Where to Put Trash Can in Kitchen?

You can put the trash can in different places in the kitchen. You can place it on the floor, inside the cabinet or hang it on the side of counter.

The location for your trash bin in your kitchen depends on the space available and how big of a trash bin you require. If you have children or pets around, you will probably prefer a trash bin that can be placed inside the cabinet.

It also depends on the type of trash bin you are getting, for example with lid or without.


Where Can You Put Trash Can in Small Kitchen?

In a small kitchen, there is only a limited amount of space in the kitchen. With tight space, you will be considerate of the size and the type of trash can you use inside the kitchen.

There are different types of trash bins specifically made to be used around a small kitchen. The different types of trash cans used in different places of the kitchen are:

In Corner

You can use a normal usual trash bin in the corner of your kitchen. If you prefer a trash bin without a lid you may use it, but usually, for the kitchen, trash bins with lids are preferred.

The trash bins with lids keep the kitchen odors in place. Hence a step or motion sensor trash bin or even a simple trash bin with a lid can be suitable for the corner of the kitchen.


There are trash cans that you can place inside the drawer of the kitchen. They are manufactured in small sizes and can be used to store small amounts of trash in sliding drawers. By having a trash can in your kitchen drawer, managing the trash in the kitchen is made easier.

In Cabinet

Trash cans that can be placed inside the kitchen cabinets are called pull-out trash cans or sliding trash cans. They are stored inside the cabinet space to save the space around the kitchen. There can be multiple pull-out trash cans in a single cabinet, depending upon their size.

Under Cabinet

There are trash cans that are installed on the wall of the under-sink cabinet. There are also sliding trash bins placed under the cabinet to store trash in the small, limited space of the kitchen.

Hanging Up

There are hanging trash cans, propped against the cabinet or the countertop of the kitchen. They make working around the kitchen easier and with a hanging trash can, disposing of small amounts of trash is more flexible.

They are used to store only a small amount of trash, but they are easy to put to use and easy to clean.

Other Possible Places

You might think why think too much before getting just a trash can? Well believe us, but this is one of those things that you should think through before buying. The type of trash can you use, and its placement is crucial to managing waste effectively.

Other possible places where you can store the kitchen trash are:

  • Kitchen island cart.
  • Mount it on the wall.
  • Under-sink cabinet space.

Hence these are all the possible places where you can place a trash can in the kitchen. However, if you require a different way in which you can manage the trash around your kitchen, then you can simply DIY.

Any type of trash can that you need is available on the market, you can get one to your liking and place it in the desired location.

Why Does It Matter Where You Place the Trash Can?

The place where you put the trash can in the kitchen matters because sorting out and managing waste is one job that no one talks about. Placing the trash can where it is accessible to everyone but also safe from pets and children is important.

Especially for confined kitchen space, the placement of a trash can matters more than you might believe.


When Should You Hide Trash Can in Kitchen?

There are a few reasons you would want to hide your kitchen trash can. The first and the biggest reason is the concern for your hygiene.

Kitchen waste includes leftover fruits and vegetables and other organic stuff that can spread out a bad odor and attract insect and flies. To make sure that foul odors are kept away, and no insects attack your trash can in the kitchen, you need to keep the trash bin covered.

However, sometimes the space in the kitchen in confined, and there is a good amount of trash left to be disposed of, for which you need a bigger trash can. So, what do you do? Of course, you are not going to place the trash in the living room and throw your kitchen trash there.

Hence the solution that comes to your mind is hiding the trash bin. You can hide the trash can inside the cabinet, under the sink space, in the drawer or even hang it on the cabinet doors.

By hiding the trash can, the look of the kitchen is improved, and the odors are maintained in the confined space where you place the trash bin. Another reason you might prefer to hide the trash bins is to keep them out of pet and children’s reach.


When You Would Better Not Put Trash Can in Kitchen?

There are times where the cabinet space in the kitchen is required to store the kitchen goods or other household items. When the space is tight around the cabinets of the kitchen, you would not think about hiding the trash bin in the cabinets.

As far as hanging the trash cans goes, you might not prefer it since it hangs out and might disturb you while moving around the kitchen when working.

The times when you are better off without a trash can in the kitchen are:

  • When the kitchen floor and cabinet space are already too tight.
  • If you have a backyard connected to the kitchen, you can store the trash there more easily.
  • If you do not like working around trash odors in the kitchen.
  • If there is not much trash found in the kitchen as compared to other parts in the house.


In short, the use of a trash can entirely depends on your preferences and not what others recommend to you. Hence, you can go on without using a trash can for your kitchen if the aforementioned points check out for you.


How To Prevent Smell and Bugs When You Put Trash Can in The Kitchen

While you might think placing the trash in the kitchen is a clever idea, you might also need to come up with a solution for the trash odors and the bugs that are attracted to it.

Food item leftovers or any type of trash item could be the culprit of causing the foul smell around the kitchen. It can also attract bugs, flies, and other insects, making the kitchen environment unhygienic and unhealthy.

Ways to prevent bugs and odors in the kitchen:

  • Store the trash in garbage bags instead of directly throwing it into the bin.
  • Use a trash bin with a lid.
  • Make sure the trash bin is not broken and has no leaks.
  • Clean the trash can thoroughly from time to time.
  • Sprinkle some baking soda into the trash can if the odor problem is persistent.
  • Spray in some insect spray into the trash can if the bug problem is severe.



Having a trash can in the kitchen is a must-have for some people. If you are one of those people, then you ought to consider the right location for your kitchen trash can.

You can place the trash bin in the kitchen in various places depending upon the available space you have. If the floor space is not a problem, then you might get a trash bin that can be placed on the floor otherwise cabinet or hanging trash bins are also available for kitchens.