How to Choose the Best Outdoor Trash Can?

You might think that an outdoor trash can is not even important. That is until you are faced with a backyard problem that you realise the importance of the right type of outdoor trash can.

An outdoor trash is used to store the trash of the entire household. They are made of high-quality plastic or stainless-steel material with good amount of space to make the management of the trash around the whole house easier.

What Is Outdoor Trash Can Used for?

An outdoor trash can is a must-have for most households. With an outdoor trash can, you can manage the trash around the entire household easily.

An outdoor trash can holds the trash of the entire household for up to weeks until you have to take it out to give it to the trash collectors. An outdoor trash can should be of good quality, that does not break after a few weeks. They are supposed to last well for months and years.

They are also used specifically for managing the trash in the backyard or your garage. If you work around in the backyard often or have events in the backyard that require cleaning up afterward then an outdoor trash can will come in handy.


Why Do You Need a Trash Can with Wheels for Outdoor?

Most of the outdoor trash cans you see have wheels on them. Ever wondered the reason for that? What really is the need for wheels on a trash bin? The reason for that is outdoor trash cans are moved around the backyard and to take out the trash. They are placed outside the house and are moved around to take out the trash for waste collectors or you might have to change the location for certain reasons.

Outdoor trash cans have heavy built and are heavy-duty trash bins, hence, it is hard to carry them around from one place to another. The only way left to move them is by driving them on the wheels.

If you think you can carry around the outdoor trash can on your back, you might be in the wrong or you might be using a light quality trash can. Small and light quality trashcans can be easily moved around. However, carrying the trash bin holding it like that is not really recommended and unhygienic.

In short, outdoor trash cans are all heavy material bins that are to be maintained properly. The wheels on such trash bins are required to move them around and do daily work of handling the trash easily.


Outdoor Trash Can with Wheels Buying Guide

There are some features and things you need to consider before getting an outdoor trash can for your house. You can pick the right type of trash bin for yourself only if you know all of your requirements beforehand.

Is It Waterproof?

There are trash cans that are waterproof. A waterproof trash can comes in handy when your trash includes coffee cans or water bottles that may cause a spill in the trash bin. Though it takes good amount of a liquid spill to cause the leakage, you should still consider the waterproof feature if your waste is mostly liquid cans.

In that case, getting a waterproof outdoor trash bin can be the right decision. The plastic used in manufacturing the trash bins is usually waterproof and can help by avoiding a mess.

Does It Have Locking Lid?

Having a locking lid for an outdoor trash can is a valuable feature. In case of windy weather or storm a locking lid is needed to keep the trash in place. If there is no lock on the lid, the trash can easily fly around and cause a mess around the whole neighborhood.

Most outdoor trash bins have locking lids, and it is advised you get one with a locking lid as well.

Is It Easy to Move Around?

While a heavy-duty trash bin is needed for outdoor, it is important that it is flexible to move around as well. The outdoor trash bin that you are looking for should have wheels that are sturdy enough to move the trash bin from one place to another smoothly.

Is It Durable?

An outdoor trash bin is the one that has to withstand all types of weather conditions while holding the whole household trash into it. Be sure to get an outdoor trash bin that is made of good quality plastic.

Outdoor trash cans are usually not manufactured in stainless steel, because of the heavy size. Hence the thermoplastic build is made of thick plastic that is durable in the long run.

What Size Should You Choose?

There are different sizes available for an outdoor trash can. The size you choose for your household depends upon the amount of trash that is produced in your house.

The different sizes you can get in an outdoor trash can are:

32 gallons

32 gallons trash bin is good enough for a normal use of a family of 3-4 people. A 32 gallons trash bin has 121 liters space and are usually 27 inches tall.

45 gallons

45 gallons is a good enough storage for storing your trash after a usual day around the house. It is good for a family of 3-4 people.

96 gallons

A 96 gallons outdoor trash bin is a heavy-duty trash bin. It is suitable for use around a small family, but if there is more amount of trash in your house, then 360 liters of space is good enough.

Is It Easy to Clean?

Although an outdoor trash can does not require any maintenance, you still ought to clean it every now and then, so no odors built up and no trash is stuck inside the bin. However, since most of the outdoor trash bins are made of plastic, they are fairly easy to clean. You can easily wash them then allow them to dry out and put to use again.


Best Outdoor Trash Can with Wheels Reviews

1. Step On Outdoor Trash Can

Rubbermaid 32-gallon trash can (Recommended for light use)

This trash can has a good quality built that makes it durable. It also has enough space to support a small family. You can easily manage the outdoor trash and the trash of the entire household with this outdoor rolling trash can.

