Bathroom Trash Can Ideas – Make Your Own Bathroom a Fancy

Purchasing and deploying a trash can in your bathroom in and of itself is never enough. Indeed, you may often want to go beyond that even to decorate the same. The decoration’s purpose is to add some beauty and overall aesthetics to the can and enhance the looks of your interior bathroom. For you to accomplish this end, you need to tap into the leading bathroom trash can ideas.

These are hot tips, ideas, and suggestions that are intended to empower you to decorate your trash can in such a manner as to make the same appear more beautiful.

What style of bathroom trash can should I buy?

We now set the ball rolling by peeking into and discussing the leading bathroom trash can ideas you may get your hand on to make your cans more beautiful:

1. Modern – A modern design incorporates the elements and decorative gears in vogue at the present moment. These include elegant wood, metal glass, and other shiny decorative gears. In the course of making such a style, extensive simplicity is greatly employed in the process.

2. Rustic – The rustic design employs a great sense of ruggedness and natural beauty. It further embraces natural inspiration, great texture, earthy colors, and organic warmth in making up the designs and structures. Thanks to the use of rugged materials, this design leads to long-lasting ends and decorations.

3. Vintage – Vintage is a modern design that is nonetheless fashioned alongside traditional styles. It is a style you may want to tap into if you cherish the ‘good old days’ but at the same time are keen on keeping pace with the modern trends. For a large part, it uses artificial décor and structures.

4. Contemporary – Like the modern design, the contemporary also embodies the latest tools, structures, and gadgets. Nonetheless, it emphasizes beauty, class, and elegance in ways that ordinary modern styles cannot match. Then again, there is the extensive use of clear lines and fine texture to adorn the structures.

5. Eclectic – The eclectic design blends numerous disparate styles, textures, and colors to generate a monolithic and cohesive result. Indeed, the end results elevate the aesthetics of the bathrooms’ interiors wherein they are placed and greatly employed. Need we add that those designs are truly great to behold by and with the natural eyes?

6. Minimalist – If you value simplicity and straightness to the point, the minimalist design could as well be the one to set your eyes on. Unlike other styles, this one does not make use of excess tools, resources, or materials. Instead, it only expends the bare minimum that may be necessary for the job at hand.

7. Traditional – It draws its inspirations and roots from the 18th and the 19th European art décor. Thanks to this, it is a timeless style that also showcases some comfort and overall elegance when deployed for its usage. If you love and cherish some antiques and art pieces, this is the style to set your eyes on.

8. Transitional – Rounding up the list of the common styles in vogue today is transitional. It is so-called because it blends the contemporary and the traditional styles in one packaging. On the same note, it also makes great use of the fabrics, materials, and finishes that are similarly timeless in design and scope.


What color trash can is the best for my bathroom?

best good looking bathroom trash cans

There are literally infinite colors you may choose to devote to your trash cans. Here below, we belabor them for your ultimate consideration for the bathroom trash can ideas:

1. White – White is a color that dominates the trash cans and every other piece of household furniture to be both bright and neutral. Owing to its brightness, it also finds extensive use in the home as it tinkles the eyes of those who choose to behold the same.

2. Silver – Silver, just like white, sparkles when beheld with the natural eyes. It resembles grey but is nonetheless more sparkling. This is a color you may want to pick if your bathroom experiences lower levels of illumination as it is really able to amplify the light outputs.

3. Red – Are you a lover of romance, sun, or other breathtaking scenery? Red might be the color you have been yearning for all the while! This color also gives off some warmth, not to mention that it is easily and readily conspicuous. If you are newly married, this might be a way to spice your marriage.

4. Grey – Grey is much like a silver color. Nonetheless, it is duller and hence great for the overall health of your eyes. It is mostly used to convey some somber mood but in a polite manner that is wholly devoid of any issues that may make your situations worse off.

5. Black – Black is the opposite of white. It is by far the dullest color and is used to convey pain and sorrow for a large part. This is a color we only recommend if you have some funeral or any other issue that is too sad and detached to vouch for the use of brighter colors like white.

6. Blue – Blue is the color of the sky. In most cities and municipalities across North America, this is the color that is used to mark out the cans for recycling. If you live in that area, take the time to familiarize yourself with the prevailing codes and mark out the cans with the appropriate colors.

7. Yellow – Yellow is a bright color that is largely used to convey attention. Hence, it is a suitable one to pick and devote to your trash can if you similarly want it to imbue some attention or a fairer degree of attractiveness. Then again, it comes in handy when you want the can to stay conspicuous.


