Where to Put Trash Can in Bathroom? – A Comprehensive Disscusion

Trash cans give us the ability to hold our trash temporarily before emptying the same to the main trash bins. The bathroom is one such example of a typical room within the typical household. This begs the question: Where to put trash can in bathroom?

To answer this question comprehensively, we have seen it necessary to draft a long and comprehensive article of this kind. In our discussions that follow, we shall lay bare all the finer details of the matter for your utmost comprehension.

Where to put trash can in bathroom?

There are a number of places within your typical bathroom where you may tuck the trash can in. Here below, we shall highlight and explain the common areas that may safeguard the trash cans well in your bathroom. These we hope shall give you the insight you need to undertake this task well.

1. Cabinet

trash bin bathroom

If your bathroom has a cabinet, this perhaps is the best place to tuck it into. The cabinet conceals the items in such a way as to prevent one-on-one contact with the outside world. On the same note, the cabinet also prevents the germs from escaping out and possibly harming the occupants.

2. Wardrobe

Does your bathroom have a wardrobe? If it does, you may yet again choose to tuck your trash can in it. Only be sure that you empty the can more frequently to prevent the trash from contaminating the interior contents. Also, ensure that the can is placed as far away from the clothing as is practically possible.

3. Beside the door

bathroom tarsh bin with plastic lid

The area on the floor right beside the door of the bathroom is generally hidden from the views of those who enter and use it. You may also contemplate tucking your trash can there. This spot has the added advantage of being cheaper to come by as there is no further investment necessary on your part.

4. Old dressers

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In case you have limited floor space at your disposal, you may think of repurposing an old dresser for the purpose of holding your trash cans. Do so in a manner that lets you tilt the door when you have to use the same easily. While at it, ensure that the dresser is as compatible with the floor space you have as possible.

5. Basket

Baskets give you the ability to move and clean the trash cans conveniently. Additionally, it has the advantage of being cheaper to come by and convenient to operationalize. The basket you choose to administer for this purpose has to blend well with the interior décor and be large enough to fit the can.

6. Curtains

Curtains play a great role in concealing the trash cans from the view of the room occupants. You may hence factor employing them to cover the trash cans from the easy views of the other people in your room. For a curtain to serve this role, it has to be quite long and opaque. Preferably, it has blended well with your interior bathroom décor.

7. Overhead lockers

Does your bathroom have an overhead locker? It may also act as a great place to fix your trash cans. If you choose this place, you have to be extra careful though to prevent a situation in which the cans may fall off and injure those who are inside the bathroom at that time.

8. Plain sight

iTouchless soft step 13.2 gallon trash container with lid

Just in case there is no place within your bathroom where you may tuck your trash can in, you may also consider putting it in plain sight. This will however require you to decorate the can with some colors, drawings, or another décor that elevate its appearance to the next level. In this way, it also acts as a great décor.


Where to put a recessed trash can in an ADA bathroom?

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ADA bathrooms are those that are accredited for use by persons with disabilities. These bathrooms are wide enough to accommodate the wheelchairs and other amenities that are used by disabled persons. The cans in such bathrooms are able to obstruct the wheelchairs and impede smooth movements.

You hence have to place the cans in the following places in such bathrooms:

1. Away from pathways

As hinted above, these cans usually have the ability to obstruct the pathways in such a manner as to impede the smooth and easy movements of the disabled persons. To prevent this from happening, you have to place them away from the pathways as nearly as can possibly be.

2. Underneath the sinks

If you must place one next to the sink, do not do so in front of the sink. Instead, you have to place the same underneath the sinks. The purpose of this approach is to prevent the same from obstruction of the persons who are to use the sinks.

3. Safely from the hand dryers

Most bathrooms do have hand dryers to aid with the hygiene of the hands. These dryers play a vital role in insofar as keeping our hands and general body hygienic. This being the case, you should try as much as possible to prevent the likelihood of blocking their access with the trash cans.

4. Far from the paper towel dispensers

The same case as above also applies to the paper towel dispensers. You should ensure that you keep your trash cans further away from the paper towel dispensers as nearly as can be. In fact, be sure to leave some smooth and convenient spaces in between the dispenser and the can.

5. Clear floors

In case you have no choice but to place the cans on the floor, make deliberate steps to place them in ways that will leave your floors clear. For this to happen, you have to see to it that you eliminate any obstructions around and about the trash can that may block the unconstrained access to the can.

