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Whether you are at home or in the office, it will always be valuable to make your site clean and tidy. Besides, it will be great to get the right trash can. Try to choose a 10 gallon trash can as it is one of the most suitable trash cans for your indoor use. With it, you may feel how convenient managing garbage and waste will be.

Here are our guides for you to know about the best 10 gallon trash can and we also teach you how to choose.

Best 10 gallon trash can – Top 8 in 2021


8 Reviews of 10 gallon garbage can on the market

1. Best lightweight – AmazonCommercial 10 gallon plastic garbage can



  • It requires no assembly
  • Relatively straightforward to use and clean
  • Comes with a lightweight, minimalist design that can save space
  • Comes at a fairly reasonable price


  • Could be too slim for some people

You can barely overlook this impressive commercial trash can, thanks to how affordable it is. Its versatility is impressive, as you will freely use it in your residential and commercial space without any difficulty. However, it will be best to use it for indoor waste storage.

This product comes with relatively sturdy plastic construction, assuring you of reliability and durability. This construction is non-porous, meaning you will readily clean it whenever necessary. As if that is not enough, it has a rolled rim around it, which is vital in boosting its stability.

Its design is worth lauding. Did you know that it is rectangular? This shape plays a critical role in enhancing storage efficiency. What is more, it is slim enough to guarantee you the room to save some space. You can also fit it alongside other appliances in the kitchen.

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2. Best strong – Behrens 10 gallon galvanized trash can with locking lid



  • Comes with a secure locking feature
  • Its base can provide enough stability
  • Assures you of dry storage
  • Durable


  • Comes in white color only

If you are looking for a galvanized steel product, this is the one. This steel construction affirms class, durability, and robustness. It is not only less susceptible to corrosion but also ideal for handling pet waste.

It comes with a reinforced rim, which is all you need for enhanced strength and stability. This rim helps hold trash bags more securely too. Besides that, there is a locking feature that keeps the lid in place. This way, there will be no room for odors to escape or the garbage to get exposed. The cover often remains stationary, making it easier for you to handle it.

You will also appreciate its offset bottom, ensuring that the base does not touch the ground. With this, moving around and scratching surfaces will no longer be a problem.

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3. Best short – Rubbermaid office 10 gallon plastic resin trash can for indoor



  • Come with a simple and minimalist design
  • Reasonably straightforward to use, and there is no assembly
  • Sturdy, durable construction
  • Not susceptible to scratches and corrosion


  • Plastic might not be appealing to some users

You can hardly overlook how space-efficient this Rubbermaid 10 gallon trash can is, making it quite popular. Thanks to its rectangular, slim shape, you will readily economize on space. Whether you want to use it in the house, conference room, office, or shop, this design provides you with unrivaled versatility. As if that is not enough, this is all you need if you are looking forward to recycling.

While it highlights plastic construction, this product is robust and reliable. You will barely have to worry about longevity, scratches, or corrosion. There will also be no chippings or dents. What is more, it comes with rolled rims that provide more strength to the can. They also make it easier for you to clean.

The simple design of this product is impressive. Usually, these trash cans are relatively short. That means they will comfortably fit under a desk, providing you with the flexibility and convenience you envision.

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4. Best non-slip – Rubbermaid Brute 10 gallon trash can for outdoor



  • Features an impressive non-slip base
  • Its design allows for stacking, making transportation easier
  • Comes with rounded handles for easier lifting and carting
  • Found in multiple colors


  • The painted finish is less appealing

This heavy-duty round container has become quite common these days, thanks to its affordability. It boasts of sturdy plastic material, which can comfortably withstand UV rays. This material also comes in handy in ensuring that the can does not end up corroded or with dents. Also, you will have no reason to worry about warping, cracking, or fading.

It comes with innovative venting channels, which play a critical role in making it easier to lift liners. This way, you will be confident of a better trash experience and enhanced productivity. There will also be hardly any cases of injuries. Its built-in cinches will also help secure the liners, improving efficiency.

This product comes with a non-slip base that boosts its stability. The engineering of this base allows it to be comfortably dragged over rough surfaces too.

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5. Best hand-free – Simplehuman 10 gallon kitchen trash can with foot pedal



  • Its robust construction assures you of reliability and durability
  • Has a fingerprint-proof, brushed finish
  • Its lid does not bump into the wall
  • Reasonably straightforward to assemble and use it


  • Could be too bulky for some people

This product is all you need for enhanced convenience. Thanks to the step-on lever, it will be much easier for you to avoid germs and pathogens. This pedal is made of strong steel, assuring you of unrivaled durability.

Simplehuman 10 gallon trash can prides itself on the Shox technology responsible for the lid’s silent closure. Ideally, it protects the lid from banging or producing loud noises. What is more, it has an internal hinge that protects it from bumping into the wall. That means you have no reason to worry about scratches.