What materials make bathroom trash cans the best buy?

different materials of bathroom trash can

Now to the materials that you may look up to for your next bathroom trash can ideas:

1. Plastic – Plastic is cheaper and portable. It is by far the single largest material that is used to adorn the trash cans. It is one to set your eyes on if you lack the financial muscle power to purchase more expensive materials. On the flip side, it is quite inclined to the risks of premature damages.

2. Ceramic – Ceramics are just as hard and malleable as plastics. They nonetheless have the advantage of being greatly decorative in the sense of being elegant to behold with the naked eyes. Being waterproof, they are the materials to set your eyes on if your toilet floor tends to slip off.

3. Wooden – Wood is a common and naturally occurring material. Though cheap, easier to work, and readily affordable, this material is weaker and highly prone to moisture damages. We only recommend it in areas where the floor is completely dry and devoid of any moisture. It also demands extra sprucing to make it more beautiful.

4. Metal – Metallic materials are mainly great and feasible for those applications that are long-lasting. Thus, you may set your eyes on this kind of material if the installation in question is commercial or does experience a higher number of traffics. These include hotels and motels.

5. Glass – Glass is brittle, sensitive, and delicate. You have it for your consideration and taking if you want to add some luxury. They include the high-end hotels and other installations that demand an extra touch of elegance. You may have to take great care of it though, as it is prone to damages easily.

6. Steel – Steel, like ordinary metals, is tougher and long-lasting. It, however, has the added advantage of being shiny and less prone to the risks of corrosion. The mix of these twin traits makes it appropriately suited for added sparkles and shines. These also include those installations that do experience a higher level of traffic.

7. Porcelain – Porcelain is a material that is derived from ceramics. On top of merely being derived from the ceramics, it is harder and subsequently more long-lasting. This makes it able to give off both benefits of utmost longevity and the exceptional elegance that ordinary ceramics has to offer.


Comparison: Bathroom trash can vs. Bathroom wastebasket

For holding your bathroom trash, you have the trash cans and the wastebaskets to consider. As part of showcasing the best bathroom trash can ideas, we would wish to compare and contrast them and identify the one that most suits your unique circumstances:

1. Purpose

A typical bathroom trash can is able to accommodate just about every kind of debris that may be found in a bathroom setting. As for the bathroom wastebasket, it only handles papers, fabrics, and other non-liquid waste materials. That is mainly due to the exceedingly perforated exterior portions of it.

2. Material makeup

The kinds of materials that make the bathroom trash can up are largely stronger and more enduring to the common spates of possible damages. Its bathroom wastebasket on the other hand is largely made of heavy plastic that is extensively perforated. As such, the latter is weaker and short-lasting.

3. Carrying capacity

When all factors are considered, the bathroom trash can have a somewhat larger capacity than the typical bathroom wastebasket. This is no surprise as it is largely optimized to handle similarly huge volumes of trash than the latter counterpart. You have it for taking in areas that experience higher levels of traffic.

4. Utility

Using a bathroom trash can, it is possible for you to handle all kinds of trash and debris. Examples of these are paper, plastics, bottles, and fabrics. The bathroom wastebasket on the flip side can only handle dry matter like clothes and fabrics. Its limited utility makes it a comparatively, less profitable purchase.

5. Costs

Needless to say, the bathroom trash can costs a lot more than the bathroom wastebasket. A combination of many factors makes this possible. These include the sum total uses you may devote it to, the kinds of materials that are used to make it up, and the volume of trash it may handle per time.

6. Handling requirements

To handle the bathroom trash can, you really need to engage excessive muscle power and operational expertise. That stems from the sheer fact that this can is on the whole more expensive and able to hold a huge volume of trash when compared to the bathroom wastebasket.

7. Longevity of use

Due to the tougher nature of the materials that make the bathroom trash can up, it is on the whole better placed to serve you for longer. The perforated nature of the bathroom wastebasket coupled with the weaker materials that are used to make it up makes it less durable for your use.


How to make your own bathroom trash can?

Want to make your own bathroom trash can? This segment of our bathroom trash can ideas endeavors to shed more light on the steps you may take to achieve this onerous end:

Tools and materials required:

  • Cardboard box
  • Scissors or knife
  • Trash bag
  • Tape (optional)

tips of mking your own garbage can for bathroom

Step-by-step Procedures

Step I: Open the cardboard

The first step is to open the cardboard box up. To do this, unfold the corners and the joints. Thereafter, stand the box vertically. In case it has some contents in it, take them out and empty the boxes completely to make the inside devoid of any item.

tips on how to make your own bathroom garbage can

Step II: Close the box

Now proceed to close the box completely back up. Put the flap downwards after which you are to proceed to the next flap. Fold this one atop and then extend it round and round until it is wholly closed. You may also tape it to seal it completely.

