Best 8 Gallon Trash Can in 2022 – High Quality and Durable

One of the items you cannot do without at home or in an office is a trash can. Wastes are part of the dirt you deal with daily, so high quality and durable trash can is paramount. But there are far too many brands out there that finding the best is a real challenge.

That is why we have selected the ten best 8 gallon trash cans that are worth every penny. Besides, we have given you some tips on how to pick the best types. Also, read on to find out who makes the best 8 gallon trash can.

Best 8 gallon trash can – Top 10 picks for you


Reviews of trash bins of 8 gallons to choose

1. Best step-on – AmazonBasics 8 gallon stainless steel trash can in rectangular shape



  • Lasts longer than ordinary trash cans
  • The beautiful design fits all purposes
  • Large capacity
  • Easy to clean


  • Opening and closing is manual

First on our list of the best 8 gallon trash can is the AmazonBasics 8 gallon step trash can. The magnificently designed trash can perfectly blend with any modern kitchen style as it is a beauty to behold. It is made of stainless steel and is perhaps the most durable trash can today.

If you are looking not only for durability but convenience, removing the inner basket is almost effortless. You only need to tap your foot on the step, and the lid opens quietly and can stay open for as long as you wish. For the best value for your money, buying the AmazonBasics 8 gallon stainless steel trash can would be a guarantee.

Apart from durability, AmazonBasics 8 gallon garbage can with lid is one of the items that will never give you a headache. This trash can is stain resistant, and the luxurious finish cleans easily. It is one of the few trash cans that can be mistaken for an expensive accessory. If you are not sure what to look for when buying an 8 gallon trash can, AmazonBasics rectangular trash can is ideal for a lasting solution.

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2. Best stain-resistant – Simplehuman 8 gallon touchless trash can with foot pedal for kitchen & bathroom



  • Made of steel for durability
  • Lid closes silently
  • Has a modest hinge so you can keep it against a wall
  • Stain-resistant hence easy to clean


  • Some people might prefer a different shape

Another exceptionally durable trash can is the Simplehuman 8 gallon wastebasket. The round garbage bin is super sleek and offers your kitchen a commanding eye appeal. If you are looking for one of the most durable and uniquely designed trash cans, going for the Simplehuman will serve the best of your interests.

Perhaps you had had a trash can before but trashed it too due to a faulty step design. Built with a sturdy steel pedal, this 8 gallon garbage can with lid lasts years of abuse without a single disappointment. That is the reason the manufacturer offers an astonishing ten-year warranty, the real proof of durability.

Some trash cans tear-off liners, and if you are not careful, you may have to replace them now and then. However, you can save yourself the heck with the Simplehuman stainless steel 8 gallon trash can. It has customizable Code G liners which are tough and durable resisting wearing and tearing.

Besides, they fit perfectly in the impressive round design of this unique trash can.

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3. Best budget – Rubbermaid 8 gallon step on trash can for commercial use



  • Lasts longer than most trash cans
  • Easy to open and close
  • Impressive lid completely covers the liner
  • It is affordable


  • Some people may not prefer a plastic trash can

8 gallon trash can come in different materials, including metal and plastics. If you are looking for a perfect plastic trash can, the Rubbermaid 8 gallon plastic trash can with lid is the best. This trash can is made to offer as much the same convenience as any high-end trash can.

Rubbermaid 8 gallon trash can has excellent liner lock bag clips that keep the liner fully open. This means you can’t dirt yourself while adding more wastes. Besides, it is designed to offer a seamless seal to keep off odors. You are going to find it relatively easy cleaning the Rubbermaid 8 gallon step-on trash can for the many years of service you will enjoy.

Rubbermaid knows what it takes to handle any form of waste and engineers some of the best trash cans in the market. Although it is labeled as an 8 gallon plastic trash can, it does take in more than you could imagine. Plus you can always find some space for this garbage bin, and it could beat the weather anywhere outside your house.

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4. Best pet-proof – iTouchless 8 gallon stainless steel sensor trash can for home



  • It has a lengthy lifespan
  • Has a lid status alert to notify you when the lid is not closed
  • Has a luxurious finish
  • Uses batteries but has an AC option
  • Easy to clean


  • Can run out of battery

If you are looking for a state of the art 8 gallon trash can, iTouchless 8 gallon trash can is perhaps the best in the market today. As the name suggests, this 8 gallon wastebasket allows you to throw in the trash without a single touch on it. There is nothing better to change the outlook of your kitchen or office than this impressive trash can.

