Types of Garbage Disposal Switches to Fit Different Place

Garbage disposal switches are critical because they allow you to turn your garbage disposal on and off.  These switches are mainly used for safety reasons because they allow you to operate the garbage disposal with your hands out.

In the past, most switches were mounted on the wall and connected to electricity, making them inconvenient to access and risky to use with wet hands. However, over the years, we have seen huge strides in the development of safe and easy-to-operate garbage disposal switches that keep your kitchen clean with minimal effort.

In this article, we show you some of the different types of switches you can install in your kitchen so that you can have a sparkling and garbage-free kitchen.

Ready? Let’s dive right into it.


Types of Garbage Disposal Switches

There are different types of garbage disposal switches. While some switches have been around for years, others are quite recent – and they are already transforming how we operate our garbage disposal.

1. Air Switch

garbage disposal air switch

The air switch is one of the most popular types of garbage disposal switches. This switch is appealing to many because it is easy to activate and install. If you are the do-it-yourself kind of guy, then this is one of the garbage disposals switches you can fix by yourself.

Another reason why air switch is a darling to many is that they pose no risk of electric shock since they’re not connected to electrical. This is unlike the traditional switches which were mounted on the wall and could cause electrocution when operated with wet hands.

So how does air switch work? Garbage disposal air switch works by sending a pulse of air through the PVC tube to the control box, which holds air pressure switch.

You activate your disposal by only pressing the button. When the button is pushed, the air travels to the power control unit, which turns on the switch, this, in turn, activates the garbage disposal.

The air garbage disposal switch has three components. These are:

  1. Air switch
  2. airtight hose
  3. power control unit


Advantages of Air switch

Air switch has many benefits compared to traditional switches. If you are looking to replace your old garbage disposal switch, it might be helpful to know the benefits.

  1. Air switches are safe from electrical shocks because they are connected to the electricity
  2. They are easy to install and retrofit because they don’t require running wires like traditional switches
  3. You can mount them on the sink surface or counter. The capacity to mount them anywhere gives you easy access and flexibility
  4. It suits the island sink installation

  • HOW TO CHOOSE BUTTON – For better fitting, please choose the SHORT/2" or the LONG/2.5" button depending on the thickness of your countertop. In most cases, SHORT is for a stainless steel sink top and LONG is for thick countertop like granite, marble, quartz.
  • SAFETY & SECURITY – The Power-supply Cords are attested by UL for security and long-term use. Suitable for voltages from 110V to 130V.
  • EASY TO INSTALL – No tools are required for installation. The diameter of the countertop hole should be between 1 1/4" and 1 3/4". It is suitable for standard sinkhole for soap dispenser, otherwise you need to drill a hole by yourself.
  • EXCELLENT COMPATIBILITY – It can work with any brand of garbage disposals(≤2HP), compatible with Waste King, ISE, Moen, GE and so on.
  • NOTIFICATION – Please cut the excess hose, do not coil up the excess hose between the button and the power module, as that will make the switch unreliable.


2. Wireless Switch

garbage disposal wireless switch

Wireless garbage disposal switch uses wireless signals to control your garbage disposal. This is unlike traditional and air switches, which use electricity and air, respectively.

Wireless switches are a great alternative to traditional and air garbage disposal switches, which are risky due to shock and inconvenience.
With the wireless switch, you can operate your garbage disposal even with wet hands.

Furthermore, you can control it with the wireless button, which is portable, or you can place it in a permanent place. This feature of portability gives the ability to control the wireless, making it one of the most convenient garbage disposal switches.

The wireless garbage disposal switch has two components. These are:

  1. Push-button
  2. Wireless power module

So how does a wireless disposal switch work? The wireless garbage disposal switch works by pressing the button, which then activates the power module, which also activates the garbage disposal. You only need to plug the power module into the power supply socket, and your installation is done.


Advantages of Wireless Switch

There are numerous advantages to installing a wireless garbage disposal switch. These are:

  1. Wireless switches are easy to install
  2. It is easy to operate and can be controlled wirelessly at a distance
  3. You cannot be electrocuted because there is no connection to electricity
  4. There are minimal chances of corrosion
  5. There are no running of wires, which makes the connection neat and safe

  • SELF-POWERED: No Battery Required, When the button is pressed, it converts kinetic energy into an electrical signal to turn the disposal on and off. So no more worrying your push button runs out of batteries and no more hassle in buying awkward weird batteries to run your push button.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Only 3 steps to install in 30 seconds. The button with 3M double sided foam tape can be glued to any dry places such as walls or be taken off and used as a portable remote.
  • DESIGNED FOR DISPOSAL: Adopt the newest Radio frequency identification(RFID) system and professional upgrade for strong magnetic field interference problems, ensure that the switch is not affected by motor interference.
  • SUPER COMPATIBILITY: Rated 110V-240V, be compatible with those garbage disposal units whose rated power under 2.0 HP
  • HIGH VERSATILITY: Not only remote control for garbage disposal, it can also remote control the desk lamp, fans, christmas lights, fountain, and many other appliances.


3. Toe Kick Switch

garbage disposal Toe Kick Switch

Toe Kick garbage disposal switch is a footswitch designed for garbage disposal. The most remarkable feature of this switch is that it is completely hands-free and requires a simple flick of the foot to activate it.

Toe kick has been hailed as the gold standard in kitchen innovation because it allows you to wash your dishes without the need to remove your hand to switch the garbage disposable.

How does a toe kick switch work? As the name suggests, you only need to kick the switch with your foot, which turns on the garbage disposer. This garbage disposal switch is connected to the electric circuit, but it’s safe and easy to operate.

The toe kick is an excellent alternative to traditional and air switch disposal switches, as it allows you to multitask without removing your hands from the sink. While it is a fairly new technology, it is extremely functional and practical.


Advantages of Toe Kick switch

Toe Kick switch is a revolutionary dishwashing innovation with multiple advantages such as:

  1. It is Completely hands-free – you use the foot to activate and stop it by releasing the foot pressure
  2. It has a two-stage activation process that makes it safe to operate with the minimal accidental operation
  3. Easy to install and doesn’t require drilling
  4. It is easy to operate with your foot
  5. It is discreet and hidden, therefore keeps your kitchen tidy

  • Hands-Free Garbage Disposal Operation...Safe, Discreet, EZ DIY Install.



Garbage disposal switches are essential for controlling your garbage disposal. The type of switch you buy will depend on whether you want an electric or air switch. On the other hand, it depends on whether you want a wall, mounted, or wireless garbage disposal switch.

With so many types of switches at a click of a button, it can be overwhelming to know which the right one to install is. However, whichever type of garbage disposal switch you choose to buy, we recommend that you pay attention to safety, ease of use, and installation.



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