American Standard Garbage Disposal In-depth Review

Garbage disposals offer a great service of disposing of the kitchen waste in an easy way. While it is easy to use disposal, it is also known to be a gift to the environment. With garbage disposal, the waste is managed efficiently, making the recycling and waste management process easier.

Garbage disposals are manufactured by many renowned companies. The American standard is one of them. It is a US-based company; known for the quality they offer in their products. Such quality is seen in their garbage disposals too.

When it comes to manufacturing garbage disposals, they have only a few products available on the market. But as the saying goes “quality over quantity” they surely stick to it. They have powerful and heavy-duty disposals that you pay for once and get the rewards for a very long period of time.

Lets talk about a powerful American standard disposal: ASD1250.

American Standard ASD1250 Garbage Disposal Review

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This American standard garbage disposal is one of the most powerful ones. You might have heard of disposals with ½, ¾ or 1 HP, but 1.25 HP, does that even exist? To your surprise, yes it does.

This disposal is heavy-duty disposal with a motor power of 1 and ¼ HP. This much power of the motor grinds up tough food scraps including tough fruit peels and bones. The rotation of the impellers is also powered to move quickly to avoid the jamming of the device.

With all such features, you would expect to see a big price tag, but there isn’t one! This garbage disposal is rated at a fairly cheap price, but for the performance is worth much more.

  • What You Benefit from It

  • Beast Like Motor That Takes Up Everything You Throw into It

If you cook heavy meals often, you know the frustration of picking up small bones or food scraps to avoid them from going down the drain. Well, with this disposal we assure you, you will be free of such worries.

With 1.25 HP motor power you can throw down fruit and vegetable peels, softened meat, small bones, and even small fruit fits including apple cores. While it is not advised ever to abuse your disposal with unusual food items, you can still expect this one to take up on everything.

  • High Rotating Torque to Prevent Jamming

The high rotating torque allows the grinding blades or impellers to run at a high speed of 2700 RPM. The impellers when moved at such a quick speed, cut through the food scraps quickly. Hence, whatever you throw into the disposal will be reduced to bits immediately.

When everything is ground efficiently with the help of the fast-moving impellers, no item stays in the disposal and hence no jamming occurs.

The food scraps are ground quickly, making this disposal time-efficient, saving your time from being spend on trying to unjam this device.

  • Antimicrobial Odor Reduction Bio Shield

With a garbage disposal, often some food scraps get stuck inside the drainpipes, while they are not large enough to cause clogging, they can still produce a foul smell. With such a bad odor the whole kitchen can start to smell bad.

To take care of this issue, this disposal has a bio shield that reduces the odor produced by any food scrap in the disposal.

The antimicrobial filter keeps away the bacteria that produce a foul odor. With such a filter your kitchen is kept from smelling bad and the performance of the disposal is also improved by keeping the interior clean and fresh.

  • No Vibration and No Loud Noises Produced by This Disposal

Since you will be using disposal with a strong motor power such as this one, you should know it will not be mouse quiet. There is bound to be some noises produced when the motor is operating.

However, even for such a motor power, this disposal is impressively quiet to not disturb you while working in the kitchen. The sound insulation system in this disposal takes care of that for you.

Additionally, the grinding blade and impellers are crafted with a proper balance because of which no vibrations are produced. Hence, this disposal operates quietly and smoothly considering it is a really strong disposal.

  • Large Grinding Capacity to Take Up a Large Amount of Food Scraps

costco american standard garbage disposal

The capacity of the grinding chamber is a crucial feature in garbage disposal. The larger the space for food scraps, the higher the efficiency and lower the chances of disposal jamming.

This disposal has a grinding chamber with a capacity of 32 oz. Meaning, it can take up large amounts of food scraps at once as compared to other garbage disposals with less grinding capacity.

The large amount of food scraps that you feed into this disposal are ground quickly, so the device stands no chance of jamming or clogging.

  • What Others Say About This Product

“The instructions are easy to follow, and the device is fairly easy to install. It also operates smoothly and quietly as compared to other manufactured devices in the same range.”

“The power and speed with which this disposal grinds, is incredible. Such a strong motor in this price range, it honestly does not get better than this.”

“It’s been a year since I have had this disposal, it still looks and performs like a brand-new disposal. Even the grinding blades are still shiny!”