Pets can be nagging especially if they can detect something edible in a trash can. However, the iTouchless 8 gallon stainless steel trash can is engineered to keep off pets, mainly since it uses sensors to open and close. Not only does it features a pet guard but also comes with a carbon filter that absorbs odors keeping your kitchen fresh.

The fantastic piece of technology is made of stainless steel that endures years of dedicated service. Furthermore, cleaning it is not what you would consider a task. Your kitchen deserves glamour, and this is one of the most fantastic trash cans you can find anywhere.

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5. Best pull-out – Simplehuman 8 gallon trash can with heavy-duty steel frame



  • It is very durable
  • Has a large capacity
  • Easy to assemble
  • Most suitable for cabinets and under the counter


  • Does not have a lid

Depending on the nature of your kitchen, you may choose an 8 gallon pull-out trash can over the other types. However, there are hundreds of them, and if you are not careful, you are likely to be disappointed with the time. Nevertheless, Simplehuman 8 gallon pull-out trash can has a reputation for some of the garbage bins.

One of the reasons why Simplehuman 8 gallon pull-out garbage can features in our ten best is the convenience of use and disposal of waste. Besides, once it is installed in one of your cabinets, it reduces space, and all you need is to pull it and load in the wastes gently. Unlike most other trash cans, this one works perfectly with most liners making it easy to handle trash dirt free.

Also, this is one of the most durable trash cans today. The steel frame and the fact that it is always enclosed mean that not unless you damage it intentionally, it can last for as long as you live. It is doubtful you can fill this trash can as it is considered more spacious than other 8-gallon trash cans.

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6. Best plastic – Sterilite 8 gallon plastic wastebasket with touch top



  • It is long-lasting
  • Suitable for any waste
  • Fits well with standard liners
  • Cost affordable


  • The simple design though sturdy enough

Sterilite is the perfect multipurpose 8 gallon trash bin you can trust today. Although it is made in a simple design, nothing can beat the durability and quality of service offered by this wastebasket. If you have been disappointed by one of the clumsy trash cans touting as the best, buying this one will guarantee you rest in your search for quality.

With only a slight tap on the top of this sturdy 8 gallon garbage bin, the lid pops up, allowing you to place your litter with ease. Furthermore, it closes perfectly to make a seamless seal that keeps off undesirable odors from seeping out. The Sterilite fits in perfectly in narrow spaces, so do not mind any problems with space.

Sometimes kitchen refuse can be messy, making it hard to throw them inside the basket without dirtying yourself. But not with the Sterilite 8 gallon trash can whose lid can remain open for as long as you wish while loading wastes. As you might be aware, nothing lasts longer than plastic and specifically the Sterilite 8 gallon touch top wastebasket.

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7. Best for kitchen – iTouchless 8 gallon step trash can with odor control system



  • Made of steel for guaranteed durability
  • Inner bucket is removable
  • Sturdy steel foot pedal needs a light tap to open
  • Comes in a range of colors for preference


  • It is a little expensive for some people

Another excellent choice to make when buying a garbage bin is the iTouchless 8 gallon soft step trash can. The level of hygiene you wish to see in your house needs a super cool trash can that is fabulous in design. That is what iTouchless soft step trash bin combines to give you a unique experience and satisfaction guarantee.

If you are looking for some level of sophistication at a fair price, iTouchless has more than that to offer. Its sleek outlook blends well with any kitchen décor not to mention the suitability of its size even for the smallest of kitchens or offices. Stay confident in a trash can that will not leak odors and cleans in a few wipes.

Once in a while, you need to empty the trash can when it is full. Some of these garbage bins will never allow you to do it without getting yourself dirty. However, the superb design of the iTouchless 8-gallon trash can allows you effortless remove the liner without a single spot on your clothes.

