Garbage Disposal Leaking – How to Solve? 

Garbage disposal leaking can be a whole disappointment to anyone owning a home. Garbage disposals are normally connected to the main kitchen sink with a plumber’s putty or flange. With continuous use of the seal, there are high chances of corrosion and loosening, making it weak.

If the garbage disposal gets hit by any hard object, therefore it can leak too. It is crucial to always check on the surroundings and the seal for easy identification once it loosens and fixes it before it gets worse.

Why is my garbage disposal leaking?

badger insinkerator leaking

A garbage disposal can leak due to several reasons; they can either be internally brought about or caused by external forces. External causes can be due to hits or pressing it with some heavy other substances and internal ones brought about by loosening the hose.

There are different ways garbage disposal can leak, and it can leak from the top or the bottom. The following are the major causes of garbage disposal leaking:

1. Sink flange

It is the most common cause of garbage disposal leaking; their connection can leak in several unanticipated ways. The mounting bolts might not be strong enough to hold the flange in place; therefore, you will need to always check on them to ensure that they are tightened.

In other cases, the plumber’s putty may fail somehow; to fix it, you will need to loosen all the retaining bolts to enable a gap creation. Therefore, consider pushing the putty between the pipe and the flange. Once you tighten the bolt to get it back into its place, the whole problem will be fixed.

2. Dishwasher connection

Most garbage disposals have been connected to the dishwasher drain pipe; the connection enables the pipe to get rid of food particles removed from plates or puns as they run through the dishwashing cycle. A leak can result in the hose connecting to the dishwasher unit; it can also occur where the hose’s clamp becomes loose.

To fix this problem, consider replacing the hose if it has some cracks, tighten down the clamp to achieve a solid connection.

3. Discharge pipe

The bottom of any garbage disposal has a discharge pipe that connects it to the sink’s drain. The connection is complete by a flange and a seal; the two are highly likely to become loose after some time of continuous use. In some instances, they do not loosen; instead, they wear out and tear due to the frictions caused by regulations. Try solving this by making the flange tighter to ensure that it stays in plays and does not mess anything. However, if you tighten and the leaking continues, then consider replacing the seal instead.

4. A leaking reset button

The most heartbreaking garbage disposal leak causes one to experience when the main cause of your garbage disposal is that the reset button has failed and makes it leak, you should think of something greater. Repairing this can cost you a lot of money since it will still get back to leaking as that won’t a permanent solution, instead consider buying a new one.

However, it can be possible for a new garbage disposal to have faulty reset buttons; in this case, consider fixing the problem within the warranty period. Moreover, it is always a tradition in manufacturing companies to offer repair services to any faulty reset button. But if you wait until the warranty period is over, you should consider seeking help from a professional.


How to fix a leaky garbage disposal?

How to fix garbage disposal is a popular question. When you find your garbage disposal leaking, what should you do first? This is what many people are always worried about. Fixing leaky garbage disposal depends on the cause and intensity of the effects it brings out; therefore, it is important to investigate, find, and understand the main cause of the leak before taking action.

Some problems can be fixed by a professional, while others can be fixed at home since they might need minimal experience. Here are some ways to handle different garbage disposal leaks at your home:

1. How to fix worn-out gaskets?

garbage disposal leaking from bottom screw

Once you find out that your garbage disposal is leaking, consider checking its gasket between the rubber seal and the flange; if there is any discharge, it means that the gasket is defective and should be worked on. Gaskets become weak when they have been used for longer periods, and they start dripping water.

