How to Choose the Best Dual Trash Can for Kitchen, Office and Living Room?

Using a dual trash can is an effective and smart way of managing trash and recyclable items in your household. By having a dual trash can, you can sort out the trash and the recyclable items easily. While it offers you ease in managing the trash, it also makes the waste management process easier and, in a way, helps the environment.

You can easily get a dual trash can for your household at a reasonable price to fulfil your purpose of managing trash in a healthy way.


What Is a Dual Trash Can?

A dual trashcan has two compartments in can. In one box you can store the trash that is a complete waste and cannot be processed, whereas the other compartment stores recyclable items such as plastics, papers, and other fruit waste that can be used in compost.

Different dual trash cans have different working mechanisms. There are dual trash cans with different foot pedals to manage each compartment separately or one-foot pedal to manage the whole trash can at once.

Furthermore, if you have too much trash in the household you might use both two compartments for storing the trash and avoiding the overstuffing of the trash can.

Moreover, the two compartments of the dual trashcan can be removed and cleaned thoroughly. Any items sticking to the inside of the bin or the compartment can be cleaned properly to avoid any odors from building up. In such way your hygiene is not compromised, and the trash management is made safer.

It can also be placed anywhere easily. Even with dual compartments, the dual trash can does not occupy too much space. It can be placed in the kitchen; in the living room or whatever location you find fit for it.


Why Do You Need a Dual Trash Can?

Each household has different requirements for different things. Such a thing includes a trash can as well. You can get a trash can for your household as per your requirements. A dual trash can helps in managing the trash more effectively into two places.

It also promotes the recycling of valuable items and helps in putting the trash in your household to better use.

Environmentally Friendly

A dual trash can is an environmentally friendly way of managing trash. A way to help the environment is by taking measures to increase recycling. A dual trash can promotes the recycling of these items to put the waste in your house to better use.

With a dual trash can, the recyclable items are managed properly and are handled by the recyclable companies and even by yourself to use the items somewhere else for better use.

Managing Trash More Effectively

With dual trash can you can manage the trash more effectively in your household. A compartment for waste and recyclable items each, eases the management of trash. The waste that cannot be recycled and the waste that can be recycled are managed, respectively.

Assigning different use to each compartment allows you access to use the trash can thoroughly for its designed purpose.

Better, Hygienic Trash Can

A trash can with dual compartment has removable bins. The two compartments stored inside the bin can be removed to take out the trash or to clean them. You can easily wash them with water or even scrub them if you prefer, leave them out to dry. And it will be as good as brand new.

When the bins are removed and cleaned properly. The proper hygiene in using a trash bin is maintained.

More Flexible Use

A dual compartment trash can offers more flexibility to be used around the household. It is usually manufactured to store trash in one compartment and items that can be recycled in the other compartment.

However, if your household trash usually exceeds the usual limit, you might use the recyclable bucket for storing trash as well occasionally.

Later you can just wash it and then dry it thoroughly.

Wide Range of Application

A dual trashcan can be used in multiple places around the household. It can be placed in the kitchen, in the living room or in the backyard as well. A dual trash can has seal tight lid, keeps the trash in place effectively.

The odors and all the trash is kept in place and a mess is not made out of the trash can.

The ease to use, and the ability to store even the recyclable items, makes this trash can suitable enough for all places.


How To Choose a Dual Trash Can?

There are things to consider before choosing even a trash can for your household. The factors that go into deciding the right type of trash can depends upon your preferences, the space available, and the amount of trash you need to store.

What Type of Trash Can Do You Need?

There are different types of trash cans for a dual bin too. Different trash cans have different operating mechanisms, you can choose one that seems easy to use for you.

Step On Trash Can

A step on trash can is the easiest way of using a trash can. The peddle located at the bottom, opens the lid, and allows you to put in the trash. In such way the trash can lid can be opened without having to touch it by hand. This way of using a trash can is hygienic.

Touchless-Trash Can

A touchless trash can is an innovative type of trash can. This type of trash can senses the motion of your hand and opens the lid for you to throw in the trash. It is an effective way of keeping your hands clean and without having to come in contact with any germs while disposing the trash.

Dual Trash with Lid

It is recommended to use a dual trash can with a lid. A dual trash can without lid does not help in keeping the trash in place. The odors have not contained this way either. Hence, you should know whether to get a trash can with a lid or not.

