Best Bathroom Trash Can with Lid – Keep Fresh and Prevent Mildew

A bathroom, like any other room in your home, must stay clean and litter-free. We use the space for lots of things, including shaving, bathing, and tooth brushing, among others. And as you well know, there are lots of things you must never flush down the toilet or leave to go through the drain, including dental floss, hair, hand towels, and more. When you get the best bathroom trash can with lid, you can help keep everything well protected and prevent pests and insect invasion while also reducing odor.

Top 6 of the best bathroom trash can with lid in 2021


Benefits of buying a bathroom trash can with lid

bathroom tarsh bin with plastic lid

Some of you might ask, why should I buy a bathroom trash can with a lid? Well, here is the top reasons.

1. Proper waste disposal

As aforementioned, a bathroom received lots of trash and waste every time anyone visits it. For most homes, the room can get quite busy receiving all types of garbage that you cannot flush through the toilet or allow them to go through the drain as they may cause a blockage. That means a bathroom trash can with a lid will help you keep a clean bathroom while also preventing any clogging risk.

2. Disease, mold, and mildew prevention

What’s more, some bathroom garbage needs to be disposed of appropriately as it may lead to the spread of diseases or mold and mildew growth. When you have a bathroom trash can with a lid, you’re sure that at the end of the day or two, you will have the trash disposed of right and away from your home.

3. Prevent pest and insect invitation

The lid is also held to protect all the trashes inside and keep the pests and insects out. Even though it’s hard to find a problem in your bathroom, it’s possible. And you know what? Insects can get to any room quite quickly. So, when you get an ideal bathroom trash can with a lid, you will be preventing an invasion of these annoying pests and insects.

4. Keep your bathroom fresh

Some waste can be quite smelly. A nice tight lid would help keep the odor inside, allowing the bathroom freshener to be effective. When you buy a bathroom trash wastebasket with a top, you’ll be helping support the smell where it belongs and avoiding embarrassment when visitors use your bathroom. A clean bathroom creates the right overall image of your house to the visitors.

5. Discretion

Some trash like Tampons and Pads used condoms, and bandages need some discretion. You cannot dispose of them in an open bucket. You have to keep them away, and the best way is to use a bathroom waste can with a lid. That way, even those people that are sensitive to such destruction won’t have a problem visiting your toilet.


Best bathroom trash can with lid reviews – Top 6 on the market

Here are some of the top best bathroom trash cans with a lid you can buy and use in your home bathroom.

1. Best with rattan lid – Kouboo La Jolla round wastebasket for bathroom

round bathroom waste can with rottan lid


  • Attract design that improves any bathroom décor
  • Durable and sturdy construction
  • Easy to clean

  • Pricey
  • Not element-proof

Kouboo La Jolla waste basket is a uniquely designed bathroom that will bring a coastal elegance touch to your bathroom. According to customer views, it’s a high-quality product with impressive durability. As a hand-woven container constructed from rattan, it has a rich honey-brown stain that would improve your bathroom décor.

The material makes it durable yet giving it a naturally attractive look. It does also come with a polypropylene plastic insert that makes it spill-proof. What’s more, the material makes cleaning the basket easy; all you need is to clean the insert, and you’re good to go.

The sizing of this waste can is conveniently ideal for holding a considerable amount of waste while also staying compact inside your bathroom. It will fit even in small bathrooms.

Cleaning the basket is relatively straightforward; you only need a damp cloth to clean it. You should know, though, you cannot use abrasive cleaning tools or bleach as it might affect its structure, causing premature wear. The pricing is a bit high, but its customers claim it’s worth considering its quality and durability.

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2. Best with swing lid – mDesign small round plastic bathroom trash can

small round swing lid garbage can for bathroom


  • Perfect for small spaces and under-cabinet
  • Quality, Durable Construction
  • Contains and conceals trash
  • Easy to empty and clean
  • Sleek, stylish look

  • Easily Scratched

The next best bathroom trash can with a lid is this mDesign plastic trash can, a versatile model you can use in your bathroom, kitchen, and home office. It’s available in a compact, sturdy, and contemporary swing-top design allowing it to fit the smallest space you have in your bathroom.

The interior sizing is ideal for holding a considerable amount of waste. And thanks to its unique lid, this lidded wastebasket can help keep your trash contained and concealed discretely. The top opens easily, and it’s removable to allow easy cleaning and emptying.

The trash can is built using durable BPA, Chlorine-free, and shatter-resistant plastic. The material is not only highly long-lasting but also safe for indoor use. Besides this, it’s easy to clean as all you need is mild soap and water. Its flip-lid design combines with its glossy finish to provide a sleek, stylish look to any space.