  • What You Benefit from It

Sturdy And Quality Build

This trash bin has a good quality build. It is made of resin which is made of a composite and is more durable yet lightweight as compared to average plastic. The trash bin also has a UV stabilizer that helps in maintaining the color of the trash bin in the scorching sunlight. Hence, this trash bin will look fresh and new and work just fine even after years of use.

Easy To Use

This trash bin has easy to use operation. It is a step on trash bin, and also has rear handle that makes the pushing and pulling of the outdoor trash bin easy. It is also easy to clean due to which no odors stay in the bin.

Strong And Smooth Wheels

This trash can has swivel caster wheels that take up the load of the trash bin and manage it equally, giving a smooth and strong performance of the wheel. This allows you to easily roll the trash bin down a slope or move around even with the trash bin full. This results in good performance.

  • What Others Say About This Product

“This is a sturdy trash can, moves smoothly on the wheels and holds good amount of trash.”

“This trash can is a great value trash can in the given range of price. I am happy with this purchase.”

“An easy-to-use trash bin with good quality build. I highly recommend it to everyone.”


2. Outdoor Trash Can

Rubbermaid 50 gallons trash can (Recommended for a family of 3-4 people)

This trash can stores enough amount of trash to make the daily work of handling trash easier. It does not make the day-to-day work frustrating for you. The 50 gallons of space is adequate to support a small family and for a single person use it acts as a large outdoor trash can on wheels.

  • What You Benefit from It

Flexible Use for A Small Family

If you are a small family but have more than usual amount of trash or cook often and need to dispose the kitchen leftovers, then a trash bin with features such as this one will be good for you. It is good enough to support a light use or a heavy use in a small family without costing too much. Overall, you spend that money and the get all the benefits needed from the trash bin.

50 Gallons of Space

The 50 gallons of space in this trash can is adequate enough to hold your household trash if you empty the trash bin daily. It is recommended to empty the outdoor trash bin often, daily if possible. In such case 190 liters of space is good for storing the trash items.

Easy To Clean

This trash can is made of plastic. Plastic trash bins are easy to clean, all you have to do is wash them out properly with water then allow them to dry. For any trash piece stuck, you can even scrub the bin without harming the trash bin. When there is ease in cleaning the trash bin, you would do it often and no odors would stay inside the bin.

  • What Others Say About This Product

“This trash bin works perfectly for my family of four. I love the quality and the amount of trash it holds.”

“It is a heavy-duty trash bin but is very light in weight. It is easy to move around as well.”

“These trash bins roll, hold good amount of trash and do not break out. What else could you ask for?”


3. Outdoor Recycling Bin

Toter 64 gallons recycling bins (Recommended to make recycling easier)

If you work around kitchen mostly you would know the recyclable items that are piled up inside a normal trash bin. Recycling is a way you can help the environment. And with this bin that stores your recyclable items, the recycling is made easier.

  • What You Benefit from It

Compact Dimensions Do Not Occupy Much Space

Most recycling bins with much less space as compared to this one occupy a lot of your outdoor space. Whether it is placed in the backyard or in the garage, you need a bin that does not occupy too much of your space. Hence this recyclable bin with a width of 24.5 inches fits well into narrow spaces and does not occupy too much space.

Manage The Recyclable Items Effectively

This recyclable bin stores all the items in your household that can be recycled. From water bottles in the kitchen to normal papers, you might need a place to dispose them off properly. With a spacious recyclable bin such as this one, all the items in your house are put to good use.

Plastic Built That Is Durable

This recyclable bin is made of plastic. The plastic used in manufacturing this bin is of good and sturdy and lasts long. It is strong and firm enough to survive the windy, rainy, sunny, and even snowy weathers. With this durability, you will be saving money and not spending every now and then on a recyclable bin.

  • What Others Say About This Product

“So glad I bought this recyclable bin. It has made the management of waste around my house so easy.”

“This bin is of good quality. It is strong, sturdy and definitely worth the price.”

“Very high quality and durable recycling bin. The size is perfect as well, holds good amount of trash.”


4. Residential Outdoor Trash Can

Toter 64 gallons trash can (Recommended for heavy duty use)

This trash can is made of good quality material that makes it durable and last long enough for you, that even after years it looks fresh and brand new. It can store up good amount of trash to support your small family for light and heavy use as well.

  • What You Benefit from It

Hard Rigid Plastic That Makes This Trash bin Strong

This trash bin is made of hard rigid plastic rather than soft flexible plastic. The good quality plastic does not break down easily if you use the trash bin properly.

To survive the natural weather conditions, this quality of plastic is good and makes this trash bin durable. Saving you money and work of getting and maintaining a new trash bin.

