Waste Maid 10-US-WM-058 Garbage Disposal Review

Who Needs Waste Maid 10-US-WM-058 Garbage Disposal Most?

powerful garbage disposal

If you are one of those people who consider garbage disposal an accessory and do not prefer spending much on it, then this product might suit you. While it is not a heavy-duty disposer, it is practical enough to be used on a regular basis and to grind soft food scraps.

If you do not spend much time cooking in the kitchen or only have light meals, then this product with ½ HP motor will happily take up the leftover food scraps. The soft food scraps including onion and potato peels and some small fruit pits are ground easily and quietly by this disposer.

This disposer also has a filter to make sure the leftovers inside the machine do not smell bad. If you ask us, these features are a lot for the given price!


What You Benefit from It?

With excellent grinding preform, Waste Maid garbage disposal gain high popularity among customers. The followings are some main benefits you can gain from its features:

  • Grind All Soft Food Scraps with Adequate Motor Power of ½ HP  

best for grinding different foods

If you rarely cook meals with bones and tough food scraps, then a motor with ½ HP will work well for you.

You can easily throw down soft fruit and vegetable peels, cereal, and some small fruit pits down the drain and it will gobble it up.

The 2600 RPM provides efficiency while grinding these food scraps. When grinding is done this quickly, no jamming occurs in the device.

  • Compact Dimensions to Save Under-Sink Space

compact garbage disposal for sink

The lack of under-sink space is one of the most critical issues with garbage disposals.

With this garbage disposal, you will not have any complaints about the confined cabinet space.

The garbage disposal has compact dimensions and a smaller circumference that frees some additional space in the cabinet.

The 16” height makes it suitable to be installed under deep sinks as well.

  • No Vibrations of The Grinding Device and No Loud Noises

continuous feed operation system

For a ½ HP motor, it is expected that the device will run smoothly.

However, even for ½ HP some disposal tends to vibrate which produces loud rumbles and causes great disturbance.

If the installation is done correctly there will never be no such vibrations in this disposal.

The rubber gasket that holds the disposal in place also makes sure of dampening any sound or vibrations produced.

  • Bio Filter To Make Sure There Are No More Odors In Your Kitchen

While other disposals might not even care for this feature, this one does, considerably.

The high grinding speed and ample motor strength ensure that there is no jamming, and therefore no stuck food can cause foul odours.

Furthermore, this disposal uses the anti-microbial bio shield to eliminate any type of odor that tends to linger to the disposal.

This keeps your kitchen from smelling bad.

  • Exceptional Performance for The Money Paid

After looking at the price tag for the first time you might wonder if the product is even legit.

Well, it very much is! This garbage disposal is available at a very cheap rate, but the performance is anything but cheap.

You get a powerful motor that grinds your daily usual soft food scraps including onion peels, and celery scraps.

Additionally, there is no budget needed for the maintenance of stainless-steel grinding components.

This product gets your job done long enough for you to be satisfied with it.


What Others Say About This Product?

Below are some real comments of buyers, sharing their using experience that might help you get to know it better.

“This garbage disposal is lovely. I cannot believe how quiet it. it is incredibly quick too. Vanishes everything within 20 seconds.”

“It has a great built and is not even expensive. Kudos to the engineers of Waste Maid.”

“Never had any problem with whatever I have thrown into it. It is also surprisingly quiet.”

“Pleased with this disposal. It really is quiet and does the job finely.”

“For the price paid, you just cannot beat the performance. What a product!”


What You May Care For

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Besides the features mentioned above, here is more information about this product that you may wanna know:

  • Rotation Speed

The permanent magnetic motor rotates the grinding blades at 2600 RPM which is the rotation speed of most efficient disposers.

  • Anti-Jam Impellers

The impellers are made to resist the jamming of the disposal.

  • 3 Bolt System Installation

The 3-bolt system makes the installation easy as it is the standard installation style of most disposals.

  • Stainless Steel Grinding Components

The grinding components are durable since they are made of corrosion-proof stainless steel.

  • Removable Splash Guard

The splash guard can be removed for thorough cleaning of the disposal.


You May Prefer

garbage disposal for easy install

Now, it comes to the outstanding pros and cons of the product, compares them, and make a better choice.

  • Balanced Impellers to Reduce Vibrations

Impellers or the grinding blades are balanced properly so no vibrations are caused because of the design failure.

  • Sturdy Design and Built

The ½ HP motor is contained well with a strong and thick design made of plastic. It is known to be better than the heavy steel-made models because they are prone to rust.

  • Easy Access to Reset Button

In case anything accidentally falls into the disposal, you can easily reach the reset button to stop the disposal immediately.


You May Dislike

  • Splashguard design

The drain opening can be a little too tight to even pass the water at the beginning. But eventually, it opens up.

  • Installation can be tricky

Even though the disposer is lightweight, the installation can be a bit tricky and might require some extra help. Check the solution.



For a device, that does not require much from you but serves you well, this one is pretty good enough. You pay once, and benefit from the features at least for the 2-3 years to come.

All necessary features that you need in disposal have been taken care of in this garbage disposal to provide you with a good quality product.