How to Choose Best Touchless Trash Can?

Trash cans have thousands of germs on their surface that you can contract if you came in contact with the bin. Even if you take additional measures being careful, your hygiene is still compromised.

For such reasons, it is preferred to get a touchless trash can. There are types of touchless trash cans that have different operating systems. Some operate using a motion sensor while others operate using a foot pedal mechanism.

They are simple to use and are hygienic as compared to other type of trash bins.


What Is A Touchless Trash Can?

A touchless trash can is one that functions without having to touch the garbage bin to open the lid. There are different types of trash cans that you see on the market. The two types of touchless trash cans are:

  • Foot pedal trash can.
  • Motion sensor trash can.

Foot Pedal Trash Can

Foot pedal trash bin ha simple mechanism that lets you operate the trash bin from your foot. The pedal is placed at the base of the trash bin, upon being pushed from the foot, the stick connecting to the lid opens the lid, allowing you to throw the trash in the bin.

They are easy to use and they last long too as they don’t require special or advanced technology or parts that wear out in the long run.

Motion Sensor Trash Can

Motion sensor trash can detects the motion of hand by the motion sensors and automatically opens the lid to allow trash into it. They are advanced types of trash bins and are efficient.

Motion sensor trash cans have batteries that can be replaced or adapter that can be plugged into the switch for the power source needed.


How Does Motion Sensor Touchless Trash Can Work?

The motion sensor touchless trash cans are a great addition to your house. If you have kids or pets around the house, you would appreciate this secure and hygienic trash can.

They are what you might call an advanced trash can. They do not have any complex technology or are not that expensive but they are still more upgraded than ordinary trash bins.

There are different types of motion sensor trash cans. Some operate upon detecting the motion of hand or foot and others that work on voice command.

The touchless motion sensor trash bins have infrared motion sensors in them that detect the motion of hand or foot easily. While they detect the motion on time, they are not so clumsy to open for the pet that is too curious to open up the trash bin.

Motion sensor trash bins have batteries that wear out in time and need to be replaced. Some motion trash bins even have the option to plug into the source to provide the required power needed.

In short, there is not much technical working in the motion sensor trash bins that you need to understand. If you need a hygienic trash can to work around with busy hands when working in the kitchen then you should get a motion sensor trash bin.


Why Do You Need A Touchless Trash Can?

There are many obvious reasons that a touchless trash can is better than ordinary trash cans. Few reasons you might need a touchless trash can are:

Keep Your Hands Clean

With a touchless trash can you don’t need to touch the trash bin to throw in your trash. You would know the hygiene you are compromising if you have had to throw the trash in a full trash bin with swinging lid.

The touchless trash can saves you from such worries and operates easily even when your hands are full. For example, when working in the kitchen you have to throw in the food scraps in the bin. What do you do then?

Opening the bin with dirty hands just makes a mess of trash bin and gets you moving back and forth washing your hands.

Hence a touchless trash can keeps your hands clean and does not affect your hygiene.

Odor Control

A touchless trash can has a tightly closed lid that does not open until it detects motion, and some even have an odor filter. Because of this the trash bin holds the trash in place and keeps all the odors inside the trash bin.

In such way, no odors are spread out to the surroundings and the atmosphere is fresh around where the trash bin is placed.

Dog Proof

Restricting your pet from reaching out to your trash is important to avoid making a mess in the house. The motion sensor trash bins are mostly equipped with pet lock that keeps the lid of the bin in place. Since it also control the odors, it saves the curiosity of the dog from inspecting the trash bin.

Hence, having a dog proof motion sensor trash bin is essential in a household with running pets and kids.

Wider Opening

Motion sensor trash bins are available in small sizes and big sizes as well. But the best thing they have got to offer is the wide opening for the ease in disposing the trash.

The motion sensor is placed on top of the bin and does not consume too much space for the design. That leaves a lot of room for the opening of lid to be wide and spacious.