What Material Do You Prefer?

The material of the trash can matters and has an impact on its durability and performance. The usual standard of trash cans are built in either plastic or stainless steel. You can choose plastic if you prefer a trash can that is lightweight and durable. Or you can get a stainless-steel trash can if you need a bin that contains better odors and is more hygienic.

Size And Shape

The size and shape of the trash bin is vital feature that you ought to consider before buying the dual trash bin. If you have quite good amount of trash to dispose daily, then it is recommended you look for a size and shape that can store large amounts of trash.

Choosing the wrong size and shape can make your daily waste management process harder.

Does It Have Removable Inner Buckets?

Some dual trash cans do not have removable inner buckets. With removable inner buckets, the advantage is that you can easily remove them and properly clean them and the bin.

Such way no odors are built inside the trash bin and by keeping it clean, no germs stay around the trash bin either.

Is It Sturdy?

If you are getting a dual trash can, make sure that the design and built is sturdy or else it will not be able to contain the dual trash compartments for long enough and well enough.

Making sure the built of the trash bin is sturdy is an essential part in choosing the trash bin.

What Is Your Budget?

In the end, it all comes down to this. How much are you willing to spend on the dual trash bin? The best dual trash bin is the one that fits all your requirements completely but does not cause you additional worries of spending too much.

A motion sensor trash can or a step on trash can might be expensive, but to manage large amounts of trash in your household you might consider even spending this much to make the daily work around the household much easier.

Best Dual Trash Can Reviews


1. Touchless Dual Trash Can

iTouchless dual trash can (recommended because of wide range of application)

This dual trash can is suitable to be used around different places in the house. It has compact dimensions and slim design and height that adds an elegant look to the surroundings, making it one of the best dual bin. The dual trash can has coded section for recyclable items and for waste items.

  • What You Benefit from It

Step on Pedals to Make Sure the Trash Bin Is Hygienic

The dual trash can has two buckets, to store trash and recyclable items, respectively. This trash bin has two different step on pedals to manage each bin separately. This touchless operating of the trash bin makes this bin hygienic, and your hands are clean even after disposing the trash.

The Buckets Can Be Removed for Proper Cleaning

The two buckets, used for storing trash and recyclable items can be removed. The buckets when removed, can be washed, cleaned properly and then dried to be used again. Such way no trash sticks to the inside of the bin and no odors are allowed to build up.

Odor Absorbing Filter

The trash can has absorbing filters installed inside the trash can. The charcoal filters absorb and neutralizes all types of odors emitted from the trash placed inside the trash can. When no odors escape the trash can, the surroundings remain clean and fresh. It does not disturb your surrounding and does not lets you compromise on your hygiene.

  • What Others Say About This Product

“I have placed this trash bin in my kitchen, and it adds great class to the surrounding. It is also roomy and holds good amount of trash.”

“This is a great trash bin. Keeps all the odors away from the house and the removable buckets are also easy to clean.”

“This trash can has solid construction. This is a great product for a great price.”


3. Step On Dual Trash Can

Home zone living dual trash can (Recommended to easily manage the trash and recyclable items)

This dual trash can is rectangular in shape and is operated by a single foot pedal. It has two compartments, the compartment for storing waste items is bigger than the recyclable item compartment.

This specification along with the built and make is what customers like the most in this trash can and label it is as a good quality dual trash and recycling bin.

  • What You Benefit from It

Durable Stainless-Steel Build

The durable stainless-steel build makes this trash bin last long enough in your household. The step on pedal, the lid and the entire frame of the bin is made of good quality stainless steel to ensure durability of this trash bin.

Design That Fits into Narrow Spaces as Well

This dual trash can that is big enough to store good amount of trash and recyclable items, fits surprisingly easily into narrow spaces. The 11 inches width of the dual trash can allows it to fit easily into your tight kitchen space or whatever the desired location is. In most other dual trash cans the large size of the bin is the problem, such is not the case with this trash bin.

Enough Storage for Waste and Recyclable Items

This trash can has dual spacious buckets. The black bucket stores well enough up to 8 gallons of trash whereas the recyclable blue bucket holds items up to the space of 5 gallons.