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8. Best with seamless lid – Rubbermaid 8 gallon commercial front step-on trash can



  • Cost friendly
  • Easy to load and empty trash
  • Seamless lid
  • Excellently designed foot pedal


  • You have to step on the pedal to keep it open

Another 8 gallon plastic trash can that you can comfortably take home is the Rubbermaid 8 gallon front step-on trash can.

Do you find it hard to throw in the trash in some garbage bins? The Rubbermaid 8 gallon plastic garbage bin is extra wide to allow stress-free waste disposal. Besides, you don’t have to touch the waste bin as it features an excellent foot pedal that flings the lid open when stepped on.

Most of the previous buyers commend this 8 gallon trash can for its versatility despite whatever form of abuse. It is reinforced with resin which makes it suitable for sharp waste objects and contributes to its incredibly long lifespan. That includes resistance to wear and tear and also elements of weather in case you want to place it outdoors.

There is no reason you should give up on trash cans just because one failed to live to its promise. Even on looking at the Rubbermaid commercial 8 gallon trash can, you can tell that it is quite a robust make. Besides, it is well worth the price offer for such an excellent service.

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9. Best with narrow shape – Brabantia 8 gallon touch trash can with lid



  • Luxurious design
  • High durability
  • High loading capacity, vacuum-free
  • Easy to clean


  • Some people may not prefer a removable lid

Some people have a soft spot for elegance and a state of the class. For such people, the Brabantia 8 gallon touch trash can is a perfect solution. The garbage bin is sleek from top to bottom, and the round shape makes it suitable for any place you would wish to keep it. Besides, what can be more hygienic than the easy to clean 8 gallon trash can from Brabantia?

Brabantia 8 gallon touch trash can with lid offers you a unique waste disposal experience. This 8 gallon garbage bin features a sleek steel lid that opens upon a slight touch. Furthermore, liners fit in perfectly well inside the Brabantia. The main advantage over other trash cans is the presence of ventilation that prevents vacuum when loading more wastes. This means it could carry more than a seemingly larger waste bin.

One way you can tell a great product is by the length of a manufacturer’s warranty. If the makers cannot trust their products to do more than a few months, then it can be tricky. The durability of the Brabantia 8 gallon touch trash can is not comparable, and it explains the ten-year warranty on this product.

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10. Best under cabinets – Kohler 8 gallon trash can with stainless steel foot pedal



  • Durable trash can
  • Easy to clean
  • Suitable for spaces limited in height
  • Holds a considerable amount of waste


  • Some people love tall trash cans

Being last does not always mean there is something wrong. Besides, the Kohler 8 gallon trash can is only number ten out of hundreds of brands out there. It is among the few that have shown outstanding performance. Why blindly buy when you can choose what others have commended after years of use?

The most striking feature in this garbage bin is the ideal size that fits even under counters and cabinets. If you are looking for a lasting solution for your office or kitchen, this is the kind of thing that will never disappoint you. From the sturdy foot pedal to the silent lid, everything about this bin is a dedication to satisfaction.

The only time you tell a great trash can from the rest is when placing wastes into the bin. If the opening system is shoddy, you end up soiling yourself. However, the Kohler 8 gallon trash bin has a raised liner in addition to the rim-lock, making it convenient to remove filled baskets. This is undoubtedly an excellent value for your money.

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How to pick the best 8 gallon garbage can?

Buying a high-quality 8 gallon trash can is hard with all the brands already flooding the market. Although it is easy to place an order and have a product delivered to your doorstep, you can never be assured of quality. However, here are some tips on how to pick the best 8 gallon trash can for the best experience.

1. Durability

Upon thorough research, we have concluded that an 8 gallon trash can made of stainless has a reliable lifespan. The advantage of these bins is that they are seamless hence keep off insects and pets. Unfortunately, not all people can afford stainless steel trash cans. But there is no reason for alarm. Some plastic trash cans are long-lasting and seal as correctly as their steel counterparts.

You also need to check for the condition of the lids. If a cover is not sturdy enough, coming off the bin however durable, it means it is not satisfactory. Always ensure that the trash can you select has robust features for a longer lifespan.

Best durable – Homfa 8 gallon stainless steel garbage can with hinged lids

Homfa 8 gallon trash can with removable liners

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2. Compatibility with standard bags.

