Waste King vs InSinkErator Garbage Disposal – Comprehensive Comparison

Food solid waste can be a challenge in the kitchen. It would help if you had a garbage disposal machine to deal with the waste to make it easy to dispose of. The Waste King brand and the InSinkErator garbage disposal brand make some of the machines that one can use to deal with kitchen waste.

They have a range of simple to sophisticated garbage disposal machines that one can always purchase to use in the kitchen. Whether it is for home use or for commercial purposes, you will get a machine that one can use at any time. Let’s check the Waste King Vs. InSinkErator Garbage Disposal.

waste king vs insinkerator garbage disposal


Waste King Brand

These garbage disposals are manufactured by Anaheim Manufacturing Company (AMC), one of the largest manufacturers in the world. In addition to the Waste king brand, AMC makes other waste disposable machine called the Whirlaway and the sink master.

They usually come up with new innovative designs that make your garbage disposal effective. Their waste king brand is known for having a high speed of operation, permanent motor magnets, and also using the structural composite material in the making of the garbage disposal machines.

Their best selling products are the Waste King L 8000 and the Waste King 9980, which are high-quality products that also set standards in the market. The company offers a lifetime warranty on the Waste King L-8000 and the 9980 series because of its quality and performance.


InSinkErator Brand

The garbage disposals are manufactures by Insinkerator, a business unit of the Emerson Company. It is one of the largest manufacturers of food waste disposal in the world. The company is located in Recine, Wisconsin, United States of America.

The company makes waste disposal that can deal with daily food waste. Using sound seal technology, the noise from the grinding will never affect your daily activities. You also get a garbage disposal machine that is compact to fit any sink space and one that you can easily install.

Their innovative Dura drive motors give the garbage disposal unit the needed power to break down the food sample. The motor is also strong that you can use the garbage disposal unit for a very long time. The company offers 8-10 years warranty for their products where you get the needed service as you enjoy using the machine.


Waste King Vs. InSinkErator -Deep Comparison

sink disposal

1. Motor

This is the most important part of any garbage disposal. The Waste King garbage disposal uses a permanent magnet motor that gives consistent and fast rotation. On the other hand, the InSinkErator uses an induction motor that takes longer to give rotation.

A Waste King can achieve a high speed of 2500 rotations per minute while the InSinkErator only reaches 1725 rotations per minute. The high speed of a Waste King is 30 percent higher that of an InSinkErator.

Additionally, for the Permanent magnet motors on the Waste king, it offers instant power when switched on. Still, the induction motor on an InSinkErator will take a second to give power.

The Permanent Magnets motors are small in size, making the whole garbage disposal compact but the induction motor is large that increases the size of the whole garbage disposal. Plus, the induction motors are prone to jamming compared to the permanent magnet motors.


2. Noise Level

When a garbage disposal is functioning, they usually tend to be very loud. This can make one uncomfortable hence you turn it on when you are not around. With the new technology, some ideas have been adopted to make them less noisy.

With the sound seal technology adopted by the InSinkErator, their garbage disposals tend to be less noisy compared to the Waste King. The Waste King has a quiet technology in place but it is not as effective as the sound seal of the InSinkErator.


3. Build Material

The quality of materials used to manufacture different products among the two brands varies. It isn’t easy to compare them this way since different products are built with different quality materials. Cheaper products among the two brands will have their products made of low-quality products.

InSinkErator has its top-end products made of good quality materials that the Waste king but it does not apply to middle-range products. The difference is the grinding chambers where Waste Kings products are made of high-quality ABS plastic that does not corrode while the InSinkErator ones are made of stainless steel material. Then the blades used for grinding are made of stainless steel for the medium and high-end products while the low range models use galvanized steel.


4. Size

Different houses have different sizes of spaces under the sink. If you have a small space, you will need garbage disposal that can fit the existing space. The garbage disposals that are 13 inches or less are considered compact always. InSinkErator is known to have more compact models than the Wasteking.


5. Price

The Waste King is usually cheaper compared to the InSinkErator. The operation of both machines is, however top-notch and they deal well with food wastes. Although when you pay, more you pay for a good quality product that will last longer. If you have a good budget and want a premium product it is better to go for the InSinkErator although the Waste kings are competitive in terms of the price.


6. Installation

Installation of both the InSinkErator and the Waste King garbage disposals is an easy task. The Waste king utilizes the EZ mounting option while the InSinkErator uses the three bolts mount system. Some Waste King devices use the three-bolt system.


7. Warranty

The warranties on both brands differ a lot. For the Waste King brand, you get some products that they offer a lifetime warranty. For the InkSinkErator on their high-end products, you will get an 8 to 10 years warranty.


Which One Should I Choose?

Choosing among the two leaders in the food waste garbage disposals is a difficult task because both products are amazing on their own.
If you look at the Waste King brand, their products have an effective powerful motor that will enable you to deal with the food waste efficiently. The InSinkErator, on the other hand, does not have a powerful motor because the induction motor cannot perform as a permanent magnet motor. The Waste king wins.

On the noise level, the InSinkErator has adopted the sound seal technology that significantly reduces the noise while the garbage disposal is functioning. The Waste King has not gotten an excellent noise-canceling technology hence it tends to be noisy. The InSinkErator wins.

On the material used to build the brands have a wide range of products. The low range of products is built of low-quality materials since they are cheaper. The InSinkErator high-end products are made of high-quality products compared to Waste King, but it is not the same on middle-range products. There is no clear winner here.

Installation of the Waste King utilizes the EZ mounting concept while the InSinkErator uses the three bolts system. Installing the InSinkErator may take a longer time than the Waste king garbage disposal. The Waste king wins.
On the size, the InSinkErator garbage disposal tends to have more compact products that can be used in tight spaces compared to the Waste King garbage disposal. The InSinkErator wins.

Considering the above factor, both brands are good, and choosing any will serve you better in your home or commercial place.



The Waste king and the InSinkErator garbage disposal are the two most reputable brands in the market. You can never go wrong with choosing either brand. The above review will give a detailed review of the two brands that can help in choosing your garbage disposal.