Rugged Texture Wheels to Roll Over Hard Surfaces

The two wheels have a rugged texture that makes it easy to roll the trash bin on any soft and hard surface. In smooth, and plain surface wheels, it might be hard to pull them up on a hard ground.

Whereas these textured wheels you do not have to worry about where you can and cannot move the trash bin.

Lid Keeps All the Odors and Trash in Place

This outdoor trash can with wheels and attached lid keeps the lid in place with its hinges that are tightly hooked into place.

While the lid is light enough to hold up while throwing trash, it is still heavy enough to weigh down, stay in place to keep all the trash and odors in place.

It does not blow in windy weathers either.

  • What Others Say About This Product

“I bought this trash bin 3 years ago. Through harsh winter and summer conditions, this one has survived and still looks new and good.”

“No leaks, no complaints with this trash bin. Really happy with this purchase.”

“Got this trash bin as a Christmas gift for my husband, and he loved it! The space it has and the amount of trash it holds is great. Love it.”


5. Outdoor Trash Can with Wheels

Toter 32 Gallons Trash Can (Recommended for a small family)

This is one of those small trash bins that offer convenient use. If you do not have much trash can around the house, or do not stay at home mostly then a small trash can as this one is fine for daily use. It does the job of managing trash at reasonable price.

  • What You Benefit from It

Budget-Friendly Since This Trash Bin Lasts Long

With this trash bin, there is no compromise on the quality and build of the trash can. It is made of plastic that is durable for all types of weather conditions and can easily handle small amount of trash effectively.

Rolls Smoothly with Sturdy Wheels

This outdoor rolling trash can has textured wheels that roll smoothly on all types of surface. This provides you ease to move around the trash bin and makes your outdoor work easy and management of trash easy.

Withstands All Types of Weather Conditions

One thing that you will love about this trash bin is that it is has a lid that stays in place and does not displace if the weather is windy or rainy or even snowy.

In all types of weather conditions, the lid stays in place and the build and quality of the trash can makes it survive in all the weather conditions.

  • What Others Say About This Product

“Can’t be more pleased with this trash can. Love the quality and small size.”

“The is strong and keeps the trash in place. Overall, the quality of the trash bin is great.”

“The trash can rolls nicely and smoothly. I have been using it for a month and I love it.”


How To Clean Outdoor Trash Can?

Outdoor trash cans might be big in size and hard to carry around, but they are fairly easy to clean and does not require your whole day to be spent just on cleaning them.

Outdoor trash cans with wheels are made of good quality to make them durable and sturdy. The thermoplastic used in manufacturing does not break down even after years if you are not abusing your trash bin. The plastic is also thick enough to prevent the leaking of the trash and holds the trash properly in space.

All these benefits aside, how do you actually clean them?

The outdoor trash bins are just as easy to clean as the small ones indoor. They do not require too much of your effort or time. Following the mentioned steps is how you can clean your outdoor trash can:

  • Remove all garbage bags from the outdoor trash can.
  • Check inside and make sure there is no trash stuck there if there is remove it by hand.
  • Wash the trash bin with water.
  • If there is any trash sticking to the bin, scrub that part with soap detergent to set it loose.
  • Scrub the entire plastic bin gently with soap detergent if you want to eliminate all types of odors.
  • Wash the bin thoroughly to wash off all the soap.
  • Let the trash bin dry out properly.
  • If you wish you can clean the trash bin with a dry cloth, although that is not necessary.
  • Your trash bin is ready to be used again.


How To Prevent Outdoor Trash Can from Smelling?

Trash bins tend to smell when leftover food, fruit and vegetable peels and other kitchen items are left in for too long. These items rot over time and can produce a foul smell that irritates you and disturbs the surroundings.

There are ways you can prevent the outdoor trash bin from smelling.

  • Separate your trash and recyclable items so you know the source of the item causing the bad odor.
  • Empty your indoor trash bags daily or whenever you have thrown something that can cause an odor into it.
  • Try and make a habit of emptying the outdoor trash bin daily as well.
  • If waste collectors come to your place every day make sure to hand them your trash.
  • If the items in the trash can cause bad odor within few hours, then you can take the trash to the local neighborhood trash collectors yourself.
  • Wash the trash bin often.

These are all the ways you can make sure that your outdoor trash bin does not smell. Maintaining the outdoor trash bin is a way to care for the environment.



Outdoor trash is a must-have in houses to manage the trash properly. The outdoor trash cans are large in size and made of heavy-duty plastic to last in all types of weather conditions and to hold up large amounts of trash.

You can get outdoor trash, to your liking, big or small, or whatever other requirements you have but be sure to get one with wheels. Most of them are manufactured with wheels but making sure that the outdoor trash cans have good quality wheels is crucial.