Most 8-gallon trash cans require the use of bags to hold the waste inside the bin. But if you are not careful, chances are you might pick something that does not work with readily available trash bags. Some trash cans are shorter than standard bags which means you have to keep unfolding them every time you are loading wastes.

The best trash bags should create a perfect fit around to offer dirt-free handling. The 8 gallon trash bins described above are all engineered for an ideal fit and suitability with available waste bags.

3. Ease of Cleaning

The one reason you would need an 8 gallon trash can is to ensure a clean environment around you. But it would be funny to place wastes in dirty trash that has stained and tarnished. When buying an 8 gallon trash can, ensure it is easy to clean and is stain-resistant.

Most steel trash cans are easy to clean. However, that does not rule out the possibility of cons out there. If you are tight on budget, you may consider buying a plastic trash can. These are not difficult to clean and can serve areas where others cannot.

4. Eye appeal

The outlook of a trash can determines how well it complements the décor of your kitchen or office. Check for something that will be eye appealing even to your guests as they throw pieces of litter. And since beauty is said to be in the eyes of the beholder, only you can tell what intrigues you.

However, don’t be fooled to buy beauty only to take home substandard trash cans. Be sure to check for every relevant feature before falling for the beauty of the trash can. Steel trash cans are generally sleek although some plastic bins do just as fine.

5. Shape

Although a rectangular garbage bin might appeal to you, perhaps it would not fit in the only space in your kitchen. That is why you need to consider the shape of the trash can, mainly due to space limitations. However, if you have ample space, any shape will be accepted depending on your preferences.

On the other hand, you might realize that the features you wish for are provided in the shape you don’t want. In this case, you have to balance between quality and form. Remember, at the end of the day, service rather than aesthetics matter.


What are the types of 8 gallon trash bin?

8 gallon step on garbage can for widely use

If you have been keen enough, you may have realized there are different types of 8 gallon trash can. Although they share some standard features, 8 gallon garbage cans differ in certain aspects. Here are the varied types of 8-gallon trash can you can find in the market today.

1. 8 gallon garbage can with lid

The 8 gallon garbage can with lid is the best solution for sealing off odors from wastes. Besides, this is an excellent way to keep off kids and pets from tampering with the can. They can be of different shapes and types of lids.

Additionally, the opening mechanism can be manual by a foot pedal or automatic where the trash can detects your hand and pops open. Some lids are removable while others are permanently fixed. You will also expect to find a myriad of colors for the 8-gallon garbage can with a lid.

2. 8 gallon plastic garbage can

If you are looking for a new 8 gallon trash can, you will find hundreds of brands of the 8-gallon plastic garbage can. Plastic garbage cans are available mainly as rectangular or circular bins. Sometimes you can’t do without plastic, especially when you are looking for something sturdy and long-lasting. That is why the 8-gallon plastic garbage can is so prevalent in American households.

Besides, some of the plastic garbage cans are reinforced with resin and other materials to increase durability and enhance eye appeal. The advantage of having a plastic trash can is that you don’t care whatever waste you are handling. Plastic 8 gallon bins are prevalent everywhere, including health facilities.

3. 8 gallon stainless steel trash can

One of the most popular garbage bins is the 8-gallon stainless steel trash can. Due to its high durability and luxurious finish, most people would instead buy steel. Like most other types, stainless steel trash cans have different features and prices. Furthermore, to cater to a broader customer preference, these cans are made of varying shapes.

Some have touchless lids, while others utilize a foot pedal. Most 8-gallon trash cans require the use of inner liners. You need to be sure you have bought one that is compatible with standard waste bags. This kind of 8-gallon trash can adds beauty to your kitchen or office, and they are effortless to clean.

4. 8 gallon kitchen can

An 8 gallon kitchen gallon is one of the things that simplify your cooking experience. Therefore having a superb 8-gallon kitchen can is out of the question. Depending on the nature of your kitchen, you may decide to buy the under the counter or cabinet kitchen can. Besides, there are a whole lot of differences in terms of color, with or without a lid.

Furthermore, there is a wide selection of quality and elegance, depending on how much you are willing to sacrifice for your kitchen. However, across the range of prices, there is always a trash can worth your money that can serve you for a long time.


Who makes the best 8 gallon trash can?