Plus, if you do not frequently use your garbage disposal, then there are possibilities for your gasket to dry up and then start dripping. Sometimes you find that your gasket is not properly sealed, then it becomes another problem. Fixing garbage disposal leaks resulting from the gasket. Below are the steps to do:

1. To immediately stop the leakage, consider swiping the new gasket with a new one and finding a new gasket unit near a local store that you would prefer. Once you find the best brand and quality gasket follow the following steps for proper replacement of the faulty gasket.

garbage disposal leaking from side

2. Carefully detach the drain and start pulling out the plug from the garbage disposal unit. In some instances, you will find that people prefer to tell their plumbers to connect the disposer with the dishwasher and if this is the case, consider taking out the drain hose between the two. The phase enables you to find the best working environment and doing perfect work without any mistakes like before.

garbage disposal leaking from reset button

3. Hold the sides of the mounting nut firmly and rotate them in a clockwise direction to loosen it; this should lead to unlocking the disposer, and then the unit will fall downwards. Consider placing the detached item in position so as it can reveal the rubber gasket.

garbage disposal leaking from bottom screw

4. Swap the old gasket replacing it with the new one; when doing this, try placing the new gasket at the exact position where the other one was, then allow it to pop on the lip. Make sure that the gasket sits flat in place.

5. Return the garbage disposer to its position on the sink, confirm whether the gasket has been fixed well before installing the disposer.

2. How to fix a leaky sink flange?

The following steps should guide you to fix a leaking sink flange properly:

1. Remove all the screws that attach the main draining pipe to the unit to enable you to remove the garbage disposer. Unfix the dishwasher from the disposer by taking out all the screws on the metal clamp.

fix leaking garbage disposal

2. Take off the mounting rings holding the disposal to the other mounting contents under the sink. Then detach the garbage disposer and carefully place it on a clean surface.

3. Check the mounting assembly, take off all the bolts, remove the component, and place it somewhere safe or even next to the disposal unit.

4. Raise the flange, remove the old putty on the top of the sink flange, and then use a damp cloth to clean it.

badger insinkerator leaking


5. Take a particular amount of putty and mold put them into a rope that exactly fits the perimeter of your flange

6. Carefully wind the putty you have molded around the flange’s upper part. Drain the flange in the sink and fix it on.

teps to teach you how to replace a garbage disposal

7. Finally, consider replacing the mounting ring and assembly, tightening the screws, reinstall the drainpipe, the dishwasher hose, and the disposal unit.

The above two processes are used to solve the most common garbage disposal leaking causes at home; they can require a professional if you don’t understand the steps.


What can I do when your garbage disposal leaks from the bottom?

Once you find water droplets under your kitchen, then there must a leak from your garbage disposal appliance? Several things can make your garbage disposal leak from the bottom; it can be a poor flange seal, a drain issue, or even the whole unit has a problem. However, if you find that your garbage disposal leaks from the bottom, then the options you got are minimal. garbage disposal leaking from top

In some cases, you will find that your garbage disposal leaks from the bottom due to faulty reset buttons, holes, or even screws on the bottom. This is quite serious and needs some attention; at some point, this may need a new garbage disposal unit. Here is the way you can get your garbage disposal repaired if it is leaking from the bottom:

1. Find a professional plumber

Sometimes fixing garbage disposal leaking from the bottom can be challenging because the leaking says that some parts on one part from the inside are malfunctioning, thus making it too hard to do the repairing and fixation process by yourself.

If you don’t want to cause more damages to your garbage disposer, then consider finding a professional plumber to work on it; failure to that may lead to you acquiring new garbage disposal.

2. Reset the button

When leaks start occurring from the inside of your garbage disposal, then it means that there are possibilities of many other defections inside the garbage disposal appliances. Leaks and deterioration that comes with it, garbage disposals have been designed to last for more than ten years; therefore, once you get one, always ensure proper maintenance.

If a faulty button causes the problem, consider resetting it, you can do this on your own, but it is better to get help from a more experienced person or any professional. The button has its location on the bottom of your garbage disposal, while others have the button on the backside.

When you overheat the garbage disposal or gets overheated due to the wastes, the button always pops up. It pops out when it is overheated and when anything is hindering its performance.

When the button pops up, the garbage disposal automatically shuts off. If it shuts off, it stops running, and therefore, you should consider resetting it, getting underneath your sink, and trying to push the red button.

