Waste King 9980 Garbage Disposal Review in 2022

As far as garbage disposals are concerned, Waste King has been one of the leading manufacturers. Also, it has been a trusted brand for many years. Most of its popular models have new technology and new features that make them better than ever before.

If you want mid-level garbage disposal, you should get Waste King 9980. You will find this unit available at a fair price and provides continuous feed garbage disposal. With a 1.0 HP motor, this unit is designed to get up to 2800 RPM. In fact, it is quite powerful that it can grind food scrapes with speed and consistency.


An Overview of Waste King 9980 Garbage Disposal

Waste King 9980 Garbage Disposal Specs

  • A Super Quiet 1 HP Garbage Disposal for Medium or Large Households
  • Feed Type: Continuous Feed
  • Horsepower: 1 HP 2800RPM
  • Motor System: Permanent Magnet Motor
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Mount System: 3 Bolt
  • Splash Guard: Removable
  • Installation: Pre-installed Power Cord
  • Noise: Sound-Insolated Technology
  • Weight: 12.93 pounds
  • Dimension: 8.5 x 8.5 x 16 inches
  • Warranty: 20 Years


Waste King 9980 Overview

There are many things you are likely to like about Waste King 9980. For instance, it can attain high speeds. The maximum speed being 2800 rpm. With such a speed, it will grind your food into a liquid.

Also, this unit comes with a power cord measuring 36 inches. Thus, you will need not to buy extra power cord. You should note that this model weighs about 12 pounds, which makes it easy to install. In addition, the compact design ensures that you can install it underneath the kitchen sink. Its mounting system makes it to install it. The grinding components or chamber is made of stainless steel.

If you are looking for a reliable garbage disposal that does what it is supposed to, then getting Waste King 9980 will be a good idea. You should note that Waste King has been around for over 70 years, making high-quality garbage disposals.

If you are planning to grind a lot of raw vegetables, bones, tough foods, or coffee grinds, then you should invest in a powerful garbage disposal. With 1.0 HP, it means you have a lot of power to grind even the hardest bones.

Since food wastes get ground into tiny particles, you will find this unit being safe for septic systems and tanks. Although some people believe you cannot use a garbage disposer with a septic tank, that is not true when you have a high-quality unit like WK 9980.

  • HIGH-SPEED MOTOR: The 1 HP, 2800 RPM (115 volts) permanent magnet motor is sound-insulated and jams less
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Professional 3-Bolt Mount for a quick and easy kitchen sink installation
  • 20 YEAR PROTECTION: 20 Year
  • NO ELECTRICAL EXPERTISE NEEDED: Pre-installed power cord, no electrical work required
  • DURABILITY: Compact and lightweight garbage disposer with all stainless steel grind components
  • CONTINUOUS FEED DISPOSAL: Activated by a wall switch, the disposal quickly grinds food waste continuously as it runs
  • NOTE FROM THE MANUFACTURER: Customers may receive product with the original brand logo or updated logo and packaging.
  • Sound insulation ensures a quiet grind
  • Stainless steel grind ring, stainless steel swivel impellers and stainless steel turntable


Main Features of Waste King 9980 Garbage Disposal

  • Simple Installation

You will like the fact that the installation process is easy. This is made possible with the 3-bolt mounting system. In fact, if you are replacing older garbage disposal with 3-bolt mount, the installation process will be straightforward.

You should note that a 90-degree elbow makes the installation process a bit tricky. Therefore, you should consider getting a straight pipe to make the process an easy one. When you follow the installation instructions, you can be done in 45 minutes.


  • Material and Components

It is vital to note that this garbage disposal is made of under strict engineering capabilities and expertise. The stainless-steel grinding components plus the chamber add to the unit’s durability.

That is because they are resistant to rust and corrosion. If you have owned basic or low-grade model disposal, you probably understand how corrosion will end the life of the unit.

There is no need to keep replacing the disposal after a few years. Fortunately, Waste King considered this unit. Thus, you can be assured that when you get Waste King 9980, you are getting disposal that will last a lifetime. In fact, their lifetime warranty is a demonstration that they are committed to making high-quality disposers.


  • Noise

A lot of users have said how this disposal unit is more silent as compared to other models they have used before. However, some users were bothered by a quick click when the unit is turned on. That disappears when it starts to run and grind food particles. Fortunately, most people are not concerned with this sound, as it is normal for them to hear.

Overall, the unit runs quietly because of the sound insulation. You can easily have a conversation with other persons in the room without having to raise your voices.


  • Continuous Feed Operation

This unit has continuous feed operation that means you can funnel leftovers continuously, potato peels, fruit rinds, and eggshells into the unit. The good thing about this is that it is cheaper and more convenient as compared to the batch feed model that grinds wastes in batches.

As a result, continuous feed unit is considered to be more popular as they require less time and effort to operate.


  • Size

This garbage disposal unit is big in size and weight. Therefore, before you get it, you need to check the available space under the sink. If you do not do so, you may have issues fitting it under the sink. In fact, it is probably the largest unit of Waste King.

However, the size is also beneficial because it has a large space for the grinding chamber. That makes it perfect for heavy use or large households. With this unit, you can grind a lot of waste with less time. However, the size makes the unit quite heavier as compared to other garbage disposals.


  • Durability

This waste disposal is recommended for its excellent durability. That is because it has corrosion-proof materials that can make the unit last quite long. Moreover, high-speed and power performance means that the unit will have minimal jamming experiences.


Waste King 9980 Garbage Disposal Review

Waste King 9980 Overall Score: 7.6

waste king 9980 review

Check the Price

Brilliant features

  • Powerful for the uses in large households
  • Can grind tougher food scraps
  • Great for use with the septic system
  • 3-Bolt Mount for quick and easy installation
  • Made of durable and corrosion-free components

Watch out for

  • A bit expensive
  • A little clicking noise when operating
  • Need to check the size before purchasing



The truth is that Waste King 9980 is powerful disposal currently on the market. It is powered with a 1.0 HP motor that makes it quite different from its competitors. The powerful motor and continuous feed operation make it suitable for challenging garbage grinding tasks.

Even with the powerful motor, this unit is super quiet. It’s worth mentioning that the garbage disposal is made of quality materials that guarantee the grinding chamber components do not rust.

Considering its features and value, this is the most affordable disposal you are likely to come across. Ideally, it is designed to serve you for many years.