The wide opening allows you to throw large amount of trash at once easily.


How to Choose the Hand-Free Trash Can?

There are certain things you need to consider while choosing a motion sensor trash can.

What Material to Choose?

The trash bins are mainly manufactured in two types of material. Plastic and stainless steel. Most of the motion sensor trash bins are made of stainless steel due to the required heavy duty use.

The plastic built of the trash bin offers durability and does not bend easily. But in comparison stainless steel is more durable, lasts long, is more environmentally friendly and keeps the odors in place.

The material you require depends on the use of the trash bin in your house. Motion sensor fulfills the purpose in either of these materials.

Does It Respond Quickly?

The motion sensor trash cans are efficient and work well, giving no space for users to complain about the late response of the sensor. The response of the sensor depends on the sensitivity range of the motion sensor.

The signals transmitted are quick to read any type of motion to make the trash bin work. Thus, it responds well on time and does not keep you waiting for the bin to open.

Lock System?

Most motion sensor trash cans come with a lock system. The lock in the lid helps in securing the lid and avoids creating a mess if the trash bin is tipped over.

It is recommended to get a motion sensor trash bin with a lock system. You can easily find one that has a design to your liking and requirements.

What Is The Perfect Size For You?

The perfect size of the bin is the one that helps in storing all the trash that you have to dispose. The size of the trash bin is one thing that you should research properly before getting the bin. Getting the wrong size can having you facing problems of overstuffing the bin or spending too much.

Trash bins has different sizes, for household use, range of 13 gallons-50 gallons is known to be adequate.

If you have small use of the bin in the house you might get a 13 gallons bin or for constant use around the kitchen you can get a trash bin of 20 or 30 gallons.

Does It Have Filter?

Another thing to look out for in the trash bin is that whether it has an odor filter or not. The odor carbon filter absorbs all the odors from the garbage and keeps them from spreading out until you have to change the filter.

Motion sensor trash bins are smart and advanced trash bins and are equipped with these odors filter. Nevertheless, if the trash odor is your biggest concern then you ought to get a bin with a filter.

What Shape Do You Need?

The trash bins are offered in many different shapes. To offer space efficiency and to give a new and stylized look to the surroundings it is placed in.

The basic and usual shapes that you will find on market are round and rectangular. The advantage with circular-shaped bin is that they are easier to clean because of no edges but the rectangular-shaped ones can hold more amount of trash because of these edges.

Nevertheless, this space issue is minor and can be neglected, you need to make this decision depending more upon the shape that goes well with your interior.

What Is Your Budget?

The main thing that you need to consider before getting the touchless trash bin is to know how much you are willing to spend. There are many products on the market that will easily fit into your budget and also others that you might consider a luxury.

A small-sized touchless trash can will be cheaper. But the bigger the trash bin and more advanced technology, the greater will be the price. Nevertheless, you can easily get a good quality touchless trash bin in a mid-range price.


Best Touchless Trash Can Review


1. User-Friendly Trash Can

Simple Human Voice and Motion Trash Can (Recommend for ease in use)

This motion sensor trash bin is a great addition to households where efficiency and ease in using a trash can is required. The voice control along with the motion sensor makes this trash bin really easy to be used.

  • What you benefit from it

Voice and Motion Control to Make Using This Trash Bin Efficient

While most of the trash bins have just the motion sensor to operate them. This one has an additional feature that allows you to control the bin with your voice. All that you have to say is “open can” and the bin detects the voice even in the busy environment with the 3 microphones installed into it. This provides easy control and no compromise on your hygiene.

Spacious Enough to Hold Good Amount Of Trash

This trash bin has a good space of 58 Liters. Which is good enough to support adequate use for a small family around the house. From use in the kitchen or around other places in the house, this trash ban is known to provide enough space and does not overflow with the trash you throw into it.