6. Firmly tucked on the walls

As a general rule, the trash cans ought to be firmly tucked on the walls. While on the walls, they ought not to project beyond 4 inches from the walls. That is to prevent them from hitting or interfering with the smooth movements of the wheelchairs and the disabled persons.

7. Comfortably above the floor

Lastly, garbage cans ought to be comfortably tucked above the floor. Their openings as a matter of fact have to be around 27 inches above the surface of the finished floor. The purpose of adopting this approach is to ensure that the can does not trip or predispose the occupants from falling off.


Where can you put a trash can in a small bathroom?

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A small bathroom does not have the luxury of space as the large bathrooms do. In such places, you have to be really ingenious in the way you tuck the trash cans. You really have to be creative by adopting an ‘out-of-the-box’ approach in finding a feasible way out. Below are some ideas that may help:

1. Overhead locker

If your small bathroom has an overhead locker, that might be a great place to tuck your can in. It is great in the sense that it does not in any way interfere with the free movements of the door and the interior occupants. Then again, it is easier and a little bit more convenient to access when in use.

2. Beside the door

The empty space beside the door is also a great one to consider dedicating for the matter of placing your trash cans. It is hidden, does not require any extra installation procedures, and is also convenient to access. Only be sure that it lets your door open fully and completely when you want to enter.

3. Above the flushing unit

Some bathrooms have flushing units that are placed in a comfortable position from the floor. The area just above the flushing unit might also be a good one to tuck the trash can. Such an area allows for seamless access to the unit when the same is needed.

4. Beneath the water closet

On the same note, the area just beneath the water closet may also be worthy of your consideration. Such an area allows for smoother and easier access to the trash can when the same is needed whenever and wherever. Take great care though that it does not hamper the smoother access of the interior contents.

5. Underneath the cosmetic stand

Could it be that your bathroom has a cosmetic stand? If it does, you may want to optimize your spaces by choosing to place the trash can underneath the same stand. This approach has the added advantage of not demanding too much space from you as is the norm with other approaches.

6. Cabinet door

Quite a number of small bathrooms have cabinets. The areas behind the cabinet doors are great to use to deploy the trash cans as they are compact and space-saving. Then, they also do not take up too much space and is also quite convenient to access on the whole.

7. Corner cabinet

Have some corner cabinet in your small bathroom? Use the same to tuck your trash cans. The corner cabinet separates the trash can from the other elements in the household. On top of this, it also keeps the trash cans from the easy views of the persons who might get into the rooms when in use.


Can you hide bathroom trash can?

YES, you can! For that to happen, you may need to make use of various strategies, tools, and approaches. Here below are some of the strategies you may adopt to achieve this onerous end:

1. Privacy screen

A privacy screen serves to conceal the trash can from the view of the people who may come in direct contact with the same. Furthermore, it is also simple to undertake in the sense of requiring only a mesh that is opaque or translucent. Wrap this around the can completely to hide the same from the view of the interior room occupants.

2. Built-in countertop trash chute

Just in case your bathroom has a countertop, you may have to engrave the chute in which you stash the trash can. This chute may also serve to make the can stay strategically in place in such a manner as to prevent fidgeting and allow for easier access of the interior contents and the retrieval of the same when the time to empty comes.

3. Hamper

Do you fancy matters of decorations and aesthetics? Repurposing a hamper might yet again be a great step to take towards the realization of this end. In this case, you simply convert an attractive hamper to a special piece of attire that you may use to decorate the trash can completely.

4. Wine barrel

bathroom wastebaskets

Consume excess wine? Make your wine consumption a breeze by choosing to incorporate a barrel to hold the trash can in your bathrooms. As you do this, be sure also to decorate the barrel exceptionally well to make the same also imbue the secondary purpose of beautifying your interiors.

5. Wooden trash shed

In closing, you may also attempt the wooden trash shed. This largely comes in handy when you do not have too much money at your disposal. Wood is a cheap material that is similarly easier to come by. Moreover, it also lets you easily handle and decorate it as per your unique expectations.