It is hard to overlook what a robust construction this product has. It comes with stainless steel material, which is not susceptible to corrosion and scratches. Besides, it highlights a brushed finish that implies you do not need to worry about smudges on the can. This fingerprint-proof finish will also ensure that the product remains relatively shiny at all times.

This product also comes with code J fit liners. Thanks to the customization, they will perfectly fit and guarantee you a seamless trash experience.



6. Best with anti-corrosion – Carlisle 10 gallon round trash can for home



  • Its robust construction assures you of unrivaled reliability and extended lifespan
  • You do not have to worry about corrosion, dents, or chippings
  • Comes with built-in handles for convenience
  • Somewhat affordable for most people


  • You have to buy its lids separately

This black 10 gallon trash container will get you smitten right from the onset. From its robust construction to its impressive design, this product is a gem. It comes with high-strength plastic walls that highlight sturdiness. What is more, its double-walled walls and reinforced rims make it capable of withstanding extensive use.

You will also appreciate its built-in handles, as they guarantee you enhanced accessibility. Usually, these ergonomic handles come with a relatively comfortable grip, ensuring that you cart the container away comfortably. Besides, overhead tipping will hardly be something for you to worry about.

The tight-sealing lids will also get you smitten. These lids make sure that no odor escapes, assuring you of a comfortable room. There will be no invasion of pests and insects or the exposure of garbage. However, you will have to buy the lids separately.

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7. Best with swing top – Umbra 10 gallon swing top trash can for kitchen



  • You can use it anywhere
  • Longlasting material used on it
  • Prides itself on a relatively large capacity
  • Easy to clean


  • Could be too small for some people

If you are looking for a trash can with a swing top, this will be a suitable choice for you. This lid sits securely on the top, keeping your garbage out of sight. With this, you can throw it in your trash without necessarily touching the container. Whether you are disposing of or recycling this trash, you will be sure that it will remain securely in the 10-gallon can.

This product highlights durability and robustness, thanks to the sturdy plastic construction. This molded plastic is a product of sustainable materials, making it friendly to the environment. But besides that, it will comfortably withstand corrosion, chippings, and pest-invasion. As if that is not enough, this material is somewhat easy to clean.

It will be unfair not to mention the versatility highlighted by this product. Usually, you will be free to use it in commercial and residential properties. It can work for kitchens, garages, and even shops. With such versatility, you are sure of enhanced value for money.

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8. Best with contemporary designSterlite 10 gallon slim plastic trash can in white



  • Impressive design
  • Comes in six-pack
  • Comfortable to handle
  • Strong enough


  • No lid

If you are looking for efficient waste storage, this is all you could ever need. It is rectangular, meaning it can accommodate enough trash. Disposing of the same will also be effortless. While at it, you will note that it comes in a pack of six.

You will also appreciate its contemporary design, making it suitable for interior décor. This design makes it easier to handle and transport the trash can whenever necessary. Its polished sides will always get you smitten, as they highlight elegance.

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How to pick a 10 gallon trash bin?

10 gallon garbage can with lid

Today, people will always want to pay attention to what they are about to purchase. Regardless of the cost, ensure that you understand what your selection brings to the table. That is because it ensures that you get better returns for your investment in the long run. Here are a few things you will always need to keep in mind during this time.

1. Type of trash can

Various kinds of trash cans are up for grabs in the market. Some of the most common options will often include the following.

  • 10 gallon step trash can

These cans assure you of unmatched convenience, thanks to the step-on lever they have. Usually, you step on this pedal to open the lid whenever you want to dispose of your garbage.

  • 10 gallon swing top trash can

These cans come with a top that keeps swinging whenever you throw trash at them. This way, you do not have to touch it.

  • 10 gallon touchless garbage can

These trash containers are the most advanced among their peers. Usually, they come with motion sensors that help detect whenever someone wants to dispose of garbage. Once you approach them, the lid automatically pops up, allowing you to discard trash without necessarily touching them.

  • 10 gallon slim trash bin

These containers often come with a relatively long silhouette. They are long but hardly wide, making them fit for narrow spaces. If you have limited space, this will be the ultimate choice for you.

  • 10 gallon rolling garbage bin

These 10-gallon trash cans are those that come with wheels, which make it easier for you to move them around. They are a suitable choice for those that need unrivaled portability.

2. Ease of use

Can you envision how easy it will be to use or assemble the chosen trash can? The idea will often be to get a product that barely gives you a hard time.

In most cases, it will be best to opt for a relatively lightweight trash container, as it enhances practicality and portability. Besides, such will be the time to confirm whether it comes with dollies or built-in handles. These elements play a critical role in boosting reliability and ease of use.

How about motion sensors? Does it have non-slip bases? Such are the aspects to focus on during this time.

3. Quality

Take the time to understand how reliable your chosen garbage container is. Undoubtedly, you will prefer a product with excellent practicability and enhanced longevity. You can only achieve these two elements if you were to opt for a product of premium materials.

For that reason, ensure that your garbage can comes with top-quality materials, including stainless steel, plastic, galvanized steel, or wood. The material chosen has to be durable and able to match your décor. Also, let your choice be from a reputable brand.