Its high capacity and low-profile design work as an advantage to those with limited space for the waste can. As you can see, this model is discrete, durable, and also easy to empty and clean. It’s a model you would want to have in your home, and especially your bathroom.

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3. Best with step-on lid – iTouchless garbage can with odor control system for bathroom

13 gallon metal garbage can with lid for bathroom


  • It fits all 13-gallon trash bags
  • Quick trash emptying
  • Easy to clean

  • Odor control system requires replacement after some time.

Here is another next-level wastebasket that you’d love to have in your bathroom – iTouchless soft step garbage can. It’s a high-quality, durable trash can designed with longevity in mind. The material used here is sturdy, rust-resistant, and long-lasting stainless steel that improves its durability and keeps it lightweight.

It’s sized to conveniently fit all the 13 gallon trash bags meaning you don’t need custom bags anymore. The inclusion of a removable inner bucket allows you to empty the waste efficiently and quickly without any mess. Besides this, you’ll be happy to hear that the plastic inner bucket is lighter and slides in and out of the waste can smoothly.

Additionally, its finger-print stainless steel outside comes with elegant brushed rose gold that is easy to clean. The design allows this waste can to blend nicely with almost any décor.

Its quiet lid closes smoothly thanks to the durable soft step pedal designed to withstand over 200,000 steps. It allows this wastebasket to be very practical in busy homes and offices.

Besides this, iTouchless equips this unit with an AbsorbX filter that captures volatile organic compounds stopping trash odors naturally. To sum up, this sturdy trash can with a lid is the answer to those seeking a sturdy, durable, and easy to clean model.

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4. Best with press lid – KLGO slim plastic trash can for bathroom

plastic trash can for bathroom


  • Suitable for any place
  • Dog-Proof Trash Bin
  • Easy To Clean

  • Available in one color only

Another durably-made waster that can perfect for use inside your bathroom is the KLGO wastebasket that comes as a slim plastic trash can. It’s available in a capacity of 10-liters or 2.4 gallons. That makes it large enough to use even in busy rooms like a kitchen or office.

It comes in a space-saving rectangular shape allowing it to be placed in those hidden spaces inside your bathroom. Its double-barrel design makes this model more usable and practical for handling various waste materials in a manageable way. And you know what? You can decide to use one side for the dry waste and the other barrel for holding wet wastes.

It fits two 5-liter trash bags or a single 10-liter trash bag if the barrel separation plastic is removed. The lid opening mechanism is press-to-open, which is much convenient in bathroom applications.

What’s more, the lid closes tightly, keeping all the odor inside the can. The KLGO barrel is made from durable PP material, making it sturdy and long-lasting. And because of this construction, cleaning is quick and straightforward; all you need is to rinse it with a water bucket or use a wet rag to wipe it. You can also brush the dirt out of it.

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5. Best with wheels – Simplehuman 13.2 gallon stainless steel bathroom step on trash can with lid

stainless steel garbage can with lid for bathroom


  • Space-efficient shape
  • Durable construction
  • 10-year warranty
  • built-in wheels
  • easy to move

  • Require simplehuman custom fit liners

If you were impressed by the previous model, then you will be amazed by this next one, the Simplehuman step trash Can. It’s a classic rectangular waste can with a space-efficient shape that allows it to be placed directly against the wall and stay out of your way.

It has a sturdy construction that gives it the necessary durability; it features a stainless steel structure with a fingerprint-proof finish that resists smudges helping keep the surface shiny. It’s a tight silent-closing lid that makes it a versatile unit to use in your bathroom, kitchen, and office.

Opening and closing the cover is relatively easy; all you need is to step on the patented lid Shox step, and it will open smoothly and silently every time. The firm steel pedal is rated 150,000 steps, which is around 20 steps in a day for 20 years.

Another feature employed in this unit is the Code Q custom fit liners that enhance the trash collection experience. It comes with a design allowing it to stay neatly hidden, sturdy, and durable without leak or tear. Unlike other models discussed here, this trash can comes with built-in wheels put in place to allow you to move it around quickly.

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6. Best mini – Umbra metal waste can with swing lid for bathroom

mini swing lid garbage can for bathroom


  • Perfect size and lightweight
  • Designed for small spaces
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Durable and sturdy

  • The swing-top lid does not fit properly

If you have been admiring the fixtures and details found in that classical architecture, then you will love to have this next model, the Umbra mini waste can, in your bathroom. It’s a uniquely-designed product from Capello Bath Hardware Collection.

One of the products in this elegant collection focuses on the cohesive proportion while bringing a new antique sensibility touch. It makes an excellent bathroom wastebasket for a coordinated bathroom look.