Sometimes, in most households, trash items are more than usual recyclable items. In such scenario, this type of trash can with more space for household waste can come in handy and are preferred in the household.

  • What Others Say About This Product

“Fits perfectly into my tight kitchen space. Also stores good amount of trash.”

“This is a great product. Love the quality and the build of this trash can.”

“This trash can elevates the look of the surroundings with its elegant look. It stores great amount of trash as well. Will definitely buy again.”


3. Dual Trash Can

Songmics dual trash can (Recommended to add an elegant look to the surroundings)

This dual trash can is a great way of adding a good look to the surrounding. The colored finish gives it a clean and elegant finish that might be hard to find in other dual trash cans. This two-compartment trash can also has a great storage and airtight lid to keep the trash and odors in place.

  • What You Benefit from It

Cloud White polished look that adds accent to the surroundings

For some people, the stainless-steel finish or the plastic look is not good enough to be placed around the kitchen or somewhere else in the house. It is also hard to find good quality dual trash cans in colors that suits your interior.

This trash can has a stainless steel make and build, but it is polished with cloud white color to give off a modern and stylized look. Such way the look of the surroundings is also enhanced.

Easy To Move Around

With a dual trash can, moving around the bin or taking out the removable bucket can be a tricky task at first. But this trash bin takes care of that for you.

The dual trash can has handles on the side from which you can carry around or easily move the bin. The compartment buckets also have handles that adds to the ease of removing them and your hands are also kept clean and away from germs.

Plastic Lid That Operates Silently

A problem with step on trash cans is that the lid upon closing and opening makes loud noise. However, this trash can has a coated steel build, but the cover is made of plastic. The reason for that is steel tends to be louder and make more noise than plastic.

Furthermore, the plastic used is durable and does not break down and functions smoothly and quietly.

  • What Others Have to Say About This Product

“This is a great trash can, worth the cost for the aesthetic it offers.”

“The trash can has a solid steel construction that has lasted months for me. And I know it will last much long still.”

“This trash can has good enough storage to store the trash and recyclable items in the household easily.”


4. Small Dual Trash Can

Basics dual trash can (Recommended for light use)

This trash can is one of the basic dual trash and recycling can that you can have for your household. It stores small amount of trash and recyclable items. The trash bins can be removed and cleaned easily. It is also easy to carry around.

  • What You Benefit from It

Light And Convenient Use

This dual trash can is suitable for daily light use. It is not one of those heavy-duty trash bins. It works well where there is not much trash and recyclable items that needs to be disposed. The total storage place in the trash can is 8 gallons with different compartments for trash and recyclable items.

Lightweight Makes This Trash Bin Easy to Move Around

This trash bin weighs 11 pounds only. Considering how heavy most dual trash cans are, this one is really light in weight. The handles on the side of the trash can makes it easy to move or drag around from one place to another. The removable compartments also have handles that you use to carry them around easily.

Colored Hinges to Differentiate Between the Two Compartments

In most trash bins, the compartments are differentiated by making the recyclable bin blue and the other one black. However, for this trash bin the two compartments are of the same color and are differentiated with colored hinges. The blue colored hinge is for the recycled bin and yellow for the normal waste.

This helps in easily managing the two compartments.

  • What Others Say About This Product

“I like this trash can. The inner compartments can easily be removed and cleaned.”

“Really happy with this trash can. For the money spent, this trash has really been put to good use.”

“This trash can has a sleek and nice design that fits easily into small spaces. It is easy to clean as well.”


5. Large Dual Trash Can

Songmics Dual Trash Can ULTB60BK (Recommended for heavy use)

This trash can might be known as the best dual bin on the market. It offers enough space to not make the daily work of managing trash hard for you. It is spacious, has good quality and proves to provide value for the price you pay.

  • What You Benefit from It

Heavy Duty Trash Can

This trash can has good amount of space to accommodate for all trash available in your household. Each bucket has a space of 8 gallons. Combined, giving a total space of 16 gallons, making it a good premium quality trash bin.

Super Quiet and Smooth Closing Lid

A problem with step on trash cans is that upon closing, the lid tends to slam and create a loud noise sometimes. This results in disturbance when doing a simple task such as using a trash bin. Hence for this trash bin, the lid is made to function quietly and smoothly. Once you have thrown the trash and removed your foot from the pedal, the lid goes back to its place quietly.