Furthermore, ensure that your chosen product boasts robust construction. It is the only way for you to enjoy unmatched reliability and durability. The stronger the trash can, the more likely it will hold a substantial amount of trash without becoming vulnerable.

4. Volume and compatibility

It is no secret that you will want a product that comfortably fits your space. That means you have to be careful with the shape, volume, and compatibility highlighted by your choice.

For instance, a narrow trash can comes in handy in limited spaces. On the other hand, square and rectangular could take up a little more space, yet they provide unrivaled storage efficiency. In brief, ensure that your choice suits the available space and décor.

You will also need to be sure about how much trash the container can accommodate. This will often depend on your daily behaviors and the traffic flow in your house. While our focus could be on 10 gallon containers only, there will always be a slight difference in volume. Ensure that it can accommodate all the waste thrown at it, regardless of the traffic.

5. Pricing

While quality matters a lot, it should never be at the detriment of your financial comfort. Understandably, top-notch brands will always cost a considerable amount of money. However, if you were to compare different sellers and features, you would be confident landing a more affordable option.

In this light, ensure that you choose a 10 gallon garbage can that provides you with value for money without necessarily exposing you to financial constraints in the long run.


What materials could you choose for a 10 gallon garbage can?

The material you choose for your can will always affect durability and reliability. In this light, let your choice highlight top-notch quality and premium options. The best materials to choose from will be galvanized steel, stainless steel, plastic, and metal. Here are a few insights into each of them.

1. Galvanized steel

Galvanized steel has significantly grown to be one of the most popular options for 10-gallon trash cans. Thanks to how reliable it is, you will be confident of getting value for money. This material is suitable for those that want less susceptibility to corrosion, wear, and tear.

Best galvanized steel – Behrens 10 gallon metal trash can with lid

10 galllon metal garbage can with a locking lid

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2. Stainless steel

You can hardly ignore how incredible stainless steel is. It often comes with a brushed finish, assuring you of no smudges when you touch the can. This material is barely vulnerable to chippings and corrosion, guaranteeing you the longevity you envision.

3. Plastic

Are you looking for affordability? If you are, plastic will be your ultimate choice. This material barely succumbs to corrosion or even chippings. With it, you will hardly have to worry about scratches too. However, it is not the most appealing choice to have.

4. Metal

Undoubtedly, various metal options are at your disposal. Whether you want aluminum, steel, or an alloy, you will be sure of getting a suitable choice for yourself. Thanks to the myriad of options, ensure that you understand what each of them brings to the table.


10 gallon Step-on trash can vs. 10 gallon swing top trash can -Which is better for the kitchen?

Most often, people will want a 10 gallon trash can that does not require them to touch it. Such a straightforward trash experience is worth lauding. However, you will have to choose between a step-on and a swing-top container of 10 gallons. Typically, it is hard to settle on one type, as people have different preferences.

If you have too much traffic in your kitchen, it will be best to pick a swing-top trash can. That way, you will avoid continuously using the lever. Besides, if you handle bulky kitchen waste, a swing top trash can comes in handy. You will barely have to struggle to reach the lever whenever you want to dispose of the trash.

On the other hand, a step-on trash container with 10 gallon capacity is suitable for smaller or less congested kitchens. With the step-on lever, you will be free to open the lid without necessarily touching it. It will also be more suitable for people keen on their interior décor, as it can effortlessly blend.



1. What size is a 10 gallon trash can?

A 10-gallon trash can is a garbage container that can comfortably accommodate around 10 gallons of garbage. Whether it is kitchen refuse or medical waste, the amount held is the same. Typically, it holds around 37.8 liters if converted.

2. Should I buy a 10 gallon trash can with a lid for outdoors?

Yes. If you are looking to buy a 10-gallon trash can for your outdoor space, ensure that it has a lid. Whether you are putting it on a patio or in the open, a 10-gallon outdoor trash container can always be susceptible to insects and pests. Unless you cover the outdoor trash can, the invasion will be inevitable.

Besides, not having a lid on your outdoors 10-gallon trash can will result in odors and loose waste, which could be hazardous.

3. Is it reasonable to buy a slim 10 gallon trash can?

There is no one-dimension answer for this. However, this option will come in handy for people with limited spaces. Thanks to its relatively narrow structure, this 10-gallon trash can will comfortably fit almost anywhere. As long as you get the right one, you will have no reason to worry.



In conclusion, having a 10 gallon trash container in your kitchen or other places is a wise move. All you have to do is select one that meets your needs, and you will be good to go. Take the time to go through the insights mentioned above, as it will help you make a logical decision in the long run.

Top 3 remarkable 10 gallon garbage cans



10 gallon garbage can fits the standard home and office exceptionally well. It enjoys great popularity because it’s neither too small like 4 gallon ones, nor too large as 13 gallon ones. However, if you are looking for other sizes, don’t miss our guides which personalized to your own needs!