Best 5 Gallon Trash Can in 2022 – Small and Snug to Fit Your Sites

Trash cans come in various sizes and shapes. These variations are large because of the different circumstances and environments where the same are used. They also come about as a result of the varying volumes of the trash that the cans are supposed to handle. We are glad to introduce the 5 gallon trash can for you.

As its name implies, this can have the capacity to accommodate 5 gallons of trash per unit time. Because of this, it fits the standard home and office exceptionally well. Our reviews and buying guide here below endeavors to guide you in finding the best 5 gallon trash can.

Best 5 gallon trash can – Top 6 on the market


Reviews of the best 5-gallon garbage can

We start it out with a review of the leading 5-gallon trash cans at the moment:

1. Best hand-free – NINESTARS 5 gallon tap sensor trash can with black lid



  • Stands firm in place when erected
  • Keeps your interiors clean and neat
  • Pairs with any standard trash bags


  • Calls for some expertise to operationalize

This trash can is automated in the sense that it is packed with parts and components that are operational on their own. Thus, it takes the stress and the effort away from you and makes you easily taken good care of.

As explained above, NINESTARS 5 gallon trash can with lid is automated and hence takes the stress of operating it away from you. Making this largely possible is the touch-free motion sensor lid closer. It seals off all the odor and prevents contamination by the germs.

A water-resistant infrared motion sensor comes in next. This one detects the motions of those who are in and around the can. Then, it triggers the can to operate appropriately and in ways that prevent the accidental spills of the contents to the outward environment.

Coming in last is the delay sensing technology. With this technology, the garbage can is able to conveniently manage and regulate the operations of the opening and closing thereof. It also prevents the can from being accidentally opened by pets and children.

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2. Best soft-close – AmazonBasics 5 gallon step trash can with lid for office



  • Opened and closed by a manual foot lever
  • Its round shape enables smoother handling and transportation
  • Greatly reduces the noise output


  • Too manual for convenient operations

Most of these cans do exude some banging sounds when closed, which interferes with the people around. If your area is sensitive to noise, this soft closing 5 gallon step trash can could as well be the one to pick and make do with.

Standing taller among the many elegant features that the trash can have to offer is the soft-close lid. This 5 gallon stainless steel trash can eliminates all the noise that may arise when in the course of opening and closing. That is what makes the can great for use in areas that are sensitive to noise.

A tough exterior adorns the can. The toughness is largely brought about by the durable stainless steel makeup that adorns the structure on the whole. This material is resistant to smudge and fingerprints on the whole.

Its interior is not left out either. AmazonBasics 5 gallon round trash bin features a heavy-duty plastic makeup that lasts longer and also manages to provide and assure long term engagements and subsequent use. You have the benefit of longevity to leverage.

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3. Best plastic – Rubbermaid 5 gallon bisque wastebasket for indoor use



  • Stands taller to years of persistent abuse
  • Light enough to carry around conveniently
  • Extra tough and heavily enduring of damages


  • Slightly strenuous to carry around from one area to another one

The Rubbermaid 5 gallon trash can is largely known to be tough and reputable. Choose to work with this can for a start to leverage this awesome end for yourself.

In a nutshell,Rubbermaid 5 gallon plastic garbage bin is lighter and long-lasting in one streak. Choose to use it hence repeatedly and for a longer than average duration of time. Hardly does it break down and sustain unnecessary losses as you move along.

The rims that surround its mouth are extra tough and enduring. They are further complemented with the strong sides and have the joint ability to stand up to longer years of daily and sometimes monthly usage for you.

Rounding it all up is the smoother interior. Thanks to this overall smoothness, the item hardly imperils your operations as you move about the course of using it. The smooth nature also reduces the likelihood that the stains will stick there.

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4. Best multipurpose – Sterilite 5.5 gallon rectangular white trash can



  • Comes in excellent dimensions
  • Useful and mountable in many areas of use
  • Its rectangular shape guarantees proper fit


  • Slightly strenuous to handle and carry

Do you change your locations of use every now and then? If you do, you want a similarly multipurpose trash can of this kind. Owing to its versatile nature, the gadget fits many areas like offices, bathrooms, and bedrooms.

The sides of Sterilite 5 gallon wastebasket are both polished and textured in equal stature. Thanks to these two arrangements, the item is able to also make your interiors appear more beautiful to the naked eyes over and above merely holding your trash in escrow.