What are the best ways to hide the trash cans in the bathroom?

bathroom wastebasket under the cabinet

There are a number of steps and approaches you may use to accrue this end. In this segment of our discussion, we delineate them and offer further explanations on the manner in which they may work to conceal the cans from the view of the other users of the bathrooms:

1. Décor and aesthetics

You may consider festooning the trash can with some décor and excellent aesthetics as a way to conceal the same. These decorations serve to hide the fact that the container in question is a bin. For this to happen, the décor and the aesthetics in use have to blend well with the interior décor.

2. Use of curtains

Use the curtains to hide these cans within the rooms wherein you place the same for your usage. They tend to prevent the other room occupants from seeing the bins and suffering the eyesores that the items have to confer at the time that the same is deployed for the task of holding trash.

3. Painting

Painting the exterior of the trash can with the same color as that of the interiors of your rooms will also serve to accrue the same end. For this technique to serve its purpose, it has to employ the same color as the one that is employed in the interior of the bathrooms.

4. Stickers

Consider also placing some stickers on the exterior of the trash cans to make the same appear more beautiful to the eyes. These stickers ought to be colorful and bear some elegant themes that are breathtaking to the naked eyes. They should also possess some intrinsic aesthetic values in and of themselves.

5. Strategic placements

By placing your trash cans strategically, you also stand a chance to conceal the same from the easy views of the other room occupants. This could take the forms of the areas underneath the sinks, behind the doors, inside the dressers and the cabinets, and the places beneath the water closets.


What are the best types of toilet trash cans for hiding?

Though many trash cans do exist, not all of them may be hidden from the view of the bathroom occupants. Only a handful of them may be hidden. Here, we shall identify and explain them in totality for you to take note of and appreciate further:

1. Wall-mounted

As the name implies, the wall-mounted is slim and compact enough against the walls. This makes them able to take up less space and fit well within the typical bathroom. It is a great option to make do with if your bathroom space is cramped up and is limited in scope as well.

2. Covered trash can with lid

Some trash is too dangerous to leave exposed to the external elements. They have to be covered to prevent the spread of foul stench and the germs that may typically spread around. The covered trash can with the lids come to sort this issue out. It provides the necessary coverage for your sound health.

3. Stylish chic trash can

This is much more than a trash can. It goes beyond merely holding your trash in escrow to even imbue some aesthetics to your rooms and spaces. Thanks to the chic nature of the trash cans, you may deploy the same to other rooms within the typical household besides the bathrooms.

4. Mini-waste trash can

If your anticipated levels of trash are too low, there is no need to look for a trash can that is too large. Instead, you want one that is quite smaller and compact like this one. Make use of it to hold your smaller amount of dirt in your typical bathroom spaces.

5. Soft-close trash can

Most of the trash cans we have around tended to close heavily and loudly. This of course is not desirable at all as it may compromise the wellbeing of those inside the same rooms. To stem the tide, you may have to pick that which closes softly and is less inclined to interfere with the room occupants.

6. Brushed stainless steel trash can

Some bathrooms are wet and watery. The trash cans that are placed inside them hence tend to get rusty and corrosive. To stem this tide from happening, you need to employ a stainless steel trash can that is resistant to all manner of corrosion. The stainless steel might be a good one to pick and use.

7. Round step trash can

For your easy opening and retrieval of the trash from these cans, you need one that is easier to engage. The round step might be a great one to dedicate to the job. It opens at the simple step of the foot for you. Additionally, it is hygienic and will hardly predispose you to the risks of germ contaminations.

8. Touch-top lid trash can

This is the exact opposite of the step on in the sense that it opens and closes from the top. Many people love it for the sheer reason of being convenient to make great use of. It however has a severe shortcoming of being able to easily transmit dirt and germs from one person to another one.

9. Tilt-out trash can

If all you want is the convenience of emptying these cans, then the tilt-out can be the one you have been seeking. To empty the contents, all you have to do is to step on the pedal and have the item tilt to the sides. This negates the use of the hands and the contaminations that come thereafter.

10. Pail trash can

A typical pail trash can is ordinarily voluminous and hence suited for holding huge volumes of trash per unit time. You hence want to make use of it in areas and places that experience a huge volume of trash. These include communal bathrooms and other spaces within a typical household.



Bathroom trash can ideas are quite a lot. We now bring our subject matter of where to put trash can in bathroom to an end there. Indeed, the deep insights we have given to you freely ought to be some kind of an eye-opener and offer further guidance to you to use the cans well in your premises.