Moen GXB75C Batch Feed Garbage Disposal Review in 2022

Garbage disposal is considered an essential duty in normal day to day activities of most households. And having a machine that will help grind the waste in your sink for disposal is important. Furthermore, having a machine, such as the Moen GXB75C Garbage Disposal, which is easy to operate and does not require any special tools saves you money in the long run. Made by the reputable Moen Company, the Moen GXB75C is one of the best in the market with regards to performance and efficiency

Wondering what makes the Moen GXB75C Garbage Disposal ideal? In this article, we will look at its functionality, its features, and the advantages and disadvantages alongside various similarities and differences with other models.


Moen GXB75C Garbage Disposal Overview

Moen GXB75C is equipped with 3/4 hp motor and also consists of a permanent magnet vortex. The engine offers 2700 rpm, which is sufficient for continuous crushing of waste and food disposal.

It weighs just 11 pounds and its measurements are slightly larger than the standard Moen GXS75C Gx. The machine is simple to install because it uses the “common Xpress mounting system” that fits most of the three-bolt mounting assemblies.

For the larger families who have a limited budget but desperately need enough power, Moen GXB75C 3⁄4 hour power supply is a good option. The model is efficient, affordable, and also provides sound insulation.


Moen GXB75C Specs

  • A 3/4 HP Batch Feed Garbage Disposal for Safe Operation and Grinding Tough Food Scraps
  • Feed Type: Batch Feed
  • Horsepower: 3/4 HP 2700 RPM
  • Motor System: Vortex Permanent Magnet Motor
  • Material: Galvanized Steel
  • Mount System: 3 Bolt
  • Splash Guard: Removable
  • Installation: Pre-installed Power Cord
  • Weight: 11 pounds
  • Dimension: 7.5 x 7.5 x 15.63 inches
  • Warranty: 8 Years With In-Home Service
  • HOST SERIES: Designed for those who frequently cook for guests and need advanced cleanup power
  • POWERFUL GRINDING: 2,700 RPM, ¾ horsepower Vortex motor provides fast, powerful grinding of tough food scraps and helps reduce jamming
  • CONTROLLED, SAFER GRINDING: Disposal only works when the batch feed stopper is engaged and locked into place, keeping unwanted items out of the disposal while in use for increased safety
  • NOISE REDUCTION: Designed with SoundSHIELD sound-deadening insulation
  • SIMPLE SWAP: Fits most existing assemblies, including other brands; includes pre-installed power cord
  • SEPTIC SAFE: Safe to use with properly sized septic tanks
  • REDUCE WASTE: Disposals reduce waste sent to landfills, making them an eco-friendly option for your home
  • BUILT TO LAST: 10-year limited warranty with in-home service guarantees help is there when you need it


Main Features of the Moen GXB75C Garbage Disposal

moen gxb75c garbage disposal review

Most Moen products come with useful features that make a particular model essential. Here are the features of the GXB75C model:

1. Powerful Horsepower  – Moen GXB75C comes with a permanent magnetic VORTEX motor that can generate 3/4 hours of power. This enables the garbage disposal to grind food waste properly and thoroughly. Chances of jamming or lodging of the engine are minimal because the chamber rotates at 2700 rotations per minute.

2. Easy Installation – The Moen GXB75C is compatible with most 3-bolt mounting systems. The assembly is also simple because of its design, and also the pre-installed power cord that saves you the time to install.

3. Sound Insulation – One of the most important and selling features of this model is Moen’s, Sound Shield. This ensures that the product is less noisy than most insulated models in the market that sell at the same price range.

4. High Quality – Just like other products manufactured by Moen, this garbage disposal model maintains the high standard set by the well-known brand. The specs and features of this model are consistent with the standards set by Moen with regard to performance and efficiency.

5. The Drain Connection Size – This is a feature that will help you save on money during installation. Other models require you to purchase the cord separately unlike these models that come with a 1 1/2” pre-installed cord.