A comfortable handle that is integrated into the rim also forms a vital aspect of this trash can. As you may have already conjectured, the handle serves to facilitate the transportation of the item to a faraway locale.

The shape of this can is rectangular and hence fits many parts of your home or office. It is this trait in fact that makes the item serve the role if fitting your strained spaces simply and easily for the sake of maximum convenience of use.

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5. Best strong – Behrens silver 5 gallon galvanized trash can with locking lid



  • Serves all purposes in the outdoors
  • Resists corrosion and other forms of damages
  • Facilitates heavier usage and engagements


  • Demands heavier muscle power to engage

For your prolonged and consistent engagement of these items, you want one that is super strong. By virtue of the steel structural makeup, none is superior to Behrens 6 gallon silver galvanized with regards the parameter.

A durable galvanized steel stands out as the premier aspect of the trash can. The material is known for its maximum strength and higher resistance to the risks of corrosion that may be leveled against it.

To carry and transport it to the remote locales of use, you simply make do with the sturdy handles that constitute the trash can. The handles manage a firmer grip and also see to it that the structure does not fall off when ferried.

Rounding it all up are the rolled rims. These serve to add some strength and exceptional stability to the tops of the trash can to facilitate the handling and transportation thereof. They also slow down the pace of wear and tear of the gadget.

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6. Best for paper waste – Greenco metal mesh round trash can with 4.5 gallon capacity



  • Possesses a distinctively black epoxy finish
  • Ideal for use in just about every setting
  • Breathable enough to let in a copious quantity of air


  • No lid

Could it be that you only want to stash in the paper wastes? If that is all you want to do, the can you may have to look up to has to possess a mesh traash can that ensures the smoother circulation of air to keep the greens fresher.

A durable and scratch-resistant steel wire mesh ranks tops of all the outstanding parts and components that make this 5 gallon garbage can up. It is the mesh that allows for the smoother flow and circulation of air to maintain the trash fresh and odorless.

At its base is the solid metal that also doubles up as a reinforcement. The reinforcement provides the strength and stability that the item demands to be able to work and serve you consistently for a longer duration of time.

All factors taken to consideration, the 5 gallon metal trash can does have a smoother shape indeed. Thanks to this smooth shape, the item is easier to transport and subsequently tuck to the limited available storage space within your premise or room.

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How to pick the best 5 gallon garbage can?

5 gallon pink trash bin with motion sensor

To pick the most suitable 5-gallon trash can for your course, you need to factor in the following considerations:

1. Budget

Whether or not you will purchase the 5 gallon trash cans shall depend largely on the amount of money which they cost. To be on the safer side, you should prioritize those cans that are cheaper and affordable. That may demand that you compare the prices of many dealers for the best deals.

2. Nature of the trash

What kind of trash do you plan to hold in escrow prior to eventual emptying? Are they medical wastes, greens, office stationery, or the general kitchen wastes? You must really make up your mind as these cans are highly specialized. You cannot pick any at random and enjoy the necessary ends.

3. Shape and style of construction

How the 5 gallon garbage can is shaped and constructed also matters a great deal. A great can has to complement the interior décor of your rooms and spaces. That is only achievable if the can in question is appropriately styled and packed with loads of elegant features that are breathtaking to behold.

4. Care and maintenance needs

With use, you will no doubt have to care for and maintain these cans. You hence have to factor in the kinds of regimes that may have to be employed to achieve this. As a general rule, you should not settle on a can that is too complicated to keep a keen eye on.

5. Handling and transportations processes

Next to the care and the maintenance, the 5 gallon garbage cans also have to be handled and transported to the desired locations of use well. You must hence also consider the handling and the transportation processes that each can demands to be followed. It goes without saying that the best one has to be simpler to comprehend and use.

6. Intended location of installation

Where exactly do you want or plan to place the can throughout its entire duration of use? We have already explained that these cans comprise varying material makeups. You have to match and pair the materials that make them up with the spaces you intend to set aside for their use.

7. Desired locale of use

Closely related to the above is the issue of the desired locale of use. Where exactly do you want to use the 5 gallon trash can? Is it indoors or outdoors? Could it be the office environment or bedroom areas? Make your choice appropriately and in line with the exact area where you want to use the same.