Apart from having a décor-improving look, this unit also boasts a durable construction. You’ll be impressed to learn it’s made using long-lasting polypropylene with an attractive and protective high-gloss finish.

It’s available in various colors; Grey/Steel, Blue, Galaxy, Linen, Red, Silver, Surf Blue, White, and Yellow. Its compact and contemporary swing-top design is also a plus if you need waste to fit in a tight space and stay out of your way.

As you can see, this is a versatile waste can with impressive performance and an attractive gloss finish. You can place it nicely in your small bathroom space.

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How to choose the best bathroom trash can with lid?

bathroom plastic trash can with lid


When purchasing a bathroom trash can, some features make others more easily to use and more practical for your bathroom. They include:

1. Construction

Look for a bathroom trash can that is heavy-duty to ensure it remains firm enough when you open it up to dispose of your garbage. Likewise, consider one that features a compact size, a model that doesn’t take too much space in your bathroom. What’s more, your option should be something lightweight, making it easy to carry and move around during emptying or when cleaning the bathroom.

Also, the bathroom trash size is essential, depending on the number of people visiting the bathroom and the number of times you will empty the bin in a day. If you have a large bathroom, you will need a large one like a 13 gallon trash can, on contrast, if your bathroom is small, you can also choose a 5 gallon trash can. The trash can you choose should also leave some space for your family to walk in the bathroom comfortably.

2. Shape and sealing

Similarly, consider purchasing a bathroom trash can that features a rectangular shape for effective disposal of garbage in the wide and largemouths. Compared to round shape bathroom trash cans, the rectangular cans have wide openings, and they use space more effectively, making it simple to dispose of scraps into them without any of them ending on the floor. Besides that, the sealing of the bathroom trash can is essential as it helps eliminate fruit flies and ensure odor remains in. Always consider one that has minimal gaps and holes to allow effective use and functionality.

3. Design and Style

It would help if you did not choose something that is an eyesore in your house. Always look for bathroom trash that will complement your décor fixtures and bathroom styles. Using a metallic bathroom trash can next to a metallic dispenser and towel is quite attractive. Look for a bathroom trash can that pops but doesn’t mix several colors with metals. Always keep the color mixing subtle.

4. Easy to clean

Securely placed bags in the trash can easily break, leak, or tear down, allowing trash into the can. Choosing bathroom trash that is easier and quicker to clean will help reduce the hassle when this happens. Trash Cans with indentations and channels at the bottom can be quite challenging to clean. It’d be best if you considered a trash can with a detachable inner bin for easy cleaning if the garbage leaks. Likewise, prioritize bathroom trash bins with a plastic exterior or stainless steel construction to hide stains and allow easier cleaning.


Swing lid trash can vs. Step on trash can – Which is better for bathroom?

30 gallon stainless steel garbage can with foot pedal

There are various bathroom trash cans in the market, and each of them has different features, designs, and sizes. A swing lid trash can is one that allows you to lift the lid for convenient trash disposal and a step on a trash can is one whose lid lifts when you touch a foot pedal. The significant difference between the two include the following:

1. Construction and size

The swing lid trash can features a heavy-duty and sturdy plastic construction. In contrast, the step on trash can features stainless steel construction for long-lasting use and comfortable cleaning conveniences.

Likewise, the swing lid trash can is large and features a slim design for large families and easy storage on small space, while the step-on trash can is relatively smaller and wide, thus ideal for use with smaller families and takes up a large area.

2. Operation

Opening a step on the trash can requires a hands-free operation as it comes with a pedal on its bottom, allowing the lid to open if only the pedal is depressed. However, the swing trash can lid is lifted or swings up to dispose of your garbage conveniently.

3. Finish

Also, we all know the finish of a product may affect our house décor in one way or another. Step on a trash can has a stainless steel finish that makes them more attractive and complements and decor, while the swing lid trash can feature a black plastic finish, which makes them beautiful.

4. Verdict

Both the swing trash can and the step on trash can are practical and convenient for use in the bathroom. However, a step-on trash can is more convenient and more comfortable to use despite its cons. The step one trash can is more hygienic, and it allows the disposal of various hazardous garbage. Similarly, its stainless construction helps prevent stains and ensure more comfortable cleaning.



A bathroom trash can with a lid comes in handy is keeping the room tidy and presentable. It’s a perfect way to dispose of all the wastes left by anyone visiting it. What’s more, lidded trash can prevent pest and insect invasion while also sealing the nasty odors inside it, keeping your bathroom smelling fresh. If you can find one of the above options, you would be one step closer to having the easiest and the best way to manage your bathroom trash and waste.

Top 3 overall