The Ultimate Garbage Disposal Buying Guide 2022

Are you looking forward to buying garbage disposal? From grinding and washing away your kitchen refuse at the touch of a button, garbage disposals are the items you will always need. Their role in keeping the environment clean will often stand out, whether you are using them at home or in a commercial place. However, what matters the most is getting the right one.

Sadly, not much information is available for those who want to buy the best. Thanks to this limited information, making decisions has become relatively hard. By understanding the various elements that come in handy in the purchase of these disposals, it will be much easier to move forward.

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How to Select Your Garbage Disposal?

Indeed, selecting the right garbage disposal will make the difference between keeping safe and exposing yourself to health issues.

It is in this light that you will need to invest your time and effort in identifying what is ideal for you.

Here are a few insights into what happens or what you need to do when choosing one.

  • How Much Power Do You Need?

Nothing could be as integral in your selection as the horsepower of your garbage disposal. It is definitive of the grinding power you get down the road. Whether it is a 1/3 or a 1 HP device, it should comfortably address your needs, and effectively so. It would suffice to mention that machines with more significant horsepower abilities tend to offer better efficiency in grinding.

Take the time to confirm the amps that the device uses. With the amount of electricity this device can draw, it becomes easier for you to pick one that is efficient. While at it, it would be valuable to confirm whether the circuit breaker can handle the amount of electricity.

Experts will suggest a horsepower of between 1/2 and 3/4 for your typical residential use. 1/3 HP is for basic use, while 1 HP Garbage Disposal is less noisy and suitable for a finer grind.

Lest you forget, the power cord will matter a lot too. Remember, some devices will hardly come with this cord, which means you will spend an extra $15. With a reliable power cord, you will be confident of getting a seamless experience in the long run.


  • Noise Levels

Most people value silence in their kitchens, and you are no exception. Unfortunately, not all garbage disposals will assure you of this experience. It will, for this reason, be vital for you to aim at something that does not distract your peace. While at it, keep in mind that no machine is whisper-quiet.

Usually, the bigger your disposal, the quieter it tends to be. However, you will spend more on bigger machines at all times. As long as you get one that offers you relative quietness while fitting in your sink, make it a priority. While at it, you should focus on those that give out the least noise at all times.


  • Check the Type of Garbage Disposal

Most often, you will have to choose between batch feed and continuous feed garbage disposals. The former allows you to insert food waste in batches, after which you can run it all at the same time.

This option will come in handy if you are placing them in a place with no switch. Ideally, you will need to use a magnetic stopper whenever you are using them.

On the other hand, the continuous feed garbage disposal will always operate as long as the power is on. This machine is ideal for family use, as it allows you to insert food waste at any time. That implies that you will have no issue when it comes to cleaning while on the go. Besides, you can comfortably place them anywhere.


  • The Cost

We can all agree on how vital keeping within your budget means. From cushioning you against financial constraints to giving you the convenience you deserve, it will often be a priority. It is no different when selecting your garbage disposal, as your goal should be on something affordable yet practical for the family.

Take the time to identify how much you will spend on the given machine. The comparison will be critical in ensuring that you get the ultimate choice. Pick something that you can afford, whether in terms of acquisition or maintenance.

Often, the higher the rating and horsepower, the more you are likely to pay. However, with these two variables being much higher, you will be confident of value for your money.

While on the cost issue, you will witness that the size of the disposal you choose depends on the budget you have. For instance, if your family has over four people, you will need a 1 HP device. That implies that the cost will be relatively higher. Conversely, you could rely on a 0.5-0.75 HP if your family has between 2-6 people.


  • Confirm the Extra Features They Have

Like everyone else, your focus will always be on how practical the choice will be. In this light, you will need to check the various extra features that the garbage disposal comes with. Here are a few things that you should always prioritize.


  • Anti-Jamming

This feature ensures that the device automatically detects jams and reverses the grinding table. This way, loosening lodged food particles becomes hassle-free.


  • Multiple Grind Stages

Did you know that having multiple grinding stages will be vital in giving you the most excellent grinds? Machines with over three phases of grinding should be a priority.


  • Switches and Connections

Does your device have electrical or air-pressure switches? While the former seems a little more famous, air-pressure switches are much safer. They will assure you of enough protection against shock.



Buying reliable garbage disposal is no walk in the park. However, with the insights provided, this buying guide will ensure you get the best. Consider each of the elements mentioned, and you will be a happy person.