If you know who makes the best 8-gallon trash can, it is unlikely you can get low quality. Here are some of the best manufacturers whose products have shown exceptional resilience for a long time.

1. Rubbermaid

Rubbermaid is one of the most influential manufacturers and distributors of food packaging and trash cans today. With a long history in the manufacturing industry, Rubbermaid has mastered the art of customer satisfaction. Today, some of the most durable and convenient 8 gallon trash cans are from this company.

It has been global for a long time operating in the US, Africa, and beyond. The company uses advanced technology to make trash cans that suit everyone regardless of economic status. If you are looking for a worthwhile 8-gallon trash can, the Rubbermaid brand is undoubtedly one of the best today.

2. Kohler

The only way a company can survive in the market for a long time is through customer satisfaction. That is the dedication that has seen Kohler beat the odds in 8-gallon trash can manufacturing ever since the 18th century. That is a long way back but has enabled the organization to bring the best into the market.

Whatever type of 8 gallon trash can you are looking for, Kohler has it for you. It does not matter whether you have a high-end kitchen or just a small kitchen. There are varieties in size shape and material used to make Kohler trash cans.

3. Masterclass

Another reputed manufacturer of the 8 gallon trash can is the Masterclass. Whenever you come across this label, you can be assured of the quality and excellence of service. Masterclass 8 gallon trash bin uses state of the art technology to make you some of the most striking pieces of waste disposal solutions. Since they have a long history of excellence, it is unlikely you will be disappointed by their products.

Besides, they also offer a wide selection of colors, shapes, and materials to cater to your varying needs. If you are operating on a tight budget but still wish to buy a new trash can, you can check the Masterclass brand. Not that they deal with cheap products, even high-end kitchens boast the elegance of some Masterclass gallons.

4. Sterilite

Some people never consider who makes the products they buy. Although this may not be necessarily important, it is worth noting that Sterilite offers some of the best solutions in waste handling. If you are looking for an 8 gallon trash can, buying the Sterilite brands is a sure way to get the best.

The company makes all types of 8 gallon trash cans. These include plastic and stainless steel garbage bins. Furthermore, their products come in varying features, some with step pedals for opening and others without lids. Buy quality products from a reputable manufacturer such as Sterilite where every penny counts.

5. Simplehuman

Headquartered in Torrance, California, Simplehuman is one of the most popular manufacturers of trash cans. If you are looking for some of a fascinating 8 gallon trash can, Simplehuman is the brand. As the names suggest, it is effortless to use a Simplehuman trash can, especially the 8-gallon size.

The company makes both plastic and steel 8-gallon trash can with a combination of varying features. This helps you to select one that best suits your needs. In terms of longevity, Simplehuman has shown tremendous versatility in making its products among the best in the market. This is the place you can buy the best automatic 8-gallon trash can today.


How big is an 8 gallon gabage bin?

When buying a trash can, one of the things you must consider is the size depending on the amount of waste. The most popular garbage bin today is the 8-gallon trash can. But how big is an 8-gallon trash can?

If you are looking for a rectangular 8 gallon trash can, be sure to come across different dimensions. The depth may vary to allow for under the counter, cabinet, or sink installation. Despite the differences in-depth, the capacity is the same.

An 8 gallon trash can is big enough to hold household wastes with minimal emptying. You wouldn’t want it to be full, especially if you are loading bulky garbage. An 8 gallon round trash can may come in different diameters and heights. Again, the volume is not affected.

Although 8 gallons is equivalent to 28 liters, most 8-gallon trash can hold more than 30 liters when squeezed. This size of a gallon serves almost every need from households to organizations. The advantage is that it is easy to carry wastes, and it does not allow too much accumulation. Based on the types of rubbish, you can empty the trash can weekly or monthly.



Buying an 8-gallon trash can is tricky with hundreds of brands seeking your attention. However, any of the above-described products offer the best service. The tips on how to pick the best 8-gallon trash cans were used while deciding the best in the market. By checking out one of the manufacturers above, you will be guaranteed the best 8-gallon trash can today.


Top 3 choices above all



The 8 gallon trash bins are suitable for residential and commercial use. Moreover, if you’d like to choose the bigger ones to fit your wide space, or the smaller ones like 4 gallon garbage bins, we also provided you some options and detailed reviews about them.