Whirlpool GC1000XE Garbage Disposal Review

Having garbage disposal saves your time of disposing of the waste accordingly in the bin and also keeps your kitchen from smelling bad.

For most households, disposal is used rarely and for soft food scraps, if such is not a case for you then you require powerful disposal with better motor power and rotation speed of the blades.


Whirlpool GC1000XE Garbage Disposal In-depth Review

This garbage disposal is the type that becomes your companion when you require light performance from the disposal.

This is not one of those heavy-duty disposals, but this one definitely got your back for the time being!

Grind your fruit and vegetable scraps including potato peels without a worry about the noise produced.

It does not require high maintenance and overall is a great product that is also easy on your budget.

garbage disposal for kitchen sink

  • What You Benefit from It?

  • Sufficient Grinding Power for Normal Daily Use

With 1/3 HP it is unrealistic to expect the disposal to grind everything you throw into. But If you rarely cook hard meat and other heavy meals in the house then this disposal is good enough for you.

The 1/3 HP motor takes up your soft food leftovers and some scraps such as potato peels, and tiny seeds. The rotation speed of 1725 RPM of the grinding blades takes time in finely grinding whatever you throw in the disposal.

  • Continuous Feed to Avoid the Jamming of Disposal

The continuous feed technology increases the efficiency of the disposal by grinding the food scraps quickly while welcoming whatever next you have got to throw into it.

When everything is ground as soon as it enters the grinding chamber, no jamming occurs and hence does not slow does the grinding process for you.

  • Lightweight and Easy Mount System to Make Installation Easy

garbage disposal for easy install

The device weighs 13 lbs which is considerably lightweight as compared to most garbage disposals of the same motor power.

With such lightweight, it is easy to hold up the device while installing. The quick-mounting system adds to the ease of installation, a twist and a turn and you can screw in the disposal.

If you are replacing an old disposal with one, the installation becomes easier since most of this disposal’s parts are universally compatible with other garbage disposals.

  • Good Performance for The Price Paid

This garbage disposal is one of the affordable ones. For the adequate motor power, noise level, the price is pretty fine too.

Additionally, the grinding wheel and shredder ring is made of galvanized steel to protect them from rusting whereas, the grinding blades are made of stainless steel to avoid rusting over long exposure to water. Check the price.

  • Smooth Functioning and Does Not Make Loud Noises

If you live in a household where you need a disposal to not disturb the child’s sleep but at the same time need a disposal that at least lets you know that its working, then this is the one.

It does not make loud noises that would disturb anyone in the house, but it is also not so quiet that you would not know its functioning.

The 1/3 HP motor runs smoothly and hence operates peacefully, not disturbing the surroundings.

  • What Others Say About This Product?

“I am really satisfied with this device. It works well and is an exceptional deal for a great price. I highly recommend this disposal to others.”

“It’s been 2 months using this disposal. It has been working flawlessly since then. Pretty easy installation too. Took me 5 minutes!”

“This device is great, it’s so quiet you can barely even hear it.”

“I am surprised by how quiet this disposal is. Guess a whirlpool product can never do you wrong.”

“Super easy to install. Very economical and it is powerful as well. I love it!”

“Wow! It chops up everything quickly without me having to pause and check if it even went down, ha! Great product”

  • What You May Care For

  • 1725 RPM to Cut Through Everything Effectively

The grinding impellers or grinding blades move at a speed of 1725 which helps in effectively grinding all soft food scraps.

  • Galvanized Steel Grinding Wheel and Stainless-Steel Impellers

The shredder ring and grinding wheel that are made of steel are galvanized to protect them against rust.

The impellers are made of stainless steel to make the device last long and have no compromise on the performance.

  • Great Customer Service

The product is delivered on time, causing no inconvenience.

The customer service is also easy to contact to in case any problem arises. The product also comes with a warranty of 1 year.

  • What You May Prefer

  • Overload Protector

The overload protector with manual reset helps you in turning off the disposal immediately in case some hard food leftover or a non-food item goes down the drain.

  • Affordable

This disposer really comes with an ease on your finances. The stainless steel grinding components that are resistant to corrosion also do not build up your budget since they require no maintenance.

  • Easy Instructions to Follow

The instructions given for the installation of the device are easy to follow and makes the installation process easier.

  • Energy efficient

The 1/3 HP motor does not consume too much power to increase your electric bills.

  • What You May Dislike
  • Power Cord Needs to Be Installed

The package does not come with a power cord installed.

  • Packaging Issue

Some people claimed the device to not come properly packed upon receiving the product.

Whirlpool GC1000XE Vs Moen GX50C

These two devices fall into the same range of garbage disposals. They are valued pretty much the same on the market.

While there is a difference in the motor power and some other features both of them are known to perform well for a light use in the kitchen. They are efficient and good value for the price you pay.



garbage disposal for kitchen sink

  • Similarities

  • Budget-friendly

Both of these garbage disposals come with an affordable price tag. The built and make of the device and its grinding components help prove these devices to be budget-friendly in the long run as well.

  • Easy Installation

Both devices have universal compatible parts that make the replacement or generally overall installation much easier. The easy-mount installation system is basically made to make the installation process go smoothly.





easy to install garbage disposal for kitchen

  • Differences

  • Motor Power

The motor used in a whirlpool is 1/3 HP and the one used in Moen GX50C is ½ HP. Making the Moen garbage disposal more powerful.

  • Rotation of Grinding Blades

The rotation of grinding blades or impellers for whirlpool disposal is 1725 RPM whereas for Moen is 2600 RPM. While it makes the Moen more efficient, it is also predicted for its grinding blades to wear out before whirlpool which moves at 1725 RPM.

  • Sound Insulation

A should shield is installed in Moen to make the performance of the device as quiet as possible. While it might be quiet enough for a ½ HP motor, it is not as quiet as the whirlpool which operates at 1/3 HP.

  • Warranty

The Moen garbage disposal comes with a better warranty of 4 years. Whereas the whirlpool has a warranty of 1 year.


Which One Should You Choose?

Both these garbage disposals are top-quality products made to make your time in the kitchen easy and quick. Each of them has a quality that is not offered by the other. What you choose entirely depends on your requirements.

Why Would You Choose Whirlpool GC1000XE Over Moen GX50C?

  • You do not use garbage disposal for tough food scraps.
  • Whirlpool is more affordable than Moen.
  • Has better and compact dimensions, making it suitable for small spaces.

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Why Would You Choose Moen GX50C Over Whirlpool GC1000XE?

  • You need disposal to grind tougher food leftovers such as small fruit pits.
  • It has better RPM which makes the grinding process faster.
  • Pre-installed power cord which can also be removed.

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In short, each disposal offers something unique and different.

You can get best and most powerful out there on the market and still not like it. Because what works best for you is what you need in your kitchen.

For example, if you always grind super soft food scraps then ½ HP motor is overkill and just a way to misuse the money.



Nowadays garbage disposals are available in different ranges. Offering different power rates at prices accordingly. To make sure disposal works best for you, make sure to know your requirements and then look for one considering the features you want.

The whirlpool GC1000XE is easy to use, easy to maintain, and gets the job done. It is a smart disposer made to fit your tight under-sink space and to perform well forgiven soft food scraps.

You might even choose it over the Moen GX50C if you prefer disposal that offers good features but at cheaper rates.