Aesthetic Addition to The Surroundings

This trash can in its black color adds an elegant touch to the surroundings. If you need a trash can that does the job while providing the additional bonus of a good look, then this one will do you good. The steel trash can is colored in a fine black color to suit your kitchen or household interior to give off a good decent and modern look.

  • What Others Say About This Product

“This trash can works well in my small kitchen. It is easy to use and stores good amount of trash.”

“This is worth every penny I spent on it. It is easy to move around and overall a great trash bin.”

“The trash can has proven to be the best purchase in the given price range. It stores everything efficiently. I love this!”


What Is the Best Location for Dual Trash Can?

The best location for any type of trash can is a place where it is easily accessible to everyone around the house. But if you have children and pets, make sure to keep the trash can away from their reach even if the trash can has a lid.

Since a dual trash can has one compartment for recycling, you should take notice of the place where most of the recyclable items and trash items are collected and place the trash can there.

Most of the recyclable items are found in kitchens, such as plastic bottles, papers, and important food waste. If that is the case for you as well, then you might place the dual trash can in the kitchen if your kitchen has that type of floor space available.

However, consider the following locations and reasons why you can place the trash bin in such places.

  • Kitchen, if most of the recyclable items found in your house are kitchen items and need to be put to better use.
  • Backyard, if most of the fruits and vegetable waste can be used to make compost or to put to better use.
  • Living room, if the trash around the household is not food items and just the basic plastic items that need to be recycled or some trash items that are not smelly.


How To Use Dual Trash Can?

Using a dual trash can is no different than using a normal trash can. Of course, there are some management differences in a dual trash can.

Managing a dual trash can is not hard and can be done easily. You can use it without using a user’s manual or any such thing. Once you look at the trash bin, you can pretty much figure it out there and then.

Here is how you use a dual trash can:

  • Store all the waste that is not important and cannot be recycled in the waste bin that is usually of the black or grey color.
  • Store all the recyclable items in the blue-colored bin to make the recycling process easier.
  • Once the bins are full, remove the two compartments out of the bin.
  • Empty the two compartments into the outdoor bin where the whole waste of the house is collected.
  • Wash the two compartments and the bin.
  • Dry them completely before placing them back in.

These are pretty much all the things you need to know about using a dual trash can.


How To Hide Your Trash Can?

There are always certain reasons why you would want to hide your trash can. It could be because of the limited amount of space you have in the kitchen or overall, just the look of a trash bin resting in your well-maintained kitchen.

Well, if you wish to hide your trash bin, what to do then? There are many simple ways you can hide your trash cans around the house, but mostly in the kitchen.

  • Get a pull-out trash bin. A dual trash bin can be easily placed in the kitchen cabinet and used as a pull-out trash bin.
  • Hide the trash bin inside the under-sink cabinet space. If you are not using a garbage disposal or generally have enough under sink space to place small dual compartment trash can then you might place it there.
  • If your kitchen is connected to the outdoors. You might place the trash bin outside, so it does not bother and ruin the look of the interior of your house.

Hiding a trash can is no tricky or hard task, you can easily do so by picking a location that has just the right amount of space available.


How To Clean Dual Trash Can After Using?

Cleaning a dual trash can is probably easier than cleaning ordinary trash cans. Dual trash cans like other normal trash cans, are made of either plastic or stainless steel. The good thing with these manufactured products is that they are easy to clean.

The two buckets of the dual trashcan can be removed and cleaned easily. Once you have removed the buckets, here are simple to follow steps you can carry out to clean the trash bin.

  • Use a dry cloth to clean the buckets and the trash bin to remove any type of dust.
  • Thoroughly wash the buckets and the bin with water.
  • In case of any stains or a sticky garbage piece, use a soap detergent and scrub that area gently.
  • Wash the buckets and the bin till you are satisfied that no more stains or odors are left inside.
  • Let the buckets and trash bin dry out in the sun.
  • Once they have dried up properly, you may put them to use again.



A dual trash can is an invention made to solve the concerns of managing the trash and recyclable items separately. With a dual trash can you save space, time, and the cost of managing trash and recyclable bin individually.

Hence, for any size, you require you can easily get a dual trash can to your liking. So, get one and start managing the trash can in your house more effectively and help the environment!