Good Quality Stainless Steel Built

This trash bin has a good quality stainless steel built that is sturdy and strong. It does not trip over easily even if it is empty nor it is too heavy to carry when full. The stainless steel design is also fingerprint proof that avoids the smudges of fingerprint all over the bin. It adds an elegant look to the surroundings.

  • What Others Say About This Product?

“It’s so satisfying to have this trash can around my house. I absolutely love it.”

“I got lucky and got this trash can. It is made of good quality stainless steel that does the work for me.”

“I would definitely order this again if I have to. Stores good amount of trash and I would highly recommend it.”


2. Motion Sensor Trash Can

Ninestars Trash Can (Recommended for a small family)

This trash bin has a fairly good enough space to store small amounts of trash or even suffice for heavy use in the household if you take out the trash often. This motion sensor trash bin is smart and has a good quality built to last you long and save the budget in the long run.

  • What You Benefit From It

Good Quality Motion Sensor That Is Not Too Sensitive

A problem with motion sensor trash bins could be that their sensitivity causes the lid to open up upon detecting even the slightest of motion. i.e someone just passing by. But that is not the problem with this one. While it is sensitive enough to respond perfectly well on time it is not too sensitive to open up on unusual occasions.

Slim and Smart Design to Fit Into Tight Spaces

This trash bin with its limited capacity occupies only a limited amount of space. For when there is a kitchen floor space problem, you can easily get yourself a trash bin such as this one. It fits easily into all tight spaces and resolve your issues about the trash bin consuming too much space around the house.

Good Quality Batteries Last Long Enough for Efficient Performance

This motion sensor trash bin requires 3C batteries that are not included in the package. You ought to buy good quality batteries so you get the most efficient performance from the trash bin.

This trash bin is made to consume the power from batteries in an efficient way so you do not have to go and replace the batteries every now and then; in short, saving your budget.

  • What Others Say About This Product

“I was hesitant before buying an automatic trash can. But this one is definitely worth the money and I am glad I made the purchase.”

“2 years of using this trash can and it still works perfectly. The built of the bin is of good quality.”

“I can’t say enough good words about this trash bin. It is easy to clean and easy to maintain. Will definitely buy it again.”


3. Compact Motion Sensor Trash Bin

Simplehuman Trash Can (Recommended for improving the look of the surroundings)

This semicircular trash bin is a good necessity to have to go on about your daily task of throwing out trash. It holds the required amount of trash in place and also keeps the odor from spreading out by the secured tight lid. It adds a good look to the surroundings it is placed in.

  • What You Benefit From It

Powerful Smooth and Quiet Operation of the Motor

The motor used to control the lid operation is powerful and works smoothly. The motor has a high and powerful torque that upon closing the lid does not create a loud thudding sound. This does not disturb the surroundings from loud operational sounds of the trash bin as it operates at a low noise level of 52db.

Available In Different Colors to Suit the Aesthetic of the Surroundings

The trash bin is available in different colors. You can pick a color to your liking that suits the interior of wherever you want the trash can to be placed. In such way, the stainless steel colored trash bin adds elegant and a nice touch to the surroundings it is placed in.

Worth The Money You Spend On It

This trash can offers good performance and durability for the price you pay. It elevates the look of the surroundings and operates smoothly all for the price that you have to pay once. The motion sensor is of good quality that does not require high maintenance and do not have maintenance costs either. Hence it proves to save money in the long run and is worth the money spent.

  • What Others Say About This Product

“This trash can met all of my expectations. It is durable, quiet and functions smoothly. I love the chocolate brown color as it goes well with my kitchen interior.”

“It’s crazy to think that you can be in love with a trash can, but I am! This is all I needed in a trash can and I absolutely adore it.”

“This trash can has a good solid built. It is easy to clean as well, I love having it around in the kitchen.”