“My kitchen sink is clean with no foul odors caused by the disposal. This disposal is quiet, efficient and chews up everything I throw into it.”

“For a strong motor, this device is stable and quiet. Provides exceptional performance for a low price.”

“I have been using this disposal for 18 months, this device never clogged or jammed, takes up everything I throw down the drain. Love it!”

  • You May Care For

  • Removable Splash Guard

Removable splash guard makes the operating of a garbage disposal much easier. If any non-food item or an unusual food item accidentally falls in the drain, you can simply stop the disposal, remove the splash guard, and retrieve that item. It also makes the cleaning of interior of disposal possible.

  • Sound Insulation

This garbage disposal is sound insulated to make sure the powerful motor does not produce any loud disturbing noises to disturb the time spent in the kitchen.

  • Continuous Feed Technology

Disposals with continuous feed technology are efficient and quick. You keep on feeding the food scraps to it, and it will grind up everything immediately, making room for more food scraps yet to go down the drain.

  • Safe for Septic Tanks

This garbage disposal is safe to be used in homes with properly sized septic tanks.

  • You May Prefer

american standard kitchen disposal

  • Magnetized Flange

The magnetized sink flange keeps any steel utensil or other item from falling down the drain.

If accidentally, you knock over a spoon or a fork in the kitchen sink, it will stick to the flange because of its magnetic properties. This prevents accidents caused by any unusual item going down the drain.

  • Quick Lock Mounting

Quick lock mounting system makes the replacement or the installation process for this disposal easier. A twist and a turn, screws in place, and you are good to go.

  • 2700 Rpm

Such RPM of garbage disposal means the grinding impellers rotate fast. When they rotate at such a high speed of 2700, the device is deemed to be a highly efficient device.

Additionally, with fast-moving grinding blades, no jamming is allowed to occur in the device.

  • Stainless Steel Parts That Last Long

With stainless steel grinding components the device lasts long. Even after years of constant exposure to water, the stainless-steel parts do not wear out or get rusty and are just as much efficient even after years of heavy use.

  • What You May Dislike

  • Heavy in Weight

The device weighs a good weight of 16 lbs, which can be heavy to hold up while installing the disposal. But with a such powerful motor the built and make are made heavy to sustain the motor power.

  • Loud Clanking Noise at First

When you first run the garbage disposal there will a loud clicking noise that you might hear at first. But it nothing to worry about, it is just the motor starting up and the sound goes away instantly.


How Do You Unclog an American Standard Garbage Disposal?

The way to unclog the American is pretty much like how you repair other regular garbage disposals. Check this video out.

There are times when your garbage disposal can clog. Clearing out the clogs can be time consuming and hectic. Ways to know your sink is clogged:

  • Very slow draining.
  • The sink starts to back up.
  • Strong bad odor.

Most times, clogging is usually caused by a wrong food item going down the drain. Or it is also caused if you pour down grease and oil down the drain since they can stick to the interior of the disposal and cause blockage in the long term.

However, you can unclog your American standard garbage disposal following these steps:

  • Turn off your garbage disposal and press the red colored reset button.
  • Once the device has been reset, run-down cold water and run the disposal.
  • If the water does not drain, it means the drainpipes are clogged.
  • Remove the pipe assembly by uninstalling the P pipe and thoroughly cleaning it.
  • Next, remove the trap arm and clean it properly too.
  • Put the pipes back in place.
  • Try running the disposal now, it should work.
  • If it does not work, check the drain opening to see if anything is stuck there.
  • Run down cold water for a good while and then start grinding again



Can American standard garbage disposal be hardwired?

Garbage disposals are either hardwired or come in with a power cord that can simply be plugged in to start the disposer.

Most American standard garbage disposals already have the power cord installed and come with a plug but if you prefer hardwiring, it is possible as well. It sure is hectic work but if you prefer to do it that way, you can, since the bottom is removable, and the power cord can be removed.



Having powerful disposal can wash away your worries of what goes down your drain. Of course, it is advised to use disposal with proper care and to not abuse it. But after comparing it to other disposals of the same price range, you will see that the American standard ASD1250 offers more ease in using disposal.

The powerful and efficient device makes the kitchen work easy for you. It grinds up everything smoothly. There has been no clogging or jamming reported by consumers who have been using this product for a long time.

In short, whatever you are looking for in disposal, the ASD1250 will offer it to you.