3. Turn off the switch

Ensure that your switch is off, and when you push it, the garbage disposal appliance turns on. Then turn the cold water on and allow it to drain properly down the pipes. Nothing should have hindered the performance of your drain; it should still be working normally.


How to prevent garbage disposal from leaks?

garbage disposal leaking from reset button

Prevention will always be better than repairing; therefore, everyone must understand how to maintain their garbage disposals to prevent leaks properly. The following are several ways you can achieve that:

1. Frequently run cold water before and after disposing of food particles. This is one of the most cost-efficient and effective methods of preventing garbage disposal leaks. It ensures that all the solid fats are prevented from congealing into gunk.

2. Always grind only soft food particles. Consider grinding only soft food particles on your garbage disposal sink to ensure that nothing clogs in between the pipes and brings up complications such as failed waste passage.

3. Avoid disposing of hard food items such as bones, raw potatoes, or apples. These hard particles are highly likely to dislodge and damage the disposer’s internal seals. In turn, this will cause faultiness of the seal, and the whole thing will likely fall.

4. Make sure you inspect your garbage disposal units at least two times a year. When doing this, it is advisable to use a dyed-water test to enable you catch and do a repair on minor leaks and damages before they grow to major and damage the sinks and almost everything in your kitchen.



1. How much does it cost to fix a leaking garbage disposal?

The cost of fixing leaking garbage disposal depends on several factors such as the damage caused, the leaking cause, and the time it is likely to take for the whole fixation process to end. Here is how the prices are estimated:

In most cases, it cost around $250 to repair a leaking garbage disposer; however, it ranges from $70 to $400. In some situations, needs to pay the plumber considering the amount of time they are going to spend repairing the leaks, a plumber can be paid at least $80 per hour, but this depends on the professionals and what they value the most.

Individual parts have different prices, all depending on the supplier and the model of the part you choose; replacing each part depends on the same, plus the labor and the experience needed to fix the problem. However, finding a completely new unit costs up to $150 only for materials, no labor included.

There are no constant prices to fix leaking garbage disposal; elements such as experience, labor, risk exposed, time consumed by the plumber are the greatest determinant of what you will pay for the services provided. You can research by looking on the portfolio of different plumbers near you to find the factors they consider before charging you.

2. Can I run the dishwasher if the garbage disposal is leaking?

You can still run your dishwasher even with the leaking garbage disposal; however, this should not be done unless there is no otherwise to handle the current situation. If the garbage disposal starts to leak when you are still running the dishwasher, then the problem is likely to be in the flange, poor pipe connections, worn-out seals, or worn-out garbage disposer.

Therefore you should figure out the exact problem and try fixing it out. Once you have fixed the problem and made sure that it has been done well, then reconsider running your dishwasher; without that, you will be causing more mess to your dishwasher and even its surroundings.

3. Why does my garbage disposal leak from the top?

A garbage disposal can leak from the top for several reasons; however, they also lick from the bottom and even the sides. The causes of all the leaks are completely different, and no damage causes the wrong leaking on the garbage disposal. You are wondering why your garbage disposer is leaking from the top? Here are some reasons why that is happening:

The sink flange or putty has become worn out. When either wear out, it fails to keep the seal in position, causing unanticipated leaks. It is always important to keep an eye on those two by generally inspecting your garbage disposer at least twice a year and determining minor defects that can be corrected before becoming worse.

When this happens, consider fixing it as soon as possible, you will need to detach the whole garbage disposal appliance, removed the previous flange, carefully but thoroughly clean the putty. Then you will need to reseal it with anew flange and fix back the freshly cleaned putty.



Garbage disposals are among the most important systems at home, especially in the kitchen; having proper knowledge of managing them and solving the problems arising can put you in a better position. Always check on the waste materials you allow to get through your garbage disposer; finer and highly organic materials should only pass through.

When it comes to hard food substances, find a different way of disposing of them. The whole garbage disposer unit costs a lot of money, and therefore, it is important to maintain it to avoid incurring unexpected losses properly.