What features make 5-gallon trash can suitable for outdoor use?

  • Waterproof makeup

Most of the 5 gallon garbage cans come about in waterproof makeup. This makeup prevents the ambient water from seeping into the can to interfere with the trash that is stored inside it. It is against this backdrop that the cans serve to hold the organic wastes well before emptying.

  • Possession of a lid

Apart from the waterproof makeup, the 5 gallon trash cans also possess lids that seal off the interiors from direct exposure to the external weather elements. The lids also prevent the ambient water or moisture from seeping into the trash in such a way as to interfere with the same.

  • Sturdy base

Supplementing the above is the sturdy base. As you may have guessed, it is the sturdy base that anchors the item firmly on the ground level to prevent the same from shaking off excessively when in the course of handling or when the weather elements are a bit too harsh.

  • Relative ease of emptying

5 gallon trash bins also have the added benefits of being easier to empty if and when they get filled up. This ease comes in handy when the contents have to be disposed of but without the risk of contaminating your hands and that of the occupants who reside nearby.


What materials of 5 gallon trash bin can I get?

Simplehuman stainless steel garbage bin for indoor

The kinds of materials that may adorn your 5-gallon trash can are:

  • Stainless steel

The trash cans that are made of stainless steel tend to be stronger and less inclined to the risks of corrosion and other forms of premature damages. They are hence good enough for longer usage as they guarantee the reliability and support you need to leverage the necessary ends well.

  • Metal

Want to suppress the seepage of the foul stench? The 5 gallon metal trash can with lid that has a lid fitting of this kind is the one you may have to seek and use. The metallic makeup gives it the strength and the support it needs to take you further for a long enough amount of time.

  • Galvanize

A galvanized trash can is the one you may have to seek and make use of if your area is hot, humid, and prone to the risks of corrosion. That stems from the ability of the galvanized exterior to stave off the premature damages and the eating away of the metallic components chiefly by way of corrosion.

  • High-density polyethylene

This is a special kind of plastic that is stronger and more enduring. It also brings about the added benefit of being less inclined to the risks of corrosion and the premature damages that come about. Then again it is more convenient to keep clean and maintain overall.

  • Aluminum

If you happen to carry and transport your trash can to a remote locale every quite often, the can you set your hands on has to be pretty light and portable to carry around. The Aluminum material is largely known to be light enough. Thus, it really fits this bill particularly well.

  • Brass and Chrome

For ornamental ends and values, the trash can of choice has to be made of Brass and Chrome materials. These two do glare and are also great to behold with the naked eyes. Moreover, they may also be modified to fit the unique beauty and décor needs you may have in mind.


Where can I use the 5 gallon trash can?

You may use the 5-gallon trash can in the following places:

  • Kitchen

You may use these trash cans to hold your kitchen wastes for a limited duration of time prior to emptying out the same. These cans are smaller, more compact, and quite convenient to move about. They also fit smoothly and snugly within your kitchen ambiances without too much squeezing.

  • Office

The 5 gallon trash cans are smaller, more compact, and hence better placed to fit the limited storage and mounting spaces that exist within your rooms. That is besides containing sufficient spaces for your common office settings and circumstances of use.

  • Bedrooms

Could it be that you use your bedroom as a home office? If at all you do, this trash can is yours for the taking. It fits those areas well not to mention being capable of holding the common everyday trash that the typical bedroom setting typically generate.

  • College dormitory

Are you a student? Yet again the 5 gallon trash can of this stature may come in handy for you. Its small and snug nature really fits the typical college dormitory setting. Moreover, the item is also capable of holding most of the trash that the college dormitory may typically produce.


What is the size/dimensions of a 5 gallon trash can?

A typical 5-gallon trash can measures 15.75 inches×11 inches×16.25 inches. Even those that do not follow this pattern tend to follow it as nearly as can probably be the case.



With the in-depth pieces of information we have generously produced, we are now pretty confident that your search for the most suitable 5-gallon trash can is going to be smoother. All you have to do is to prioritize the ones we have delineated and reviewed above. Best of luck in your subsequent search!

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5 gallon garbage can fits the standard home and office exceptionally well. Besides, there are smaller ones such as 4 gallon garbage can and larger ones such as 13 gallon trash bins. We have made a series of reviews to guide you choose.