Step III: Cut the top open

Move ahead now to cut the top open using a pair of scissors or a knife. This is to create the lid of your garbage can. As you do so, leave out about half an inch to the border mark. That is around 1.2 cm to 2.5 cm.

tips of mking your own garbage can for bathroom

Step IV: Open the top of the box

The box is now completely cut. All you have to do now is to open it up. After this, use masking tape to secure any portion of the top that is or feels loose. The purpose of this is to secure the top as firmly as can possibly be.

Step V: Size the can

This is the time to size the garbage can be in line with your anticipated levels of trash and the dimensions of the space you have. Cut out or lit the back at around 2.5 cm or 1 inch deep. This shall serve as the feeding point of the bag when deployed for use in holding your trash.

tips on how to make your own bathroom garbage can

Step VI: Place the plastic bag

Round it all up by placing the plastic trash bag inside the box. Though not a must, you may also wish to affix some handles to the bag at this stage. Be sure to secure it firmly and tightly to see to it that it does not fall off unnecessarily even if it has to haul a huge volume of load.

stylish garbage bin for bathroom

Step VII: Close it

Finish off the entire exercise by closing the trash can. This is also the time to decorate the bag. Do this painting or adorning the exterior of the bag with any form of décor that may be available. Be sure to comply with the stated rules and regulations that govern this practice in your area.


How to make your bathroom trash can fancy?

Here below, we give you some bathroom trash can ideas to make your trash can fancy:make your own bathroom garbag can by your hands

Exterior Painting

Painting is by far the most extensively used approach. That is due to its cheap and easy to engage approach. You just have to find a suitable paint and use a brush to apply it. However, you ought to comply with the laid down statutory regulations that govern painting in your area.

Fabric Decorations

If you so wish, you may also place some fabric decorations around and about the exterior of the trash can. The fabrics have to line up with the decorative needs and also match the color scheme of the purpose for which you want to dedicate the can to.

Jewelry and Adornments

As a last consideration, you may also wish to incorporate and make heavy jewelry and other elegant adornments. These include sparkling ornaments, bangles, rings, and chains. They seem to make the exterior of the cans appear spectacular to the eyes. Be prepared to part with more money to afford them, though.


What size of bathroom garbage can is the best?

In a nutshell, there is no universal size of the bathroom garbage can that may be suitable for your choice and subsequent use. Our bathroom trash can ideas dare to let you know the factors that determine the appropriate size and an estimate of the size that may fit your needs:

1. Space availability

How much amount of space do you have at your disposal? Remember, these cans have to fit fully in such spaces and leave some room aside. You may hence want to mark out the dimensions of the spaces you have and translate the same to the can you have in mind.

2. The volume of trash generated

How much trash on average do you produce every now and then? The amount of trash you generate has to match the size of the can you have in mind. Needless to say, you must pick and use a larger can for more volume of dirt and a smaller one for less volume.

3. Frequency of emptying

On the whole, how often do you plan to empty the can? If you plan to empty the can more frequently, you need not settle for a larger one. A smaller version will equally do the job well. You may however have to settle for a larger volume if you plan to empty it less frequently.

4. Number of occupants in your households

The number of persons you have in your household determines to a large extent the volume of trash you are likely to generate and the size of the can that may be of relevance to you. Be sure to pick and use a larger can if you have more people and a smaller one if you have less.

5. Nature of the bathroom

How the bathroom is designed or structured also plays a role in the kind of size you may look for. A bathroom that is large, spacious, and contains numerous artifacts is more likely to generate lots of trash. For such, you may have to pick and use a can that is also larger in size.

Generally: Most standard bathrooms may only accommodate 7-10 gallons of trash per unit time. Be sure to equip your bathrooms with this size of can to be on the safe side. The volume may however increase if your household is likely to accommodate more people and experience a higher volume of traffic.



What more could we add? Have we not belabored the leading bathroom trash can ideas exhaustively above? Go ahead now to implement the provisions in ways that are wise and to the point. We recommend further expert support if you are still unsure how to proceed from this point onwards.

Pick out the most stylish bathroom trash can for yourself and take action! If you’d like to choose a bathroom trash can with lid. Read below article.

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