4. Touchless Foot Pedal Trash Can

Basic Trash Can (Recommended for simple use)

This trash can is one of the basic trash can that you can get for yourself. It is a simple foot pedal trash bin that does not require additional features or advanced technology. As compared to a motion sensor trash can, it requires you to use your foot to operate the bin but it still is just as hygienic.

  • What You Benefit From It

Simple and Easy Use around the Household

This is one of those small trash cans that are not made for heavy use. They are good enough for light use around the household or your office. It has limited capacity that holds the normal amount of trash that you have lying around. It is easy to clean and requires low to no maintenance.

Inner Removable Plastic Bucket

The plastic bucket holds the garbage bag in place and can be easily removed to be cleaned thoroughly. The bucket is easy to remove and adds to the ease of cleaning the bin properly so no germs are allowed to reside inside the trash bin.

Soft Closing Lid Actually Does Close Softly

This trash bin has the function of a soft closing lid. When you lift your foot off the foot pedal at the bottom, the lid returns back to its place. While it does, it closes smoothly and softly instead of closing in a loud abrupt thud. Hence, you will not even notice the lid closing.

  • What Others Say About This Product

“This is a good size bin for my household. I love how it is easy to take out the trash and easy to clean as well.”

“Beautiful matt silver color adds a good touch to the surroundings. I would recommend this to others.”

“I am pleased with the style, quality and built of this trash bin. It is a good, cute addition to my kitchen.”


Tips on Using Motion Sensor Touchless Trash Can

Motion sensor trash cans are pretty much like other touchless trash cans except for the advanced technology used in the sensors. It is no brainer operating them nor are they hard to maintain. They work easily and smoothly if you look after them properly.

Furthermore, some tips on using a touchless motion sensor trash can are:

  • Clean the trash bin often and properly.
  • Make sure too much dust does not settle on the sensor or it can affect its performance.
  • Avoid pouring water on the sensor.
  • Check and replace the batteries when the performance starts wearing out.
  • Avoid throwing down heavy objects on the sensor.

Overall, there are no more specific tips you need to use this trash bin. It is pretty simple that you figure out with time.


How to Maintain Touchless Trash Can?

Maintaining a touchless trash can is no big deal. It does not require any additional work or high maintenance just because it has a sensor. Nevertheless, there are some things that you need to care for to make the motion sensor trash bin last long enough for you.

Nevertheless, when you are spending some good amount of money on the trash, you would want to have to take care of it so your money does not end up getting wasted.

The motion sensor in some trash cans have water-resistant motion sensor but even then you need to be careful to not spill water on the sensor, or else it will affect the performance of the motion sensor.

You also need to make sure no dust is allowed to stay on the sensor, keep the trash bin clean and do not abuse it with too much trash like you might have done with a basic trash can.

If you take such basic measures, managing a motion sensor will not be a trouble for you and are easy to manage and last long enough for you.



What is the most suitable size hand-free trash can for the kitchen?

The most suitable size for touchless trash can is the one that fulfills your requirements completely. It is not something that someone can guide you to, it is just something you figure out depending upon the amount of trash in your household. To fit a normal trash disposing, a trash bin of 20-30 gallons is good enough for a small family.

Are touchless trash cans worth it?

Touchless trash cans are a great way to make sure you hygiene is not compromised. They are great addition to a busy kitchen or anywhere around the house. Hence, they are definitely worth it because of their efficiency and ease in use.

Can I use regular garbage bags in a touchless trash can?

There are no rules to using a specific type of garbage bag in a touchless trash can. You can use any type of good quality garbage bin in the trash bin as long as it fits perfectly into the trash bin.



By getting a touchless trash can you look out for your hygiene and avoid putting your health at risk. Getting a touchless trash bin can be considered expensive but it is just an investment that you make to look out for yourself and your family members.

There are different types of trash can available on the market, you can easily pick out the best fit for yourself after thoroughly considering your choices. The price you pay is known to be proven worthy with any type of motion sensor trash bin you get.