6. Lightweight Design – The model weighs 11 pounds considering its engine capacity. It has a compact design and a case that is made of highly durable and corrosion-resistant plastic. The grinding chamber and its parts are made of galvanized steel which is more durable, less costly, and lighter compared to stainless steel.

7. Height – This is another feature that makes this model popular. It is 15-5/8 inches in height, allowing easier accessibility and use.

8. Sink Drain Finish – This is a stainless steel finish that surrounds the drain in the sink. At times, it is made of plastic that is coated with metallic polish. It is important to note, that if the flange cracks, water will leak at this point.

9. Grind Component Material – The grinding component and its surrounding materials are made of galvanized steel that is highly durable, corrosion-resistant, and less costly. This ensures that garbage disposal equipment is able to last long and perform efficiently.

10. Compatibility – The Moen GXB75C has inner features that make it highly compatible with most 3-bolts fitting assemblies. This is made possible by the Universal Xpress Mount system that comes with the GXB75C model. Also, it is compatible with septic tanks that are properly sized.


Moen GXB75C Garbage Disposal Review

Moen GXB75C Overall Score: 8.2

moen gxb75c batch feed garbage disposal

Check the Price

Brilliant features

  • Plastic, corrosion-resistant case
  • Batch feed design ensures the safety
  • Grinds the garbage thoroughly through multiple stages
  • Sound insulation technology
  • Works efficiently and saves on time as it has high rotation rates
  • It is eco-friendly

Watch out for

  • Cannot grind the food continuously
  • Consumes lots of power


Moen GXB75C vs GX50C garbage disposal

The Moen GX50C garbage disposal is designed to help you clean up after a basic meal prep without jamming. The model is less powerful than the GXB75C and small in terms of size.

The GX50C has a 2,600 rpm magnetic vortex and  ½ horsepower that provide very powerful and fast grinding. This is slightly less compared to the GXB75C model which has a 2,700 rpm vortex and a ¾ horsepower.

Just like the GXB75C, the installation of the GX50C is very easy because of its compact design and a pre-installed power cord. The Xpress Mount system allows this model to fit in most existing assemblies and properly-sized septic tanks.

The Moen GX50C is eco-friendly as it reduces the waste sent to landfills and comes with a 5-year limited warranty. The grinding material is made of stainless steel.

Model                                GX50C                   GXB75C

HorsePower                         ½                               ¾

Noise insulation                 √                                 √

Grind material          Stainless Steel          Galvanized Steel

Continuous feed                √                                 √

Vortex motor               2600rpm                   2700rpm

Power cord                          √                               √

Xpress mount                    √                                √

Weight                             9.25 lbs                   11 lbs

Warranty                         8 years                   4 years



Moen GXB75C vs GXP50C Garbage Disposal

The GXP50C Garbage Disposal is made to help you handle day to day food scraps. The high-speed vortex permanent magnet motor has a 2,600 rpm and a ½ horsepower.

This model is compatible with most 3-bolt mounting assemblies with and easy to install a twist-and-lock system. To save on space beneath the sink, this product comes in a compact, and streamlined design.

The GXP50C is lighter in weight, 8.5 pounds compared to the GXB75C, which is slightly heavier at 11 lbs. The latter also comes with a 3-year limited warranty.

Model                                GXB75C                  GXP50C

Horsepower                           ¾                                ½

Noise insulation                   √                                  √

Grind material           Galvanized Steel         Stainless Steel

Continuous feed                  √                                  √

Vortex motor                  2700rpm                    2600rpm

Power cord                           √                                   √

Xpress mount                      √                                  √

Weight                                11lbs                         8.5lbs

Warranty                           8 years                    3 years


Final Thoughts

The Moen GXB75C, just like all products from Moen, features style, quality, and performance as its key components. Moen GXB75C features a Universal Xpress Mount System and a pre-installed cord for easier installation. Jamming is minimal, this product boasts of a permanent magnetic VORTEX motor that operates at high rotations per minute.

The model guarantees you peace of mind because it comes with Moen’s Limited Warranty. This means, that you are guaranteed customer care services for your product.