But this one deserves it. For the money spent, it is working like a charm, highly recommended.”

“The badger 1 is really reliable and much quieter compared to the previous one. It doesn’t take up much force for grinding and runs smoothly.”

  • You May Care For
  • ½ horsepower.
  • Solid make and design.
  • Reliable product runs efficiently up to 10 years.
  • You May Prefer
  • Galvanized steel components to avoid corrosion of grinding components.
  • Efficient grinding force.
  • You May Dislike
  • Quick-lock installation can be tricky at first.

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5. Reliable and Efficient

InSinkErator Badger 5 (Recommended for long term use)

The badger 5 is a cost-effective garbage disposer.

When you are looking on the market you probably have the requirements such as should be powerful to grind everything, quiet, easy to maintain, and not cost me too much in the long run.

It is safe to say that is exactly what the badger 5 is made to deliver.

most powerful garbage disposal

  • What You Benefit from It
  • Quick Lock Installation

For a deep sink, confined space can limit your installation options. A quick lock installation would be preferred in such a case.

By holding up the lightweight device and with a twist and turn, you can easily install it.

  • Durable

The galvanized steel parts are what make this device last long. Even after years of use, it will be just as efficient because the grinding components do not get rusty.

This durability of the disposer saves you the expense of replacing the grinding parts or replacing the whole disposal even.

  • Continuous Feed Disposal

For a deep sink, if you require a disposal that is used not all the time then continuous feed disposals are recommended.

With continuous feed, fruit and vegetables are ground effectively and quickly, meaning you get done and over with the kitchen work rather quickly.

  • What Others Say About It

“I have been using it for over a year. There have been no issues and it is also super easy to install.”

“This is a high-quality product. It grinds whatever I throw into it happily.”

“For the price I paid, this disposer grinds well and does not make much noise. I am happy with the purchase.”

  • You May Care For
  • ½ Horsepower.
  • Cost-effective
  • Compatible parts that make installation easy.
  • You May Prefer
  • No rumbling or vibrations while operating.
  • Can fit easily into small spaces.
  • Relatively quiet.
  • You May Dislike
  • There is no safety stopper.

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Tips on Installing A Deep Sink Garbage Disposal

Installing a garbage disposal is surely a tricky task but it is not exactly difficult. For a deep sink, where space is limited, you might have to lay down and even stretch a bit. Follow the video to learn how to install a garbage disposal

There is a step-by-step guideline that comes along with the device that you can follow, nevertheless, some of the tips to installing a deep sink garbage disposal are:

  • Remove the existing assembly with extra care to not damage any drainpipes.
  • Apply plumber’s putty on the flange to make the seal last long.
  • Secure the tailpipe with a metal spring ring.
  • Remove the breakout plate if you plan to use the disposer with a dishwasher.
  • Use strong support to prop up the disposer into the right place.
  • Tighten all the screws and make sure everything is in place.
  • Run some water down the drain to check for any leakage.



Can a garbage disposal be lower than a drain?

A garbage disposal cannot be lower than a drain. It will result in product failure since the disposer will always be filled in water. The water will not flow against gravity and will just cause further problems in the long run.

Are all sinks compatible with the garbage disposal?

Most kitchen sinks are compatible with garbage disposals. However, for some sinks, the drain might be too small to fit into a garbage disposal. It is important to know your requirements and to check the details of the product you are buying.



If you are getting garbage disposal for the deep sink, remember to measure the space under the sink and make sure you choose compact waste disposal to install.

We recommended the most suitable kitchen waste disposal in this article, if you find them helpful, get one now to make your life easier.